Reviews for Lily's Will
Bassward chapter 25 . 4/21
This chapter was everything I hoped for and more. Seriously this chapter was wonderful Chrys. It was painful, beautiful and frustrating in a good way all at the same time. Love that they admitted they love each other, even if not to themselves yet. It does that there resolve is starting to weaken a little bit.

I loved the kiss, but Chuck can sure be frustrating at times. I understand Blair's frustration. All she wants is for Chuck to open up to her more, to let her in, and what does he do? Pushes her away, makes her think he doesn't want her, his wife. Chuck you need to man up and tell Blair How you feel, tell her what you want. But I have a feeling we still have a bit longer to wait for that. But still, one can dream, right?

I felt kind of bad for Blair at the end. She finally admits to herself what she wants from him, that she wants to be with him, and he makes her feel like he doesn't want her. That he still sees it as a game. They really need to communicate if it's ever going to work between them. They need to articulate their feelings.

But the tension between them is written very well with lots of heart, and I know the payoff will be worth it in the end. Great job on such a wonderful and beautiful chapter.
Bassward chapter 24 . 4/21
Love this chapter. I can totally understand why the wedding didn't happen in this chapter. Some stuff needed to happen first. And I'm actually a little glad it's being postponed until the next chapter, so we could see what happened in this chapter happen.

I love the flashbacks between Chuck and Blair at ten years old. Even at ten, they are still Chuck and Blair that we know and love. Love that he got her a diamond headband. Seems like it's something that would be really hard to find, and cost a fortune by the sounds of it. Getting his hands on it must not have been easy.

Loved the Blair and Serena, and Blair and Eleanor scenes. They seem to have different tactics to getting through to Blair. While Eleanor has a more direct approach, Serena has a more honest approach. By telling c her truthfully how she feels. Even though she doesn't like Chuck right now, she believes he is the key to her happiness and that is why she is trying to help them. I also love how Eleanor can read Blair like an open book. She knows when Blair is lying to herself, or when something is bothering her. And is trying to get Blair to deal with how she feels

I wonder why Chuck doesn't want to get a pre-nup though? Also loved the reveal of the engagement ring being his mother's. I'm sure that was very hard for him to give away. Love that he gave it to Blair though. Clearly that means something, expresses without words how he feels about Blair. But I can also understand Blair's frustration. She wants Chuck to open up more, to express himself. I promise tomorrow I'll read the next chapter, the wedding chapter.
Bassward chapter 23 . 4/16
It seems Blair is finally starting to warm up to the idea of Chuck. As well as accepting the fact that she is also Williams mother, and that Chuck is Williams father in every way they counts. I really loved the conversation between Harold and William. He really does know how to get through to her.

Chuck also seems to be softening up to Blair a bit, which I really like. He's matured so much since this story between. I think Nates words really effected Chuck, and the way he's been with Blair. And now, he seems to want to do the right thing. Still hoping he'll tell Blair why he left two years ago, and what he was up to soon. I also am kind of hoping Chuck and Nate will call a cease fire soon, even if it's just for Blair's sake. While there's things about Blair that Nate doesn't know, there's also things about Blair Chuck doesn't know. It's interesting to see Chuck not know something about Blair, and what Nate told him, seened to snap Chuck back into reality.

The scene with Carter was a bit worrisome. It appears something happened between Carter and Blair when Chuck left, and it's apparent that Blair feels uncomfortable around Carter. It begs the question, what exactly happened between Carter and Blair that she is worried about Chuck finding out? I'm wondering what she's going to do about Carter.
Bassward chapter 22 . 4/16
This chapter was great, and there where some great Surprisers in this chapter. After the Nate and Blair kiss, I totally expected Chuck to go ballistic. But he didn't. I wonder what changed Chuck's demeanor, and caused him to scheme to get rid of Blair's apartment?

I also think the kiss with Blair and Nate is okay. It seemed to me it was nothing more than part of the game for the bacheloreyte party. Nature l Nate is such a great friend to Blair. Somehow I don't think Chuck's going to be happy that Nate is Blair's man of honor.

I wonder though, will Chuck and Nate ever be friends again? I miss their friendship.

Ugh, Penelope readlly oversteps her boundaries sometimes. Love Blair going birch mode on her. Was a bit worried when Chuck found out about the kiss he would lose it, love it that he didn't though. In fact, he seemed to let it go completely. I wonder why though? But it does show maturity on Chuck's part

Looking forward to reading your next chapter :)
Bassward chapter 21 . 4/13
This was a wonderful chapter. Clearly Chuck and Blair still have much more to work through, but this was a step in the right direction. Though Chuck did seem a bit domineering towards Blair in regards to his marriage to Blair as well as his company. But then again, it turns out there where Good intentions for him wanting her to take the day off.

But he still has plenty to make up for. It did seem like he was sharing more info into his past, but I still feel he's holding back some vital information from her in regards to his past. Like where did he go after his run in with Georgina. I feel there's something he's hiding, something he doesn't want Blair to know.

Glad they are trying to keep the peace between them, and act civil towards each other. But for how long? That is the million or billion dollar question. It was good to see them interact without any animosity for once.

Also loved seeing bitchy Blair back for once, and even after years, she still does not like Penelope it seems. Curious as to how the kiss with Nate will turn out. I somehow get this vibe, Chuck would not be pleased if she kisses Nate, even if it is part of the game.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next in this story. I always look forward to reading chapters.
Bassward chapter 20 . 4/12
Great chapter. Your chapters truly never disappoint me. I love how Blair and Serena made up. I think right now, Blair needs her best friend. As much as she has moral support from both Eric and Nate, it's just not the same as her best friend Serena.

I also really loved Eleanor in this chapter. It seems that now, Eleanor is trying to establish a relationship with her daughter, and trying to make her daughter happy. She knows Blair all too well, and can see right through her, so is trying to fix things between Chuck and Blair so they can be happy. Even if she doesn't particularly approve of Chuck, she thinks he is the key to her happiness, even if Blair doesn't know it yet.

Loved the last scene between Chuck, Blair and Eleanor. Love that Chuck still knows things about her, such as her dream wedding in her scrapbook. And love how he's giving Blair her dream wedding. He's still got a lot to make up for, but it's a good start indeed.

I wonder where and what Chuck was up to in the last two years he was gone, and how exactly Georgina fits into it all. I will be reading another chapter tomorrow :)
Guest chapter 34 . 4/7
I just understood the double meaning of the title.
Bassward chapter 19 . 4/6
This chapter wasn't boring at all, it was very good in fact. And the trial certainly wasn't boring. And interesting twist with Chuck and Blair becoming engaged for Williams sake. They sure where convincing though, but I suppose there were some half truths to it too. It should be interesting to see how Chuck and Blair's relationship develops now that they have to get married to keep custody of William.

I'm curious to know what happened to Nate, and what happened between Nate and Blair that they didn't get married. Also Chuck in AA should be interesting. But then again I'm sure Chuck would do it for William. I'm sure he would do anything for William.

Also happy this chapter was longer. Is this the start of your really long chapters? Because if so, I love it!
Bassward chapter 18 . 4/6
Things are getting interesting. Chuck was suprisingly sweet and thoughtful in this chapter which I really love. But of course it's far from enough giving what he did the previous chapter, and am glad Blair isn't just giving in to him. He has a lot more to make up for and he needs to grovel for a bit I think.

I really love the fact that Blair and Eleanor seemed to make up. I'm really glad that Eric's words seemed to sink in to her. As well as seeing how happy Blair was with William. Hope to see more interaction between them in future chapters. I think Blair really needed Eleanor's support in this chapter.

I'm curious add to how the whole thing with Nate/Blair played out as well
Bassward chapter 17 . 4/3
I didn't like how aggressive Chuck seemed to be with Blair in this chapter. He served very possessive. I do love Chuck being jealous though, but felt bad for Blair though. Normally in fics I'm team Chuck, but in this fic I am more team Blair. At least Chuck feels remorse for what he did though. Because I don't think he did it intentionally.

So I'm guessing Serena played a part in the lawsuit for Williams custody? Maybe by suggesting the idea to her. If Chuck and Blair are too keep custody of William, then there going to have to work together and put their differences a side. But I think Chuck's going to need to do some major groveling after this latest chapter. He's going to have to earn Blair's trust back. He's going to need to make it up to her.

Is she still going to Marry Nate or try to?
Bassward chapter 16 . 4/3
*sobs uncontrollably in the corner* this chapter broke my heart. I had a feeling something was going to happen to drive Blair back into Nate's arms. But right now, he kind of deserves it, and Nate would probably do it to be a great friend to Blair.

The question about Georgina though, was she competely telling the truth, or was she blowing it out of context. I mean we know Georgina doesn't like Blair and would do anything to destroy Blair, and revealing that would hurt her.

I can completely understand why Blair doesn't want to forgive Chuck. She is protecting her heart. But eventually there going to have to work through their issues.

I'm still hoping that Hate and Blair don't get married. It seems she's only doing it to get rid of Chuck. Which right now, he rightfully deserves. I have a feeling Chuck's not going to be happy when he finds out.
Bassward chapter 15 . 3/29
Sorry it took me so long to review and read this chapter. Had a hectic day today. Anyways onto the chapter.

Really liked the idea of Chuck going with Blair to the class with William. To me, it shows he has a vested interest in William's well being. I am also glad that Blair is not making it easy for Chuck. IMO she needs to make him grovel more. He can't just apologize and thinks that solves everything, because it doesn't. But I like this journey you are writing between Chuck and Blair.

And how I love Eric In this fic. He is like the voice of reason. He just wants peace in the family, and if that means helping fix things between Chuck and Blair, that's what he'll attempt to do. Unfortunely for him, that won't be easy because they are stubborn.

I wonder what will happen with the social worker in the next chapter. Hopefully Chuck won't threaten her like the last time. But he is Chuck Bass after all. I have a feeling that Nate will be back soon, and that the Nate/Blair arc isn't over yet.
Bassward chapter 14 . 3/27
I fear for Eric, Blair is going to be pissed at him, that's for sure. But I think his intentions where good. He only wanted to show him what an idiot he's been since he got back to New York. The scene while hot, also was a stepping stone for some revelations to be made. Mainly about the Nate and Blair fascade. It was also very emotional too. It was torturous, raw and passionate all at the same time.

So looks like Chuck is now starting to feel remorse for what he's done. But once Blair finds out that Chuck was scheming to seduce her, I'm sure it's going to all come crashing down on him. I also have a feeling we haven't seen the last of the Nate and Blair storyline. Chuck has some major groveling to do, if he has any hope of gaining Blair's trust again. Knowing her, she won't make it easy for him. I love the direction the story is going.

I also loved the Where's Waldorf line you threw in. I actually love it when gg lines are thrown in here and there. But you also have lots of great lines of your own that are so true to the characters. I can picture them saying it on the show.

I think you handled Chuck's apology scene very realistically to his character. Let's not forget Chuck is emotionally damaged. He doesn't know how to express his feelings well. Like Blair said, that was always his problem. It was one of his struggles that took quite awhile for him to learn. It goes with his self-loathing relationship with himself. I didn't expect him to immediately give the most epic, heartfelt apology right away. It's going to take time for him to grow as a character and learn to express himself more. But it's a good start. Unfortunely for him, it's not enough.

This is probably my favorite chapter so far. This was a chapter well done, great job :)
Guest chapter 34 . 3/25
Wow I read everything in one afternoon and my absolute favorite part was "you're Lily's Will... Yeah, I'm Lily's Will"! Amazing!
Bassward chapter 13 . 3/23
I really liked the scene where they where shopping for Williams nursery, and the confrontation. And c the woman assuming that Nate's the father is awkward, if Chuck didn't show up I wonder if she would have gone along with the lie. And the showdown after that was interesting.

The last scene was so heartbreaking though, it seems Blair is on the edge of wanting to be done with the arrangement, even breaking down over it. I really feel for her in that moment. I would prefer it doesn't become anything more than a kiss right now, but truthfully I'm fine either way. They still have a lot to work through though.
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