Reviews for Achieving Clarity
steve.moore.9081323 chapter 8 . 9/14
Very romantic
steve.moore.9081323 chapter 5 . 9/14
Nice catch
steve.moore.9081323 chapter 4 . 9/14
Good story thank you
steve.moore.9081323 chapter 3 . 9/14
Lovely story
Thank you
otakumick chapter 13 . 8/19
Fantastic story.
mobulis chapter 7 . 7/10
Yes the knowledge of horcruxes and how to make them are vastly more dangerous than those spells listed.
cam.eckert chapter 13 . 7/3
I have never read such a well pet together fic. To put it politely, well done. To put it not so politely, fucking well done. This makes my top 5 fics. Hope to see more of luna and harry
DamnedJoker chapter 2 . 5/27
nope. you cant just disregard ron.
Danielpuha chapter 13 . 5/25
This was absolutely brilliant! The way you portrayed Luna's character is absolutely perfect thanks for the story!
Guest chapter 7 . 4/19
I agree with Luna's analysis of Dumbledore.
He was at least partly responsible for Riddle becoming Voldemort.
He then placed Harry into a similar childhood. He forced both to go back each summer.
He plans for Harry to be willing to be killed. Luna already mentioned that a few chapters earlier.

Taking all seven books into account that is the only explanation that makes sense. Placing Harry with the Dursleys only makes sense if he planned from the start that Harry should have no self worth, that he should be willing to die. Now the reason Dumbledore gives why Harry has to die is that his scar is a Horcrux. So either Dumbledore didn't know about the Horcux and had another reason to want Harry to suffer and die, or he knew and did nothing about the Horcruxes for fifteen years.
In fact, in the first chapter of the first book, Dumbledore says that he wouldn't remove the scar even if he could. So either he doesn't know what he's talking about, or he wants Harry dead, regardless of the Horcrux.

What I don't understand, how can Harry still consider Dumbledore the grandfather he never knew? I realize that Dumbledore tries hard to project this image, and made sure Harry was influenced to think so, but with Luna's help Harry should realize that Dumbledore doesn't have his best interest at heart. Grandfathers usually don't want their grandchildren to be killed.
deadsnakebiting chapter 11 . 3/22
Hi, I am following up to my last missive. I am working on a HP story and I am collecting bits and pieces here, there, and everywhere - spells, names & places, interesting stuff that catches my creative eye.

I liked the bit about Sir William creating the "portal cabinets," etc. So I wrote it down in my notes and if it finds its way into my story someday I wanted you to know I do not think it is plagiarism, merely sincere flattery for your brilliant idea and a way for it to reach further into the legend that is the Harry Potter community history.

If this is unacceptable to you, please let me know, I do not want to be in a pissing contest with anybody who also loves to write HP stories! Thanks, John
deadsnakebiting chapter 10 . 3/22
Hi, I am reading Achieving Clarity and just finished Ch10 where Harry finds out his three wives are pregnant. I for one, am delighted and understand why Luna did this on the sly. It is Harry's make-up that he would have been angry to find this happened without his consultation, that is just the way he is. he will also forgive loved one's as quickly as you wrote. So "attaboy" from me and let the whiners find another story and author to whine to!
Stormbow chapter 1 . 3/12
Holy Moldyshorts! This is a great start! I love the take on Luna and her perspective on the HBP happenings. Not sure why I've never run across this story before.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 9 . 2/10
Luna is being too manipulative here. There's a certain old man who's major mistake is to think he can get away with similar manipulations.
GodricGeoffreyGryffindor chapter 8 . 2/10
You'd think Harry was a Mormon or something.
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