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DevilHeart435 chapter 27 . 6/2/2013
Well the story so far is VERY impressive and very comical I might add, but something strikes me as odd, usually when Link visits the Great Fairies they almost ALWAYS heal his injuries. So ask why did you leave that out? I know that character development and realism is important, but come on! That was one of the key parts of the game, you get hurt too bad you visit a Fairy fountain and get some fairies to help heal you and go about your merry way.

The poor kid has enough on his plate, at least let him have his shield arm back because believe me he will need it eventually.
Dianne chapter 70 . 1/2/2013
I think you've done an amazing job, this has beena fun read so far. I will say though that the big plot twist where Link is the pawn who is working for the seven was glaringly obvious from the first time it was mentioned that they had one. Maybe its just me since I've played Ocarina of Time and most of the others soooo many times, that I just knew what was going to happen whenhe decides to go to the Temple. Anyway, Looove your story!
Zylexiaa chapter 58 . 12/29/2012
I really am enjoying your story, but your summary doesn't really have anything to do with this story. I was hoping for something based on Twilight Princess, and instead have gotten this.
kerians fan chapter 15 . 11/12/2012
apparantly the longest book ever is 17 million japanese characters long 0-0 wtf anyways keep writing you may not beat that record but you will have a record called you wrote the longest fanfiction ever stilla great accomplishment and nintendo might some day make this a novel i hope so that would be so cool dont give up keep writing go onward work hard and some day we might see your name on a book i hope so that would be awesome
why you care chapter 103 . 10/23/2012
dude if you hit higher then 1200000 then get permission to publish at as a novel you will beat a world record just 380000 more words to go keep up the good work i love this story i just realized that most chapters have 8000 words in them anyways keep up the great work
Sparxthehdgehog chapter 116 . 9/26/2012
Good golly gosh'n'cakes I was wondering when there'd be an update. Hey, can we have a wolf link boss battle of awesome? Also the poor guys been through the wringer. Can we have an epic battle where his hard work pays off, you know, where he thoroughly trashes his opponent without it bing a last minute win? I think the guy had earned at least one curb stomp battle. Like using the spin attack stratigy with the biggoron sword on bongo bongo. Done right, you can remain untouched, and filet his sorry undead skidplate. Just for a Chang of pace. Also goof romantic confrontation with Zelda. Write it. We all know you want to!
Halcyon Electric chapter 114 . 9/16/2012
If this is still going on, I have a Shadow Temple boss idea (and yes, I got the temple right this time).

Multitude of Phantasmic Malice

This is a pretty simple idea. Requilegion is a being created from the mashing-together of the many souls of those who have died by the forces of darkness. Overtime the "good sides" of those souls would rot away, leaving only anger, hoplessness, and desires for revenge. It can absorb the soul of any it comes in contact with by drawing on the darkness of the person's soul. But, if the light of the soul outweighs the darkness, Requilegion cannot/finds it extremely difficult to assimilate it, for any light in its darkness will destroy it. It can shape-shift at will, and can use the contact with a person's spirit to identify the person's greatest fears, slowly chipping away at the person to the point of assimilation. For example, Link fears harm coming to those he loves, so Requilegion would become Dalon, Karen, Biter, Rose, ect. and force him to fight them. Only the Lens of Truth can see through Requilegion's deceits. (Which may be the purpose of the Lens' creation, so that the Sheikah could see past the deception, since that is where its true power lies.) Any light, spiritual or physical will cause Rquilegion to slowly break apart, which is caused by the spirit fragments in it to find peace and rest in peace. Also, it is the creator of Bongo Bongo, giving the disgruntled spirit the power to to adopt its bestial form and eventually escape its prison in the Well. Lastly, it is the voice that speaks to Link in the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time, something that shows its eternal hatred for the Sheikah who built the Shadow Temple to imprison it.

Hope you like my idea.
keriansfan chapter 103 . 9/5/2012
dude when your done writing this get nintendos permission to publish this as a book cause this story is of a quality so great that it seems as though it was written by a pro i think you will have a great future as a writer and i hope you will someday publish this as a book if nintendo allows you to
Halcyon Electric chapter 115 . 9/2/2012
WELL, since I couldn't post this on chapter 116, I'll just copy and paste it here.
I have a couple of ideas for bosses.
The first is simple:
This boss is first featured as a boss in Twilight Princess. Its body resembles the skeleton of a long dragon-like creature. It attacks Link by crawling through thick sand and using its clawed forearms and teeth, while leaving the lower half of its body submerged in the rapidly shifting sands. It is believed that, since Gerudo was once known as Lanayru Desert, that the skeleton belongs to the Lanayru Desert' former guardian, Lanayru the Thunder Dragon, had Link not saved him from death by illness in Skyward Sword. For more infor, please refer to his ZeldaWiki page.

This one is a bit more complex.
Nekravita: Archaic Pythoness (original boss created by me)
Nekravita was once a powerful Gerudo sorceress who lived long before the founding of what we think of as Hyrule. Her story also would provide some insight to why the Gerudo are so distrustful of magic even before Ganondorf. Nekravita was once chief advisor to the Gerudo king of the time. In her own bid for power, she murdered the then queen of Gerudo and manipulated the king into taking her for his new queen. As time went by, Nekravita continued honing her skills of witchcraft, often visiting the Spirit Temple on "spiritual retreats" to delve into the arts of necromancy and psychemancy (controlling spirits). Before long, she gained control over the many spirits residing of the Spirit Temple's crypts. Biding her time until the time was right, Nekravita eventually used her ammassed army of spirit-possessed undead troops to stage a coup against her husband. Despite the king's efforts, the coup was successful, and Nekravita conquered Gerudo. She then released the remaining spirits from the Spirit Temple, allowing them to animate the bodies of those who had perished during the conflict. Gerudo experienced its first ever queendom. Ever power hungry, Nekravita then lead her army of undead and possessed Gerudo in a campaign against what would later become Hyrule. This war waged for alost 100 years until the next man born of the Gerudo confronted Nekravita. With Hylian backing, the man led a resistance against Nekravita. In the final battle, the man defeated Nekravita using a sacred weapon of the Gerudo to cause the spirits of the undead he slew to enter her body. This eventually caused her to overload, and become much more powerful, but the Gerudo man used the sacred weapon to destroy her ties to the spirits. The spirits then carried Nekravita's spirit away to the Spirit Temple, and her body was placed into a sealed tomb within the Desert Collossus, a statue that had been built in her likeness. Eventually, Twinrova, with the Shaman's assitance, would discover her tomb and ressurect her. Shue would then feign allegiance until she attacks the Shaman. Link would be forced to use the Gerudo's sacred weapon to use the spirits against her, like the Gerudo king that succeeded her did. This would also drive the Shaman out of Gerudo.

I know this is alot, but please read it over and see if you like either of them, and please get back to me with PM please!

This is Hal saying, PEACE OUT!
Halcyon Electric chapter 116 . 9/2/2012
Pardon, but must we draw our bosses? Because it can be arranged, but I can't draw worth crap. I'm much more of an idea person.
sepia glass chapter 1 . 8/26/2012
Hi. :) I like your writing style. It's very nice. Mind if I study it?

Since there's like 100 plus chapters, I'll just get to reading. :)
Yaofma chapter 116 . 8/24/2012
"rarw im greedy person who wants next chapter! even tho u hav more important things like jobs and stuff! bring me my next chapter!"

Of course, that's how I feel from the inside... :I But instead I will kindly say that this was yet another chapter well-worth for it's wait, and that at the moment you are one of the few people I still bother following on

Of course I say, yet again, good luck with your job and stuff and... eh... yeah, I already participated in the contest and whetever the idea was good or not, my head still holds it in high regard... xD
ThunderClouds7 chapter 116 . 8/23/2012
yay! update happy face! eloquent... anyways, i really like the description of the freaky beast mabobber and the history of the wizzrobes. and the fire scene cause fire is awesome and makes me happy. and isn't ambi a type of pokemon? or am i thinking of a nickname for one...? oh well. great chapter! i'm looking forward to the next!
Mr. Martin chapter 116 . 8/23/2012
Sorry I took so long to read thsi. I had some stuff to do yesterday.

Anyway, this is getting very interesting. I like how you're building an alliance between the various factions, it's actually fairly original: it's not often that villains WILLINGLY work together.

And what's up with Link's fever dream THIS time?

Until your next chapter,
Hugh D. Martin
Infinity-darkmage-Zarfeeeer chapter 116 . 8/22/2012
i think itd be great to see more woot
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