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Wilderness Rose chapter 22 . 8/23/2009
The lazy logger strikes again! buahahaha :)

Well, first of all thanks for the shout out, kiddo! :)

Second, I loved the 'Deano' moment when he said those four big It was pure inspiration. Truth be told I didn't think you would be able to pull that off convincingly but I'm now able to honestly say that you did! It was perfect the way he first raced through it, and the way Chambers 'teased' him into saying it for real once more. His racing through it the first time made it believable! Congratulations! :)

I know I'd been dying to get Dean to say those

Also, personally, one of my favorite lines was at the end when Sam says, " did! You actually told her!" LOL I can just see Sam's awestricken face when the realization hits... lol Good one! :)

Also glad that it ended as close to 'happily ever after' as possible for supernatural *sigh* :) So glad Manda survived this entire mess and that she and Dean are lol :) YES! :)

Great story! :) It was an honor to read and review!

I think what you most excelled at was the way you took your time to develop Manda and allow her to learn to express her feelings more...the way you made her softer, but in a way that was also believable. :) Hats off! :)

AND...if ya ever do a trilogy to this I would be more than happy to review and read and enjoy it as well! :) (As long as it has happy ending! lol Realistic endings ussually suck...hehe) You better not dissapear from the face of the planet young lady! I am expecting to see more of you in my 'author alerts!' lol

ONCE AGAIN...lovely story! thank you! :)
supernatural only chapter 22 . 8/23/2009
i absolutley LOVED! this story and totaly think that you should do another. i will miss it.

thanks for making me smile, cry and laugh it was a total joy to read!

:) x
antariangirl93 chapter 22 . 8/22/2009
First. I just wanna say thank you for that shoutout at the beginning of the chapter. I really appreciate it!

Second. You did a really awesome job on this chapter. It was good that Dean choked on the 'I love you' thing. It's a Dean moment. He doesn't say things like that lightly. I think if Dean really felt that for someone he would say it, but not right away. I did not see the ring or the key thing coming. I'm really glad though. Manda and Dean are made for each other. They both shy away from commitment but at the same time they both want that kind of life. I really wish Dean could get a girl that he could keep in the series. He needs one like Manda.

And third. I really hope you do write another little fic. If you don't that's ok. I'm just saying that I'll be more than ready to read it! Thanks again for writing this and I hope to see that Author Alert in my mailbox soon!
Wilderness Rose chapter 21 . 8/11/2009
ah yes...the lazy logger who is always too lazy to login when she reviews...does this ring a bell?

aha! tis me! so we meet a again! and hopefully not for the last time! lol

sorry about that...I've had too much ice cream today..hehe

Nice long chapter! thank you! :) :) :) I'm so glad that Manda didn't die, and even gladder (does that word even exist?) that it looks like Dean and her are gonna enjoy the moment for all that it may have for them! that's the way gushy romantic chick flick fanfic is suppossed to end! sheesh... if we want realism, read a And very curious to find out what the next chapter will have for us! :)

I think the dialogue was true to form..both Dean and Manda pretty much acted the way they always do...and it had enough sweetness in it to make my soul smile :)

And I totally rofled in the part where Dean told Sam to go with Chuch and "braid each other's hair, or paint their nails, or whatever it is they do to each other"... that was hilarious! :) I can tell you were inspired at that moment! Totally sounded like something Dean would say at an awkward moment, just to have Sam leave him alone... hehe

p.s. I have been a really bad girl and not updated in a long time... so just for you, you loveable person who always keeps in touch with me, I'm gonna add two chapters at once today... hope you like them! "She will be Loved" is almost done now ... hope you like the way it'll turn out!

And...yes...Ten Inch Hero is on its way! yay! I have already worked out the first two chapters, and have the story line pretty well defined at last! As prewarned, it is my own insane version of it...very little of the original remains... still hope you enjoy it though... at least in my opinion anything with Jensen in it is sure to be freaking awesome... lol His face is pure inspiration! hehe :)
antariangirl93 chapter 21 . 8/3/2009
Funny. lol. As with all of your chapters I loved this one too. glad they didn't just give up. you're right when you said that hunters need to take happiness when they can. And the Winchesters more than deserve it.

It's always so awkward for them. lol. very entertaining. I can't wait to see what happens when they're alone. can't wait for an update and I'm really really sad that this is coming to an end.

Good luck!
Wilderness Rose chapter 20 . 7/26/2009
Oh my freaking goodness! ah!

those two last chapters were freaking amazing! (oh dear...where has the poetic writer in me gone to? lol )

Like I told you before, work is busy so I hardly get online, but today I finally had a spot to check your chapters, and found to my surprise not ONE...but TWO lovely chapters to review! yipee!

Thank you so much for not killing Manda! :) :) :)

And I luved the part about the rings...that was pure inspiration! Amazing! Luved it! :)

But now I'm freaking worried that while they both made it out alive, they'll still end up saying goodbye! Arghh! You better not! tsk tsk tsk...

The plot thickens! buahahaha...

supernatural only chapter 20 . 7/25/2009
once again OMG! i felt my heart breaking as i read it! :(

so sad but glad that Manda lived :) *yay*

great writing once again, can't wait to see how it ends!
Lori-Winchester chapter 20 . 7/25/2009
I'm bawling here! Good story
antariangirl93 chapter 20 . 7/24/2009
Aw.. i loved it. It's ok for Dean to do the ring thing. he deserves happiness. They all do.

I really did love this chapter. It made me laugh, cry and jump for joy. I'm glad she didn't die and i'm glad that Dean freaked out on the paramedics. Dicks. They would get someone killed.. I like to think that Dean brought her back. It's just his ways. lol

Well I gotta go. I just wanted to tell you how much i love this story and I can't wait for another chapter. I'll be sad when it ends. Just remember that if you ever need any help with anything, all you have to do is message me.

Good luck!
supernatural only chapter 19 . 7/21/2009
OMG i just cryed like a baby lol. what a great part of the story. loved it! can't wait to see what happens next :)
antariangirl93 chapter 19 . 7/20/2009
aw. that's so sad. I'm actually gonna own up to it and say that i did tear up a little. that was so sad. poor dean and manda. they can never catch a break. I'm surprised he actually said it and in front of sam.

Come ON! you can't just leave it like that! Did she live or die! I NEED to know! this is killing me here. lol. i really really really hope you update soon. I cannot wait!
Mrs.Izzy Whitlock-Hale chapter 18 . 7/20/2009
OMFG! I love this story! I can't wait to read the next chapter. I hope sam and chuch make it in time to dean and manda before its too late. poor manda ;-; update asap ill be waiting )
Wilderness Rose chapter 18 . 7/19/2009
So...this time was not too lazy to login! lol



You devil! lol jk ;) How can you be so cruel...Dean has to kill Manda to kill the demon now? ah!

Even though I hate you for it, I have to admit that only makes the story line so much better. Makes it sound so much more real and just the kinda thing Supernatural would pull As long as you don't kill Manda I don't have a problem with it... like I said before...killing her off WOULD indeed make your fanfic more realistic...almost like the finishing touch to a piece of art... but then the question is what's more important for you...

You have to decide whether you want a realistic story, or a story that can make you smile at the end. Happy endings just make your soul soar. They truly do. :)

Either way, I will love your story...but the female side of me wants it to end "Happily ever after". lol

Thanks for the lovely and long chapter! Can't wait for an update! :)
MonzaBird chapter 18 . 7/12/2009

I hope you update soon. I wanna know what happens!

Sure, I don't want Manda to die but I'll love it anyway...however you'll write it xD
antariangirl93 chapter 18 . 7/11/2009
Oh Come ON! YOu can't just stop there! This is like torture! and not the good kind either. lol. jk. but seriously you HAVE to update soon!

I liked that she kept fighting and that she took off the rings to save Dean. it just makes the story better that he has to fight her to save her.

good luck! I hope Sam and Chuch get there in time. and Manda turns out okay.
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