Reviews for Making The Bed
darnchts chapter 14 . 10/7/2016
I really liked this a lot but I confess that I went to wicky and read the adult version. You did a great job with these.
Keeper of Oz chapter 4 . 3/31/2012
Practice does make perfect :)
Keeper of Oz chapter 2 . 3/31/2012
Just finished chapters one and two. I love the gentle playfulness between Lee and Amanda over something as simple as making the bed.
Bellababy463 chapter 14 . 7/31/2011
I know I'm late in reading this story but I'm new to the site and am working my way though the different stories. I loved this group stories immensely. It truly had me running the gambit of my emotions. The chapter that had them feeling the pressure of their public life and how it effected their family was heart wrenching but all to possible. Kudos to you on such a wonderful and griping story! :)
alwaysadreamer963 chapter 14 . 4/5/2011
Wonderful glimpse into a everyday family life with all the trials and tribulations. Beautifully written.
Terry Kay chapter 14 . 8/23/2009
Adorable!I especially like the one from Bed's point of view. More bouncing game! Thank you!
berniej chapter 14 . 5/4/2009
Hi, I really love what you did with this story..I'm an old fan of SMK having just renewed the fascination with dvd's and it's lovely to find stories on FF not so many now of course but then it was a long time ago! I plan to check for other sites but my computer skills are poor at best but you know once the bug bites you just have to go with it. I hope you'll be doing more and look forward to reading them, thanks for sharing

Grey Fool chapter 14 . 5/3/2009
cute story series. Keep up the good work.
lookoutwife chapter 13 . 5/1/2009
I smiled through the whole scene with Matthew and Jenny and the sneak attack. Just too priceless. Great job blending humor and real life. Another great segment. I, too, will be sorry when this series is over, because you made me laugh and cry. Again WELL written!
Grey Fool chapter 13 . 4/30/2009
lol, great story.
lookoutwife chapter 12 . 4/27/2009
LOL. So cute when Lee was telling Amanda she was the 'best wife ever.' And Amanda getting upset at Lee for never following the rules. ROTF.
ermintrude421 chapter 3 . 4/26/2009
This was a touching and heartrending installment. But the humor was good-'man sheets' indeed! Another fine installment in this fun series. What will you do when you run out of full years-maybe 1/2 years? It's an idea... We all want to read more.
Jennifer Cannon chapter 10 . 4/22/2009
Wonderful story, Charlie-loving this series-please write more soon:)

scarf123 chapter 7 . 4/11/2009
What a wonderful idea! I love these small stories. They are full of fun and joy.

Can I look forward to many more?
ermintrude421 chapter 6 . 4/10/2009
These vignettes are really lovely. Very different in tone and emotions evoked, and yet each is wonderful in and of itself-and together they make for a great story in glimpses. Are more to come? Just wondering!
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