Reviews for Knowledge and Understanding
rcruz1234 chapter 1 . 12/8/2009
Interesting and might I say fair take on the breakdown of these two (and a nice scenario for bringing them back together). I like the idea that they both panicked, they just did it differently. I loved this heady piece where we get to play in the sandpit of Callie and Erica’s minds during all of this. I especially liked that Erica didn’t really have to be told, that she knew the truth all along, she just needed to be reminded.

I loved this whole entire paragraph:

“I have been standing on the outside looking in for too long and I tried to feel something for Sadie, I tried but I couldn’t. I knew why, she wasn’t what I needed. So many people think they are too good for the real world. Bad things shouldn’t happen to them. They do not take notice of the world around them and this is what I am resolved to do, I am going to take notice of the people and the places around me. There is no difference between rich and poor, we all hurt, we all feel, we all know what we need to do and I needed to move on.”

And this is priceless:

“…she helped me get through the pain of losing George, how – in a nauseatingly appropriate manner – the heart surgeon had helped me pick up the pieces of my broken heart. If it wasn’t me that thought it I think I might vomit at that but it was true.”