Reviews for Galactic Serenade
The Phantomess of the Opera chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
nice :)
Silvara chapter 1 . 4/10/2009
I ... You stirred a tear in my eye now. I dunno... It's just... wonderful poetry.

Wonderfully… colorful, wishful, vast, intense, calm, simple, intricate, suave poetry. I wish... I whish I could offer you cookies for this galactic trip.

(I think the title fits and sings perfectly with the contents)

And- And Helen read too much SF, and, there are bits that are so... perfect. From my foreign perceptions I could clearly see the vivid scenes. It wasn't only about images, or sighing, no, there was movement in this serenade, dynamic, perfumes and the picture of a velvet sky pierced by sparkling stars deliciously haunts me.

(Typo: The first "It hurt(S)")

At first, I wasn't very excited by reading (again) Helen introspection, but the beauty of the first sentence was too evident to be ignored. So I continued, and, few paragraphs after, I was too .. too... high to land alone. :)

Then, you caught my soul (then the mind, then the heart) in a second wonderful sentence which made me fly into one of the old-futuristic spaceships. These little big magic things…

Well, if I still manage to make sense, to finish, I was achieved by the last note, err lines. So simple, so quiet, so soft, so absent, so fictive, so virtual, so sentimental.

Well... Hey, I think I boosted your ego enough for tonight. ;)

In every of your fanfics, I remember (in some more strongly than other) why I like the fandom. Thus far, with every of your scenarii, a fantasy of my curious weird mind is achieved. I wonder, what could be the next (in Ghost of the Machines ?)

BTW, I think the summary of GS, doesn't magnify / promote its contents enough. There must be a way or two to give an insight of the uniqueness (srry v_v) of this text in few lines... As it is it seems generic, average. ("Bof" I would say in French :P)

Well, personally I would advise to quote the spaceship departure instead. That passage was so... just, ‘so’.

It would be cruel somehow… to birthe (?) such hope... The reader may end crying... But, well, at least it means it's neat ! :DD

Maybe I am too ecstatic (? bah)- excited.. Because this text sang directly, personally to me somehow, but- but, I don’t know and don‘t care. Never mind about objectivity. X)

(ok, now to proof check (?)- check (?)- verify (v_v)... the grammar of all this electrico-emotional mess) I'm done, I'm done!...
Gene.Marie85 chapter 1 . 4/2/2009
Oh, if only there could be some kind of response! I wonder what that would be. But, I love how Helen is just letting it all out to Klaatu. Only then would he be convinced to go back to Earth! But I don't know if he could be so convinced, but hell, she may have been part of why he saved the planet!

Berlitza chapter 1 . 4/2/2009
oh-oh! i love the science! helen waz a nice charicter from that film.

ok. i ask question at you. if i may, could i translate storu to German? i wander that at people who flame my story, hahaha. i think it was nice piece (this not mine)

please reply?

did the phrase make a sense to you? i no my english is poor.
WherePalmsSway19 chapter 1 . 4/2/2009
I'd like to just take back any compliment I might have thrown at a bland story (nothing written by you of course) that i might have stumbled upon in the past, desperate, tired and looking for a good read...

The compliments ALL belong to YOU!

This peice, it is like an artistic puzzle, combined with poetry, sci-fi, fantastic emotions, a dazzle of what if they could be together? and so many other beautiful things.

It wasn't overly done, nor was it underly done. Helen's character was captured with the upmost perfect. You pulled her emotions off well and getting inside the mind of a curious scientist was...for this story...a breathtaking, marvelous experience.

As a picky reader, you NEVER dissapoint me:D

And I am eternally your loyal fanfic follower (except on days I am dozed off, lol)

I love your work, especially for this fandom. You've taken something we love, put into words in a way's just freakin' awesome, ok?

Now, don't hesitate to write more!


Have you thought of doing like some Klaatu/Helen drabble pieces? It would be interesting and I know you could do it without smudging the complexity of the characters! YIPPI!

ok. just a *HINT* i mean, suggestive idea, lol.

Tata for now!

T-U-X-I-D-O-G-R-E-Y chapter 1 . 4/2/2009
I am very impressed that you incorperated sinentific terms in the way you made Helen think, I also like that you kept Helen and Klaatu in character he is a alien. The mary sue's are nothing compered to this, and we all know I don't like mary sue's {read The Day The Earth Whent Sue} for more details. Enyway this is a great story great job.
KlaatuFanGurl15 chapter 1 . 4/2/2009
Awe, poor Helen!

This story was so pretty the way you wrote it.

Im not that into like scientific facts myself but im glad someone came along and captured Helen's inner fascinations etc in a really romantic sort of

i hope that review makes sense. haha.
TheLittleRoseBud47 chapter 1 . 4/2/2009
Oh my did - how did you come up with this idea? *smirks crazily*

this is like freakin''s um...pure talent.

you really captured helen nicely and the way you combined sentimental motions with scientific fascination was superbly breathtaking:)


And the ending was was just right!
applepielover chapter 1 . 4/2/2009
Great job on writing in Helen's POV. It sounds just like her. This is amazing. Well written and I really like the sentence structure, word choice, and imagery.