Reviews for I Know My Duty
Just Kiss Already chapter 64 . 10/16
This is so, so good. I really hope you'll continue. Thank you for sharing!
Guest chapter 64 . 7/24
Please update soon dont forget this story!
mar chapter 64 . 7/15
please update soon!I love your story:)
fistpunch chapter 64 . 3/21
I don't know if I've ever reviewed before but this story is awesome and I check back often! I can't wait for the next chapter.
Chick1966 chapter 61 . 2/28
Sooooo like there's 64 chapters and the Cullen's didn't appear even once. Are they going to be in the story or naw?
Reinbeau chapter 64 . 2/15
They were doing so well too. Jake is being unreasonable. Edward needs to find out who is behind this, and he could certainly have helped Quil.

Now what do they do?
CindyWindy1 chapter 64 . 2/11
It was great hearing Edward's explanation to Jacob about his relationship with Bella, including why he left her. This was such a great reason he gave that I hadn't heard before: "It's like giving someone an addiction on purpose." I also loved reading his defense of the legitimacy of their marriage and how they're not simply mates.

Edward's been on many missions, but I don't recall reading a firsthand account where he was leading one. I greatly enjoyed him being so commanding and imposing. "State your purpose, nomad." I like authoritative Edward!

The action was off the charts in this chapter and very well done. I'm so intrigued about how these vamps are blocking Edward. And Edward came so, so close to remembering Alice!

Wow, Jacob was not happy there at end. He seemed to all of a sudden be completely fed up with Edward and all vamps. I think it was seeing Quil injured and hearing Edward speak so carelessly about humans as food. I'm sad to hear the longstanding treaty is ending. Maybe when Jacob calms he'll feel differently.

Don't put down your writing, you have real talent! IKMD has been an incredible journey so far, showing that you have wonderful abilities with a pen. Keep at it! :)
polyphany chapter 64 . 2/10
Love it! ;-)
TrillionSchiffer chapter 64 . 2/9
Loved the action. Loved how Edward dashed in and just took an arm. LOL. It was hard to follow or get a mental picture of at times. But it was good. I kind of felt like Edward did. with information only partially making sense. But it seems I heard enough to know that BELLA was some how the mark here. Now it a matter of who wants her dead? Aro? Or some stale grudge vic is holding.

I don't see why JB flipped out. Its not like it was Edwards fault. They are not used to working together like that. And, If anything the stalling saved his life. He really is an ingrate.

Still how much faster was quill? Fight went on and on, an still no support from Bella or Seth? SMH.
Nina05 chapter 64 . 2/9
Thanks for the !great chapter! :) :)
fuz chapter 64 . 2/9
Magnificent story!
I admire your creativity so much.
Thank you.
angelari7 chapter 64 . 2/8
I'm so happy you've updated. Hope your RL issues will resolve. This was a wonderful chapter and hope Edward and Bella will find the Cullen's.
LRK860 chapter 64 . 2/8
Well at least they won this battle. Jake's pissed, Quill's injured, and B&E are no longer welcome in and around Forks. I like badass Jake who's gonna kick some vampire asses with reinforcements. Too bad he hates Edward even more now, and by extension Bella. You've got Edward coming apart at the seams! Headaches all the time now. How can he not worry about something he should never have? And will he understand what those vamps told him? Mate for a mate? And how does Victoria know how to block Edward's gift? She had to be clued in to train her army.

p.s. Please don't worry about the delays. This is a great story, and I'm insulted for you that you'd say your NaNo sucks. lol Stop That! Your an excellent writer and I love that you're committed to finishing this story. As I keep saying, it's one of my favorites.
crazy62 chapter 64 . 2/8
Your an amazing writer don't sell yourself short! Thank you for sharing!
reve2weaver chapter 64 . 2/8
This was really intense. And I don't just mean Jake. The action sequence was really tight and exciting to read. I was all 'what's going on!?' Really just the best AU fic in the twific universe IMHO.
And the headaches. Oh man... how is this going to land?
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