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Atelerix chapter 5 . 3/20
"Something was clawing at his insides, making it hard for Draco to breathe. Gripping Potter even tighter seemed like the most important thing in the world, so Draco gripped and held on, terrified of letting go.

Horrified, he felt moisture on his cheeks as thoughts swirled madly through his mind, trying desperately to make Draco draw a conclusion he didn't want to draw."

Awwww Draco :(

"What he would do now? Now that he knew how things could be, how it felt to be the sole focus of Potter's attention, how it felt to have him. What the fuck would he do now that he knew that friendship wasn't enough? That fucking wasn't enough. That he wanted everything?"

So many feelings!

"Horrified, Draco jerked his hand away and pointed his wand at Hogan as Potter snarled furiously, "Get away from him!"

"Oh whatever, Potter," Draco growled, taking a step back, his whole body shaking as he tried to ignore the irrational pain that Potter's words had caused. He should have known that Potter would defend his friend."

Arg, Draco, Harry was telling Derek to stay away from you, not defending him!

""What are you talking about?" Harry asked, now truly confused.

"I'm talking about that night a few weeks ago, Harry, when Malfoy burst into your apartment and you didn't throw him out. I know he spent the night with you, but I also know it never happened again. You seemed quite happy with your gifts. Happy enough not to seek Malfoy's company again."

Harry's eyes widened. "Well, aren't you well-informed.""

At least he knows just how bad Derek's stalking has gotten. Which may give him some room to maneuver if Derek tells someone that Draco obliviated him. Harry can say that Draco was protecting him.

"Harry stopped Derek by saying, "If Malfoy goes to Azkaban for Obliviating you, I'm afraid I'll have to go with him."

Derek had a split second to frown in confusion before Harry raised his wand and snarled, "Obliviate !""

Or Harry could just do that... I hope he did it well enough that Derek won't figure it out this time.

Ahhhhh! The working everything out was so good! I'm pretty sure Draco enjoyed sex more the second time because he wasn't so worried that it was a one time thing.

The ending was perfect!
Atelerix chapter 4 . 3/20
However, after he opened and searched through the closet — twice — Harry was no longer exasperated. He was worried and a little confused. It was obvious that Draco was gone because not only was Draco's coat missing, but strangely enough, so was Harry's.

I'm confused... Why did Draco take Harry's coat? I can understand him leaving if he heard the continued arguing downstairs, but taking Harry's cost is odd.
Atelerix chapter 3 . 3/20
Wow, it didn't take long for Harry figure out that Malfoy did something to his secret admirer.

"Malfoy seemed genuinely confused about his sexual orientation, so that would automatically shed new light on Malfoy's nasty jabs. If Malfoy was lashing out because he was afraid of how he felt, then that was something Harry could understand. Malfoy's confusion about this could explain his odd behaviour. The disgust Harry had seen would be nothing but plain fear, something Harry had experienced himself. And not only that, this would mean that Malfoy's hatred for Derek was caused by jealousy."

I think right now Harry is closer to understanding how Draco feels than Draco himself is. If only briefly.

"There was just one little thing that bothered Draco. A tiny thing. Well, two things. One, he wasn't very pleased with Potter's declaration that fantasising — excessively and sexually — about someone of your own gender made a person gay. Honestly, by that reasoning Draco, too, was gay. And that was just crazy. Besides, Draco only ever had those disturbing though intriguing fantasies about Potter, not other men. Surely this was some sort of anomaly.

The other thing that bothered Draco was Potter's obvious disappointment that Hogan hadn't been the one to appear on this date. It was just a little insulting. Why, if Draco was gay, he would not be disappointed with someone as handsome and intelligent as he was himself. Clearly, Potter preferred idiotic and unattractive types. So Draco should feel flattered that Potter wasn't interested in him. In fact, Draco decided he would accept Potter's disinterest as a compliment. This thought cheered Draco up considerably."

Draco's reasoning here is crazy! He's not even listening to himself in his own mind. So much denial!

I love how Draco thinks that Harry must be using magic when he's just touching his hand or a or sayings things about what he'd like to do. Hehe.

""I was aiming for the front door," Malfoy said apologetically."

Damn it Draco! You really shouldn't be apparating that distracted.

Awwww Harry and Draco. :( They're both going to hurt because they didn't talk first.
Atelerix chapter 2 . 3/20
"Though he did not remember it, he must have been dreaming something pleasant because he had to spend the next couple of minutes visualizing Professor McGonagall wearing leather and wielding a cat o' nine tails to make his erection go away."

OMG LOL. That would definitely work.

"An ear-splitting scream resonated through the house. Not thinking, Harry failed to do the obvious and run inside to see who was in trouble. He didn't even raise his wand. On instinct, without a moment's thought, his hand had shot out, grabbed Malfoy's elbow, and held.

Malfoy tried to pull away, struggling wildly, completely shocked. And then, out of nowhere, Malfoy's fist collided with Harry's jaw, sending Harry flying backwards as Malfoy freed himself and burst inside. His face numb with pain, Harry straightened and rushed forward, but it was too late.

The husband, wide-eyed and alarmed, had raised his wand and fired a curse straight at Malfoy's back."


That went all kinds of wrong.

"As the owl flew away and Harry was closing the window, a dark shape in the street caught his gaze. It wouldn't be an unusual occurrence to see someone skulking about in the dead of night, but Harry was positive this was a wizard because the person was wearing a cloak. This was a Muggle neighbourhood and, Malfoy's supposed friends aside, he didn't know of any wizards that lived nearby. Harry's suspicions turned out to be true when the owl that brought him the bottle flew directly at the person standing in the dark.

This is seriously creepy. Is it Derek? He's the only one I can think of who might know where Harry lives.

"During the next two weeks Harry was getting increasingly nervous. Though, perhaps nervous wasn't the best description. Flustered would be more exact."
"But the gifts weren't troubling Harry all that much; the letters that arrived with the gifts troubled him a lot more.

They were sweet and innocent at first, flattering but vague. But rapidly, they were becoming a lot less vague and a lot more sexually explicit."

Harry should be worried. Someone is stalking him. He needs to tell Malfoy and his boss, especially since stuff is showing up at work.

"He was just starved, he assured himself. Starved for acceptance. Though, not acceptance of a stranger, but Malfoy's acceptance. There was a little corner of Harry's brain, just a small treacherous part that liked to pretend that Malfoy was sending him these letters and presents."

Oh Harry :/

"The jarvey screamed and scratched and insulted Harry with words a little girl shouldn't hear. Out of the corner of his eye, Harry could see Malfoy had stood behind the girl and firmly placed his palms on her head, covering her ears. "

Hehe that's a fun image.

""I don't have a boyfriend. And it's not porn."

That made Malfoy look up, the look in his eyes still stormy, confusing Harry for a moment."

He finally told Draco that he doesn't have a boyfriend! Yay!

""Of course it's my business," Malfoy snapped. "I don't want someone to kill my partner. I . . . Do you realize how badly this would reflect on me? Someone would blame me for it, I'm sure. And you do realize how dangerous this could be? Please tell me you're aware that this could be some psychopath. Or a criminal who wants to murder you. Or worse — it could be Hogan!""

Yeah, sure, Draco is really worried about how it will look. Riiight... I suspect he's really much more worried about the things he mentioned after that.

Ack! Harry going to this blind date is a terrible idea! Especially when the person writing the letters had been quite clear what they want and when Harry definitely wants those things with someone else.

I'm relieved that Draco is there because I'm convinced something bad will happen when Harry leaves. Although Harry is pretty much guaranteed to misinterpret why he's there :/

"Draco knew how this worked. Why, this was the same thing his father had told Draco to do in order to lure women. This was one of father's tamer lessons on women, which left Draco only slightly traumatized."

Ugh, Lucius :(

"Which was fine with Draco. He had no plans to stop this. He just wanted to make sure that Potter wasn't in trouble. Idiot though he was, he was still Draco's favourite idiot. And since last night, Draco had suffered several anxiety attacks."

Damn it, Draco! Arg these two!

"And that was all Draco planned to do — talk and threaten a little, nothing else.

He had stuck to this plan firmly, right until Hogan appeared. The crazy sod had an enormous smile plastered on his face and he was practically bouncing, clearly ecstatic about his upcoming date. His smile didn't waver after he spotted Draco, exhibiting yet another proof of his mental instability.

Hogan nodded and said cheerfully, "Hey, Draco!"

That was all it took. Draco had raised his wand and yelled Obliviate before he even decided to do it."

WTF, Draco!? I guess that explains where he got the rose.

""And you were going to find one of those iron covers on the street. And then you planned to lift it up with your wand and jump inside.""

Draco, no :( You could have just sent him home.

So much denial!
Atelerix chapter 1 . 3/19
"Lately, he'd been too worried his punch would mess up Potter's handsome features to contemplate hitting him when the bastard annoyed him.

Oh yes, this was one of those disturbing thoughts. Draco believed such feelings were merely the result of his innate appreciation of all things visually appealing. It was irritating that, somehow, Potter was suddenly included in this category."


"But Draco knew Potter had spotted him when Potter's lips pursed, then slowly stretched into a thin line, indicating that Potter suspected him of criminal behaviour."

Poor Draco :/ It's possible Harry just really doesn't want his date interrupted, or that having Draco stare is really uncomfortable.

"Besides, stalking a colleague probably was criminal behaviour; it was time for Draco to go home."

Or that.

"He aimed for the front door, but his mind was elsewhere so he ended up in the bathroom, directly under the shower."

It's dangerous to apparate so distracted; he's lucky he didn't get splinched!

"Draco particularly liked to yell, "Stay where you are, you wretched Dark Wizards!""


"How did he end up partnered with the most non-confrontational Auror ever? And since when was Potter so non-confrontational anyway? And could his assignments be more ridiculous?"

I love Draco's thoughts.

"Reluctantly looking away from Potter's mouth and remembering their assignment, Draco took in his surroundings. Two Mediwizards stood not far ahead, in front of a handsome but old house, while the young Mediwitch — presumably the cause of the squeal — hurried towards Potter and Draco.

"Mr Potter, I'm so pleased you're here," she gushed, undoubtedly surprised the Ministry had sent this particular Auror on such an assignment."

And that right there is why Draco is partnered with Harry. Because everyone else acts like this. It's my firm headcanon that only Hermione, Draco, or one of the Weasleys can act halfway sensible when working with Harry.

""Don't let me bother you, Mr Potter. Do what you do best. I won't be in your way," she claimed, almost blocking Potter's path."


"It was an odd tone, a flawless mix of politeness and command, clear enough to be heard from afar, but not at all loud. Did he command his partners like this? Saying, "Please spread your legs. I wish to fuck you silly."

A shiver passed down Draco's spine, making the hair on the back of his neck stand out. He frowned. What an unappealing thought."

Hahahahahaha obviously Draco's body disagrees. So much denial!

"Rolling his eyes, Draco moved to follow him; however, the woman promptly raised her wand and stopped smiling. "Just him, blondie," she said sharply and slammed the door in front of Draco's shocked face.

Blinking, Draco stared at the door, trying to understand what had just happened. He half-expected that Potter would reappear, having Disarmed and Stunned the woman, but no such thing occurred. Panicking, Draco realised that Potter was now technically a hostage. What if the woman was crazy? She certainly looked crazy. And what if — Draco gasped — what if the teapot went after Potter next?"

This made me laugh so hard!

"Working himself into a frenzy, Draco tried to bring down the wards with various spells and charms, and even an illegal curse or two, but nothing worked. Sniffing miserably, he was forced to give up. He leaned against the doorway, helplessly worrying about the safety of Potter's balls."

You're killing me :D

"Ah. So Potter was merely concerned about his own safety. Of course."

*Facepalm.* Good grief, Draco...

"His mother used to make these birds when he was very young and was afraid to stay alone in his dark room. She made them glow and fly above his head, high enough so Draco couldn't catch them, but low enough to cast flickering lights over his face. Draco always appreciated their company; their gentle rustling never failed to lull him to sleep."

Say what you will about Draco's family, but it was always obvious that Narcissa loves him. She would do anything for him.
"Regretting his impulsive decision, Draco took a quill, angrily snatched the topmost file and opened it. Mrs Herbert, the lady of charmed ball-eating teapots, winked at him from a large picture with red letters written over her face, proclaiming: WANTED.

Draco scowled at Potter accusingly. "I told you she'd run.""

Points to Draco!

"He wandered for a while and when he looked around, he found himself in a vaguely familiar location — he was standing in front of Potter's building. That was an interesting coincidence. Draco looked up at the second floor window, noting that Potter's apartment was dark. He was sleeping peacefully, the bastard."

Or he's still writing reports slowly. Or something came up and Harry forgot to let Draco know. Draco wouldn't be in this position if he'd stayed to help.

"This evening, however, Harry had let his mind wander and remember how Malfoy looked sitting across the table, scowling, with his hair falling into his eyes, white blond strands touching his high cheeks. Harry could visualise him so clearly he could see his lips twisting into a sneer and he could see himself wiping it off his face with a kiss.

And then just as Harry had pressed Malfoy on the desk, ripping Malfoy's shirt off in a way that was possible only in silly fantasies, Malfoy had appeared in front of him. Simply materialized in his chair as though Harry had Summoned him. Or Conjured him with his fantasies. It took him two whole minutes to realise that Malfoy really was there and that this had nothing to do with Harry's imaginings. Malfoy's uncharacteristically messy hair didn't help matters; usually, the blond strands only looked like that in Harry's mind after a particularly vigorous shag."

Oh god, these two!

"At first, Harry had merely been impressed when Kingsley let it slip that Malfoy had applied for the Auror Academy. The Ministry was not inclined to accept the application; Harry had to yell at quite a few people to have it approved."


"And today while Harry had a hard time keeping his hands still to write the stupid reports (something that happened to him lot when Malfoy was near) and while he tried desperately to make his stupid hard-on go away, Malfoy had so nonchalantly asked him to dinner. It took Harry a long moment to collect himself enough to refuse. Except he hadn't refused; despite trying to say no, he had ended up saying yes. He could hear Malfoy take in a sharp breath of surprise. He probably hadn't expected Harry would agree; he must have thought it was safe to ask him to dinner because Harry would be polite enough to refuse. Harry had been surprised to see Malfoy trying to be polite. But it hurt. It hurt when Harry decided to give Malfoy a chance to take his invitation back, telling him to go on ahead, and spilling the ink over his papers because he managed to keep his voice steady but his hands were still shaking; it had hurt terribly when Malfoy leapt out of his chair, pale and shocked, clearly regretting his invitation and turning around to run. Because he did run; he had flown out of the room as though someone was chasing him. Harry hadn't imagined Malfoy's stunned expression and desire to be as far away from Harry as he possibly could."

*Facepalm again.* Seriously, these two! Harry's interpreting everything Draco does backwards. Not that Draco is being at all clear.

Aww. Poor Harry. Poor Draco. I hope they figure it out soon.
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 5 . 12/31/2017
Damn, every story of yours that I read just keeps getting better and better.
CherryCary chapter 1 . 10/1/2017
An absolutely amazing story. I've read the entire story today and it has left me like... wow. This has got to be one of the best Drarry fics I've ever readif not the best. I absolutely loved it!
delicatesse chapter 1 . 8/30/2017
Hello !
I'm actually reading a french trad of this story.
Really good!

And i wanted to ask you if i could use it to do some draws
agucha chapter 5 . 7/18/2017
Another awesome story, thank you!
Tooru Heer chapter 5 . 7/16/2017
Really funny and great language. Loved the plot and enjoyed it very much.
Kokoa Kirkland chapter 5 . 3/31/2017
I really liked the story. Was funny!
purple potter head chapter 5 . 3/29/2017
This was golden, I loved it!
Guest chapter 5 . 2/11/2017
I absolutely loved this! The way you portrayed both Harry and Draco was spot in for me. A confused Draco is simply adorable :) The way the story is told is really believable, I can actually see this happening. Thank you!
Cailean Charmeleon chapter 5 . 1/23/2017
I'm literally near to cry. Why should it be the end ? I That is incredibly...wonderful ? Magic ? I can't find the perfect word. Your story is so intense, from the beginning to the end. I'm so out of words. That so Harry and Draco all along, and this is at the same thing terrifying (because I couldn't tell how they could find a way out) and so beautiful (because the tense was there, at every moment). Oh gosh, I'm like so out of my own body. Really, I'm in trance.

I need to talk about the sexual scenes. MERLIN'S BEARD. How did you do that ? That was in the same time descripted in thr details, hot and not embarrassing at all. I just wish I was one of them, enjoying. Well, I'm not a boy, but I was by reading. That, is quite disturbing. But I wasn't myself as reading. I was Harry or Draco, depending the PoV. Scared. Stressfull. In love. And feelings, in fact. Really.

Another thing that I really appreciate is your writing style. I enjoyed every line, no kidding. Your vocabulary is so various. That is not a low category of writing or English. It's quite difficult to explain, but for the first time, I completely forgot that I wasn't reading in my mother langage. I was really in the story...but conscient that it was English. Like...aaaargh I don't have words but I think it's important. I read in English sometimes, but I can't forget that, because I concentrate on the story to understand it. Here, even if I checked some words, the barrier of the language just dispared. Yeah, that's exactly that. Here happenned what it happened some day with movies and series: I've started to really enjoy above the language and...through the language. I took pleasure with the story and with the language and the peotry beneath it. Does it make sense?

Well. I would probably talk for hours about what I love about this fiction. In fact, there is nothing I didn't like. I didn't even frown. Probably I will think about it later and tell myself 'I should've tell that!". But here I will end my review and simply, as I can't do better, I want to thank you. That was a big pleasure. I keep your author name in my "to discover more" list.

See you,
SiriyBlack chapter 5 . 1/23/2017
I actually want to know how many times that desk made it through before perishing a splintery death.
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