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Alex chapter 5 . 5/23/2017
Here is the definition of Mary Sue from Urban Dictionary:

"A sexist term used to enforce the misogynistic ideals that female characters/authors shouldn't be allowed to fantasize or write anything along the lines of wish fulfillment. Its misogynistic qualities are exemplified in many ways, most notably being the fact that it's not a term dominated by the male counterpart despite existing in a patriarchal society, as well as the fact that the male counterpart is largely undecided upon in name and also undefined (see urban dictionary's Gary Stu entry which has no definition but to say "A Male Mary Sue", and the Marty-Stu entry which involves the "Mary Sue" definition to define it).

It's usually used on the whole to bully new authors out of writing female characters altogether, making the task seem so daunting to some that they now only write slash fictions with two male characters, also exemplifying the misogynistic qualities this term involves."
Alex chapter 5 . 5/23/2017
This is amazing! I agree with everything you say. That last chapter was really amusing. :D

But I don’t really like it when you start going into the Mary Sue part. Foremost because calling a character a “Mary Sue” is used to dismiss and disregard them. Secondly, the word itself “Mary Sue” is gendered female. Why? Mostly because the characters that get cut down the most are female characters. Iron Man is never called a “Mary Sue (Gary Stu)” A good number of the main male heroes in pretty much any shounen (boys) anime (which is pretty much the only anime these days that is on TV) is never broken down like this. It is a term reserved ONLY to female characters.

So we have another gendered term being used against mostly female characters to dismiss them for, what? Being a female power fantasy? I think women need their over the top, perfect, power fantasies too.

A good number of male characters fit into being “the mary sue”. They are perfect, everyone loves them, their power is always unexpected and grand and impresses all the friends and foes alike. And these characters are considered AWESOME and “I wanna be that character.” Characters like Harry Potter, Iron Man, Naruto, Ichigo (Bleach), James Bond, etc. However flip the genders and suddenly “Oh it’s just a Mary Sue character. DISMISSED!”

On a female character, it’s ridiculous to be so awesome, beautiful and perfect. On a male character, it’s iconic. Why should female characters have to be realistic, while male characters have all the fun?

For some reason, it’s totally okay for male characters in fiction to be perfect, strong, over-sexed paragons of righteousness, but as soon as it’s a lady – nope, we want no part of it. Bad writing. No room for growth. Annoying. Unrealistic. Yeah, Mary Sue fics are self-indulgent wish-fulfillment. But isn’t ALL fiction? Obvious self-insert character or no?

Because the Sue is always “perfect,” what exactly makes us hate her so much? Is it that she doesn’t have any flaws? Or that she has the wrong kinds of flaws? Or too many flaws? That she cries all the time and needs to be comforted? That she’s incredibly-powerful and no one can defy her? Is it that she’s way too nice to everyone? Or she’s the most anti-establishment of all the angsty girls on the scene? I’ve seen Sues dismissed for all of these reasons, which honestly makes it seem like we’re just dismissing all original female characters outright. The Sue breaks women out of the nice corner in which lady characters often exist in fiction, and that makes people uncomfortable. Let’s not be those people, okay?

There's a reason why so many books and movies are written about "Mary Sue" and/or "Gary Stu" — they don't exist in real life. People want to read and write wish-fulfillment. Nothing wrong with that.
OTKFGL of DA chapter 8 . 4/17/2017
Hello! I started reading through this an it's over eight years ago that this was posted, but I've gotta say:

You've got some hecking good reasoning and I love it. My brainspan at the moment (very short due to sleep deprivation) doesn't allow me to read through every meticulous detail, but quite frankly I love it.

Keep being amazing, I hope you're well.

-OtakuFangirl1200 of DeviantArt
Guest chapter 7 . 4/13/2017
Bella Swan syndrome: When a female character is adored for no obvious reason by male characters who are remarkable for their physical attributes. The Swan-girl never need do anything to win the love of the most beautiful man in the world — they just have it. This makes them somehow special, though readers see little evidence of love and get the distinct impression that the entire affair is based on something as mundane as lust.
Emilia chapter 5 . 4/10/2017
I think that teenage girls deserve better books to read than Twilight. I seriously don't understand why boyfriend problems are presented as such a big deal.

I think Twilight is not even a love story. Twilight is a story of 17-year-old teenage girl with an unhealthy attraction to unattainable. It is a story about abusive relationship which romanticizes domestic violence. It is only a crush, because at that age no one is not yet able to know anything at all about the true love. Bella has a crush on the beautiful outer shell and Edward is only interested about Bella because she smells good, and because he cant read Bella's thoughts.

Twilight is supposed to be an old-fashioned love story in a modern setting. But the relationship between Bella and Edward is unhealthy and Edward is an abusive partner. Abuse is not love. Desire to possess someone is not normal. Stalking is a crime. The relationship between Bella and Edward reeks of abusive, unhealthy traits and it's played romantically.

Bella's problem is that there just cant be someone so stupid, clumsy and plain girl who would still get so much attention from the opposite sex. Her relationship with Edward is more like an obsession rather than love. There is seriously something wrong with Bella. She doesnt think anything else than Edward. Bella herself is not never enough. She needs Edward, she cant be happy without him. She must sacrifice her life for a man and a die violently, before she can become perfect. Wonderful role model for young girls! She doesnt have any personality of her own, so her personality is Edward… and Edward doesnt have any personality either. XD He is just a pretty and violent shell who only cares about Bella. I think that characters should have lives outside of their romance.

Edward is a vampire, and vampires hunt people. Bella is the prey, not to mention a very weak one. Twilight books constantly remind us about the lack of equality in their relationship. Edward is a lion, predator. Bella is a sheep. Edvard claims to love Bella, but he is like a cat that has caught the mouse and wants to play a little with it before the inevitable. This kind of relationship is not healthy when one is a victim.

One of my friends commented that she has never read any books which are so positive towards domestic violence as the Twilight series. Frankly, this was the root cause of why I wanted to read Twilight books. I wanted to find how domestic violence occurs in Meyer's books, and it can be read between the lines as early as the first book. Edward doesn’t hit, beat, or overtly threaten Bella. The abuse is entirely emotional, and that’s what confuses some people. Edvard tells Bella all the time, that it is not safe to be with him, and she should stay away from him. However, Edward still stalks Bella all the time: he always follows her moves and even breaks into her house to Bella while she sleeps. How romantic! Not creepy at all!

Whenever Edvard is irritated - and this happens a lot - he becomes aggressive. The threat of violence is present all the time when Edward is close to Bella. Let's think for a moment: If Edward was just a normal human boy, how many girls would like to associate with a guy who constantly says that his company is not safe and that he is dangerous? Yeah… Thats what I thought. The fact that Edward is vampire is just an excuse to justify the threat of violence and their unhealthy relationship.

Romanticizing unhealthy relationships honestly scares me on so many levels. It means someone thinks it's cute that your partner tells you who you can and can't be friends with. It means someone thinks it's totally fine if your partner blames you for something that was their fault. It means someone thinks these kinds of things are normal and should be expected/accepted in every relationship. Media of all kinds affects those who view it, and for readers with very little relationship experience, they'll read these books and see these abusive qualities played romantically and they think it's normal and okay.

Is every relationship perfect? Hell no. Every relationship has its flaws and perfections, but if a flaw is a trait of an unhealthy relationship, it should not be played romantically. The writer's responsibility is to emphasize to their readers that this kind of behaviour is NOT okay. And most of the people reading Twilight are probably pretty young with very little relationship experience. Even older readers wont necessarily realize that this kind of behaviour is not okay but instead they think that it is “cute” when they see these abusive qualities played romantically. But its never even implied that Bella is unreliable narrator, and so the abuse is never addressed. Stories like Twilight do not help us to take abusive relationships and domestic violence seriously.

Actually, Mary Sue can be perfectly fine if she is written well. I mean, her male counterpart Gary Stu is VERY common in popular culture (James Bond, Batman etc) so I think its wrong to despise Mary Sue. Double standards much? I mean doenst women and girls have the right to live their own wish-fullfillments fantazies too? But Bella is just horrible Mary Sue, she is just a blank slate. I struggled through all books and I didnt learn anything about her besides the fact that she loves Edward. Every though she has, every action she takes all revolves around the fact that she is in love with Edward. Come on now girl, get a live!

Edward is just terrible Gary Stu. He is supposed to be the perfect guy, but he doesn't have to learn or pay for his mistakes which makes him just boring. And the way he treats Bella is just abusive. Twilight books are extreamely misogynist stories which are romanticizing abusive relationships and domestic violence.

Jacob was only likable character, the voice of reason, but he too changed into Gary Stu in the final book (and a pedophile).

And I read Twilight books when I was 12 years old and I still thought that relationship between Bella and Edward is just wrong. So even young children can too see the problematic elements of Twilight saga.

And I do not like how women's sexuality is always limited and controlled in Twilight. Edward refuses to have sex with Bella so that she will not become “a ruined woman”. She must wait until the marriage and Edwards responsibility is to control her lust and sexuality before they are married. And when they finally have sex, the book only describes how dangerous and violent it is to have sex with someone. “Hi kids! Dont ever have sex with someone before you are married and dont you dare to enjoy it! Sex kills you!” There certainly is a lot of overtones of the certain religion.

And personally I do not mind if vampires sparkle. It is fiction, people can write mythical creatures however they want. That's the point of being a writer, you can create your own world and your own rules. So vampires in Twilight are ok. I am more concerned if the story is trying to suggest that abusive relationships are fine. Twilight is dangerous story because it lacks self-awareness and that’s why these problems are never addressed.


Also, I have to point out that romanticizing abusive, unhealthy relationships is a big problem here in the fanfiction community too. If there is by any chance other fanfiction authors reading this, Im asking you to do just a little research about what is the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, what's romantic and what's abuse. It doesnt take long to do it. Just google it.

Keep in mind that it’s entirely possible to write an interesting, exciting relationship without it being unhealthy. Making relationships healthy and romantic is just as important as character development and plot. Glamorizing emotional and physical violence towards other people is dangerous and it needs to stop. Recognizing abuse and learning more about abusive relationships can help us to stop this trend. One is the stuff of romance. The other is the stuff of getting arrested for hurting /threatening your partner.

And thank you author for writing this masterpiece. And sorry for Super long rant, after reading your essay I just wanted to also analyze the Twilight books. :)

- Emilia
Reader-chan chapter 8 . 3/21/2017
I just finished reading and all I had to say is that THIS ESSAY IS JUST AMAZING!

Guest chapter 8 . 3/13/2017
You are honestly my new favorite person.
I love stories like this and I really like reading the reviews to see how fans and haters react, so this chapter ("Funny Unsigned Reviews") was amazing.
I found the first one hilarious, as you were being insulted for your grammar and spelling in between the reviewer's grammatical and spelling errors.
Also, people tend to press the wrong buttons when they are typing quickly, which many people do when they are ranting.
And yes, Harry Potter is amazing and if people would just go read good books by people who can write, we wouldn't be in this mess, would we?
Guest chapter 2 . 3/6/2017
I totally agree that Edward's character is unrealistic. I don't understand why some girls find him attractive. Maybe I'm just weird, but I like a man who can be a little rough - I don't mean abusive. I mean, a guy who can get angry at me and yell and swear. I wouldn't want a guy who's calm all the time. Bo-ring.
selenethemoontitan chapter 3 . 2/19/2017
First of all, I'm Midnight Sun, it said that make entertained himself with fantasies of Bella, and I'm pretty sure it's not something that you could exactly tell your grandmother. The males are the imprinters because they are the wolves,and the era in which their ancestors became wolves was not exactly the era that someone that is strongly against sex discrimination would want to live in. Also, Edward also wants to "get into Bella's pants", but is trying to protect her virtue, and from his strength. Bella is the cause for a lot of problems just because she is human. Edward makes many stupid decisions like leaving Bella "for her own good". Bella followed James because he used her mother's voice from a home video. And you also said you didn't like how she was giving up her humanity and something about giving up the ability to have a child, but before that you said you didn't like Rosalie because she just wants to have a baby. BTW technically Carlisle and Emmett do not have gifts, and Alice's gift isn't totally unreliable.
RosettaRoseburn chapter 7 . 1/29/2017
The venom probably would've burned through the condom anyways.
RosettaRoseburn chapter 5 . 1/29/2017
You missed a Mary Sue argument.

She was instantly able to conquer her bloodlust in Breaking Dawn after becoming a vampire.

She even gets close to killing the hiker who is BLEEDING! Edward interrupts her and she almost hits him or something. This is what brings her down from her bloodlust. Edward. Naturally.

Despite it taking Carlisle weeks (I think) completely alone before he thought of drinking animal blood and we don't know how long before he could safety be around humans.
Aviendha Aviendha Aviendha chapter 8 . 1/15/2017
I applaud the way you responded to the one nasty anonymous review. It was fun to read through! Anyway, if you want good insults you can't get mush better than "your father is a hamster and your mother smells of elderberries" because that is an awesome insult.

This is an excellent story. Or rather, essay.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/3/2017
A bad thing is there's no deaths (much) in the book . I mean at least S. M. should've eliminated at least a 2nd rate character. (someone like Bella's dad or one of the wolves)
But no, she had to make it all perfect and lovely.

In HP J. K. Rowling killed at least 10 major characters that everyone loved.
I personally think that kind of added a feal to it.
Lili chapter 8 . 11/6/2016
You. Are... Right ! About EVERYTHING! And those stupid bitches that criticize you don't know what they're saying and they are lame, not you.
Maddox chapter 3 . 10/2/2016
I agree with you. Stalkers aren't cool. They're freaky. And if a girl was the one watching Edward sleep, the book wouldn't be a bestseller, now would it?
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