Reviews for Treason
Esmereilda chapter 13 . 2/25
lol squad 11 lives up to their bloodthirsty rep but I'm glade and rangiku is ok
Esmereilda chapter 12 . 2/24
well if there's any1 that can get thru to now that orihime isn't there and tatsuki shares his desire for vengeance its nel
Esmereilda chapter 11 . 2/24
bye bye nnoitora
Esmereilda chapter 10 . 2/24
its ab time that nnoitora got his butt handed to him
Esmereilda chapter 9 . 2/24
yea grim kitty wins
Esmereilda chapter 8 . 2/24
well atleast nel remains the voice of reason
Esmereilda chapter 7 . 2/23
ok so what exactly is hachi's kido supposed to do
Esmereilda chapter 6 . 2/23
wait is orihime alive or not?!
Esmereilda chapter 5 . 2/23
just what is ichigo trying to accomplish here?
Esmereilda chapter 3 . 2/22
kukaku and ichigo are far more alike than ever now both having lost everything (or almost) they ever cared ab to the soul society
Esmereilda chapter 2 . 2/21
he is going to make the soul society regret that they ever dared harm let alone kill his precious ppl
Esmereilda chapter 1 . 2/21
central 46 just their biggest mistake ever
Madara Senju chapter 12 . 12/22/2015
This story was looking so good, but i hate it when a writer lets their own morality and ideals get in the way of a pre ordained story.

please tell me he still kills all the reapers as well as soul society as i want to keep reading but i cant if its gonna be ANOTHER one of those stories that doesn't kill of the good/main guys.

PM me please/
Eepee chapter 2 . 11/30/2015
I read this fic a long time ago, rereading because simply how good it is.
Gold Testament chapter 7 . 11/18/2015
Hehehe no matter the appearance Neliel, loves Ichigo to the point her slightest display of affection really hurts. Also do Kukaku, and the Vaizards know that Soul Society killed Ichigo's friends and family? That his friends among the Gotei 13 stopped him from saving them?
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