Reviews for Weathered Weakness
azab chapter 1 . 12/15/2009
good job :
windscryer chapter 1 . 5/28/2009

Okay, shorter but no less awesome.


And, I have to say, I REALLY like your explanation of the epi. That's fabulous. I could see it going either way, but I do like yours. It's not one I've seen before in the five bazillion tags each episode generates. :D

Once again, characters are spot on and so in sync with canon it almost hurts. But in a good way.

. . .

Okay now I'm babbling.

I think it's the awesome overload.

I'll go now and stop forcing you to politely endure the crazy person.

But thanks again for sharing with us. I'm definitely going to have to go check out what else is on your list of stories there . . .

NongPradu chapter 1 . 4/28/2009
This was really sweet. You're great at the brotherly moments: good for showing the real bond between the two of them.

Having said that, I think you were awfully generous to Sam on the whole "weak" siren spell thing. I, personally, am of the opinion that Sam's always been pretty uncharitable towards Dean when it comes to his opinion of his brother. We're constantly getting these little slips of what he really thinks of him, and it usually ain't pretty. "I'm not pathetic like you." "Whining about all the souls you tortured in Hell - boo hoo!" My personal favourite was that sick mind-reading from the Crossroads demon: "a part of you will be the slightest bit relieved when he's gone. No more sloppy, needy Dean."

In fact, I'm frightened of where Sam's low opinion of Dean has led him - because now, in spite of a prophecy and the angels insisting that Dean's the one who HAS to save the world from the apocalypse, Sam thinks Dean hasn't got the juice, and has decided that he's just the demon-blooded man to do it. Seems kind of... (I hate to say it)... arrogant.

I wish your version of Sam were true. I miss that Sam - the Sam we had in season 1-3. Though, again, Sam was always been a little bit of a bitch. I love him - don't get me wrong - but when it comes to Dean he's always been a little bit... mean. But I think uncharitable in his opinion is probably a better way to describe it.

Just realized this was more like a discussion on the finer points of Sam Winchester's cogs and wheels and less like a review.

I love your stuff, either way. ;)
Zatnikatel chapter 1 . 4/13/2009
I'm sneaking some time to catch up on my story alerts!

Oh dude! Such a sweet little vignette!

This made me all teary:

'In the silence, Sam would try to make sense of what Dean was saying, what tortured confession or plea for absolution he was trying to get out through drugs and broken bones.' Oh Dean.

This: sums up everything:

'Thousands of words had been said in between the roadside confession and weak. Weak erased them all.' Would that Show would have Sam really face up to what he has said/done, but I fear spoilers suggest worse is pending... :-O

And I love this clever little visual image of Dean erecting his defenses again:

'There were things running around behind Dean’s eyes and Sam wasn’t going to pry. Dean was mortaring some kind of walls together from the wreckage of the other night’s battle with Alistair and Sam wasn’t about to risk applying any weight to those fragile bricks.'

And I did smile when Sam woke up from his tech support dream... made me think of Pamela Ewing all those years ago! ;-)
bhoney chapter 1 . 4/8/2009
Aw, I liked this, thanks for telling me about it.

This was so sad, but true: "Weak. That one word caused all the damage. It didn’t matter how much Sam had told Dean that he had no shame to carry for finally breaking in Hell. Thousands of words had been said in between the roadside confession and weak. Weak erased them all. It was Dean’s death blow. He’d rather be anything than weak. Would rather be dead." Poor Dean. It broke my heart that Sam said that to him, and even more that he said it to Ruby ABOUT Dean, even when not under the siren's spell. *sigh*

I really liked this: "He wanted Dean to be with him. He didn’t have to confess anything or do anything. Just not die and not lose his friggin’ mind so he could stay in the fight with him. That’s all he had to do." Really nice.

Interesting take on things, that the AU was a dream they both had, in Dean's case to illustrate the point the angels wanted made.

Dean's joke took me a second to get, but when I did it cracked me up. Cute. LOL

And in this season o' angst and separation, it is SO nice to have a hopeful, brotherly moment. Thanks for this one.
xlittleangx chapter 1 . 3/31/2009
*Squee!* Yes! Thank you thank you thank you! Just what we're all looking for! Stronger, funny, sarcastic-the Dean we all love & miss AND brotherly banter yay! Really hoping the next episode will convey all that too...

I liked how the time hasn't changed, with events from the AU sliding in like a seamless dream and Sam beating himself up over the 'weak' slur from S&V.

But I think this was my fave part: "There were things running around behind Dean’s eyes and Sam wasn’t going to pry. Dean was mortaring some kind of walls together from the wreckage of the other night’s battle with Alistair and Sam wasn’t about to risk applying any weight to those fragile bricks." Brilliant! So well written.

Haha the suspenders...kudos for bringing those in! If only you'd mentioned that god-awful blue striped shirt he had on at the start too...

"...and don’t forget the pie.” There's my boy! lol

Ang xx
Sue Pokorny chapter 1 . 3/31/2009
Great job! I'm with you, hoping this episode leads Dean back to who he is. I'm pretty sure it will and I also believe that Sam doesn't stand a chance without his brother. Dean has always been his touchstone, that's why he's so afraid of what Dean will think if he finds out what he's really been doing. I also read your tag for Pin and think you caught the essence of what Sam's been thinking. Loved the reference to the mean dog memory. That was brilliant! Wonderful parallel to what Sam is trying to do now. Stand in front of his brother until he can move. After Terrible Life, I think Dean will be able to move and go back to standing in front of Sam - if only Sam will let him. I still see the brother's facing off, and I can see a Dean/Ruby battle because the only reason she was successful in getting her hooks into Sam was because Dean was gone. When he returned, he was damaged and she continued to take advantage of Sam's vulnerability. Now, Dean is back. Ruby doesn't understand who she's messing with.

Sorry for the long winded review, just loved finding someone with the same thoughts as mine! And apparently the same name! Great job!

Dianne chapter 1 . 3/31/2009
That was pretty neat and definitely explains why Dean and Sam had no scars or weakness leftover from fighting Alistair, it was a dream. So yeah, cool. I liked the brotherly moment very much and I hope they get to more of those in this season in the show. Well done!
masondixon chapter 1 . 3/30/2009
Yeah, it would be nice to have that Dean back. And he's coming. I do believe that. But I LOVED the suspenders! I know he would never willingly wear them but- WOW! That really made me happy. Thanks for your story. I enjoyed it.
angeleyenc chapter 1 . 3/30/2009
i liked it!