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chairship chapter 34 . 10/12/2015
Thank you for writing this beautiful story, I especially loved the epilogue and learning more about will as a boy. I also loved how chair have progressed, they're still chair but with a growing family and also love how you wove Elizabeth into the story. So much better than how she was portrayed on GG. Can't wait for the next FLOL chapter, can't get enough!
ghm chapter 34 . 7/20/2015
This is spectacular, amazing, breath taking, and many other equally praise giving similes! I kept seeing this story around and I never read, i dont know why, but deciding to read this story was a great decision! I laughed, and cried ( a LOT towards the end ) and i loved all of it!
thealluretodarkness chapter 34 . 5/20/2015
What a satisfying ending to such a great story. I'm going to miss this story, but this may be one I re-read differing l sometime down the line. It had everything in this story I could ask for. Drama, angst, intrigue, heart, family, it was a truly great story. I love how you tied everything up, a very fitting ending. I love how you ended with the line "yeah, I'm Lily's Will,"

At first I thought the title had to do with Lily's Will, even and made Chuck and Blair Williams legal guardians early in the story. But that wasn't it at all. It had to do with William himself and how he will keep Lily's memory alive.

I also love how Chuck began to open up to Elizabeth, even confide in her. And because she wasn't the Elizabeth from canon, there was no betrayal to Jack. Her wanting to connect with Chuck, and get to know him was genuine, not based off revenge for someone else. I really adore the backstory you gaze Elizabeth. It gives her miore humanity then the Elizabeth we know from canon. I love how Chuck and Blair named their son after Elizabeth's late son. It showed Chuck warning o up to the idea of her, as well as keeping her son's memory alive. As his eyes resembled that of her son.

Also love how you tied up the grants storyline and how Chuck was more concerned for his wife, then for his partnership with the grants, but how he also gave him another chance to build their company in the future. He was fair c with them, and far better than Jessica deserved. I think her reasoning made sense, as to why she's out of sorts, but to me, it still didn't justify how she treated Blair. Happy Chuck sided with Blair and dissolved the partnership and they decided to their s separate ways. But that he gave them a fresh start away from New York.

I also think you handled William's doubts and insecurities about feeling replaced by Benjamin well. I think it's something he would struggle with, not being Chuck and Blair's biological son, but as Chuck poiinted out to him. Family is about more than rrsemblrncr, and I'm a firm believer of that too. They love will because they want to, not because their obligated to. They love all their children equally. I love how Will grew to love his brother Benjamin as well.

I think you wrote the birth scene well. I've never even attempted to write one, for fear I would make too many mistakes writing it. But I think you actually wrote it will
Well. You had me worried for a minute something would happen to Blair. Glad she and the baby were okay in the end.

Loved every word of this story and it will truly be missed. Plan on reading your other stories sometime soon.
thealluretodarkness chapter 33 . 5/19/2015
Can I just say how amazing this chapter was, because it was? I know it must sound like a broken record with me, but it's without a doubt the truth. I really love the friendship between Bianca and Will. I knew since Blair net her parents in earlier chapters, Will and Bianca would really connect. And I love their friendship. How she can sense when something amiss with Will, and how she coaxes him into y telling her the truth. She just won't take no for an answer.

I feel a little bad for Will though. I do love how you write him, and the personality you have created with him. He's this character that just wants to fit in with his family and feel wanted, and is, yet he doesn't feel like it. He feels like an outsider, and that shows such a vulnerability in him. I hope Chuck and Blair will be able to convince him they love him just as much as they would their unborn son. Yes, he's their biological son, but they love Will with just as much sincerity. They love him because they want to, not because their obligated to, and I really hope CB will show will that.

Oh Jessica just when I thought I couldn't hate you more than I already did, you prove me wrong. Ugh, she just rubs me the wrong way. What she insinuated to Chuck, it seems she may be exaggerating by a lot to rile Blair. What I don't get is why? Before the conflict started they have now, what did Blair do to make Jessica so menacing towards her. I hope they find a way to get rid of her, without losing too much money for Bass Industries. But at the end of the day, even that seems worth it to Blair plus I think it would have s bigger impact on Howard's company, than it would on Bass Industries

Also, have we seen the last of Elizabeth Fisher in this story? As hard as it is for me to admit, in this story I actually like her. Way more then in the show. You gave her a back story that was much more relatable than the show presented. I feel kind of bad for her, and hopefully Chuck will warm up to her and begin to trust her. But I can understand why it's difficult for him.
thealluretodarkness chapter 32 . 5/16/2015
Another amazing chapter. Your chapters never disappoint. I love the way c you've written Chuck and Blair in the future with their family. They may be together, but they still have their UP's and downs. I love the personally you've created for William. He just wants to be a normal kid, but given that he's a Bass, it's not an easy accomplishment.

Love the fact that Chuck talked to William about their father. Taking about Bart I'm sure was not easy for him, and what I especially love about the scene is how Chuck didn't tell William what he wanted to hear to develop false, good memories of Bart. He was actually honest with William about Bart, telling him the complete truth. It must not have been easy for Chuck to talk about. As we know what a painful subject it is for Chuck. I also love the moment he knew that he loved Lily as a mother. She took an interest in him when not even his own father did. It showcased how much Lily really Cared about Chuck. And him admitting to Will, something he hadn't even mentioned to Blair that he didn't even get a chance to tell Lily he loved her just crushed my heart :( but written so beaatifully.

You get this sense that Chuck never getting to tell Lily how much he loved her has crushed him, and something that he regrets so deeply, and a burden he has to carry for the rest of his life.

I wonder why Elizabeth wants to see Chuck, what she wants to talk to him about? I like the changes you made from canon, but in your version she refuses the check from the get go. It shows she has a complete different personality from the Elizabeth we got in the show. A better version of her. She really wants to make things right with Chuck it would seem. I'm glad she isn't a con artist like on the show, and the fact she isn't Chuck's mother, but rather his aunt, his mother's identical twin sister. That was a good twist. And it makes her character more sympathetic than we got in season 3 of the show.

Hope to finish your story early to mid next week depending on how Much I read tomorrow.
thealluretodarkness chapter 31 . 5/14/2015
Great start to the conclusion to this story, I love it. I'm curious as to how Elizabeth ties into this story. One thing is for sure, I'm hoping you don't make her Chuck's mother or make her a con artist like they did on the show. That will forever ruin her character on the show for me I'm really hoping this story will make her more redeemable. I'd like to see her become a character we can relate to on some level, something the show failed to do.

Poor will, Chuck and Blair though. Will thinking he won't matter after their son is born just breaks my heart I wish he would understand that he is their son too, maybe not biological son, but a son by choice, not obligation. That's a deep bond in my mind that can't be broken. I do think he was a bit harsh with Chuck and Blair though. Saying they weren't his patents. As was pointed out in earlier chapters, Chuck and Blair are just as much Will's parents as Bart and Lily are. They'll always be a part of him, as wi Chuck and Blair. I hope Chuck and Blair will be able to reassure him of that.

I also love how Chuck and Blair named their daughters after Chuck's mother's Lily and Evelyn, it really symbolizes what Lily meant to Chuck and what Evelyn's memory meant to Chuck. And they are a perfect replica of Chuck and Blair. They even know the art of scheming. Just out of curiosity, how old are they and will? How many years later does this chapter take place?

I love how you wrote Blair and Jessica scenes. For some reason, I feel Blair resents Jessica for some reason, and for more than just her insults towards Blair and for more than what she claimed about Chuck on that charity event. I sense a lingering animosity between them. Could Blair c resent her for the way she talks and brags about Chuck? That's another thing I'm wondering. What exactly happened at the charity event. Because I really don't believe that Chuck would ever cheat on Blair, he's feelings for Blair are too deep for that to transpire. But she certainly seemed to suggest something night have happened, the question is why? To rattle Blair? If so, why is she so menacing towards Blair?

I actually love how Blair tried to muster all the strength she had not to give her a verbal smackdown. She competent deserved it. But she couldn't hold out forever with how Jessica was talking to Blair and about Chuck. I probably would have lost my cool in a situation like they, so it's totally understandable. I get where Blair was coming from. I'm not a big fan of Jessica's character tbh. And let's be honest, Blair on bitch mode is the absolute best. And I love the verbal smack down she gave Jessica.

I hope that by the end of this story that William will feel like he belongs in Chuck and Blair's family. I hate seeing him feel like an outcast, like he doesn't belong. He does, I just hope he will see it by story's end. Lovely start to the epilogue. Can't wait to read more :)
thealluretodarkness chapter 30 . 5/10/2015
This chapter made me so emotional. It was beautiful, painful, angsty, and heart wrenching all in one amazing chapter. I knew as soon as Alexandra arrived, it was going to cause problems for Chuck and Blair, but you wrote it very well. And as it turns out she married him in a drunken stupor. Which makes us know she took advantage of him. So you just know that it was a mistake and that he had no tangible feelings for her. Glad that Blair finally managed to get rid of her, good riddance and hope we never see her again.

And I'm glad that the Carter Baizen storyline is finally dealt with and that it's resolved. Also I'm glad we know what really happened on the night of Chuck's birthday two years ago between Carter and Blair. He is so creepy and condescending in this fic. A real villian. Love how Chuck turned the tables on him in the end, and that's how he learned the truth. I just love Chuck versus Carter showdowns and the way you write them. Never mess with Chuck Bass, especially a Chuck Bass who feels like he has nothing left to live for.

The letter Chuck received from Lily was so heartbreaking, and heartwrenvhing. It literary made me so emotional reading that part. But you write it beautifully. I love the way how you really showed how it effected Chuck as well. It made him realize the severity of what he had done two years ago, and everything he had done since he returned. It made him realize what he thought he had to do. Let Blair go. Even giving her a choice of what she wanted to do.

I'm glad at the end she fought for Chuck and get marriage to him. And she stopped Chuck from leaving. I love how they talked through all their issues. Now they have nothing hanging over their heads and they can really move forward together. It's good to know everything that Happened with Chuck and Blair and have them really talk through it. That way they have no more obstacles keeping them apart. Now they can just be together as a family, without any obstacles.

Also hooray for Chuck and Nate finally making amends. It's about time that these two made up and really became friends again. Other than Eric at the beginning of the story, he really had no one. He didn't have his best friend, and now he does. Glad that they made that effort to be friends again. I've missed my Chats in this story. I just love their friendship. Glad it's back intact. Also loved Chuck and Serena's conversation towards the end about Lily. In some ways he can relate because of his relationship with his own father, Bart.

Such a great ending to such a great story. It's quickly become one of my favorites. I am curious as to what Blair chose to do in the epilogue and where Chuck and Blair's relationship is at in the future. I look forward to reading your epilogue very soon. I'm hoping in the next few days
thealluretodarkness chapter 29 . 5/9/2015
At first I thought it was Alexandra at the beginning. Was surprised to learn it was Carter Baizen. He just gives me the chills in this story. He's so condescending. And at first Carter taunts him and then tells him about his past with Blair and Chuck getting jealous. I do love a jealous Chuck though. But it's in the past, so I think Chuck should let it go and let it stay in the past. But then it comes out that Carter raped Blair, abd it makes my dislike of Carter grow with every chapter in this story and normally I'm a Carter fan from the show. But in this fic, he just rubs me the wrong way.

I wonder how Chuck's going to handle the Carter Baizen scenario. Is he going to seek justice for what he did to Blair, or is he going to go vengeful on Carter? And looks like he found out by accident, through Dorota. And then the Alexandra reveal *gasps* he got married in the two years he was gone? Are they divorced now? If so, how long where they married and why? I have a feeling Blair's not going to be too happy about it, or with Chuck for keeping this from her. But I'm also happy and hoping this means we'll learn what Chuck has been up to in the last two years of his life while he was away from New York

I have so many questions, all which I'm sure will be answered in the finale. Which I'm going to read right now. I hope to finish by tomorrow :)
thealluretodarkness chapter 28 . 5/8/2015
Uh Oh, Chuck's in for it now. I wonder who this Alex is, someone from Chuck's past two years ago? Whoever he or she is, they seem to be someone who Chuck seens very uncomfortable or irritated by. Who c is she and why is Chuck so unconformable around her or him?

I really like the progress Chuck and Blair made in this chapter. If it wasn't for the appetance at the end, Chuck would have told her everything. I'm curious to know who he or, she is, and how, she's connected to Chuck's life two years, ago.

Carter really, was toying with Blair in this chapter. Usually I like Carter, but in this story he just gives me bad vibes. He actually gives me seasons 2-3 Jack Bass vibes, and most certainly, not in a good way. Carter's just a tad bit creepy in this fic. Did he really rape Blair? If so, I hope he gets what's coming to him. He seems to think things happened differently than Blair does. I wonder why? I hope Carter gets what's coming to him either way though. Blair making Carter her watch her least favorite Audrey Hepburn movie was classic Blair. If she's forced to be in the same room with him, watching a movie, may as well be one she doesn't enjoy. She's not going to give him that detestation l satisfaction and I love it.

I also kind of feel with this mysterious person showing up, things are going to begin to take a turn for the worse in the last couple of chapters, including the next one before they get their happily ever after. I'm excited to see how these last, couple of chapters pan out and how Chuck and Blair figure things out.
thealluretodarkness chapter 27 . 5/4/2015
This chapter was fantastic, I loved every minute of it. It appears that for the r time being Chuck and Blair seem to be a lot happier with each other than they where before, making some headway, but clearly have more obstacles headed there c way before their happily ever after.

I'm curious as to what Chuck's secret is that he is keeping from Blair that Nate knows. Does it have something to do with what he c was up to in his last two years, and where? I'm curious to know. I think Blair's curious to know the truth too.

Nate also make some interesting points. If she finds out on her own rather than Chuck himself, it will be hard for her to trust him again m I get why Chuck is hesitant to tell her, he x wants her to be able to trust him again. But at the c sane time if she finds out from someone else it could potentially destroy their marriage.

I also loved some of the lighter moments between Chuck and Blair in this chapter. Like the lunch date on the yatcht. And that scene has never made putting sun tan lotion on look so hot. It was sensual, intimate and playful all at the same time. I also loved the morning after and their chair rendeveous. It's a bit ironic too.

Hope to read the last 3 chapters be l by weeks end, if not sooner.
thealluretodarkness chapter 26 . 5/3/2015
Another well written chapter! I think you write Chuck and Blair so realistically to their characterization that was presented in the show. I almost feel like I'm right there with the characters.

For a moment I thought Blair was going to cheat on Chuck to get back at him, I'm rekived she didn't though. But I have to alk myself did she plan to or was she just trying to make Chuck jealous. I'm also glad that it was a misunderstanding and that Chuck didn't sleep with Jessica on his and Blair's wedding night. That it was Serena that was there that night. Chuck is right Serena would tell Blair the truth, she wouldn't lie for Chuck. So anything Serena tells Blair would be the truth.

Loved seeing Blair make Chuck jealous and the revelations of how he was coping two years ago without Blair. Did he come back because he missed her? The way you describe emotions is like your painting images in my head. So vivid in details, that I feel like I can feel what the characters are going through. I also liked that you had Visit reminisce about their graduation when Chuck was gone.

Going to read the next chapter tomorrow.
thealluretodarkness chapter 25 . 4/21/2015
This chapter was everything I hoped for and more. Seriously this chapter was wonderful Chrys. It was painful, beautiful and frustrating in a good way all at the same time. Love that they admitted they love each other, even if not to themselves yet. It does that there resolve is starting to weaken a little bit.

I loved the kiss, but Chuck can sure be frustrating at times. I understand Blair's frustration. All she wants is for Chuck to open up to her more, to let her in, and what does he do? Pushes her away, makes her think he doesn't want her, his wife. Chuck you need to man up and tell Blair How you feel, tell her what you want. But I have a feeling we still have a bit longer to wait for that. But still, one can dream, right?

I felt kind of bad for Blair at the end. She finally admits to herself what she wants from him, that she wants to be with him, and he makes her feel like he doesn't want her. That he still sees it as a game. They really need to communicate if it's ever going to work between them. They need to articulate their feelings.

But the tension between them is written very well with lots of heart, and I know the payoff will be worth it in the end. Great job on such a wonderful and beautiful chapter.
thealluretodarkness chapter 24 . 4/21/2015
Love this chapter. I can totally understand why the wedding didn't happen in this chapter. Some stuff needed to happen first. And I'm actually a little glad it's being postponed until the next chapter, so we could see what happened in this chapter happen.

I love the flashbacks between Chuck and Blair at ten years old. Even at ten, they are still Chuck and Blair that we know and love. Love that he got her a diamond headband. Seems like it's something that would be really hard to find, and cost a fortune by the sounds of it. Getting his hands on it must not have been easy.

Loved the Blair and Serena, and Blair and Eleanor scenes. They seem to have different tactics to getting through to Blair. While Eleanor has a more direct approach, Serena has a more honest approach. By telling c her truthfully how she feels. Even though she doesn't like Chuck right now, she believes he is the key to her happiness and that is why she is trying to help them. I also love how Eleanor can read Blair like an open book. She knows when Blair is lying to herself, or when something is bothering her. And is trying to get Blair to deal with how she feels

I wonder why Chuck doesn't want to get a pre-nup though? Also loved the reveal of the engagement ring being his mother's. I'm sure that was very hard for him to give away. Love that he gave it to Blair though. Clearly that means something, expresses without words how he feels about Blair. But I can also understand Blair's frustration. She wants Chuck to open up more, to express himself. I promise tomorrow I'll read the next chapter, the wedding chapter.
thealluretodarkness chapter 23 . 4/16/2015
It seems Blair is finally starting to warm up to the idea of Chuck. As well as accepting the fact that she is also Williams mother, and that Chuck is Williams father in every way they counts. I really loved the conversation between Harold and William. He really does know how to get through to her.

Chuck also seems to be softening up to Blair a bit, which I really like. He's matured so much since this story between. I think Nates words really effected Chuck, and the way he's been with Blair. And now, he seems to want to do the right thing. Still hoping he'll tell Blair why he left two years ago, and what he was up to soon. I also am kind of hoping Chuck and Nate will call a cease fire soon, even if it's just for Blair's sake. While there's things about Blair that Nate doesn't know, there's also things about Blair Chuck doesn't know. It's interesting to see Chuck not know something about Blair, and what Nate told him, seened to snap Chuck back into reality.

The scene with Carter was a bit worrisome. It appears something happened between Carter and Blair when Chuck left, and it's apparent that Blair feels uncomfortable around Carter. It begs the question, what exactly happened between Carter and Blair that she is worried about Chuck finding out? I'm wondering what she's going to do about Carter.
thealluretodarkness chapter 22 . 4/16/2015
This chapter was great, and there where some great Surprisers in this chapter. After the Nate and Blair kiss, I totally expected Chuck to go ballistic. But he didn't. I wonder what changed Chuck's demeanor, and caused him to scheme to get rid of Blair's apartment?

I also think the kiss with Blair and Nate is okay. It seemed to me it was nothing more than part of the game for the bacheloreyte party. Nature l Nate is such a great friend to Blair. Somehow I don't think Chuck's going to be happy that Nate is Blair's man of honor.

I wonder though, will Chuck and Nate ever be friends again? I miss their friendship.

Ugh, Penelope readlly oversteps her boundaries sometimes. Love Blair going birch mode on her. Was a bit worried when Chuck found out about the kiss he would lose it, love it that he didn't though. In fact, he seemed to let it go completely. I wonder why though? But it does show maturity on Chuck's part

Looking forward to reading your next chapter :)
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