Reviews for Under New Management
CldyAlwys chapter 1 . 4/12/2009
I love the amount of detail you put into the story. I think it's one of the better written ones in the Pof5 fandom. I think for only watching the first season, you hit the character dead on. In the later seasons Bailey does end up as manager of the restaurant and really gets into it. I love that you haven't seen the other seasons, but you still had Charlie decline ownership, as that's exactly what happened later on in the show.

I love this part:

*And the one thing that he did know about Bailey was that there was no way on Earth that he would say "No" if asked. Sometimes the middle Salinger brother wondered if he even knew how to say the word.*

It really captures Bailey's character.

I loved this fic, and I hope you'll write more, even if too many people aren't interested in the fandom anymore. Oh, I was wondering if you wrote any of the slash fics, or if you just liked them, cause I'm always ready to read some of those, if you know where any are at.

I would really recommend watching the other seasons. They do get more "Melrose Place" as the series progresses, but the

family essence is still there and the Charlie/Bailey moments get more intense, especially in season 3. The third season is on and someone has been putting up the 4th and 5th seasons on youtube, but I doubt they'll stay up there very long.

Anyway, great story, I really hope you'll write more.