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motleygrrrl chapter 5 . 6/15/2016
I award this story 1000 points and the House Cup. And the Quidditch Cup. And the Triwizard trophy. And the Goblet of Fire just cos it's also a cup. And any other magical cups that have any sort of victorious connotations. This is my favorite story of yours! I do believe this is my all-time favorite Drarry ever. Hence all the magical cups now in your possession ]
iluvdm chapter 5 . 6/1/2016
Love love love looovvve it.. Great read.. Love the misunderstandings, the confused Draco love it all.. Thank u for such a great read..
Guest chapter 3 . 4/14/2016
MyCoffeeWarnedMeAboutIt chapter 4 . 3/23/2016
(Hm, somehow I’m not allowed to review twice the same chapter, so here, I’m reviewing here even if it’s meant for chapter 5)

After reading this again – too eager to see what I had missed the first time to wait more than two days –, I’m pretty sure you’re a psychology prodigy. Or at least, that psychology/emotions are really important to you as an author.

I noticed how you described every facial features, almost as if you were documenting the facts. It’s not a bad thing, on the contrary; you had to for the story to work. By writing clearly “He was disgusted”, the misunderstandings wouldn’t have worked as well for the readers (for me, at least). Because if you had said afterward “Nah, he was not disgusted, he was actually jealous”, I would have believed you, but the “trick” would have been a bit cheap in my opinion. The same way I find it cheap when an author writes “This character is very funny, *believe me*”, but never gives any proof of that by making the character SAY something hilarious. Instead, you talked about the eyes, the frowns, the lips, and it was up to us – and Harry/Draco – to try to figure it out. I really liked that, it’s a technique I appreciate even when the story doesn’t focus on misunderstandings or psychology. And it makes re-reading really great, because you interpret everything differently, since you know they don’t hate each other.

I also suspect you know a bit about psychology. I graduated in psychology myself before switching to social work, and you used a lot of jargon from those fields of study. I can’t believe I did not notice the first time – probably because I’m so used to see words like “double standards” or people using various listening-techniques all the time. It slipped my mind that “normal people” don’t talk like that on an every-day basis. Not that it matters or anything; I’m not making assumptions to be rewarded by a “Ahh, clever girl” (if I turn out to be right) :p As I said in my previous review, it’s just that I’m not only interested by the stories I read, but by their authors, the creative process, etc. (I love talking with authors about their work) Personally, it makes me happy when people deduce who I am through my stories (ex: “Ah, I can tell you’re very fond of video games/that you know a lot about cooking”), so I figured it applied to others as well.

Regardless of your field of study, you’re very talented with psychology (or very persuasive/cunning), and it reflects on your dialogs. I pointed in my previous review that your dialogs were realistic, like the one between Derek and Harry. Well. I don’t think they’re realistic anymore, that wasn’t the right word to express my amazement. From my experience, people don’t usually talk like your characters, at least not on the spot. It was too… deep? In my opinion, it’s the kind of speech and logic you can observe between a therapist and his client. Or between psychology students, haha. All your charecters used convoluted ways to make their point (like when Harry and Draco talked about Draco’s job in the last chapter) – something you have to do when you’re a therapist, otherwise the client might get defensive. So, no, I don’t think your dialogs are realistic anymore.

But I still think they were awesome, precisely because they were convoluted and deep! As I said, you can’t fake this kind of thing, like you can’t fake being funny – you are or you’re not. That means authors can forge that kind of dialogs (or analysis), not even if they work really hard and re-write the chapters. I think this is, among other good reasons, why I loved your story so much. Everything was just so… well-thought, psychology-wise. I already talked about the I’m-not-gay trope, but that’s just one example: it could have been handled way differently. And that “way differently” is “poorly” – which it wasn’t in your story. It could have been dumbed down or poorly developed, but it was not. As I previously said, I think it’s because you’re cautious about psychology, emotions, analysis. I could be wrong, tho. Maybe it was not planned ahead, maybe it just happened. But I don’t want to believe that, because that’d mean you’d have done it unknowingly, and that would simply be UNFAIR for the rest of us who have to plan everything and think and find a way to make it work :p

Same thing with Derek: I was nervous to know how you would handle that situation, because there was no way Harry was gonna end up with him, but at the same time, Derek was just so nice, it wouldn’t have been fair to break his heart like that. Well. Turns out he WASN’T that nice. And now that I re-read the story, it’s obvious. You had planned everything ahead. That’s why Draco remembered about his father and how girls would feel obligated to return the favour if he sent them gifts– that’s why it made sense when *Harry* came to the same conclusion at the end, it wasn’t out of the blue. I noticed the word “obligated” or its synonym (can’t remember the exact word) was in italic when Harry realised what Derek had in mind. It would not have worked out as brilliantly if you had not introduced that “Giving gifts make people feel like they owe you something” concept in the early chapters. I would not have bought it if you had simply decided at the end, with no foreshadowing, that Derek wasn’t a nice guy.

Speaking of which, I didn’t understand the second time I read the story why the Joneses where important. I’m a huge fan of “everything in a story should be linked together, should serve the plot” – something you did with the secret admirer thing and Malfoy’s dad, as I pointed previously. I thought “Huh, did she just write that to… write something? Why is it important, why this situation and not another one?”. It hit me when Harry mentioned this case in the last chapter. Y’know, when he used it to show Draco he did care about Muggles. Well, or at least that he’s not the person he thinks he is. OH MY GOD, I’m impressed! I really am! Again, I didn’t expect a 5-chapters-story to be so… so well-written. It’s ridiculous; like only lengthy stories were planned ahead, well-written, etc. Thanks for punching me in the face with your talent! I needed that, haha. I’ll be less stupid now.

OK, well, now I think I really said all I had to. I hesitated to write a second review, wondering how much of a sycophant I’d look like :p But since I’m not just repeating the same old compliments, I thought it’d be nice to let you know your hard work was noticed. Thanks again for such an amazing story!
MyCoffeeWarnedMeAboutIt chapter 5 . 3/22/2016
Hi! It’s been a while since you completed this story, but I wanted to share my appreciation anyway, especially since I had such a good time reading it. Where to begin? Oh. Right: this is one of the best HP FF I’ve read so far, honestly. All right: I’m quite new to the fandom, so it’s not like I had read over a thousand HP FF, but I *had* to tell you anyway because that’s sincerely how I feel right now. I wasn’t expecting that at all when I read the summary, so it was a pleasant surprise!

Let’s just face it: most of the time, I’m lured by the potential sex scenes. There, I said it. Doesn’t mean I’d read anything, I’m actually quite picky, but that’s usually what keeps me going – that, and a good sense of humour. I was glad to discover you had a great deal of talent in writing both of those things :p Actually, that’s why I took a look at OHPP: I stumbled upon your account, liked your OS and decided to try something with more chapters.

Oh my, I definitely don’t regret it. I even wrote down a couple of funny or touching scenes to remember them, even though I’m sure to read this story again, and even though I’m sure I won’t forget it. Loved it too much for that. The reason why I’m fangirling so much is: I wanted to know what was gonna happen next. Badly. I had planned a whole evening of studying and going to bed early, and damn it, next thing I know, it’s 2 in the morning and I hadn’t even started. But why do I talk about it – wanting to know what happens next – like it’s some sort of miracle? Isn’t it how a good story works, by being captivating? Well, yeah… but like I said, usually I’m in for the sex scenes and laughter, so it was quite a surprise to receive more than I had expected. Especially since there are so MANY things I liked about the way you “knit” the plot!

First, the humour. Honestly, I had to stop reading when that “thing” Draco wanted to give Harry was… a paperclip. I swear, I’m pretty receptive to humour and tend to smile or laugh a bit when I read, but I SHED A FEW TEARS. And it took me a while before I could keep on. I don’t know if it’s me, you/your humour or sleep-deprivation (thanks, midterms)(and rediscovering ), but I’ll certainly remember having a good time! But come to think of it, I laughed a lot when reading some of your OS, so my bet is on “it’s your humour”. Well, at least it works perfectly on me, we know that now.

But I laughed many, many times, not just that one time. Draco’s point of view was simply hilarious, with all his “Ah, Potter must be using wandless magic, it’s the only reason why I could be feeling this way” or “For some unknown reason, my vision is blurry”. Seriously, it’s not the first time I’ve seen the I’m-not-gay-and-there’s-a-perfectly-logical-reason-to-my-obsession-with-him trope, but your take on it was interesting and fresh. Well. For me, at least – I’ll repeat that I’m quite new to the fandom. It was a good use of the point of views, good job! There really was a difference between Harry’s scenes and Draco’s scenes, which is normal since they are not the same person, so it’s a big success if you ask me.

Speaking of which, I had not realized at first that we’d have both Harry’s and Draco’s POV. So I was a bit surprised when you switched. I didn’t know if I liked it or not; discovering Harry’s secret love for Draco spoiled the fun for me. After all, according to the summary, wasn’t this all the story was about– getting Potter’s attention? So yeah, I was a bit disappointed. At first. Then I realized a couple of paragraphs later what the story was really about, and it made perfect sense to switch point of views! I couldn’t agree more, and I was even expecting to switch again to discover how the other had interpreted the previous scene. I’ve read about/seen misunderstandings before, but my, I think this is the longest one I’ve read. In my opinion, it’s a real success! You got me EVERY TIME, thinking “There is NO WAY [the other one] is gonna get the wrong message. This is SO CLEAR”… only to discover that they DID IT AGAIN. They understood everything wrong, the fools!

So of course, it made me wonder when and how they’d finally understand correctly. Maybe that’s why I was so eager to discover how it ended while conflictingly not wanting it to end: I had NO CLUE as to what you had in mind, and you never failed to make the best out it. I have never been disappointed with your choices. Usually, even when I like a story, I can’t help but peek at how many pages/scrolls left there are until I’m done, and being in a bit of a “OK, only X more left!” mood. Like it’s some sort of duty/homework I must get rid of – again, even when I enjoy the book. With OHPP, I peeked, but only to reassure myself: phew, there were still many scrolls to go before completing the chapter! I suppose it had something to do with the shortness of the story; maybe I wouldn’t have been so eager/sad if you had written 20 chapters.

And OH MY GOD. I’m such a fool, I blindly thought Harry’s secret admirer was Draco! I was chuckling and thinking “Oh Harry, if only you knew how right you were”. When Draco read the letter and looked angry, I thought he was being a really good actor, that everything was part of his plan– and that it was a bit obvious, really. Yeah, yeah, I assume that’s what you were going for, so good job on deceiving me :p But still. I was shocked to discover the secret admirer was Derek. Actually, I was shocked at how well-written your plot was, since I was expecting something a bit cliché or simple or I’m-just-killing-time-before-getting-to-the-sex-scene-don’t-worry-folks. I must have blinked, thinking: “What? There’s an elaborate plot?” Not that I minded, but… probably since it was only 5 chapters long (and because you wrote a lot of OS), I assumed you’d go straight to the point. Heck; some authors write 20 chapters with less twists! Honestly, I hope I can write something like that eventually. That’s why I fangirled that much, I guess. Your story may have been short, but it was packed with emotions and questions and everything nice.

Oh. Right. Emotions. By now it’s clear that I laughed a lot and palm-faced a lot and gasped in shock a lot and snorted a lot at the boys’ naiveté, but did you know I cried a bit at the end? (OK, the fact it was 2 am *may* have helped) I really liked the ending and their speech, it never seemed cliché or too much or out of place. Using the paperclip was a brilliant idea, too! Really, that’s one of the scenes I wrote down and ended up sharing with a friend, trying to make her understand how wonderful your story was, haha. Oh, but my praise is valid for all the dialogs/speeches, even the one with Derek at the end. I’m really impressed and pleased at how well you handled that. It’s so easy to go for something a bit, er, well, not as realistic, per se? Speeches, like humour, are the kind of thing you can’t easily “work your way through” in a story. It’s pretty hard to *pretend* to be funny, even if you spend hours working on the chapter; it’s something you know how to do, or don’t. In my opinion, same goes for the dialogs/heart-breaking and heart-warming speeches. For instance, someone I know can’t do empathetic characters because she’s not empathetic herself; she doesn’t know what to write when it comes to that. Er, what I’m trying to say is: you must be a pretty good orator yourself, no? Not that it matters or has anything to do with your story. It’s just that I’m the kind of person who’s curious to know about how a story was written, what it says about its author, etc. I’m a “behind-the-scene” reader :p

I assume you’re used to compliments on your work by now – I honestly can’t imagine otherwise, and that’s not some fake praise; I *really* don’t see why someone wouldn’t appreciate your story (as long as they’re into HP/DM). So, I don’t know, maybe you’ll read this and say “Eh, thanks or whatever, I’ve heard it a hundred times”. But still, I had to say everything I said because I really, really spent a nice time reading OHPP! You spent probably a lot of time writing it, so the leas I can do is thank you. I will definitely take a look at your other stories/OS, and I hope to leave another enthusiastic review in the future :)
hidden shades chapter 5 . 2/29/2016
I really enjoyed this story and the well constructed missunderstandings.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/18/2016
Guest chapter 5 . 1/10/2016
Drarrylover chapter 5 . 12/27/2015
Love love love this!
Dropsofarainbow219 chapter 5 . 12/19/2015
that was GLORIOUS
TheCauldron chapter 5 . 11/24/2015
*squeals, flails, explodes from sheer fangirling awesomeness* Paperclips. Too bloody perfect!
malini85 chapter 5 . 9/11/2015
Such a beautiful story! Loved ever single second of it... This was a piece of art n u are divine n beyond brilliant... Love u... Ur biggest fan..
malini85 chapter 4 . 9/11/2015
Oh god Draco has left... N they both completely misunderstood everything... But at least Harry realised that Draco actually did like him n he was lying... N yes there's insecurity n uncertainty on Harry's part...fuck... But for all we know Draco has probably left to France.. Poor Harry.. N poor Draco...n I was right about hogan he was a creepy stalker bitch... Hope everything works out... This story is beyond brilliant..
malini85 chapter 3 . 9/11/2015
Awww this is heart breaking... My stupid dumb boys.. Can't they see what is so blatantly glaring at them... Fuck... U are beyond brilliant Faith n I'm in complete awe.. N also I'm pretty sure I'm ur biggest fan...
malini85 chapter 2 . 9/11/2015
Oh god! I really don't know who to feel more sorry for.. I especially love jealous n in denial Draco.. It's completely endearing... It's heart wrenching to see Harry misunderstand Draco's reaction to be revulsion.. When it blatantly obvious that it is nothing but jealousy... Poor things.. I really don't know how these two are going to handle the date situation... I hope it goes of well for theirs n my peace of mind... I can't stand Derek for some reason either... There is definitely something wrong with him.. The anticipation killing me.. So if u will excuse me I'm gonna go read the next chapter...
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