Reviews for A Twisted Fairy Tale
Rabid.Jackal chapter 1 . 3/29/2009
Hi Dreamwraith,

I am new to and am not sure of all the rules yet. I actually decided to finally become a member of this site after I read your chapter ten that I saw posted on the 29th. I hope this does not seem to forward of me but I would like to congradulate you on your inventiveness and use of words to describe your works. I have enjoyed your Dragon Ball Z Fan Fictions although I have not commented on them yet. And also I find this story kind of short, not that it is a bad thing but I was hoping it would be longer. I do wish this was longer and went into more detail, like who the characters are but from what you say at the end I shall look forward to reading more of your tales shortly! Keep up the FANTASTIC work! And never let anyone tell you that you are not great because they would be wrong!

Again thank you for allowing me to view these stories of yours and I hope that in the near future we will all hear more about baby gangrel and mommy malkie and daddy gangrel and find out whom they really are...
judgeknight chapter 1 . 3/29/2009
I love this story and this woman. Especially since it is based on the RPG that I run with this writer whom also happens to be my fiancé. I will also be writing some background stories to let readers understand better the conections between character and some of the plot. I look forward to reading more fan fictions from Dreamwraith. And I also look forward to writing my own on this matter. I also look forward to hearing more about the "Baby Gangrel" and family. Thanks Dreamwraith, keep up the fine story telling! Loves you Hun!