Reviews for Reasons to Hate Twilight
RSA chapter 8 . 5/2
You nailed it! The post is hilarious and I absolutely love ! Glad to know that at least someone thinks Smeyer is as bonkers as I think she is!
Sam chapter 8 . 4/27
Sorry about not signing in through my account but, I forgot my password awhile ago and I have not got around making a new one yet. Anyways I find this very amusing and got a good laugh out of all the garbage Meyer wrote please update soon.
Rosario545675 chapter 8 . 3/20
I feel you on the "wasted 1,500 pages of my life" thing. Read the series when I was eleven , looked at a few fanfics, then about a month later realized how stupid the entire series was. I mean, really? People, this is ridiculous! Vampire, werewolves, one teenage girl and a flipping love triangle?! This sounds like the thing that preteens, middle-aged people, and lonely teenagers read! (I was the lonely teenager/preteen, but now I am a SMART and lonely preteen. I mean, to think that I actually once-upon-a-time considered stealing a copy from the school library!) The books are shit! They dirty the name of American literature! In all honesty, after I became disillusioned and decided to look at the series again to see if it was as crappy as I remembered it to be, my first thought was: "No wonder America is so hated!" Good lord, if people around the world pick up this book, labeled as 'American literature' then its no wonder that Americas are considered idiots around the globe! I swear, the plot is next to nonexistent, unless you count CONSTANT kissing and/or angsting as a plot. I mean, people! I am ashamed I ever bothered to look in the direction of that book! Gosh, I'm all for the occasional REALLY, REALLY good vampire thing, but really, sparkles? How the hell did Meyers come up with this crap?
Ana-chan chapter 8 . 3/19
I need to rant to get it off my chest. UGH!... Some writers just don't know where to stop. I like the idea of resurfacing vampires and the supernatural. But SM turns vampires into vegetarian, moral, garbage. They are vampires they are supposed to drink human blood not animal, it even makes them weaker than those drink human blood. It makes them look like cowardly, morally depressed, and not at all brave. If the battle in BD happened, it would be easier to take out the Cullens and the Denalis. Vampires aren't supposed to have souls, ever heard of Dracula? Also, the Cullens aren't real vampires, they're posers, not succumbing to their true nature as a vampire. I like some of the content and ideas in the series, the rest of it is just "Um... ew." Considering, I get easily irritated and pissed off of Mary-Sue characters, I regret reading this series. I rolled my eyes rather than reading.

It's like reading a fanfiction that has this perfect Mary-Sue OC, Twilight fanfics that have OC's that generally have the worst plots (generally) since they write to just get the guy and the OC's are absolutely perfect; perfect hair (ex: curly hair with dyed tips), perfect outfits (ex: having a character with no job, family, or money. But linking the book to a Polyvore that has designer clothes that the author dreams the OC of wearing to be 'beautiful'), perfect names (ex: a character is born in Ancient Greece but has a name of 'Scarlett' or 'Chloe'), perfect traits (ex: too smart, beautiful, sexy, shy, brave, cool, cute), perfect bf (ex; wants a character out of their league. Shy OC with Hot sexy canon), perfect reality (ex: everything in Twilight; everything goes her way). Mary-Sues. They are everywhere.

Not to mention, SM's other book The Host, has the main lead named Melanie Stryder, Melanie Stryder and Stephanie Meyer? Get it? They rhyme. Don't bother watching Twilight, unless you want to see K-Stew gasp, moan, and stare every few seconds. I recommend other books, TV shows, Anime, Dramas, anything that it isn't like this. I'm a critic when it comes to these things. Peace.
Ana-chan chapter 8 . 3/19
I agree with guest below me vvv. How the hell is Alice able to do that? Dafuq. Set aside your rules for the series much? Alice shouldn't be able to see Bella, the wolves, Renesmee, etc. in visions. So technically, the vision in the movie is fake and can't happen. The characters frustrate me!

How the hell is Bella able to block Kate's gift? Rhetorical question. It's a physical gift goddammit, wth. And how about Jasper's? She shouldn't be able to block that. It's not a physical gift, it's purely emotional as in dealing with the freaking emotions (that's his freaking power!). She's a shield as in a mental shield. Not a physical one, you nub. All of the sudden, she can easily use her shield without any skill, exhibit A: letting Edward go in her mind. And here's another thing, her daughter herself is a Mary-Sue, getting two freaking powers. I doubt the Cullens could've won, if they have non-mental gifts then of course the Volturi will have some physical ones too. Bella Swan isn't a shield, she's just a mental one and SM makes her seem to be the best gifted vampire in the world. Her power should be weak, she was only a vampire for a little while! I guess Bella doesn't need practice.

To be good role models for girls, you have to be perfect in every way! Bella Swan is the exception to whatever rules SM came up with! SM clearly wanted to insert herself. Bella Swan is such a Mary-Sue, at least some people who have common sense can actually see that. She has complete control over her newborn thirst, every guy wants her for no reason (what do people see in her?!), and their relationship revolves around the supernatural (her blood), not a personality.

To what Katrina said, you go girl! I agree with everything you said. But Shailene kinda contradicts herself. Divergent teaches young teenagers to jump off trains, buildings, and to climb things with no good reason. For the sake of being 'brave,' more like being a reckless daredevil wannabe. Pure. Hypocrisy. In both series, damn.
SoundlessWorld chapter 8 . 3/18
This is freaking amazing.
Reasons why:
1. You researched from sites and from the books directly. (Not counting those parts that you "borrowed" from another sites.
2. Terrific writing. I can't tell between good grammar and wow-this-is-out-of-the-world grammar but yours are somewhere in the middle.
3. Because you're reasonable with the sides of the Anti-Twilight/Pro-Twilight war. I'm saying that you take the Twilight-ers' POV into consideration. Thank god for that. Too many usually take the Anti-Twilight-ers' POV. All haters and very negative. You are somewhat an Anti-Twilight-er but not as extreme as I've seen some.

Now into my favorite chapter. The one that I'm posting on, Chapter Eight. One of your Pro-Twilight-ers' review made me so mad, not because she was saying that you were a shallow bitch and you didn't deserve to be on FFN. It was her remark about you being a retard for writing a horrible, non-literary essay about why Twilight isn't the book that you want your kids to read. I AM a Retard from what she described. I have a physical disability, I can't hear at all. She basically said that all "retards" can't write a literary writing piece, but here I am. Writing this. Even with my many grammar error, I do know how to write AND how to tell a great piece of literary work. Twilight is at the bottom of my list. I gave up after the third chapter because the depressing crap was starting to affect me, that was how bad it was to me.

Sorry about the rant. :)
Have a great day to you!
Write you later.
Commando64 chapter 5 . 3/12
Fully agreed, happyhouseelf. Fully agreed.
guest chapter 4 . 2/18
I find twilight hateful too
I mean it is written that alice cant see future about werewolves or people including them
so how the hell she saw volturi coming with the wolves being in the battle in eclipse!?
and same goes to the BD 2 in the fight against volturi, she showed the vision of volturi's destruction with werewolves being there!
this really is some dip shit! it makes me confused and hateful to all those senseless ness in twilight series.
Guest chapter 8 . 2/10
Loved your argument. Well written. ;)
Katrina chapter 8 . 1/27
I agree with you 100% bby! Twilight is such a faulty, crappy, and unrealistic book that teaches young teenage girls to jump off cliffs. This book sets back feminism and has an appalling toxic relationship. I have the Divergent star, Shailene Woodley, to back me up on that! Unlike Bella, Tris shockingly does have common sense. And so does the character's portrayer, Shai. Shailene, like all of us Anti-Twilighters, hate this book for it's revolting morals and it's stupid, pathetic Mary Sue character. Wanna be like Bella Swan? Go. Jump. Off. A. Cliff. Wanna have Edward Cullen as your bf? Unlock the window! A perfect invitation for him to STALK you while you sleep. :D

This comment is brought to you by a girl who HAS enough common sense to find out the flaws (and there are many of them) from this overrated book!

Katrina. xP
Little Mockingjay chapter 2 . 1/1
Hehe! That's a funny story...or whatever it is. I despise Twilight too, for my own reasons. If some old lady wants to write books where, for example, textbook mary sues are supposed to be identifiable characters, that's her businessmen. What I'm in a knot about is that the thing got published and actually has fans.

I was born with a cluster of learning disabilities and spent most of my school-years in special ed. I spent most of my childhood in a directionless fog. When I was thirteen, I realized how much I liked my fantasies and started writing them down. I soon discovered my passion for writing itself and just got done with my first real book (and no one told me professional editing costs so much money, so that'll be another long while). Writing is so important to me. I love it. Now this woman comes along and treats it like a joke. She apparently never got it edited at all, has a real ego when it comes to anything having to do with it, and doesn’t seem to care about developing any of her characters. After ten years of hard word and cursing me ADD, to know that this has fans, just makes me sick.
Elrond's Scribe chapter 3 . 11/29/2014
Twilight is sexist toward men as much as toward women.
Anurag chapter 8 . 11/6/2014
Basically i hate twilight because my cousins torture the hell out of me with discussions on it, but let me tell you one thing here author, you did not just make sparkle jokes on edward and dog jokes on jacob, you put in a detailed and entertaining anylysis, though you picked it up somewhere, you should be appreicated for the way you put it forth. for the first time you made a negative emotion like hatred feel warm and enjoyable. oh yeah how much i love hating twilght
Musafreen chapter 3 . 11/4/2014
uh, actually.

The freedom to make choices also includes the freedom to make really incredibly stupid choices. Sad, but true. You can't have rights without responsibilities, and the choices being terrible does not invalidate the fact that they are choice.

One of the books I read involved a fallen woman (in the 1800s, which was a big deal) who was seduced by an older man when she was say- fifteen/sixteen or so. Clearly this was wrong. Clearly she was manipulated. Clearly there was no true choice involved. However, when a character tries to absolve her, saying that she was not at fault she replies as thus; "I am not a child. If you strip me of the responsibility for my decisions, you strip me of the capacity to make them, as well."

Now, don't get me wrong; I do think Twilight is highly problematic (IMPRINTING. Good lord, IMPRINTING), and I think Edward and Bella are ridiculously dependant on each other to an unhealthy degree. But I do think the dependants being mutual mitigates it to a degree, and Bella is given choices. That the choices made are less than stellar does not change the fact that they are choices.
winddemon199 chapter 8 . 10/27/2014
This chick is fucking awesome I swear I just love snarky chicks like she's really good at and just brushing this shit off even better then me.
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