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Visitkarte chapter 38 . 1/17/2010
Muffin buns... :)

Finally! They are getting somewhere, and House is even volunteering for a detox, and genially trying it. I loved your version of Wilson's reasoning, and you did a damn well job explaining Houses wish to go without narcotics. It's just the same argument I always throw in against the Opioide Induced-Pain-Theory:

House went two months without Vicodin after the Ketamine-Treatment. Every Opioide-induced pain should have been sufficiently treated through that. So nope, I don't buy it, yet. But you still did a great job explaining.
Bonnie Banks chapter 38 . 1/17/2010
I should have written you a review before - goodness knows I've been reading this since it was in its mid-20s, I think, but you are one of the writers I decided I wanted to get an FF account for just to be able to leave reviews - but it feels difficult to leave just a "i read it i liked it" comment. Though I am and I do and I should.

This story is like watching a juggling act. You've got Wilson's neuroses and insecurities and flaws, House's neuroses and insecurities and flaws, and the way they feed off each other into a really at times abusive relationship - and the way it works for them. You've got substory themes that build and support the situation - the whole thing about Wilson becoming aware he has an STD after a drunken night out, and the resolution which was both unpredictable (I certainly didn't see that coming) and totally in character and served as thematic support for the situation between House and Wilson - that was the kind of brilliance that would make a satisfactory story in itself and yet here it's *just one of the subplots*.

Wilson's a bastard, yes - realistically a bastard, this section is not Wilson-bashing, it's just showing how Wilson (and who can blame him?) really *cannot cope* with a revelation of this magnitude. In a previous chapter where House wanted to trade finding out why Wilson loves him and wants to marry him, for the information that Wilson seemed to want about how his father abused him, and Wilson says no, and that is the right answer for the time - and yet here it really happens, House comes out with the information and Wilson tells House why he wants to marry him/love him/be with him forever - and it's totally right as well. Good God this is brilliant.

And part of the brilliance is just that - yes, Wilson is a jerk. But he's also in House's head the kind of father-figure House needs - if Wilson were a nicer kind of person House wouldn't be able to depend on him as he does. This chapter really makes me wonder - if House ever did accept therapy, be able to deal with having been abused as a child, would he still love Wilson the way he does? House's reason for the relationship with Wilson was telling: he gets Wilson to stay. Even though being with Wilson sexually clearly triggers repeated flashbacks of what happened with his father. Right down to the time Wilson hit him in the kitchen. And I didn't see that coming either - even though *now* I'm recalling all the times and wanting to hunt back through the half a million words in the past and re-read with knowledge.

When you're done, please, could you put this online as a Word doc or a PDF file, for downloading and printing? (Or publish in zine form, I'd gladly buy it.) This is the kind of novel I want to be able to flip back and re-read and re-read and re-read in the way online publication makes difficult.

I said this was the best birthday present I'd got and it still is. Wow. Again.
PocketxFullxOfxDreams chapter 38 . 1/17/2010
This chapter was just heartbreaking, in so many ways. I know how Wilson felt, when House was telling him his story. You want to help, but you've got no damn clue what to do and how to not make it worse, and you really don't want to know because that makes it a bit more real.


I swear, House had better not lose his job. I will cry.

Wilson's epiphany about House's smile (that we do get to see on the show, once in a such a rare while) was a nice buffer away from the darker stuff. I still think House should hear Wilson's REAL reason at some point, and I'm guessing he will.

The thing where Wilson made House uncomfortable, that's just... ugh. I'm hoping that only happened, like ONCE. Because that's just horrible. And it IS only because he's been having the flashbacks and seizures, right? Like the two events coincided and not that Wilson was the actual trigger.

The fact that House still thinks it was his fault is also just heart-breaking.

Anyway, thank you for the update, and so soon after the update of 30,0 words. I mean seriously, 30,0 words? You rock.

theletterv chapter 37 . 1/16/2010
I'm trying to think of what sort of review I can manage to write. The little guideline near the "submit feedback/review" button is telling me that this is a golden opportunity, so I can't exactly throw that out the window, can I? Now seizing golden opportunity.

I've been reading your story for the past few days, simply lying around, doing very little. I appreciate how long your chapters are, and how rich with content. That means very much to me. I hadn't been properly acquainted with the whole "House, M.D" world. You could say I've watched it for a few years now, but that wouldn't be doing it any justice, because I only regarded it over the screen of my laptop because it was some sort of disgruntled attempt at family bonding. Your story, however, brought me into this world with these characters as I must say very few stories have. I feel like I know them as people, now; the television show, of course, offers rich expressions of these characters but never so in-depth as yours.

Sometimes I wanted to gouge my own eyes out because I couldn't understand why they were fighting like that - why that idiotic Wilson, or that idiotic House, wouldn't just screw their heads on right and do the right thing. But this is an accomplishment on your part. You are realistic; you grasp these characters' personalities and do not attempt to change them regardless of how we are all clinging to the hope that they would act differently, or do things the way we would. I've been terrified for House's life on so many occasions that I've been having disturbed dreams for days now. You're right about anti-depressants causing vivid, disturbing dreams - hahaha.

In watching the show I always knew I could identify best with House. It's not hard when you're a disturbed, wannabe med student. It became a common courtesy for friends and family to call me "House"; I'm not sure whether it's a term of endearment or an insult anymore. You've also proven this to me on many levels. It's almost therapeutic. Through your representations of Wilson and especially House, I've uncovered a little bit of my own self. That's more than any therapist has done. (Congratulations). Coming to terms with my faults is, well, something other stories don't really do. I still can't wrap my head around how fanfiction, as it were, can be so life-altering.

Now that I've gone on for far too long, I just want to tell you that this story is incredibly important to me, and that I will be hanging on to your every word from this moment on. You are, in simple terms, an excellent writer. You can elicit emotion of all sorts with only few words; anger, sorrow, and even glee. That takes a great talent. You have woven these people - these persons, rich and real - in a very artful way. They are stubborn and unrelenting, and they make so many agitating, debilitating mistakes. Yet, they breathe through your words.

I'm going to be annoying, and tell you to hurry and write another excellent chapter.

I admire you on many levels.

Thank you.
DrowningInTheAshes chapter 37 . 1/16/2010
YES, YES, YES, YES! Ohmigod I swear I was dying a little on the inside everytime I looked at my inbox... *sniffles* and HNTBB wasn't there. BUT THE WAIT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT! Without a doubt.

Ohmigod, where do I begin...

First of all, it was SO beautifully long and totally k*ckass. I sat up in my bed for a good forty to fifty minutes, listening to Backstreet Boys (don't judge me), reading it in the dark with a LED flashlight and my cat when I should have been sleeping... but who cares, really? Sleep is for weenies who aren't OBSESSED with this story.

Secondly, I was NOT expecting that! Chlamydia... OHMIgod that is so awesome (Well probably not for the people who have it or have had it... :) SO AWESOME)! It wasn't Wilson's wandering pen*s... it was HOUSE'S? Who would've thunk it? Just... gah! I love it! AB FAB DARLING!

There was so much more that I loved about this chapter; I could just go on and on and on, but I won't. I'm sure you already know how spectacular I think you are. :)

So the next cahpter is a "reveal", eh? I'M SO EXCITED!

AMAZING chapter and I cannot wait until the next. I loved it; love you!

BrindleCal chapter 37 . 1/15/2010
Still loving it. This chapter is, like, 47 pages long and we STILL don't know what they're both not saying . . . (whimper) 3
Visitkarte chapter 36 . 1/15/2010
Oh, sorry about that: I just forgot to tell you my opinion about these two chapters, besides the stalling...

I loved the dialogues, they were just fantastic! I laughed my head of over the most of them. Mental sparring of the finest. What's my excuse for not telling you that before?

Well I read the most of it before I went to bad, and enjoyed them immensely. Only the finale of the Chapter 37 remained to be read, and that caused my twisted perception. And I agree with you (and the nurses) regarding Wilson's ability to be a good friend: He sucks at it. He left House so many times to deal on his own. betrayed him so many times, misread the suicide attempt as an 'overdose', left him practically there to die after the DBS...

I'm with House, he needs to know about Wilson's true motives.
Visitkarte chapter 37 . 1/15/2010
Yes, I am frustrated how you draw tings out. Its very un-Wilson, he reveals things way faster... Especially if he wishes House to do something. So it's not only a frustrating reed, it's also OOC for Wilson. And I can't imagine any really embarrassing reason to love or like House.
call me baka again chapter 37 . 1/13/2010
Brilliant as always. I love olivia can we have more of her please i'll bake you cookies :)
C Elise chapter 37 . 1/13/2010
A very great story ! I hope it will finish well for them
PocketxFullxOfxDreams chapter 37 . 1/12/2010
Speaking of drawn out, I was thinking about this story a few days ago, and I'm pretty sure it's the longest story I've read. Ever. Which suits me just fine, as it's so excellent.

Lot of tension in this chapter, lot of drama, and yeah, nothing much was resolved *glares* oh wait, you're forgiven, the cheating issue was resolved. Would you believe me if I said I saw it coming? Because seriously, it did occur to me at some point about may have really happened there... .

Also, why do I get the terrible feeling that maybe House isn't taking his pills? It would have been easy to spit them into a glass of milk, or hide them in the pillowcase... because that's just odd. It would also explain why his symptoms aren't improving, but why is he refusing to take them...?

Also, I can't wait until Wilson's reason comes out. And also, Wilson and House REALLY need a full decent night's sleep, minus any flashbacks, panic attacks, guilt attacks, arguments, and drug dealers. ALSO, they need to have sex. I'm pretty sure Wilson's estimate of a week was off, I'm pretty sure it's been a fair bit longer than that since they've really had sex, and it would do them good, provided Wilson can shut up during the duration of it and House can put the analyzing on hold, it'd be great for them. (Yeah, 'cept I don't think those two are capable of shutting up and taking things at face value. -.-' )

Ah... these two are so dysfunctional, but 'tiz why they're amazing together.

Wonderful chapter, darn the real world for getting in the way of fan-fic writing!

ano chapter 37 . 1/12/2010
poor house
tricia chapter 37 . 1/12/2010
OMG, what a chapter!
Passive chapter 2 . 1/7/2010
Dude, watch House M.D down low global promom on youtube RIGHT NOW. You won't believe your eyes!

by the way, can't wait for the update!
Passive chapter 36 . 1/5/2010
You're gonna update this, right? Because if you don't, then I might just commit suicide.
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