Reviews for Deceptive Cadence
AlbusDumbledore12 chapter 12 . 8/17
This story has truly been amazing. I so enjoyed reading both stories at one go. Haha, even though I ate later cos I got lost reading! So please please please update! Many are waiting for you to continue this story. Thanks for making my day. Would love to see this story continued.
Dumbledore-The-Phoenix chapter 12 . 8/1
More pleeeease!
TheLonelyGreyWolf chapter 12 . 7/23
It's awesome. But now my heart is in my throat as I know there could be no escape from this. Once the cover is blown, there are hefty consequences. But really, the developpememt in character is so smooth and delicate. I read both stories in one night, that's how enticing it is *.* Thank you.
SkyeMoor chapter 12 . 3/6
Um. Why would they assume it wasn't someone else using polyjuice?
pinkprincess jin chapter 10 . 9/20/2017

*when you aim for their back but hit their head*
Diana Quill chapter 1 . 7/16/2017
this is great, please update soon!
Guest chapter 12 . 6/21/2017
great the last update was only a few months ago, ha ha ha

well no honestly amazing story, can't say I'm not disappointed that it's incomplete
but when you see 12 chapters it does make you feel a little apprehensive
it'll be nice of you'll finish this one day
i really liked the albus severus relationship, his sorrow and fury at dumbledore's cursed state
as well as hermione with severus, you don't normally see that
i'm pleasantly surprised that he did take part in the snowball fight (kinda but ronald deserved it _)
but he was quite decent to the "golden" trio as well so that's nice
but overall great writing! waiting for more ..
HufflepuffGirl16 chapter 12 . 5/12/2017
Please continue this!
E.BACKER chapter 12 . 4/8/2017
que paso?
mochi.mae chapter 12 . 4/3/2017
This is such an amazing story! Pls update :)
Leopard1 chapter 12 . 3/28/2017
How can I be finished? I must blame your superb writing skills for keeping me enthralled with the story. Everything is well written, with few grammatical errors; the characters are engaging and believable, and the plot/emotions...whew! I can't put into words how wonderful your story is. Please update soon!
Leopard1 chapter 11 . 3/28/2017
Oh no! Talk about a cliffhanger! When Severus first showed up, I thought he had to pretend because a Death Eater was nearby or he had been impervioused. Not till halfway through the chapter did I realize it wasn't him. Talk about raising the stakes...
Leopard1 chapter 10 . 3/28/2017
A great light-hearted chapter. The part where Harry was thinking of all the ways Draco embarrassed himself was hilarious! Keep up the awesome job you're doing.
Leopard1 chapter 8 . 3/28/2017
What to say? Another amazing chapter, especially with Snape's raw vulnerability. I love seeing his character like that. It makes him more human. Oh, and a word for later in the story or next story (whicheverSnape had better not die! I will be very disappointed if he does.
Leopard1 chapter 7 . 3/28/2017
How clever Hermione is! She thought of almost everything. But Harry...he was so cruel at the beginning...that about broke my heart. The emotions are written beautifully. I'm glad they made up, even if it took such drastic measures to get there.
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