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CindyWindy1 chapter 58 . 4/21
I'm not really a fan of the wolves, but I loved this chapter! Choosing Seth was brilliant - he wins hands-down over Jacob any day! Seth has such a nice way about him, even now when he's a little older and wiser...and, well, a little world-weary and cynical. It was fun, as well as interesting and informative, to be in his head for awhile. I can see why you were happy to finally get to post it!

I feel really bad for Bella finding Charlie in such a poor state. Aww, she did a super-duper-vampy-clean-up of his house and cooked his favorite foods too - very sweet.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, excess busyness has lately kept me from my favorite activity of ff reading and reviewing, but I really appreciate you updating!
CindyWindy1 chapter 57 . 4/20
As much as I sometimes feel a little frustrated with Edward not quickly breaking out of the Volturi mindset, I really appreciate Bella being so sensitive to him and patient with him. He received more mental...abuse, I guess is the word, while they were in Volterra. Bella lived more on the sidelines, but Edward was right in the thick of it all. Who knows exactly what he was subjected to due to his mind reading. And having to be so close to slimy, creepy Aro. Poor Edward. With every chapter it feels like he's closer to mentally shedding his Volturi cloak and remembering Alice.

"Bella blinked, as if she were surprised I'd mention it. Odd." I don't know what's going on here. Any chance Bella has already made contact with Alice and is simply slowly walking Edward through the steps to getting his memory back without harming him?

Thanks for keeping on with this fascinating story!
bettononalice2 chapter 58 . 4/17
Getting closer. I love it! Can't wait for the Cullen's to come on the scene. I dying to know how your going to reintroduce them and how it all plays out. I m looking for a really really long chapter from you, come on now (LOL) your over do!
LRK860 chapter 58 . 4/17
Loved this! It's strange reading a Seth who's a little jaded. Who's the top dog now? Can't wait to see. I'm assuming it's Jake, but he could have *retired* like Sam did. The Whitlock wing was a nice touch. Alice was definitely looking out for Charlie.

p.s. Got a little chuckle out of Seth's imprint theory, because that was a little disturbing in the books how much they ate. What the hell was the size of their stomachs? I also thought drinking a bunch of deer with the occasional mountain lion thrown in was a reach. Fantasy is fantasy, but consuming your weight in blood plus some was baffling to me. I never could understand why one deer wasn't enough, and it was never explained why they needed to consume SO MUCH. The local wildlife would be extinct if it were really the case with these Cullens. lol
bmthespian chapter 58 . 4/17
Great chapter.
fashionplate chapter 58 . 4/16
loved it! loved it!

Reinbeau chapter 58 . 4/16
Whitlock wing? Fantastic.

Charlie will pull through right?

So, are Seth and Embry going to go talk to them, or is Jake going to.
ginkgo00 chapter 58 . 4/16
So cool. Great side trip, wasn't expecting it. Thank you
Angelik Angel chapter 58 . 4/16
Happy very, to read some more of his wonderful story.
Seth's kind of right, these wolves are rusted and old forgetting the skills they possess, as they took looking for the couple to recognize a vampire Cullen and Bella? Lol. I hope they will not behind Bella and Edward wanting to kill them both because they think (Edward bit a resident of Forks) he broke the treaty with the wolves. Bella imagined his father lived alone, feeling dirty and half abandoned house decided to clean and do all that is preferred food of Charlie found that he was in the hospital ward that was built and equipped with the donation of Jasper Whitlocks and possibly Alice, if not all Cullen named Jasper that nobody knew in Forks, because Alice must have seen a Charlie in the future need of the ward. Bella saw Charlie in the hospital and left because he felt the odor of wolves, or because they could not take a long time? Poor Charlie, spent years disobeying doctors and is now reaping what you sow in your health. Bella is shaken, but he knows Charlie remained human and that should be expected from someone who only heard it. He's dying so I think Bella should submit to his father and tell the truth, if he has lucid to hear, but I think Charlie knows the truth, after all he was stepfather of two young men who have not aged in twenty years and the children of Quileute their friends also were not older, he will die soon and the secret goes with him to the grave and the wolves know of the existence of vampires ... then only he can die knowing that her daughter is alive, well, any living form, married to Edward and because it could not have come before to care for him.
I want to thank you for this beautiful Seth wolf's point of view. When the wolf Seth began to think in the pack and what happened in the twenty years that have passed I gave a few laughs, but when I heard Charlie was sad for Charlie fishing all his life and not learn that the fish was not a good example, to eat anything behind death and he it was not a fish to die for the mouth. Hugs and once again thank you for your update :)))
PS: I always tell myself that I will not write much, but i can not stop me, excuse me ramble a lot, but I love your story, you really have a divine writing. XO.
TrillionSchiffer chapter 58 . 4/16
...and now my wait begins...Again
polyphany chapter 58 . 4/16
Love it!
angie671 chapter 58 . 4/16
That was great. Thank you
Reinbeau chapter 57 . 4/11
He is going to remember her soon. He can feel it coming on, but doesn't know what it is.

Bella is going to be so happy when Alice is a part of their life again.
bmthespian chapter 57 . 4/11
Great chapter.
polyphany chapter 57 . 4/11
Love it!
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