Reviews for Troubles With the Bathroom
Pee Monster chapter 1 . 7/22/2009
The way you write the graphic peeing scenes is truly beautiful!

I could almost feel it trickle down my body when Joon was having her accident!

I, myself, am working on a novel-length fic about Sam joining the circus because he's a (LOVABLE!) freak... but I constantly have trouble with the peeing scenes. I was thinking of just making them deleted scenes when my fic becomes a short film (my friend who looks just like Johnny is going to play Sam) but I would really love to include peeing scenes. It would give my readers/viewers a much more in-depth look at Sam and his personality. I'd love it if my readers/viewers could practically smell the pee as they can when you made Joon pee in this wondrous fanfic.


Rock and pee on!