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MayContainHyjinks chapter 15 . 9/2
I'm baaack

THAT WAS AWESOME! Have some internet cake and cookies! hahaha You guys did an epic job making the story sound like something that would have legitimately happened in the anime/cannon. (I watched the anime, never got around to the manga)

Big thanks for getting Ran in on the Conan loop. It drove me slightly nuts (as I look back) that Ran was so close to figuring it out but (to my knowledge) never did.

Between the Kaitou Kid and Sonoko you kept the laughs right on coming. No matter what was going, when those either one of those two turned up I knew that a chuckle was incoming XD

Now, off to the sequel!
majishan chapter 15 . 8/3
very well written and a good insight of the characters thought process
Boogum chapter 15 . 6/11
Ahhhh, this story was all things wonderful! I'm a little gushy and fangirly right now (not to mention half-asleep), so this is going to be a pathetic review compared to what this fic deserves. That said:

1: Your characterisation was amazing! I've been reading a lot of DC fics, and yours is one of the few that actually makes me feel like I'm seeing canon characters. So thank you for that! I especially enjoyed your portrayal of Kid and Ran.

2: IT HAS PLOT! So many stories just sort of drift around, but this had real substance, and that makes me oh-so-happy. There wasn't needless drama, and everything just fit. I also thought you did great building up the mystery.

3: YOU FEATURED KID! I'm repeating this again, because I'm a shameless Kid fangirl and will always appreciate a well-written version of my Kid-Sama. The chapter where he 'stalked' Conan and Mistuhiko was just perfect.

In short, I loved this fic. Instant favourite.
Boogum chapter 1 . 6/10
Oooooh, the intrigue. I shall read this story.
UsagiLovesDuochan chapter 15 . 5/27
This story was certainly very well written. There was a good potion of mystery, suspense, humour and romance, just as we're used in the Conan mangas. Your idea how Ran found out was great, especially because at the beginning I feared that she would simply not remember when she woke up from her poisoning , but you certainly turned the whole thing around and created the unexpected. A lot of this story also had an unusual amount of depression from Shinichi's side, but it was obviously a main factor of this story and needed. Nonetheless even with the heavy topic you still were able to add the humour here and there and that made everyone very much in character. In fact it was very reasonable for Shinichi to finally have his break down, with everything that happened. First the children had warmed up to so much get hurt one after another, while in between there is the old conflict of him hurting Ran even if he did not want to and the revelation that the latest events have the organisation behind.

The chapter where Ran revealed that she remembered her talk with Shinichi and Conan finally giving in and not denying anything was certainly my favourite chapter. I loved both of their reactions. Of course Ran would be angry underneath but with what she learned before and also with when she saw how much Shinichi was hurting, it was naturally that the anger had been kept at bay and she was more interested in soothing him. It was a sweet, supportive scene, perfectly fitting for a character like Ran. Not to mention from that point of truth it was very interesting to watch how interaction changed between them.

I also liked that you gave Ran more talent at lying than Heiji. I remember some scenes in the manga where she had difficulties with coming up with stories, but on the other hand I'm of the opinion that she must have some talent for acting, after all she played the main part of the school play before and even if it was just a school play, I can't image they would simply hand out roles to people who are hopeless. Shinichi of course didn't count, because that was Sonoko playing spontaneous matchmaker. Anyway, your decision to allow Ran to come up with a story for the latest events and to calm down Kazuha was a wonderful direction and I loved it. She also only called Conan Shinichi in her panic once, thankfully into an empty apartment, but later she remembered to call him Conan all the time, which I approve. One less worry for Shinichi, he certainly has to worry more about Heiji's blunders than Ran's.

Oh and one thing I couldn't resist mentioning. The suspense for Conan's abduction was very high, and added a good bonus by making him untraceable without that psycho knowing he was doing it. The idea of making him bleed out Conan out was certainly interesting and unique for a Conan story, though I had to grin when I realised what was going on because that idea was also used in a Sherlock Holmes episode with Basil Rathbone where Moriarty made him bleed out just like that as well and since those films are far older than any fanfic is, you might realise where my amusement comes from. ;)

I'm going to read the sequel now, I'm looking very much forward to what you had in mind now that our favourite Phantom Thief gets involved. Once more, respect for this amazing story. This is certainly one of the best Conan stories I've been able to find so far.


Usagi-Atemu-Tom /_\
Lance Rowllen chapter 12 . 5/9
No, I'm sorry but Kudo would never reveal his secret to Ran under any circumstance. It almost happened once but that was because hundreds of people were in danger. And many more hard and stressful events happened later as well were it would seem that he would crack but he didn't. So what would make you think that he would now. Ran being in trouble isn't enough. Movie #4, #13, #11, etc, and countless episodes show her getting in more danger than this. She needs to forget about Conan being Shinichi.
Icyicy00 chapter 4 . 4/4
It took me way too long to figure out who it was, way, way too long. Conan would be disappointed in me :')
Nekocin chapter 15 . 3/28
A very exciting read. Thank you for sharing this.
Jennosaur chapter 15 . 2/14
I really love this. Your plot and writing style are sooo amazing. One of the best DC fics on this website! And you guys have great grammar... That's def a plus :) Keep up the good work!
seireidoragon chapter 15 . 2/4
This was an amazingly well done story. I love how you wrote all the characters, especially Ran, and I really just love everything about it. I honestly feel like this could be canon and that's the absolute best compliment I can give. I've been watching this show for about 10 years now and I really feel like you captured the esence of it. Many people only look at Sonoko superficially and others think of Ran as a Mary Sue so I really enjoyed reading how you represented the characters. Sure the characters were a little ooc at some points but the story did a great job explaing it. Thank you.
bobbyneko chapter 15 . 12/4/2014

I loved Kids bad metaphors and the way he is portrayed.
bobbyneko chapter 12 . 12/3/2014
Did Conans elementary school have shoe lockers? I cant remember. I know middle and high schools do, but elementary schools usually have shoe cubbies.
bobbyneko chapter 11 . 12/3/2014
So Im sick and decided to reread your story for some mysterious reason and just had a thought.
Well, lets sandwich this and first say i think you guys did a great job with the cultural differences and language and dialog. Language is so colored by culture and all. And of course the school setting is distinctly Western style (a rather sad fact that forget psychologists in schools, your average depressed person is lucky to get five minutes with a doctor, nevertheless find someone who is liscensed to treat a mental illness or do legit therapy,) and all, but i love how regardless you guys put so much detail into everything to make it feel real. Besides, replicating Japanese society in immense detail is not the goal of fanfiction. Creating kickass stories about mini detectives and phantom thieves joining together and saving the day is. And you both have most definitely accomplished this.

So to now go back on my word and share my sudden epiphany which could equate into a bit of fun trivia for you is that this plan of poisoning the children through plastic cuts would never go through if the setting was Japan because EVERYTHING is made to be easy-open. There is always a nitch or a flap or a "peel-here" portion somewhere. Regardless of the triviality or size of the item. At the very least if it required scissors, it would be directed somewhere. Having to actually struggle to open plastic is basically unheard of (and ppl look at you strangly if that is your first instinct), and would be considered very odd. Even the kids are so well train that if they dont see where on the plastic they should open it from, all but those most resembling Genta, would more than likely get a pair of scissors rather than risk cutting themselves, even without parental supervision (kids here are pretty OCD compared with most other countries) Also, as we could see in movie 14, even the most smallest of cuts are often considered worth noticing by most ppl.

Anyways im just bringing this up cuz yalls fic made me nostalgic that yeah, in the West one DOES get cut on plastic, and little cuts arent such a big deal. But who'd of thought that such a little detail could be so central to a country that it would define whether or not the really cool and clever method (and for the most part incredibly believable) for distributing poison as represented in this fic would actually work or not? I mean, school systems, speech and law enforcement structure are to be expected, but who would of thought of THIS minor yet surprisingly crucial detail? To think that in some places in the world it is the national norm for businesses to go out if their way to insure the safety and convenience of their most important customers? To the extent that when citizens of said country travel to other countries one of their passing thoughts is gurranteed to be "That's awfully strange, why is everything so hard to open here?"

Well nit pickyness aside, i shall continue rereading your fic AGAIN since nothing is bound to make a sick person feel better than reading about a hidden epidemic poisoning young children and making the hero suuuuper angsty.
DearShootingStars chapter 15 . 10/27/2014
Oh dear, this is one of the best DC fanfics I've ever read. /cries cuz of awesomeness/ THANK YOU FOR A VERY BEAUTIFUL STORY /cries/.
xaonrider92 chapter 4 . 9/19/2014
That was fun reading from Kaito's (it is Kaito, right?) pov! He changed into so many characters! Why are most of them female? XD
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