Reviews for Season Two With A Twist
Mccrthy chapter 2 . 5/21/2014
I want to see a lot more of jealous dean and I don't really like when she gets jealous. But you're doing a WONDERFUL job
Em chapter 61 . 9/7/2013
Well, it took me almost a week, but I finally finished it :D I loved the story, and I'm gonna go read the next one right now!
Edy12345 chapter 48 . 3/21/2013
Love it! Hope u countine the season 3 one soon! Xox
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 61 . 11/22/2012
As with the first story in this series, you continue to impress, to say the least.
The opening chapter gave John and Alyson an excellent chance to connect in the brief time they’ll have together- John able to accept Alyson’s ‘advice’ as someone who he knows cares for his sons as people rather than judging them as hunters while Alyson is consoled by the idea that John Winchester accepts her accompanying his sons as someone who can help them stay safe rather than being a burden to them-, and subsequent developments just reinforce my high opinion of your story, as Alyson finds her feelings for Dean growing while also faced with the challenges of learning about her destiny and her abilities while active.
You could have maybe drawn out Alyson actually thinking that she was in LOVE with Dean- acknowledging attraction would have been fine, but considering that she’s spent an equal amount of time with Sam and Dean after an intense situation you’d think that she’d need some time to define which brother she’s closest to, particularly when we’re talking about love here-, but that issue aside the dynamic develops well, Alyson breaking down Dean’s emotional barriers as she learns more about the mysteries of her past, Dean finding himself in a unique relationship with someone he can be honest with while sure that he can help her become part of his world even as she supports him in a manner he’s never received before, and Sam appreciating Alyson for the relative normality she brings in the form of her ‘normal’ perspective on life, untainted by the supernatural he’s dealt with since he was a child while still providing them with a new source of strength as well.
The new takes on the various cases are also generally well-handled, with the subtle differences caused to the canonical cases by Alyson’s presence becoming more significant as time goes on and Alyson’s powers develop while her ‘reputation’ improves- particularly with the revelation about her ‘destined’ connection to Sam and her first moment of offensive rather than defensive manifestation-, to say nothing of such character interaction moments as her discomfort about Dean’s initial ‘bond’ with Gordon, her initial jealousy of Jo, and her own uncertainty about the intensity of her feelings for Dean in the confrontation with that crooked detective.
The discovery of the Croatoan virus could have been better-explored- the lack of impact on the plotline despite the discovery of the cure was a bit weak-, but her response to the Trickster was very effective, and the sudden appearance of Alyson’s father made up for that, providing him with an interesting history that fills in some of the gaps in Alyson’s past (Even if her mother’s connection to Mary Winchester is something that DEFINITELY needs to be explained later on) as well as an interesting catalyst for her subsequent emotional meltdown.
Of course, the original cases are also well-developed; the reunion with Alyson’s old friend is fairly straightforward, but the case of the dead children in the factory was very well-handled, creating an intriguing combination of an obviously supernatural threat and a problem that could simply reflect how humans can almost be bigger monsters than the things the Winchesters, while the ‘Vegas’ case provided an interesting new take on some of my favourite old Greek myths.
Still, the meeting with Pastor Jim’s father and the subsequent vision quest was certainly interesting- particularly with the ‘flash-forwards’ to the Seals and Lucifer; a nice benefit of fanfic in that we can look forward when looking back and acknowledge or adjust canon as we wish-, and your storyline regarding Azazel and Jack’s past history certainly had some interesting twists that neatly dispelled my concerns that he was going to do what the producers killed John to avoid (Become the guy who stops his child developing on their own because they’ve got them to ‘fall back on’, you know), given the additional complexities you introduced into their relationship (As well as the obvious question of the identity of his ‘benefactor’), even with his final fate in Azazel’s last major attack.
My only real let-down in this story is that you didn’t give Alyson a chance to interact with Victor Hendrickson; considering some of his theories about the Winchesters’ ‘real’ motivations in the show, it might have been interesting to see what he thought of Alyson if/when he learns that she’s working with them (Would he try and convince her that the Winchesters are just insane, would he assume she’s been brainwashed, or what?).
Still, with Azazel’s hints that someone ‘higher up’ wants Alyson for themselves, and her prophesised connections to the Righteous Man and the Boy-King, I feel comfortable saying that the future will be VERY interesting, even without Dean’s deal taken into account...
together25x3 chapter 61 . 5/2/2012
This is absolutely amazing and I freakin' love it! I feel so bad for Aly because she is going to lose Dean but her mother told her that she will get him back. I feel really bad for Dean because even though I understand that Aly is angry and hurt , she shouldn't be punishing Dean like she is. She should appreciate the time that she has left. Great story!
Egyptian Kiss chapter 61 . 4/15/2011
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS TOO! Can't believe Dean...sigh.
anebear chapter 61 . 7/16/2010
oh my effing god. i think i love this story. i really really do. i wish alyson wasnt being so tough on dean tho, but i can see where shes coming from. i hope things get better with them
Lusha1991 chapter 61 . 4/22/2010
honey, I love the story and I love Aly, and I can't wait for Season three, coz I'm sure it'll be great..

P.S. the M rated scenes are perfect ;) ;)

take care hun

Fidotoffee chapter 61 . 4/21/2010
AMAZING is all I can say! I stayed up 3 nights in a row until 6am to finish your stories! Can't wait to read your season three! Definatly putting this on favorite sotry list as well as favorite autor list (which only has like 3 other autors on it). The characters work so well together it really feels like im watching the show and not reading facfiction. I could ramble on forever so I will end this review with another AMAZING!

Elm Treigh chapter 61 . 4/20/2010
I think it fit Aly's character perfectly. She had gone through so much with the Winchester's and with Jack. It makes perfect sense to me that she'd react this way considering all the other ways she could be. All the other things she could do. This seems more her.

It's gonna be very interesting to see Aly in Season 3. Her and Dean's relationship? Her meeting Ruby. Will she deliberately become closer to Sam so that she wouldn't be as broken when the day comes? How is she gonna be in the episode 'Mystery Spot', assuming you'll do that episode. What about Bela? Oh, it's definitely gonna be an interesting season to read. Especially with Aly in it.

Ek! I'm excited! XD
wizziewoo123 chapter 61 . 4/19/2010
i think you got it spot on with this chapter and how she would react! cant wait for the start of season 3!
BlueEyedPisces chapter 61 . 4/19/2010
I'm addicted to this, I love both stories can't wait to start reading the 3rd :).
Amy chapter 61 . 4/19/2010
I think you wrote Aly really well. I can see her reacting this way - angry and in a lot of pain but also in pain because she was hurting Dean, even though he deserves it! Please update soon I love this story! chapter 61 . 4/18/2010
what does that mean? You're not exactly sure when you will update? Why? Is something wrong? I'll email you via regular email to talk. Meanwhile on with the review:

As usual, wonderful stuff. I mean really, what else can I say? I cannot objectively review this story because I don't think I will find flaws or anything worth a discussion. I know there is nothing I feel controversial about. Still don't know about the Charger thingy from last chapter, but so what big deal. Everything just played out beautifully in your version just like it did the actual episode. I think you got Aly's personality perfectly. She is a strong girl but no one knows how she feels inside. They see what is on the outside that she wants them to see. Love the way you have her handling Dean. He would need that with his strong personality. If he even smelled her giving in to him he would be all over it and if she weakens with him, she loses. I of course wanted to slap Sam when he was getting upset with Dean. Ungrateful Brat! You of course handled it beautifully. I felt so bad for Dean in the actual episode. As always, I love it and will read it as long as you will write it. Which leads me to your note at the end of the time frame involved? I hate it when authors do that...(Sorry)...just leave people hanging out wondering when to look for an update, a week, a month, 6 mos.? That is the main reason I never read an unfinished story till I came across yours. Sorry, but it's the truth. Looking forward to what happens next, whenever that may be.
DeanFan chapter 61 . 4/18/2010
sad to see it come to an end but can't wait for you to post season 3
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