Reviews for Hold me, I'm Sick
spike'smate chapter 6 . 5/15/2013
riley doesnt like blowjobs? LMFAO
spike'smate chapter 3 . 12/11/2012
bad bad bad xander
Guest chapter 3 . 6/28/2012
you bastard xander! doublecrossing buffy
Spike's real lover chapter 8 . 4/7/2012
I love this! This story is great! Angel would so try to get Spike to leave. That's the jerks M.O. Wonderful story!
applemysteries chapter 8 . 3/15/2010
EK! I love this story great job, I'm going to go read the sequels now yay!
applemysteries chapter 3 . 3/15/2010
Okay, Anya got funny and Xander got annoying. What the hell is Xander doing? UGH! :D
applemysteries chapter 2 . 3/15/2010
As much as Xander should leave Buffy and Spike's relationship alone he was still pretty funny in this chapter. :)
xx'Gothic-Manga-Girl'xx chapter 1 . 12/6/2009
I loved this.
Munchichi chapter 8 . 9/29/2009
Loved the story. I always liked Buffy and Spike as a couple the best...they are more passionate than her other relationships. Makes me what to get out my DVDs and watch all my fav Buffy and Spike episodes.
Lani1402 chapter 8 . 8/31/2009
cute as!
EmptySequence chapter 8 . 8/6/2009
Aww! I really like this, it made my day all spuffy-ish, :P lol very nice! :)
murderscene chapter 8 . 6/17/2009
Naw i loved it, cute and fluffy!
Hyde's Bride chapter 8 . 5/4/2009
Wow! I have to say a resounding "AW!" first off, because this was just too damn wonderful! I loved the way Spike took care of her, and she finally let him in. That was beautiful. I also love that you really pointed out how different Spike is from other vampires, because he SO is! OMG this is amazing! Great work!

btw, this is CrazyAsh from Buffytube! :)
Itanaru101 chapter 8 . 5/4/2009

Legolas' Girl 31 chapter 8 . 5/3/2009
Aw it's over? That sucks. Oh wel. So are you going ot write a sequel to this? I think that you should. I loved this story and I think that it would be awesome if you did do it. Keep up the awesome work.

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