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PhoenixJay27 chapter 25 . 6/26
Very good story. I don't normally read Faith/Willow fics but this one was done well. that aside please get someone to proofread your work. There are a lot of spelling mistakes. things that word wouldn't catch because it's a word but not spelled in the right order like from and form or typos like now instead of not. very good job searching the story into canon events. Personally I would have liked more loving stuffs but it was sweet and mostly in character.
Otighigbob chapter 1 . 3/14
Hey does anyone known what the title of the story where willow is turned into a vampire by alternate sunnydale willow. And she goes with her to the alternate sunnydale and falls in love with alternate faith. Also the alternate willow goes by dani in the story. I really want to read that story again. Thanks.
Soph92 chapter 25 . 9/14/2016
I genuinely loved it. I'm very picky with Faith and Willow stories because some of them sound like they would never happen but I really enjoyed this one! The only thing I would say is that I wanted more.
SincereDeceit chapter 25 . 4/4/2016
Faith's & Willow's feelings and actions were very believable in terms of their characters. I really enjoyed this story. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
twin who likes to travel chapter 20 . 2/4/2016
Since the story has already been completed, I guess it doesn't matter what my ideas were. I'm guessing you will have Willow be able to talk to Tara again. I can see them having a sweet conversation where they tell each other how much they miss them. But they will agree that they can't have what they had before Tara died. And Tara will give Willow her blessing if she wants to be with Faith until she can truly be with Tara again.
twin who likes to travel chapter 18 . 2/4/2016
I'm still liking this story, and I thought the sweet scene between Faith and Willow was written well.
twin who likes to travel chapter 16 . 2/4/2016
Xander never did anything wrong, huh? So I guess you decided not to count all of his acts of jealousy, hypocrisy, and lies he directed to his supposed best friends. He lied when Willow told him to tell Buffy the plan she had in re-ensouling Angel in the episode "Becoming". He thought he had any say in how his friends handled their social lives. He got jealous of any guy Buffy became interested in that wasn't him. He didn't become attracted to Willow until Oz came along. He didn't take Buffy's advice about Faith after the accidental murder of Deputy Mayor Allen Finch. He had no problem letting Angel die. But when Anya killed some guys, he was all about not letting Buffy do what had to be done. Not to mention his constant bragging about how Dawn had a crush on him. Finally, there's the fact that his male ego could barely handle that he was the weakest fighter in the whole group. I barely felt any sympathy when he lost an eye in the vineyard fight.
twin who likes to travel chapter 12 . 2/4/2016
Since this only has a T rating, I guess you can say that. If it was an M rating, I would want to see more than a kiss on the lips.
twin who likes to travel chapter 8 . 2/3/2016
The only things I can think to say are that I'm still enjoying the story and Buffy and Faith aren't the same height. Faith is slightly taller than Buffy. Oh, I've also noticed an occasional error in spelling and possibly punctuation.
twin who likes to travel chapter 2 . 2/3/2016
While I read this chapter, I got a little confused. In the first chapter, you talked about the battle, which I'm assuming you meant against the First. In this chapter, you're talking about the girls as they're still potentials. So if you weren't talking about the big battle in the previous chapter, what battle are you talking about? You're definitely when you said this wasn't perfect canon as far as the timeline was concerned. Am I the only one who said this to you?
twin who likes to travel chapter 1 . 2/3/2016
I think I'll start this review by saying if you were going to start with this taking place after the big battle in Chosen, why is Willow able to visit Tara's grave? That's if you're going along with how Sunnydale became nothing but a crater. If you're going to go with it not happening, you should have said that and any other possible changes in the summary as well.
KorpaKejsilic chapter 26 . 1/22/2016
Great story. I loved reading it. Thanks for writing it. I think it's time for a sequel! :D
Guest chapter 16 . 4/26/2014
Hmmm started great, it really did...

But than...

Reality that this was Buffy the Slayer slammed back into me, and shortly after I was swayed by eternal boredom!
The Devil's Angel 1313 chapter 26 . 2/2/2013
There should definitely be a sequel that shows how their relationship develops and how Faith and Willow's relationship affects Buffy, Xander, Giles, etc. This is by far my favorite Buffy fic I have ever read. It was very well written and absolutely amazing. The characters were embodied perfectly. I completely loved it.
randrum chapter 26 . 9/2/2012
So I realize that I'm a little late to the party on this story. But I thought it was great. I realize that it's been a few years since you posted this story, but I'd love a sequel. The Willow/Faith pairing is quicking become a favorite of mine. Anyway, again, great story.
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