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Jouaint chapter 23 . 3/14
Great chapter. By the way is Yhwach (the Bleach Character) going to show up? It would be interesting to see and you can probably go into how the various pantheons have mixed at times.
CoGDork chapter 23 . 3/11
This is INCREDIBLE. Keep going!
Memories-of-the-Shadows chapter 23 . 12/30/2016
This is still as good as I remember and I really can't wait to read the next chapter. More people should know about this story. I really like how you characterized the grim reaper, and dealt with the problem of atheists in a theistic story.
Manic Dogma chapter 23 . 11/29/2016
Well, felt good to finally get around to reading the new chapters! It's always so awkward for me, given my insistence generally on rereading the fic as a whole if the break is longer than a month or two.

Not much to say, but that I simultaneously did not expect Zaraki's story to be such an emotional trigger, and yet probably should have. I adore interpretations of Valhalla that aren't just massive sausage-fest warrior-wanks.

One last note, I dunno if people were aware when the latest chapter was written, but there is actually life returning fairly quickly to Chernobyl. Animals of all stripes adapting to the radiation.

But yeah, great to see the latest chapter, and hope to see another one of my favourite Tatsuki story soon.
Mondtanz chapter 23 . 7/4/2016
An excellent story and the first of its kind I've read. I love the way you portray the different mythological entities and I think you have Tatsuki down patSothis story goes straight to my favourites...
StormBrisingr chapter 23 . 6/29/2016
Asdfghjkl. After finally getting the time to catch up with this fic, I've gotta say I'm not disappointed. I love the way you're bringing together so many different mythologies and as a Tatsuki fan I'm always eager to read how she progresses. And the Grim Reaper with Orihime's voice? Ooh I'm excited. Can't wait to read more and thanks for writing!
Xoroth chapter 23 . 6/4/2016
Great chapter. I really liked the Grim Reaper's description.
sanjiyanunkara chapter 22 . 5/30/2016
About the Grim reaper: pity, I always liked terry pratchett's version better...
sanjiyanunkara chapter 17 . 5/30/2016
Note on Cerberus: I belive that the length of a life is less important than what actually happened in it.
As such i think that Cerberus having lived, say a hundred thousands years but only seen people/visitors, maybe, once a millennia isn't going to have as much "life experince" than an average 16 years old with a summer job. The whole "bark and drool" is relevant for him in my opinion.

That is equally relevant for all hidden or sleeping deities.
For exemple, Jörmungandr isn't doing anything besides sleeping until Ragnarok. So when he(she?) wakes up, he won't be outsmarting anyone, regardless of how long he's been sleeping for or who's his daddy is.

A bit further from that particular point, i think it's matchs well with one of the golden shonen rules: you only get true strength by working for it. Who your daddy is, or how talented you are at birth is no match for training (or in Jörmu case: sleeping :D )
jeffreymika chapter 1 . 4/28/2016
Good stuff. As a side note, the SP Saturnine lyrics here are misquoted. The line is "The clever make the world weary. To pull it from its moorings. To fawn the young wicked roost. To weather the coming storm..."
8namesjones chapter 23 . 4/1/2016
I have read this story three times, because with every update I read it again. It has yet to get old. You, Sir and/or Madame, are both a genius, and brilliant.
iluvmycorgi22 chapter 23 . 3/31/2016
I am legitimately so happy/surprised with this chapter. After so long between updates it made me remember why I had fallen in love with this story in the first place. Thank you so much!
Darling Drusilla chapter 23 . 3/26/2016
You updated! It was such a lovely surprise to see this in my inbox and the story is progressing wonderfully.
dragonlayer chapter 23 . 3/25/2016
I am so happy to see this. You've build such a wonderful world and I love it and I promise you as long as you keep writing it I will keep reading it. I will probably keep reading it even after you stop writing it (when it's complete I mean) XD
Sage of Wind Dragons chapter 23 . 3/24/2016
well first... your BACK!
god you got the Kenpachi of Zaraki down PAT. his weirdly serious and oddly charming ridiculious alike! well done. and what that story would have been seems so uniquely HIM that...

I wonder if people knew his FULL and true story especially his ennui passive suicide and limiting himself for a woman in the oddest of ways in attempts to look for good fights... to be in bonds of around her level if they fought? tie that in with him being an excellent commander (seriously in the past probably 25 years he trained up/has had 6 people in his division at lieutenit level and two of them train up bankai? if you remove captains the 11th division would wipe the FLOOR with everyone. before two of them ran of to become lieutenits, but even then still kick ass in war games!...)
well the Kenpachi's are among one of the oddest love stories ive seen. quite frankly odd in their obsession with one another.

seriously considering the murder fighting killing THING of his and then his life story he might actually be a favorite of all of them! do like his... I wanted to be about the fighting... pooy. hehehe.

but oh my god just have a army of medics on hand ready to move in, put a sensor to watch the fight and let them get it out of their SYSTEM so they stop tip toeing around each other and cang et on with their relationship in the aftermath... I mean I GET that them being stalled is so much LESS of a headache for poor Yamomoto but come ON they both arnt performing to standard! and there is a war going on!

that is actually something I'm interested in your Abarai... from the sound it, for a time he was sort of the quasi apprentice to Ikkaku what with training up to Bankai and while hes far more of an equil to the man now power wise, and the difference in rank versus experience might event hings out more... Renji IS a tried and true man of the 11th once upon a time even if he has more textures of the other divisions cultures now... the fifth and 6th making him more antsy formal and a worry wort.

I don't have to have it WANT IT is the best thing ever type of mentality for things like that.

Hraust summoning epic weapons of different types for different situations is great as well and I DO find it fun and interesting that one bit she found odd about the zanpaktous being apart of your soul about prodding dead things cleaning it and everything else and the Shinigami do it with a apart of their SOULS wich makes all this kill so freaking personal and.. well.

about the armor.. WELL DONE I mean fan service is all well and good but not at the expense of practicality! unless its an Egyptian tricksty game where your hiding things for later.

I compliment you on the Chernobyl has the site of the meet and greet while I'm sure there are other places on the earth that can fit on the death scale thing... all of them are either to recent or to OLD to really HIT that vibe that Chernobyl gets. and them directly meeting there unmasked as well nicely done.

with Samedi... I think its adorable that Tatsuki doesn't know how to react to flirting! a bit hilarious.
and poor Keigos rotten luck... because no one TOLD him that his dream goddess in the dream is actually a dream goddess Humans LIKE our metaphors thank you, and if it incidentally hits him on things that seem to be his LIFE.. well.

incidentally I do freaking LIKE the subtle differences that the shingami give off as a pateron because they ARE elevated human souls.. with all that entail, like a bit of a broader GETTING of convey human things so they get it quicker and easier, along with them having actual SCIENCE divisions and well that out look...

anyway I do have a question for you. I know at the beginning that it seemed like while you wanted to HINT at the controversy with the Quincy's but not get fully into it... now that we have seen MORE and most of the pantheons of the Vanderiech as WELL as the more and most of the pantheon of the gotei 13 an allies...
well obviously don't throw THEM into the fight either, a three way civil war is by no means guaranteed, especially when the other two sides have found ways to supplement their side with allies and as WELL that Ywatch isn't full recovered yet to make the ATTEMPT... but well...
we know the story i pretty much Son and father rebel against each other civil war happens because of a variety of reasons and...
well the first war seemed to have been 1000 years ago and that while Ywatch and SOME of his supporters fled into exile to recover , rest, and gain strength... Uryus direct line from him, to Ywatch... they diddnt appaear out of whole cloth, so some surviving Quincys clans lasted the centuries wonder about the Regents the feuding Kings, the clan leaders, the unification of the clans and the break aways... and GERMAN roots... Germania/barbarians/Rome...
did... various Quincy clans along for the ride of their respective specific cultures help destroy the western roman empire? oh dear. holy roman emprie/feuding princes and...
the MONGOLS. oh my GOD HAHAHAHAA. no WONDER the shingiami were so worried over the centuries! the Quincy... monks of DESTRUCTION must have been along for the ride/quasi mercenary type of folks that got dragged into LAOT of the things behind the scene that killed alto of folks.
until finally a final purge... and the remmants those to strong to just kill casually but two few to just FIGHT the Shinigami... half blood/blood of the ancients...

and god king of huco mundo and Yamomoto both in charge of their respective sides having wars with each other and a desperate still strong but wounded Quincy group are still on the field...
Ichigo is Uryus cousin in another life we could have been twins...
Uryu was PISSED about Rukia coming up and messing with Ichigos life because he was protecting Kankura from minor irritants quite well thank you and then she bungled it up... and then he got PISSED more than made sense back in the day about hes suddenly a Shinigami...
I know there are good NOW... but they are in the hands of the GREEKS/Roman... Olympian whatever..
(how DOES merging and melding of human cultures and followers affect... were their fusions or was it a ... marriage of two sides mixed in? or brining individual gods out from the cold to be added into the new group? hmm.)
come to think of it that must have made things slightly akward for the Egyptians and them... because of the whole... Roman.. republic covert to empire Caesar/Mark Antonie/Cleopatra thing. it eventually is taken and doesn't work on the last do that hey your the new pharoh, no need for you to change Egypt and change everything in it and mess our culture up... huh.
but anyway I digress...
the Olympians are the master CHAMPIONS of sqrew ball family relationships, and while the group is settled all of them good with each other leaving things submerged in quiet places in your soul... SURPRISE can be enough to make it far easier to kill you sometimes you know? and lack of understanding about SELF and so CURIOUS... so bring that to light NOW so yo uknow what your dealing with as well as the deal with Uryu I am part of a culture that was very much salt the earth to spite my enemy type of habbit...also I know about Ywatch and I am a SCARY individual because I can fight captains when for most of my life I only had the barest of training a CHILD had and I had to figure everything else out on my OWN save for like a month or two training underneath the feet of an expert?
so.. yeah. I get mostly Ichigo and Tatsuki is the focus but... I dunno. never get them to go I had family that is ALAIVE... hilarity stuff.
couse lord knos if something goes wrong with a kidney or a liver I'm going to you first...or I dunno something.
characters, arnt they a character? hmm.

anyway! I love your new stuff that we have names for now to actually add TO the mythos of Death..
grim reaper indeed... heh. killing the Kenpachi of Zaraki PRECIOUS... heh.

I got to wonder on these engative spaces dramatic tension when on neutral earth ground personal spaces being a bit larger for beings of a larger connect in mind... and not a big deal when your literally SURRONDED in it nothing you could do to cause feedback looping tension with another being versus some one more in equill... even if NOT... well.
interesting bit about Norse culture that If orgot that made heartbreaking but so much SENSE... cause I was a bit confused on the instinctive natures versus actions bit about where people go.. and for a good long while people WERNT Women wernt COMMON as just field of battle so that bit on the general culture of them is...well it very much fits in with Norse sensibilities, but was not immediately obvious. well done!
also flowering field? Precious? you just made me like Death, shame on you! my delicate world views...
(is it bad that I want him to periodically break out into Yiddish? because I instantly love what your doing with this character.)
anyway! its great to hear from you again!
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