Reviews for Hammered Down
Zombiegirl22 chapter 29 . 6/22
"Yumichika went strolling over to the blonde dragon-lady and started chatting with her, while she took to studying him openly while stroking the heads of her lion members. "

I do wonder what the two talked about.

Did anyone from Aizen's camp know about Tia and Rukia meeting? If so did Gin know about it and perhaps even might have told Yumichika to not let Rukia and Tia alone, because Tia wanted to eat Rukia?

Or am I just over analyzing their conversation, and Yumichika went to chat up Tia because she is beautiful.

And Ichigo yelling at Unohana, the kid has guts.

"Do not cry. I am on your side, young one. Understand that from the moment I saw what you were capable of, I marked you for my protection. You mean so much to me, Inoue-chan."

You gave Inoue a better purpose of why Aizen needed her than the one used in the manga. I do have to wonder if Inoue too forgot about unohana's true self. Makes me wonder if there is any possibility of Inoue turning traitor in 'Lifted Up'.

"That was where I knew could be found the information I needed to retrieve the hōgyoku from Rukia-chan without killing her."

I see the lessons Gin gave Aizen worked too well in that he even calls Rukia with the chan honorific rather than the San honorific. Or is it because now that he knows he he really is, he does not need to call her with the San honorific anymore .

"Only Captain Ukitake possessed a means by which it could be eradicated effectively, and I knew that if one of his subordinates were unjustly accused of a crime, his sense of obligation to those under his command would compel him to act in their defense."

Was Ukitake's obligation to Kaien, what spared Kaien and his other siblings from Shunsui killing them? Or did Shunsui just decide to target their father and leave innocents alone?

"Rukia-chan's involvement proved to be another example of divine providence acting on my behalf."

It almost seems as though Aizen believes as though Fate exists, and that Fate/divine providence allowed Rukia to open opportunities for Aizen, which seems to be the case. Further more, the fact that Rukia has been of great benefit, I can almost imagine Aizen thinking she was his good luck charm, if Aizen believed in luck.

And I bet those of SS would be feeling really done once Aizen explains all the manipulations he has done, convincing them that the Hogyoku was a magic lamp granting them wishes and that Karakura was a spiritual nexus.

Since no one but Byakuya and Yumichika and Ichigo are in attendance, I take it that both Byakuya and Ichigo will just have to feel the stupidity for the rest. Yumichika probably doesn't care one way or another.

"I have something of a dramatic streak, I must admit."

Well, at least Aizen can admit that. I think Byakuya would cut off his own tongue before admitting something like that.

"I've eaten a lot of men's children right in front of them, and you can always feel the connection, it's like…"

Were the Shiba children also victims of Stark? That would explain why Shiba said "A parent's worst nightmare is to outlive their children."

/Stark seemed a bit surprised by that outburst. "You? Be the one who kills… me?"/

I wonder if Stark will remember this conversation in 'Lifted Up'. Because according to Ginrei's vision, he will be the one to kill Stark.

"Maybe their souls aren't as strong as a captain's, but not even a year ago I saw a girl half my size jump down and split a three-story monster in half to save two people she didn't even know. "

I really love how Ichigo reminds them of what Rukia did to save strangers and she wasn't even under any spell.

/Silver-haired Yūma, Retsu's servant and one of her oldest supporters, gave a distasteful curl of his lip as he set delicately glazed teacups before both of them, but otherwise let show none of his feelings. /

I forgot about Yuma. But having silver hair, could he be somehow related to Isane?

/Her guardian spirit Minazuki commanded power over life and death. To underestimate her was to court your own demise./

Does this mean she can bring back Yumichika or is that wishful thinking on my part?

Retreading everything that Yamamoto did to Unohana, I'm once again reminded of my hatred for him. He reminds me of a combination between Barragan and Nnoitra.

Especially in this part- "Even if she was just a woman." And "It would have been unsightly for me to tender it when my opponent was only a woman."

Misogynistic Bastard. Again, I'm so FREAKING HAPPY that Rukia took him down.

/Because I owe him? Is any debt worth this slow torture done to my soul? /

I do wonder what Ukitake owes to Yamamoto for him to keep his secrets for 2000 years.

/"Any sympathy I might have felt for your pain died prematurely, as a result of your evil. Do not expect me to shed a tear for the sins of our fathers."/

Everyone is so harsh towards Aizen, calling him evil, when Aizen is just someone trying to get revenge on his ancestor who have the order for his family to be put to death (among other things. I know he is a megalomaniac).

I have to wonder what Byakuya himself thinks of Yamamoto. Surely Byakuya would have seen what an evil person Yamamoto was, his actions even turned a gentle goddess into a hollow witch.

His own grandfather followed orders that weren't right, no matter what excuses he have himself.

Byakuya himself was about to let his own sister be put to death.

Why do they get forgiveness and yet no forgiveness is offered to Aizen?

I mean I get that Aizen is evil in his own way allowing what was done to Neliel and Matsumoto happen. But still , everyone else gets forgiveness offered to them, even Kenpachi who kills his own men, yet Aizen is not offered that after his family has been destroyed.

And this is still one of my favorite parts of the chapter- "Your family robbed me of my own, Lord Kuchiki. Wouldn't it strike you as being obligatory, then, and almost poetically justified, if someone from your clan were to provide me with a family in return?"

He kind of does have a point (in my Aizen/Rukia shipper head) since Ginrei was the one who followed out the orders and the Kuchiki family did benefit from the removal of Aizen's house.

Though I'm sure various people beside Byakuya- Ichigo, Ukitake,Renji Yumichika, etc- would do all in their power to make sure that Rukia wouldn't be forced to marry Aizen.

I really did enjoy rereading this chapter.
Zombiegirl22 chapter 28 . 6/22
So yellow and grey are the colors of Sosuke's house.

I really feel for a young Sosuke, especially reading this part-
"With her long black hair released from its usual bindings to tumble down to the floor, she carefully watched her youngest child totter forth on short stubby legs. Barely a year old, little Sōsuke had only recently learned to walk, and was still somewhat prone to losing his balance."

I really feel for Manami, not being able to see her son grow, especially since he was the one child she tried to attend to as much as she can.

Kaito and Manami seemed to have a good marriage, even though it had been arranged. The two grew to love and respect each other. Of course I could be wrong, but according to Manami's thoughts, he was an attentive husband who did his best to be there for her even when he was given the job in Central 46.

I wonder what "evidence" Ginrei found in his first visit.

It couldn't have been much if charges weren't brought until two years later, giving Ginrei and whoever helped him, enough time to fabricate things.

/To atone for the terrible ordeals that they had supposedly placed upon the rest of the world, and for the sake of Soul Society and the rule of Nirvana's emperor, all blood members of the Takuiyoku were to give up their lives, along with certain unrelated people who were deemed complicit in the affair./

That is a very harsh punishment, the entire blood members of the Takuiyoki to be put to death. Innocents who has no idea of what Kaito was doing, even of he was guilty of what they accused him of.

I do wonder which unrelated people were "deemed" to be complicit in the affair.

I can't help but be glad that Unohana and Aizen did what they did. And I feel no sympathy for Ginrei at all for the loss of his son and daughter in law.

He deserved it in my opinion as well as what made Unohana poison him.

I mean I know that Unohana and Aizen are the villains in this but I can't help but cheer for them.

/Her King expected her to be her child's killer./

So yeah I feel no sympathy for Central 46, Ginrei, Yamamoto, the Soul King etc.

Especially at this part. What cruel bastards makes a mother kill her one year old son?

A grandmother and mother outlive her children and grandchildren.

/She wrote pleas, asking to speak with the 46 and even to petition the King himself. These were not answered. When she attempted to leave her estate to make a personal appeal to the courts, armed shinigami from divisions commanded by scions of three regal houses informed her that she was confined to the grounds./

And how is that fair? Not being able to speak out in her family's defense or appeal to the people of the courts.

A bunch of unfair and lawless bastards.

"Why did you do that? She was not included in our orders!"

Again, this statement makes me think that Manami was from a prominent family. Maybe even related to Shunsui. It would explain why Shunsui went and practically destroyed the Shiba family.

And Shiba speaks as though from experience. Were there more of his children than just Kaien, Kukaku and Ganju?

And very very intelligent of Unohana to transfer the spiritual power of his family into Sosuke with their deaths.

/It was he who ordered my father to seek the destruction of the other Houses, out of fear that they were growing powerful enough to challenge his authority. /

Ok I missed that part when I first read this. So I guess Kaito was indeed guilty but only of falling orders which pretty much everyone in the Gotei 13 is guilty of.

/In spite of what he must have suspected, Ginrei Kuchiki continued to give unquestioning fealty to the true architect of the Manor Wars: the King of Soul Society. /

And that is another thing I am quite upset and Ginrei for. Being loyal to a King who put to death his own family. Not thinking that should be choose to do so, the King could also have his own clan put to death.

/He even arranged for certain friends suspected of treason to not have to die, like the Lord of the Sassato. /

So Sassato was also suspected of treason? I mean I knew that Ginrei helped save them, but I had missed the part where they too had been suspected of treason. Which other friends did Ginrei save, and why didn't he petition for a lenient sentence concerning Kaito's young children and grandchildren who were innocent of this?

"My involvement was marginal. Throughout the centuries, whenever I encountered a spirit I felt could be of use to us, I left a small spell-mark upon them, one that would be visible only to my champion. "

So Rukia wasn't marked by Unohana, but chosen by Aizen himself.

And I really do feel for Momo and I don't blame her for killing those who harmed her.

"You're the only captain he wanted dead for sure, but I thought maybe if I just crippled you like the others, he might let you live. "

So I take it that Aizen knew of Ginrei's prophecy as well if Toshiro was the only captain Aizen wanted dead.

I am sort of getting a Voldemort/Harry potter vibe from Toshiro and Aizen. How there was the prophecy of Harry being the one to bring down the Dark Lord, but in this case it is Toshiro.

"She smiled. By then, Gin had slid down to be on the same level as them, so he got a good view of that act. Had General Yamamoto come bounding down the street stark naked scattering flowers in his wake, he could not have been more surprised."

A naked Yamamoto is not something I think anyone wants to see. I guess it shows how just the sight of Rukia smiling can surprise Gin.

And is there a significance to Gin giving Yachiru cinnamon candies? Especially since Aizen spells of cinnamon.

" Yumichika would face down Hell for their sakes, even if it meant he was damned as a result."

I think if I knew how this statement about Yumichika would become true a few chapters later, I think I would have stopped reading out of saving myself from reading about Yumichika's death.

Dang. His death still hurts. Of course that is testament to Tomas's brilliant writing.
Zombiegirl22 chapter 27 . 6/21
"As her memories were restored, Nanao Ise let her book fall to the floor."

Nanao wasn't a seed but Aizen still put cloud over moon on her just so that he could plant an archive entry saying how to make an imperial key?

And who knew that Don kanonji would be able to do something as getting Ginrei Kuchiki back on his feet. Guess he was right about healing magic being useful.

I have to admit, I like how Unohana thanks Rukia as well as what she says about the both of them-"I accept that I misjudged the strength of your devotion, both to our cause and to one another. Your relationship is based upon something deeper than previously believed, if it would cause Lord Kuchiki to raise his sword against another captain."

Unohana has been planting her seeds for over 2000 years, that is a long time to be planting seeds, yet her admission of many of them having died before they bloomed dashes my hopes that one of her seeds survived before she got to Aizen.

And though it probably hurts them both, I'm glad that Rukia didn't allow Byakuya to stop her from telling him the truth of what happened to Yamamoto.

I love Aizen's thoughts as he lifts up the spell, only for Rukia to point her blade at him-
"it was mildly insulting how little she trusted him to this day."

What does Aizen expect? For her to proclaim her loyalty to the cause like Hisagi and Renji. Surely he should know by now who he is dealing with.
"Their Rukia was a clever lass. "
Aizen holds just as much possessiveness towards Rukia as Gin does.

""You are insane." Rukia stated, clearly aghast. "You're using a crime you committed as proof that our world is corrupt?"

Sorry. I just very much enjoy how blunt Rukia has come to be when she is talking to Aizen.

And I enjoy this part as well- "The ties that bind."

Here is me hoping that the two have at least one conversation in 'Lifted Up'.

"Are you aware that he single-handedly obliterated the power of the Shiba clan?"
I still can't wait to see what more will be said about the Shiba and Shunsui in 'Lifted Up'.

I feel like I could read and reread this chapter just for the conversation between Gin, Rukia and Aizen.

I ry love Aizen's thoughts concerning Rukia- 'The knowledge that this fabulous girl might have been killed before she could ever prove her worth.'

"We've seen what you can do, you and I." Aizen held up a palm that bore the old scar left by Sode no Shirayuki. "So don't tell me you aren't strong enough."

I do wonder why Aizen never healed the scar Rukia gave him.

My favorite part of the chapter-

He gave her wrist a playful squeeze. "And what is that, my Lady?"

In a flash her zanpakutō was pressed against his belly, its pale edge cutting through the snow-white fabric of his hakama.

"The same goes for you," Rukia whispered, eyes gleaming like chips of ice. "If I can pose a threat to him, then you are in danger as well. And I don't hate Yamamoto. Nowhere near the way I do you."

You write Rukia so well.

Another of my favorite parts, Gin being worried about Rukia-"What if he just lets her get thrown to the wolves? ".

I love Rukia's rant about Yamamoto, she deserved to get that off her chest just like she deserved to be the one to take him down.

Aizen correctly chose her to be the one to do it.
I love Rukia's speech to Aizen just as she is about to try to take down Unohana. Showing how even though she was an unwilling pawn, that didn't mean that they had her under their complete control.

Another part I like is how both Aizen and Unohana acknowledge Rukia's qualities-"You are quite the hero, my dear," Retsu murmured.

"I couldn't agree more."

"All the same, the black-haired aristocrat did not fail to notice the look that vile brute directed her way. Like she was a prize for whichever man came out on top."

I do have to wonder what would have become of Rukia had Byakuya not come out on top.
Zombiegirl22 chapter 26 . 6/21
""Several of the books I have found deal with students instigating relationships with their teachers. "

Not just books but in this story too, such as Byakuya and his teacher/mentor dating.

And not to mention Rukia's own pondering a on her student/savior. I can't believe Ichifo didn't pick up the hint.

"Whatever. Just be back in time for supper. Yuzu's making gingered pork, and she wants everybody's opinion."

I wonder if Ichigo himself didn't want to part with Rukia, not really knowing why he didn't want her far from him. Using Yuzu as an excuse for Rukia not to take long and return home as quickly as possible.

"During a chat she had with his fighting partner Ikkaku, Rukia learned that Ayasegawa had spent a whole day back in Soul Society experimenting with the proper method of tying that particular fashion accessory, and had blistered the ears of some of their company with his curses when it didn't turn out right, according to the manual he consulted."

I knew that Rukia and Ikkaku had to have had at least one conversation, what with Yumichika and Ikkaku being friends and all.

I take it that Yumichika wearing the tie had more to do with trying to impress Rukia with his tie and his knowledge of how to use one.

I do wonder why Yumichika felt the need to distance himself from Rukia.

I love how adamant Yumichika is when telling Rukia "No!" That he isn't done with her.

"Oh, you're hopeless, you awful man! Are you really so totally arrogant that you would say something like that and mean it?"

Rukia might have thought he wasn't serious, but all she had to do was ask, and he would do it.

And why didn't Yumichika let Rukia say his zanpaktou's name. Is it because Rukia had yet to say Yumichika's own name without a honorific?

And I stillcan't get over him telling Rukia he looks forward to her smiles.

"Like that feathered idiot he had put to death earlier."

Which feather idiot did Izuru kill? I fear I missed something again.

/Many was the time he had roused from beneath his spell, seeing that grim figure before him and remembering once again everything that they had discussed before, and gone for his sword./

Just like Rukia. I almost feel sorry for Hisagi.
Though I do hate Tosen a lot for what he convinced Hisagi to do. Promising to kill Hisagi should Hisagi be forced to kill Yachiru.

And Uryuu's thoughts - "Don't out-think yourself, it's your greatest weakness. Father always told you that. "

It is good to see that Uryuu kept at least one of his farher's advice close to heart.
And I bet Unohana has been waiting quite awhile to get that off her chest, finally able to tell Ukitake what she has wanted to say to him

"First came a huge burst of reiatsu on the other side of their forces that was as fundamentally impure as Kurosaki's, but decidedly not him. "

I feel like I overlooked something but I can't seem to see who this burst of reiatsu came from.

And I love how Momo tells Toshiro to stop screaming Aizen's name- "I swear, it's like you think every bad thing that happened to you in your life can be attributed to Aizen-taichou."

It's true what she says though.

"The tattoos carved into his body, designed to suppress his transformation, had vanished, and his unrestrained power burned forth with the queer signature of both Hollow and shinigami. "

I see. It was Renji's own reiatsu that Toshiro had felt at first.

I must commend Tomas on the genius behind the reasons for Renji's tattoos.

Your writing of Renji and the way he has the inner conflict within himself, trying to come to terms with both what he used to believe about Byakuya and what he saw with his own eyes concerning Byakuya.

"Looking back now, with everything he knew, the double-agent understood that Rukia had not been in any real danger. Aizen never intended for her to die."

It was a good thing Byakuya did interfere, otherwise Rukia would have died, even though it wasn't in Aizen's plan that she died. None of them knew Gin's thoughts and how Gin had been ready to kill her.

"I only did it so that she could live in a world that wasn't filled with fear and pain."

I do feel for Renji, especially since all he did was for Rukia.

"Every single NIGHT, Captain Kuchiki! Stick your gold-plated COCK inside the woman I love and make her scream and plead for you to stop, while I sit outside the door and bring you a fresh pillow or a cord to gag her with! Maybe afterwards you'll be so grateful for my efforts that you'll let me have my turn too, WON'T YOU, CAPTAIN KUCHIKI?"

Renji's hollow really does know how to bring out the worst in Renji by putting those images in his head.

But I guess that is what inner hollows do.

"Byakuya Kuchiki prepared to summon Hadō #95, the forbidden Kamikaze."

I remember reading this but I don't think I let myself think to much on it. Byakuya ready to commit suicide so as not to allow Hollow!renji exist.

And what faih Byakuya has in his future brother-in-law- "Ichigo Kurosaki, you had best not disappoint me."

And just like Ichigo's hollow seems to have fled from Rukia and her love for Ichigo, Renji is able to wrestle back control from his own hollow, because of Rukia as well.

And the conversation between Tia and Grimmjow was interesting, especially with Tia explaining just why Grimmjow is a leader and how he would be good at leading those and inspiring them to follow him.
zombiegirl22 chapter 25 . 6/21
I loved how Senbonzakura called Byakuya out on his hypocrisy.

"How much would I have given to have someone dependable to turn to", this statement right here is what makes me think that Sosuke and Byakuya would have been good friends had Sosuke's clan not been destroyed, and had Sosuke lived with his noble clan, having the same opportunities to do so.

"This state of affairs was due more to the weapon's wielder than her own determined efforts. Their game was not over, he had simply deemed her ready to graduate to the next level. In this stage of their courtship, it was not a matter of seeing how well she performed against him, but more how long she could hold out."

Who knew that there were different levels that Gin graded Rukia on, and only by his allowance is she able to move on to the next. It is interesting to call whatever this is between Gin and Rukia a courtship.

"Not my body, that's for sure." The huntress slowed her pace as she drew closer to her prey. "Kiyone told me-you know her, the Third seat in my division?Kind of a gossip?- well she told me that you've been sneaking around Lieutenant Matsumoto's room, so we always figured you were into busty western-style beauties, not itty-bitty little..."

"his hand snaked out and grabbed her by the throat, yanking her off the ground. Rukia stared down into his eyes. The smile was back full-force and it was filled with hate."

Was the possibility that that people might have known that he cared for Matsumoto was what made him react so violently to Rukia, or was it something more?

I mean if Rukia and Kiyone both knew something was going on between the two, then that meant someone else could have gotten wind of how important Matsumoto was to Gin.

This is the second time someone uses Aaroniero's name, first the manticore, and now Rukia.

I do wish I knew what Gin was telling her as she saw his reflection after he went bankai.

"With that in mind, the black-haired shinigami found herself reaching out to try and touch him where he appeared to be standing. In response, Gin knelt down, and held out a hand. In the reflection, her fingers encountered his, but nothing registered to her touch. It looked like he was speaking once more."

Kind of interesting, the way their reflections reached out to touch the other other, but nothing registering to the touch.

And quite fast at figuring out Gin's bankai.

"No matter how you try to run or hide, the monster always knows where you are."

Now that I think about it, Gin would fit perfectly into a horror movie.

'The Best Way to test your theories is to put yourself in them.' well at least Rukia learned a thing or two from Mayuri.

I guess Gin is kind of lucky that Mayuri was indisposed after the war, and that Rukia never had the chance to hire Mayuri to kill a mirror man.

And I do wonder what Gin said before he quickly kissed her cheek.

Bless Yumichika for going to ask nemu about her trial with Gin and for giving Rukia a mirror.

"Who would bother bringing a mirror to a battefield, much less take it out and look in it." Did Rukia briefly forget that that is something her beloved Yumichika would do.

Confessing to Rukia what he really wants from her, he really was going to kill.

"Don't. Touch! My! SISTER!" Is there a reason SISTER was bolded?

"Yes, he tormented you and frightened you, I know, but ... but he never actually hurt you!"

I take it Shirayuki had no idea that Gin indeed meant to kill Rukia up in Sogyoku hill.

I love rereading Gin's and Rukia's first meeting and how he goes back to her, trying to keep what happened to him from happening to Rukia. And the fact her was worried, showing he cared for her, feeling relieved that she was ok.

And what a lovely picture it is, a young Gin carrying a baby Rukia on his back. And her reaching for Gin's hair, now I know why Rukia made the comment of "hi-ho silver" in one of the chapters.

I love how Rukia ended their 'courtship' telling him she was done with him.

And I don't think I commented in my first review, but amazing way to have Ichigo recognize that Unohana's eye was fake by Ichigo giving eye exams because his father thought that that was the only thing he wouldn't screw up.

And I think my absolutely favorite part in this entire story is reading Rukia take down Yamamoto.

Allowing her execution for something that was not worthy of being executed,lying to about sparing the lives of Ichigo and company. Rukia taking down the man even Aizen felt he couldn't get close to.

And big brother Byakuya coming to his sister's defense even if it meant raising his sword to his fellow captain.

And even though I have already read this chapter years before, the reveal of Unohana Retsu as the villain is something that still gives me goosebumps.
zombiegirl22 chapter 24 . 6/21
Well at least SS knows better than to overlook the value of the Grunts in the divisions, using those who have never seen Aizen's Bankai, to be able to tell if what is going on an illusion or not.

And I can't believe I didn't notice that Renji was wearing shades to battle.

And look at Ishida. coming to Inoue's defense, never doubting her one bit.

And who would have thought that Ichigo would have been astute enough to ask about the whereabouts of Gin.

And seeing as the two are going to be inlaws in the near future, I do enjoy rereading the the conversations between Ichigo and Byakuya.

Ichigo's paranoia going saw far as imagining Byakuya paying off Aizen and company to kill Ichigo, I would have thought Ichigo would have noticed that Byakuya wouldn't do anything to hurt his sister. But Ichigo being clueless and dumb, I can see why he didn't think of this.

Though I am glad Ichigo picked up on Byakuya's rudeness of cutting him off to clue him in that Byakuya is just as worried about Rukia as Ichigo.

I always wondered how Gin got into seireitei, and now knowing how it was Sasakibe who helped him enter, I see that Sasakibe escorting Rukia and why he wasn't allowed to enter the barrier, allowed Gin to move from Sasakibe's shadow to Rukia's shadow.

And no doubt Sasakibe being Yoruichi's uncle is why Byakuya gave his consent for him being Rukia's escort.

However I doubt Byakuya would have been happy at all if he knew just who Yoruichi and Sasakibe had been meeting with, the man who caused Rukia so many problems and even almost killed her in their final meeting.

/ She would have given much to have someone to accompany her, if only for a little while. But even Sode no Shirayuki seemed to have been rendered silent by their approaching peril./

I have to wonder whether Rukia would have been thinking about how she wished someone could have accompanied her if she knew that Gin would be the one to do so. Shirayuki being silent, I wonder if Shirayuki would have noticed his presence and perhaps that was the reason for her silence.

/She obeyed, scanning the shadows in search of anyone else present. But whether by sight, sound, or reiatsu, her senses told her they were alone./

If she knew of Gin's ability to hide in the shadows, she would know bettter than to trust her own senses.

Rereading Yamamoto's excuses as to why he can't get the key because he has a better purpose than to "squander his life" makes me hate him even more.

The fact that Shirayuki questioned what Yamamoto was asking Rukia, makes me wonder if Shirayuki and Shinso had a conversation while Yamamoto had been talking.

If indeed Shirayuki and Shinso had been conversing then perhaps Shirayuki knew that Gin had been helping out Urahara and Yoruichi. Shirayuki may have had more foresight into the situation, may have even seen that Yamamoto didn't have Rukia's best interests in heart, and how Yamamoto was being careless with Rukia's life, because what if Rukia's heart was false in her oath, bad things would happen to her.

If Shirayuki knew Gin was present, perhaps Shirayuki trusted Gin more with her mistress than she did with Yamamoto. Therefore if Shirayuki had convinced Rukia not to accept this mission, andd Yamamoto acted in a way to punish Rukia for not accepting, then perhaps Shirayuki knew that Gin would come to Rukia's defense. this is just speculating on my part, but I always wondered why Shirayuki spoke up at this part.

But seeing as Gin could open a garganta because he did not want to risk coming upon Yamamoto, I see I was way off of Gin coming to Rukia's aid should she had refused Yamamoto and he might have punished her. So I guess Shirayuki and Shinso didn't talk like I had previously believed.

"You're remarkably blind to what's around you, you know. A true warrior takes everything into account about someone he's fighting alongside. ''

Here is Yumichika trying to help point out one of his flaws being obliviousness, yet I wonder if Ichigo truly appreciated it or not.

The fact that Yumichika felt the need to point out many things to him, such as not having had something to eat as well as not taking Rukia's confession lightly makes me think that Yumichika recognized it.

Knowing what I do about Yumichika's love for Rukia, I wonder if Rukia was Yumichika's own reason for being "focused on butchering everything in their path so they can go roaring back home into the bed of the girl they left behind." whenever Yumichika went on missions, or why he stayed in the 11th because the 11th pretty much let him do whatever.

I'm glad Yumichika made things clear to Ichigo about Rukia's feelings for Ichigo, engraving the severity of Rukia's confession into Ichigo's head, to put aside any doubts Ichigo has.

"That is strength dimwitted lunkheads like you and I could not begin to approach on our best days."

I'm sure Yumichika wished he had had someone advising him to gather up strength/resolve in confessing to Rukia, rather than waiting. No wonder he easily calls himself a dimwitted linkhead alongside Ichigo.

Well, at least though he might not like Ichigo, for Rukia, he is willing to offer advise to Ichigo.

/And a chill stole over her/. Already feeling Gin with her.

/Revealed in the light of those two votives, there was a pair of doors that gleamed dully of bronze. Over them was a pediment bearing the kanji for takuiyoku, whose definition she took to read as 'High Will,' or perhaps 'Home Ambition'./

Rukia paid the kanji for "Takuiyoku" no importance, yet I wonder if it would have been different had she been aware of history among the nobles and of the manor wars.

/Considering the undertaking she had been involved in prior to departing for Hueco Mundo, the wealthy socialite had to wonder how and when all this might have been created. While both she and later Byakuya had agreed that such a monumental effort could not be done under complete secrecy, they still exercised a certain degree of circumspection in their efforts. And considering her family's power and reputation, there were remarkably few people fully aware of just what they had managed to pull off in only a few months./

So I take it that since the Kanji for Takuiyoku was here, that it was the Takuiyoku who done these measures of who can and can't retrieve the key, long before the manor wars.

Maybe the destruction of that clan was for the sole purpose of not allowing the Takuiyoku to reach Nirvana, so that Yamamoto himself could have the duty of guarding the key. To keep this place a secret.

/But somebody had to know beyond themselves, and it wasn't like they had tried to hide it when Soifon's agents had turned up asking questions. They had simply hoped that word of it would not somehow reach the ears of those people they would really have to worry about. Like the new king of Hueco Mundo and his colleagues. That fear was the price they had to pay, since they were not willing to kill their employees to keep their mouths shut./

"Willing to kill their employees to keep their mouths shut"- was that the one of the reasons the Takuiyoku were put to death? To make sure their silence was ensured?

I still find it quite ironic, how the King of Nirvana took measures to make sure his relatives didn't try fighting him for the throne, yet his actions toward the Takuiyoku clan, made Aizen's path to become KIng/God begin because of that.

And it is nice to Shibata and his adopted family enjoy themselves, seeing as how they couldn't enjoy themselves like this when they were still a part of the living world. Allowing them to take part of the free food courtesy of Rukia and the Kuchiki no doubt.

Allowing them a sort of rest and comfort, that they didn't even get to enjoy after the came to the afterlife.

I wonder if there is a significance in the mention that Hironari died in the 1940's, other than the excuses of not knowing what a waterpark is.

I take it was Rukia who wrote the management note. Reminds me of the flyer Ichigo found about the Urahara shoten being remodeled in 'Lifted Up'.

/It was a little overwhelming at first, but after they found the toy/candy area, Yuichi had decided one thing was certain. After being dead for almost a year, he was finally in heaven./

I'm glad that those who have had to endure quite a few things in the afterlife, finally got a taste of heaven. I would like to think that this comfort being given to these poor souls, no matter how late, will give them not only comfort and piece, but perhaps see that not all the Shinigami, are bad.

Shibata recognized Yuzu, probably during the time Yuzu and Karin, had been helping their father at the clinic when Chad had been hurt. Very nice of him to leave Yuzu a candy.

"That is very interesting news, my dear Espada ." He looked like he meant it too. Aizen's absorbing oak eyes were gleaming in a way that reminded his servant of a cat cornering a mouse. "I certainly wasn't expecting something like this upon returning. Yamamoto is more worthy of his title than I ever believed. I never thought to find him so unsure of his strategy that he would have taken safety measures for Karakura in case it failed. A most ingenious tactic, if I do say so myself." The aspiring king paused, and a knowing smile crept across his lips. "Or perhaps I speak out of turn. Something this wide in scope, this daring in execution, requiring vast resources and savoring of a concern for all souls regardless of their worth; it doesn't quite ring true to the old man's character. It could be that another worthy adversary has dealt their hand in to oppose my perceived goals. So many people do not wish for me to gain possession of a Key. It's really quite…"

Sosuke hit the nail right on the head, how it wasn't Yamamoto but someone else who had a concern for all souls regardless of their worth.

I wonder if Aizen picked up on it being Rukia who had powerless souls' best interests in heart.

He already saw what she was capable of, going to
zombiegirl22 chapter 23 . 6/21
Now I see when Kuniedo and Tia first "met".

And I agree. Kuniedo's power is subdued, but it does come quite in handy and it is very unique.

I know that Rukia (before she met Yumichika, Momo, Izuru, Ichigo, and fixed her relationship with her brother) wouldn't have minded Kuniedo's power to keep her hidden from Gin and those she believed to do her harm.

I looked up the quote, and saw that it was a quote from the book 'The Last Unicorn'. Sadly I haven't read it, but I remember my older sister talking about it when I was a kid.

And that was very nice of Neliel to heal Grimmjow and send him on his way(SS).

I felt sympathy for Grimmjow when he stepped into SS and how he called SS beautiful, and how he felt no hunger like he did in HM and the Living World.

How his and the other arrancars lives might have been different, had their souls been purified instead of being allowed to turn into a hollow.

And I can't believe I missed that Ulquiorra was naked the first time I read this story. I knew he had reached Segunda Etapa, but my mind overlooked that he was naked.

And Kanonji would make a good court jester, no wonder Barrigan was willing to put up with his "performance". Kanonji was biting off more than he could chew, it was a good thing Mizuro and Keigo were there.

I didn't pay much attention to his statement the first time I read it, thinking that he just picked up information that would only work on video games, but I am begining to wonder if the whole "undead monsters are vulnerable to healing magic" would be true in this story and 'Lifted Up'. I mean not Kanonji's healing magic (I doubt he would even be able to do it), but someone else's healing magic.

So Karin not only taught Rukia about video games, but Kanonji as well.

And who knew that Barrigan would enjoy Wagner's work?

Rereading the brief conversation between Barrigan and one of Mizuiro's girlfriends always makes me laugh. I doubt anyone has ever called Barrigan gorgeous or tell him they want to hump his bones.

I like how Ichigo looks to Rukia for reassurance, her presence reminding what he has to fight for and look forward for. How she gives him comfort, and helps strengthen his resolve. How she didn't shy away from his hollow, nor fear him because of the hollow.

I do wonder why Urahara's demeanor changed when he noticed Ichigo looking at Rukia- "Having a tender moment?"

Did Urahara know that having Rukia and her love would somehow affect his hollow, and was worried that maybe Ichigo wouldn't rely on his hollow powers and there might be a chance he wouldn't take on Aizen and Yamamato should he need them? Or did he somehow know that SS had put a failsafe in case Ichigo ever went hollow?

And rereading his statements, I can't believe I didn't notice how Urahara had only stated that their purpose- "The vizard, and myself, are totally devoted to obstructing the rise of Aizen."

I can't believe how I missed that Urahara didn't say that they wanted Aizen dead, just obstructing his rise, nor that they weren't allies to SS or that Urahara stated "Your allies", meaning Urahara didn't consider the Shinigami his allies. Which again brings me to mind Ichigo's speech about how Urahara had set this up, doing so because both Yamamamto and Aizen had to be taken care of so he could return to SS.

I got to love the overprotectiveness of Ichigo as he sees Mayuri staring at Rukia.

And I got to say I love how comfortable Mayuri is with Rukia, putting his arm around her, and I love how Rukia didn't chop off his arm or show disgust.

I love how Rukia hit Ichigo and got after Ishida for thinking that Rukia would let powerless people come to harm, when she herself got between Ichigo and a hollow to try to spare his life. It was her idea after all, and I think if it would have been left to the Yamamato, Mayuri and the other captains, they could could have cared less about what might happen to those they considered weren't important.

i love the praise Byakuya gives Rukia and I love how she blushed. Though I thought Byakuya was going to try to keep her blushes to a minimum in public.

And I don't know why it didn't occur to me when I first read this, but Stark calling to Karin makes me think of 'The Three Little Bigs'. I almost expected to go threaten to huff and puff.

I do love the somewhat friendship between Isshin and Ryuuken. I love how he helped them drive Stark off.

I was wondering if you were going to be following the revelations of Isshin's real last name/clan that have been shown in the manga. I assume so since Ginrei's letter did say-"In my mind's-eye I watch as a man with hair like orange flame, the heir to the one-eyed God of War, does battle with madness incarnate in the form of a ravening Wolf, to avenge his kin and all the multitudes who died in that beast's jaws."

Shiba being the ones who gave up their limbs to imprison story was published before the revelations in the manga concerning Isshin's family before he met Masaki and I must applaud Tomas for making the connection even before Kubo revealed it.

I loved the father/daughter moment between the two.

And I can't believe I didn't pay much attention to Kukaku's explanation of Ulquiorra and how he was a bas celik and his lacking a heart not allowing death to claim him.

And Kon saving Michiru from Gin, very good timing on Kon's part.

And I can't tell if Gin was going to help Michiru or hurt her. I assume he was already working with Urahara and Yoruichi, so perhaps he was looking out for Michiru's best interests but I'm not sure.

But seeing as he was going to stab Kon before Neliel intervened, then I guess he didn't have the best intentions concerning the two, just to "wound'em up a bit".

Did Gin know that it was a mod soul that was in Ichigo's body? Because if he didn't, and really believed that that was Ichigo, he would have had alot of explaining to do to Yumichika.

And I take it that Hiyori is upset that they plan to lock Aizen in the RR, where her beloved captain Hikifune lives.

Sending them to SS, yet in the following chapters, I don't remember the Vizard making an appearance, so I guess the Vizard was the insurance Urahara had to make sure that everything happened the way it was supposed to be.
zombiegirl22 chapter 22 . 6/18
I do wonder if Kon's or Keigo's perverseness rubbed off on Ichigo, what with him thinking she could have been a centerfold.

Even the first time I read this, I found the conversation between Unohana and Ichigo interesting.

Rereading this again, I found I never noticed (made the connection) how what Ichigo thoughts on SS and how the shinigami reminded him of the Samurai who became monsters, he was describing what had happened to Gin when Gin was younger.

And I love how Ichigo made it clear how what they were going to was to Rukia was quite personal and nothing he would forget anytime soon.

And we see Gin's first time interrogating someone. Being placed in the 80th, Zaraki, just like Kenpachi, Yachiru and Yumichika, I can see why Gin got along more or less with these individuals.

I never really noticed this before, but Rukia was the first person in SS that Gin had come to care for, even before he met Matsumoto. Rukia was probably the first person, he met without hurting as well. First person he probably showed mercy too as well. Even if his zanpakto had something to do with that.

I always found it interesting, Gin's anger at seeing Rukia, believing her just to be a toy for Byakuya. I almost want to shake him and say it is his own fault for abandoning her, after she learned to walk. He could have kept her with him, yet didn't. He wants to teach her now, yet refused to keep her with him where she might have learned many things from him.

I'm kind of imagining what kind of family unit, he, Rangiku and Rukia would have made, had Gin kept Rukia with him.

Was Izuru genuinely happy that Rukia told him it was good to see him? Who knew such a thing would make him happy.

How Ironic that Gin had used a sleeping kido spell in the coin, while Rukia had put one in his body years before.
zombiegirl22 chapter 21 . 6/18
At least Rukia noticed Ishida's arm and rushed to his side to try to be of some help.

I don't think I can thank Tomas enough for writing a bad ass Chad. I know I stated in my first review my appreciation for Chad's fight with Yammy, I must restate that appreciation.

Giving him more agency, letting him have his own moment to shine, letting him be what his character wanted, to be able to stand beside Ichigo, in terms of fights, and to hold his own, without having Ichigo come to his rescue.

I'm especially glad for him doing that to Yammy especially after Yammy threatened my queen with rape.

I also love Rukia's fine acting, and how she and Renji can still communicate wordlessly even though the two have been distant for many years.

And very brilliant writing of having Chad beat Yammy with his own arm.

I take it it was Gin's own mechanisms that explains why Neliel's status was never revoked?

Maybe another thing SS should be grateful to Gin, for indirectly allowing Neliel's status to remain unrevoked, allowing her to help them leave HM.

And I know I shouldn't be surprised at Mayuri putting him arm through the Garganta and then withdrawing it, but I still was. Others might have used others to test if it was safe, but he used his own arm, showing how truthful he was being to Rukia, about running experiments on himself first before doing it to others.

And I am so glad that Rip-Tease/Gin got revenge against the Shogunate that had shot the arrow at him. Pinned by his own arrows, while watching someone he loved torn to shreds, poetic vengeance in my opinion.

An over a year of preparation between the 11th,2 and 4th squads, just to get to Rip-Tease/Gin,, that is a whole lot of preparation. "Forewarned is forearmed" (sorry I can't help but tease Tomas). Or maybe SS took up that motto, after dealing with a hollow who managed to kill many different units of Shinigami.

Daichi not having his zanpakuto, how did I miss that the first time I read this chapter. Like father, like son.

Hanatarou's brother was the one who was the lieutenant of the 4th in canon, but since Isane seems to have been lieutenant for a long time, I take it that was why Tomas changed it to his father, not brother serving in the fourth?

Dao Fon does give quite the speech. Too bad giving speeches didn't keep him alive.

And it seems that the smell of blood has followed Gin even back when he was a hollow.

And I know Rip Tease was a hollow who enjoyed torturing his prey, but I can't help but feel a tiny bit of sympathy as he tells Daichi that he wishes to go home as well.

And I can't believe I didn't notice that Isane and Rip Tease/Gin had met before. I feel quite dumb.

Daichi scores a point in my book, showing sympathy for Rip Tease/Gin and trying to comfort him even though he was on the verge of death himself.

Did Daichi, like Hisana, pass his zanpakutou to Hanatarou after his death? If so, then that would mean that Hanatarou's and Rukia's souls are both unique.

Rukia's and Ichigo's conversation is still a favorite of mine. The two got their reunion that Rukia had promised Ichigo. Too bad Kubo didn't remember that in canon.

I love Ichigo's musings about Rukia, and how Zangetsu implied he was dull when compared to Rukia.

I love Rukia's keen insight into the situation, having Ichigo face it and come to terms with what happened, rather than allowing him to ignore it or run away from the problem. Others would have patted him on the back and go "There There. It's ok, Ichigo." but Rukia didn't, showing how well she knows what is in Ichigo's best interest.

I do so enjoy the way you write Rukia. Giving her the character development she deserves. Her observation of Kenpachi as well as what the true roles of SHinigami should be, makes me love your Rukia so very much.

And it's true what she says about Shinigami hating hollow, thinking of them as their enemy. However , maybe if the Shinigami did their job correctly, then souls wouldn't have the chance to become hollows.

Rukia talks about forgiveness, just like the the mysterious shinigami talks about forgiveness in 'Lifted Up'. It makes me wonder if someone had been eavesdropping on this conversation.

I love how Rukia embraces him as he starts crying after hearing what his hollow told him, and how Ichigo took the comfort Rukia so readily gave him.

And Rukia's confession to Ichigo, one of my favorite parts, offering her unconditional love, with expecting nothing in return.

A promise of being there for him, through thick and thin, death or worse, without waiting to see if he would repeat those words back to her. Whether he did love her back the way she might have hoped didn't matter to Rukia. This wasn't for her, this was for him. Unselfish.

Mayuri's instructions about the use of the garganta, has me picturing Mayuri as a amusement park attendant telling those on the roller coaster to keep hands and feet inside during the ride. However Mayuri doesn't care one bit about what happens to them once the come out of the garganta.

I like seeing Byakuya's thoughts in regards to his sister, as well as his recollection of what what happened between them after he woke up to find her sitting by his bedside.

I loved how he noticed that she would blush whenever he spoke well of her, and his decision to not let anyone see her blushing. I love his over-protectiveness to keep away men with 'diabolical interest' in her.

And I love how he has come to care for her as an actual sibling, rather than thinking of her as his deceased wife's sister and his obligation.
zombiegirl22 chapter 20 . 6/18
The scene Tomas painted of what occurred after Rukia's fight with the 9th was beautifully done.

Especially Sode no Shirayuki's dialogue as her mistress is dying, doing her best to try to keep Rukia alive.

I do wonder at Gin's change of heart. In later chapters we find that he meant to kill Rukia back on the execution hill, even though his orders were made to look like he only "intended" to kill her and it being a mistake that she lived.

Gin had to have known what his presence would trigger in Rukia, the desire to live, just like his presence had done so months before when he went to go visit her in her tower.

I always found in interesting how Sode no Shirayuki was calling for Rukia's allies to come help her but the one who showed up was Gin, someone Rukia proclaims to be her enemy and some she has feared.

I mean I know the connection between the three (Rukia, Gin and Shirayuki) now, but knowing their history, I have always found it interesting how Gin's presence someimes quiets the zanapaktos dialogue in certain moments.

I mean when Rukia had first talked to Yoshi (Aizen in disguise), she did give her own thoughts on what Rukia should do, yet when Rukia and Gin would come across each other Shirayuki would keep silent, no doubt out of gratitude for what this man did for her mistress when she was young and couldn't defend herself and now for indirectly saving her hear as well.

And I too, like Shirayuki, wonder why Gin didn't look happy. Is he once again reminded of the first time he saved this girl, and his own tragic story?

I know that Byakuya's thoughts of the Kuchiki palace might have been included just to show not only the history, but how long the clan has been around, but I can't help but pick up on Byakuya's passing thought on the portico-

/The colossal gold-trimmed portico through which he was about to pass had been a wedding gift from his mother's family./

Which once again brings back my curiosity of who his mother's family/clan was? And whether we will see them in 'Lifted Up' or not.

And Byakuya's instructions of detonating the manor seems quite excessive, does he truly hate the hollows so much or is something in the mansion hidden that he doesn't want the Hollows getting ahold of?

I love how Rin speaks up for Rukia to Mayuri, telling him that they should indeed seek to give the Kuchiki aid should something go wrong.

I do hope to much more of him in 'Lifted Up'. He has grown on me a bit more after rereading this story.

I do wonder what Rukia would have had to say to Mayuri about using 'Deathly Debutante' when she had told him not to.

Like Mayuri did give a perfect explanation on why she wouldn't be angry, but I am sure she would have some words to say to him knowing he used Ishida for that.

And Isane served the Tenkanmuri tea leaf to those in attendance, and I can't believe I didn't make the connection in the later chapters when Unohana and Aizen offered that same to Byakuya.

But Nanao did pick up on it.

And did the candy Hisagi give Yachiru have something in it that imbolized her when he fought against Kenpachi?

And was that same candy the same one that Yachiru offered Ishida and Ishida licked?

And Izuru's response to the second seat of division two as well as the blunt and angry manner of responding to him, quite surprised me. Usually Izuru isn't so blunt like this, but if Izuru's clan was demoted or lowered in rank that benefited Omaeda I can see why he insulted him the way he did. Implying that it was Omaeda's own nobility not powers that gained him the seat, while Izuru being from a lesser clan had to work for that seat.

Momo's own statement, and how she did imply that many wouldn't come back but she knew she would come back, made me wonder if perhaps, the kido mixed drink did lift up the cloud over moon spells much earlier for Hisagi (which was why he was prepared with the candy for Yachiru), why Izuru sought to offend the second seat, and momo's own speech.

Renji and Rukia being in HM during this party, so the spell wouldn't have been lifted up. But then I'm just probably confusing things.

I suspect it was either Hisagi or Renji trying to get Rangiku's daily report logs, since the two have tattoos, but knowing know that Iba has a tattoo as well that could name him as one of her admirers.

But something makes me think that Matsumoto's statement was something deeper. Her offer of drinks to those who survive, and then knowing she killed some of the hidden traitors, makes me wonder how much Matsumoto knew during this time. She is not one to walk away from drinking or a party, so I was surprised to see her leave quite early. Which again makes me a bit suspicious.

And I do wish to know more of what went on between Shunsui's clan and the Shiba. I Mean I know now why he did that, especially after what Kuukaku's father did to Aizen's mother, but the details of how Shunsui used his resources to do so and what Ukitake did to cover for him. Tomas mentioned how the more info on the Shiba would be given in the sequel so I do hope more about Shunsui will be given as well.

It makes me wonder if Shunsui himself was related in some way or another to Aizen's mother. Maybe she was his sister or a cousin or a niece.
Both Aizen and Shunsui look as if they could be related.

Rereading Gin's tragic life when he was 2, and no one doing anything to help him, breaks my heart.

How no one went and helped a two year old child crying for help just because they believed him to be an ill omen because of his hair. Heartless bastards.

No child deserves to go what he went through, to be thrown stones at and driven away.

And the warrior shooting Gin, and then getting his men to go with him to bring back Gin's head, how very cruel.

And I'm sort of glad the children and their parents didn't listen to Gin's warning, they deserved what they got for being so cruel to a child who had lost his mother and just sought a home.

And I feel for him, praying to heaven for someone to save him, yet his body is devoured before his eyes.

And the fact that the Shinigami were busy with purifying the souls of the refugees that had been killed, missing Gin, I can see his anger at SS.

And I must commend Tomas on his amazing writing and departure from canon where Ulquiorra won against Ichigo.

I never liked Ulquiorra's death in canon. I actually wished he had never died, he deserved better.

SO I thank Tomas for giving him better than what he deserved.

And I think that the fact that Inoue didn't try to heal Ulquiorra in the manga, and did something as useless as just stretching her arm out, is what made me begin hating Inoue. She trained with Rukia, she should have done more than stay on the sidelines and watching every one else get hurt.

So I'm relieved that Tomas gives her more agency/development than Kubo himself did. Standing up to Ulquiorra and denying him healing.

And Ulquiorra is a genius, taking the appearance of Ichigo so that Inoue would heal him.

I almost feel bad for Inoue, which is kind of weird. Kissing who she thinks to be Ichigo when really it was Ulquiorra all is some mind fuckery right there. But maybe she shouldn't be kissing someone without getting their consent.

I'm laughing because I'm trying to imagine what is going on through Ulquiorra's head as Inoue is kissing him. He probably would have detached himself from her as soon as her lips touched his, but then maybe he feels he should just let her do so until she stops, as some sort of gratitude for healing him. He won't go the extra step by responding to her kisses, that is where he draws the line.

And that is another thing of why I was angry at Inoue while reading the manga, she could have healed Ishida during Ulquiorras and Ichigo's fight, but she was more concerned with Ichigo.

I'm glad Ichigo was able to help Ishida in this story, even if the two can't help but get irritated at the other.

And I also must commend Tomas for Neliel's fight with Nnoitra. She deserved to get her vengeance, and Tomas did her story line justice. Making him eat his own tongue and then beating his flunky with his head. I am in awe of Tomas's writing and creativity.

Ishida did have a point of how Ichigo should have bought his flying cloak with him, yet Ichigo did have a point as well about how he shouldn't be spending so much time worrying about his clothes.

Very amazing chapter that I enjoyed rereading.
zombiegirl22 chapter 19 . 6/18
I have not read this chapter in a long time.

WHich was why when rereading about Kuukaku feeling guilty while hearing about Kiyone's adoration for her captain, made my mind immediately jump to thinking that Kuukaku felt guilty because something had gone on between Kuukaku and Ukitake in the past. You know both are of noble houses, the two had Kaien in common so they had to have come across each other, and maybe one thing led to another, and Kuukaku was feeling guilty that she broke it off with Ukitake long ago, or something like that.

Then I continued reading and saw that my daydreaming that came about from that one sentence was wrong since, Kuukaku felt like what they were doing was clubbing a baby seal, so her guilt lay elsewhere.

I'm curious about who was the guy from Kuchiki who asked for the reports (though I imagine it was someone Byakuya sent to the 13th division), and what exactly did he tell her about Byakuya.

Lieutenant White Coat (can't remember how to spell his name at the moment so I'm just using Kiyone's nickname for him) is related to Yoruichi, and he must have known about the meetings. Maybe not the truth truth, but if he had told Kiyone to leave it alone, he must have suspected it.

Kiyone must have been proficient at spells if she recognized the healing spells.

Yoruichi's statement of "No Rest for the wicked" made me think of the game 'borderlands' since the song is used at the intro to the game.

And Kuukaku's reply to Yoruichi's statement about how she is missing an arm and a leg "Sit on it and rotate" made me think of the movie 'The Crow'. Gideon one of the villains uses a similar expression 'sit on it and twirl'. so that was why my mind jumped to that movie wit Kuukaku's statement.

When they talk about trust, and Kuukaku's statement of how they don't trust anybody that much, and Yoruichi's murmur of agreement, was Yoruichi in turn thinking about Noboru/her own secret? Or did Yoruichi tell someone before the events of 'Lifted Up' with her secret?

And I sort of feel bad for Aizen having to deal with Tosen and his endless questions and worries and suggestions about how to deal with his subordinates.

It is interesting the way you write Hollow!Ichigo. Other writers usually redeem his character (including Kubo), so it is a bit of fresh air to see him not not want to be redeemed or fight the good fight, not caring for anyone else but himself.

That being said I really still enjoyed his dialogue to Rukia- "Though you're a lot cuter. What brings you to our home, pretty kitty? Are you lost and looking for a warm place to spend the night?"

I know his purpose for that statement was to make Rukia uncomfortable, and maybe even poke fun at her (since his host hasn't wised up to Rukia's feelings for Ichigo), and had nothing to do with romance, I still very much enjoyed his dialogue.

And I know I said this in my first review for this chapter, but I do love how Rukia thought back to her previous experience of a loved one who had been possessed by a hollow and rather than respond with her sword when the hollow gave her a chance to attack him, she responded with love/intimacy, showing how even thought she might be quite worried and terrified of what is going on with the boy she loves, she won't condemn him for something like having a hollow in him.

And i am glad that you had Urahara apologize to Rukia for what he did. Kubo never even thought to write a scene where Urahara apologized to Rukia about the Hogyoku.

And I guess I was just too excited to see a scene between Urahara and Rukia and Rukia confronting him about what he did to her, that I never even noticed that Rukia had slightly cut Urahara-"A trickle of blood flowed".

And though Urahara, seemed to be truthful when responding to Rukia's questions of why her, just like Rukia, I felt that even with his long winded explanation, it really didn't explain all his reasons for putting it in her.

I wonder if Urahara was just as angry with Rukia for telling Aizen his location (I know that Yoruichi detected Urahara's anger (in a previous chapter) when asking whether or not she found out how Aizen came to know their location) as Rukia was after learning how Urahara used her.

I was quite a bit surprised that Urahara had even mentioned the possibility of her zanpakuto not originally belonging to Rukia and the mention of how her soul is unique compared to other shinigami, but Rukia did have her sword and had drawn blood, so I imagine this was to catch her off guard.

Would have been interesting to see Urahara and Gin talking, and Gin telling Urahara about raising Rukia for the first year or so of her life.

I do have to wonder if Urahara's words to Rukia are sincere-"After all, I knew you weren't happy living as a shinigami and a member of the Kuchiki. I told myself you might even be grateful for the opportunity to escape all that. It was how I got to sleep for those two months while you were here."

Or if he is just saying those words to placate her, trying to show how he was looking after for her, so she thinks he isn't all that devious, trying to hide his manipulative actions, behind pretty words.

I would like to think he was serious, I have come to enjoy the complex and mysterious Urahara you have written, but I'm not sure how to figure him out, especially when Ichigo called Urahara out in later chapters about his true motives of trying to bring down both Yamamato and Aizen.

I do believe Rukia was channeling Mayrui when she told Urahara- "Forget about apologies, Urahara-san. Express remorse with your actions, not words. Find a way to make amends, not excuses."

Mayuri had told her in an earlier chapter about how he felt about Hiroto's apology to him-"He recognized that what he had done to me was wrong, and how does he seek to make amends? With an apology! As if mere words or gestures can take back the sins people commit against one another! Apologies are meaningless, no matter how sincere. The damage is done! The only thing that can possibly ameliorate the blame, to show true contrition, is to accept the injured party's pain as your own."

And I take it the appointment Urahara had to keep was with Gin. And makes me wonder if he knew the details about the "games" Gin used to play with Rukia, which would explain making deals and cooperating with someone who Rukia considered an enemy.
zombiegirl22 chapter 18 . 6/17
Another chapter I didn't review back in 2012. Again I apologize.

Even though they didn't interact much in the manga, I do like the idea of Grimmjow and Tia somewhat getting along. With all of Tia's power I can see Grimmjow having a sort of respect for her. Not like Nnoitra the misogynistic a-hole.

I remember liking Stark the first time I saw him in the manga, he reminded me a little of Shunsui and He was quite handsome as well.

However, your Stark is very well written, and you wrote him the way the first Espada should have actually been written, terrifying and quite powerful.

So powerful and terrifying that the ones who imprisoned him had to put him on the moon.

And I feel for Tosen, getting a verbal lashing from Aizen. However Aizen's response to Tosen's worry is an example not to question Aizen, especially five seconds before Aizen is going to do what he already planned to do.

"Instead, Aizen held up his hand, in which a polished round diamond gleamed like a star in the palm of God"

I like this description of Aizen.

And the unmasking of Stark was quite brilliant. I am always in awe of the way Tomas writes.

"This was the whole reason behind Metastacia's creation. The sacrifice must be done willingly, or it has no effect. All it means is that this form will not be complete from now on, nothing more. Rest assured, there will be no pain. I promised, remember?"

And I can't believe I didn't analyze this more closely. I forgot that Metastacia had eaten Kaien, and there for Aaroniero could do the sacrifice so that the chains could be broken.

I knew that Kuukaku and Yoruichi had had a conversation about how neither Kuukaku and Ganju were missing an arm so they didn't know how the chains were broken, but I completely forgot about this conversation until I reread this chapter again.

/He held up five fingers. "Five noble houses." He pointed at the arrancar with the other hand, ticking them off. "Five separate vassals." Then his finger turned upon Grimmjow. "There is a sixth house, though. The house of the King. And we have our own king of the beasts right there. Fitting, yes?" His arms dropped back to his side. "Are there any more questions, Tosen?"/

Not just the king of the beasts in attendance, but also the only living heir of the Takuiyoku clan, kind of ironic.

And I must say I like Grimmjow's musings as Tosen chanted. Made me like Grimmjow even more.

And rereading Ginrei's and Yoruichi's conversation, I now see what Tomas was explaining, and about how Ginrei did it for both Yoruichi and Byakuya.

Ginrei talks about his lieutenant, Byakuya's mother, and her death. Which makes me curious about the woman, and makes me wonder from which clan Byakuya's mother came from.

Ginrei repeating what he told Unohana, and about Yoruichi, and how she was his grandson's heart, so Unohana was indeed aware of the love between the two. Which then makes me think about Noboru, and whether or not Unohana did indeed know of his existence. If she did, then it makes sense why she would have someone send the Hunt after Noboru.

So Yoruichi was alive at the time during the Manor Wars, seeing as her father told her to trust Ginrei back then. She looks good for her age.

Rereading Ginrei's account of what happened in the Manor wars, makes me realize how screwed up everything was.

Because the way he tells it the Takuiyoku was the one who was who was behind the Manor wars, trying to reduce the nobles and their power.

Which of course could be good or bad. If the accusations against Takuiyoku are true, then perhaps Takuiyoku did so because holding a position in Central 46, he himself saw the corruption and the injustice of what was happening in SS, and indeed wanted to take away power from the nobility and give it back to the people, to make things truly just and right.

He as a noble tried to buck the system, and the system replaced him with a noble that would follow orders.

The central 46 who was got power from the nobles, no doubt saw this as either treason, or that their power would be reduced, with the reduction of power from the nobles. No longer being special or holding any power.

Well at least Ginrei's Zanpakuto was able to speak to her and mentioned the King's treachery, and it was what poisoned the traitors.

I do wonder what Ginrei whispered into Yoruichi's ear. Especially with Yoruichi's words of "Others had an handinvolved" other than the captains. which could have been the seeds they were planting, or could have been other people believed to be allies.

I love how Rukia teases Tsubokura, especially when she drinks out his juicebox and then hands it back to him.

I have to say I am curious as to Rukia not seeming that concerned with Byakuya disappearing from his sick bed at various times. We the readers know the reasons behind his disappearance yet, I'm surprised she herself didn't look into the matter.

And what an interesting Organization system Momo developed, I know I would definitely benefit from it.

Iba almost assassinating the instructor when trying to gain admittance into the Onmitsukido should have been a positive trait, since the Onmitsukido is made up of assassins. Even though Iba' actions weren't on purpose butt because of his sunglasses.

But Iba's time in the Kido corps, seemed to have come in quite handy especially with his fight that came down later on.

Iba wasn't shown much in this story, but I do wonder if he himself had a bigger part to play in the background that we the readers didn't see. I mean we saw his fight with Hisagi, but what made him take measures of his own, when others didn't think to do so.

I mean he suspected the three traitors, and went out of his way to immobilize one with a Kido spell, because he knew that the other two wouldn't fall for it.

And I will always treasure the moments between Yumichika and Rukia, especially this one where Yumichika comes clean about his and Byakuya's secret deal.

I don't know why but the three rules of the 11th division sort of reminded me of the three rules concerning the care of mogwai in the movie 'Gremlins'. My brain pops out the strangest thoughts when reading.

Rukia surviving the third rule should have clued in people that there are always exceptions to rules, as well as hinted at Yumichika's true feelings for her.

But then again everyone thought Yumichika was gay, and the 11th aren't known for their thinking, so it does make sense how no one put two and two together.

And I don't think I ever mentioned it, but I love the description of Yumichika's quarters.

Rukia's comment about being in Yumichika's room making her a little uneasy, made me think that perhaps she was feeling slightly jealous at the thought of Yumichika entertaining others, without questioning why she felt uneasy. But then I remembered she her comment to Ichigo about how he is like her brother, and just like she would be uneasy/grossed out about thinking of Byakuya's sex life, maybe the same was said for Yumichika.

Although I must say, I too wondered what Yumichika did in his room. I doubt it was anything intimate, considering his very serious feelings for Rukia, I doubt Yumichika had a lover on the side. But I could be wrong.

I swear my eyes started tearing when Yumichika told Rukia "Because Rukia-chan needed me".

Yumichika makes it clear that he was very well off. Now I'm sure seated officers get paid, but the way Yumichika makes it sound was that he is a bit wealthy so I have always been curious where the rest of his money came from.

And what I would give to see the conversation between Byakuya and Yumichika, both when they came to an agreement, and after Rukia's first lesson when Byakuya threatened him.

And Yumichika's actions concerning the money he was paid, how he set it aside for Rukia, not touching one penny, really shows alot about his character.

My favorite part was when He called himself Rukia's pet.

How much it must have hurt Yumichika hearing how Rukia thought of her childhood friends and Ichigo. Did Rukia think of her friend Yumichika when she was imprisoned? I'm surprised she didn't remember the first rule of the 11th of "Never Surrender". I'm even more surprised how Yumichika himself didn't try going to visit her in prison.

I know that after this conversation, Yumichika went to Gin and told him to let Yumichika take care of Ichigo, in hopes of keeping him from dying because Rukia was in love with Ichigo. But still it must have hurt quite a bit, and My heart goes out to Yumichika.

I don't doubt Yumichika's words about slitting Byakuya's throat, if Byakuya wouldn't have saved Rukia.

Too bad Rukia didn't see the seriousness of Yumichika's words.

And Yumichika, being the quick thinker that he is, quickly caught on to who Rukia really wanted to visit in the Living world.

I really do love Tomas's writing very much- one of my favorite parts
/. He had stepped back and stood watching now with an intensity that caused color to rise to her cheeks as she sat open-mouthed like a songbird in a cage./

My goodness Rukia, can't you tell the man is in love with you. Even Ichigo never looked at her with such intensity.

/It felt like she had slipped into a soothing bath, and unconsciously the awestruck maiden let out a soft moan. A tingle of pleasure coursed through her, and it was impossible to say from which of them it originated./

Quite an intimate and tender scene between the two.

And the light kiss Yumichika gives her, another of my favorite parts.
zombiegirl22 chapter 17 . 6/16
Who knew I would come to love Kon because your writing? Giving him a voice and development that goes beyond being comic relief.

I am happy for what was given to Kon in order to give him a chance to fight in "Lifted Up". In his plushy form, he must being feeling as helpless as Ichigo was feeling before Rukia gave him her powers.

And I know I gave my appreciation for Kon's and Ichigo's conversation in my first review for this chapter, but it is still one of my favorite parts. Especially-

/A pained look crossed the boy's face. "Why aren't you getting this? She CHOSE to stay?'/ and Ichigo never realized how much he had come to care for Rukia. That should have been hint to the boy that he was having feelings for Rukia that went beyond friendship. But I do love this part because I very much like angst.

"Don't expect to ever see her again." I have to wonder if Ichigo said that to get Kon used to the idea that Rukia won't be coming back, or if they were words he has been telling himself. Maybe Ichigo isn't as dumb as he looks, and just won't think/ignores the possibility of feelings because he doesn't want to get his hopes up because it's not like Rukia can live in the living world, with him.

He knows Rukia had a home with him, but seeing how she has one in SS, he probably feels that she no longer wants to be apart of his world, even though she already told him she wouldn't mind living in his modest home.

I do still like Kon's idea over throwing her over his shoulder and bringing her home.

And I don't think I fully appreciated Nanao's strength, but she is quite strong.

The first time I read this chapter, I didn't really take notice of how it took Kaname three attempts to make the Academy Grade. i wonder why that was.

And Nanao's theory behind Sakezuki's "death", though coming quite close to the correct conclusion, was still so very far. Believing that Aizen and company killed him because he was a threat, when she didn't realize that the reason was much more personal. Maybe if Nanao would listen to rumors, Like Kiyone, she might have picked up a rumor or to of Kaname's love life, or lack of love life, and would have seen that the truth was more personal.

And the flashback between Aizen and Nanao did give me more of a view of Nanao's true personality. Who knew that she could wax poetic when she describes Aizen's appearance.

Another thing I missed, how nanao picked up on Aizen's scent of cinnamon just like Rukia did.

And even back then, Aizen knew what buttons to push, picking up on Nanao's loneliness and why she seeks refuge in the library.

What did surprise me was how he had begun to make Nanao uncomfortable, which was surprising because maybe even back then Nanao had sort of a sixth sense, where she knew to be cautious of Aizen but not sure why.

I feel for Nanao as she chastises herself for missing something that was in front of her. But of course it is no fault of her own.

Which book had Aizen taken, telling her it was one of his favorites? Was it a specific book, or was those another one of his charming lies, trying to reinforce the shared interest of reading they both had?

And I do feel for Nanao's zanpakuto. Very well written description of her sword's inner appearance, my heart couldn't help but go out to her.

I do like the heart to hearts of the zanpakuto with their wielder, and especially love the one between Nanao and her sword. And how she apologizes to her sword, and the game the two play with each other.

And now that Nanao's zanpakuto brought it up Nanao and Ishida would make a good couple.

/This might have been a better lead than I thought. I think I should tell her about it/

I wonder who the "her" Nanao went to go tell. I'm thinking it might be Rangiku or maybe Isane but that is just speculation on my part, don't really know why those two jumped out at me.

Another of my favorite chapters due to Mayuri's and Rukia's conversation and how the two formed an unlikly relationship, though I feel that to call the two friends would be stretching it.

Rukia's thoughts about how Unohana and Mayuri didn't have any reason to talk to each other, I take it that that meant that the rumor of Unohana being Nemu's mom never reached Rukia.

The secret the two shared about their hatred for the central 46, it must have felt nice to get that off their chests without worrying that people would frown upon them to know that they thought such thoughts.

I also think it spoke on Rukia's character how she didn't hit Mayuri, or make a fuss or even show disgust at Mayuri touching her face.

But like Rukia pointed out she had a lot of practice whenever Gin would touch her.

And again I like how they both state (Rukia in her mind, Mayuri outloud) about how the two feel close to one another, due to what was done to them to the central 46.

Which again made me think about Tomas's ideas of what the name for the club of individuals who had been wronged by Central 46 and made me smile a little bit.

And Mayuri sharing his own backstory with Rukia made me feel for him all over again. I wonder how many others he shared this part of his history with where he even touches on his feelings.

How he even explains to her his methods of experimenting on himself first before doing so on an other. Their were a bit twisted explanations, but he didn't need to give her that explanation, he just came out and shared it with her.

(And you have made me start crack shipping the two)

I wonder which "vermin" had approached Mayuri thinking they could bully and bribe him with their riches to get him to do their bidding. And I am curious as to what exactly he did to them after they left.

And of course, I do love how Rukia managed to surprise him by "breaking open her piggy bank" as well as giving him quite the funds.

Mayuri's thoughts concerning rukia- "You daring minx, Rukia Kuchiki, tempting me with this insurmountable task and this liberating largesse! What joy she's brought into my being! Were it not for the consequences, I would have grabbed that empty-headed angel right then and there and…"- still one of my favorite parts of the chapter. When was the last time someone made him feel that way I wonder? Not just showing trust/faith that he will accomplish what was given to him, but bankrolling him, with absolute no leash or terms/conditions of what must be done in order to be given the money.

Now that I am rereading Yoruichi's and Urahara's conversation, I am beginning to think that nanao was going to Yoruichi rather than Isane or Rangiku like I previously thought.
zombiegirl22 chapter 16 . 6/16
I don't like the series Inoue (which is a shame because I liked her at the beginning of the series), but 'Hammered''s inoue is someone I can stand.

And poor Hanatarou. He just wanted to see Rukia, but instead got stuck with Inoue, whose questions's have made it his own personal hell with his hypochondriac sword.

But quick thinking on Hanatarou's part caused her to be distracted.

I do like how she tells him about Ichigo, and how Rukia threatened to tie Ichigo to the bed with a golden chain.

I feel like I am missing something, was there a significance to it being a golden chain?

I also enjoyed Inoue's rambling, which again makes me remember how I used to liked early series Inoue-

"it's a good thing Ishida remembered how awful their sense of direction was so he told Zaraki to get to Ichigo's room he'd have to go ten turns right, nine south-by-southwest, twenty-eight paces in a northerly direction as the crow flies, and a lot of other stuff too. It was really long, and by the time he was done Yachiru was asleep and the captain was looking at Uryū like he was an alien with wiggly arms and legs and antennae coming out of his forehead and hey look out!"

I do have to wonder what going through Kenpachi's head during Uryuu's conversation. I was surprised Kenpachi didn't attack him, but then I remembered yamamato's warning to the captains about not touching the humans.

And even though Hanatarou is in his own personal hell hearing his sword's thoughts/ramblings, his sword is quite amusing- "Oh no! That means you're a hemophiliac! If you don't seek medical attention soon, all the blood will come pouring out of your nose and stain the front of your robes red and you'll die with the taste of it in your mouth and at your funeral Unohana-taichou will bring you back to life just so she can demote you and you'll have a heart attack and die again!"

I wonder if his sword speaks from expirence having watched Unohana raise the dead before.

And I do believe you are a miracle worker, because you have made softened a bit towards Inoue-"I remember you," she whispered. "You were with that crazy man, the clown captain who Ishida-san fought. You…" and her voice took on an uncharacteristic edge of steel, " You killed your own people!"

If only Kubo would have given her as much backbone as you give Inoue.

And Nemu is just as frightening as I remember. Good thing Rangiku came when she did knew just what to say to get Nemu to back down. It is nice to see hints of Isane and Nemu's sisterly bond.

I forgot about Shibata's comments to Rangiku. The kid is almost as bad as Noboru.
His description of "a beautiful witch" and "silver haired demon" makes me think that the titles are important but I'm not sure if they had anything to do with Ginrei's vision.

I wonder if Rangiku purposely left Hanatarou behind.

Nice to see Hanatarou doing something for himself, once in a while, even though he thinks he is going to die. Thirty seconds of kissing without coming up for air. Good for you Hanatarou. I'm too afraid ask the exact details of what went on during that entire week he was gone. And why didn't anyone *cough*Unohana*cough* notice.

Another of my favorite chapters, due to Ichigo's appearance. But I have to say, I really didn't mind his late appearance. It is nice to see other characters in the spotlight.

But that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate his appearance in the chapter. It took me awhile to grow fond of Ichigo when reading the manga, I think it was only his bond with Rukia and how Kubo developed their bond in the early series that made me come to like him. If it hadn't been for Rukia, I don't think I would have bothered with the series.

You write him really well.

And I know I said this before but his thoughts were one of my favorite parts of the chapter-
'Even though she had occupied his thoughts almost constantly for the last month, when the peril had passed, it turned out that he was not a man rushing to save his friend, but apparently, a knight rushing to save his princess. Who would have thought that Rukia would turn out to be royalty? She was so totally naïve about everything, in addition to being shallow, clueless, bossy, opinionated, haughty, high-browed, careless about other peoples' things… Hmm… Actually, now that he considered it, he should have realized she was a princess sooner.'

How he goes into deep thought while talking to her, should have clued him in a little on his feelings for the girl. He even admitted to himself how he thought of her for a whole month.

And already going into overprotective boyfriend mode, without being her actual boyfriend finding issue with Rukia in the bath with Yumichika.

Rukia's comment of "He's like a brother to me." must have cut Yumichika quite deep. Perhaps that was why he felt the need to make a comment to Rukia, in order to not only give the two some time to talk, but to also stop himself from attacking Ichigo.

Though I do wonder if this is the first time Yumichika and Rukia take a sake bath together. Probably because Byakuya is injured, otherwise, he would more than likely have something to say, just like Ichigo.

""Actually, with my looks, I have been mistaken for a young Byakuya Kuchiki in the past."- Is Yumichika referring to the time Rukia mistook Yumichika for Byakuya during the party where the two first met?

And I like the sudden thought that pops into Ichigo's head about how Rukia is beautiful. Realistic yet tender at the same time, without being cheesy or tacky.

And though I know that Yumichika's thanks/gratitude for saving Rukia was sincere, the first time I read when Yumichika told Ichigo he owed him one, I didn't at the time realize how Yumichika would in fact pay back that debt to Ichigo. And now I am sad again.

It is a good thing Rukia was curious otherwise she wouldn't have opened the rice wine, and therefore would never had experienced what she did to let her know that something was up. Was what she experienced her own type of vision for the future, showing her that she would eventually have to face her fear and cross swords with Gin?

I wonder if Mayuri would have appreciated hearing how Byakuya took Soi Fon's powers away from her, seeing as how she had threatened him of the same thing in this chapter.

Do Shinigami even need their organs? My appendix ruptured when I was 12 and it hurt quite a bit, so I imagine Hanatarou would have been feeling quite a bit a pain, but the fact that he doesn't, makes me think that Nemu stitched and healed him up quite well.
zombiegirl22 chapter 15 . 6/11
I keep going back to reread my previous reviews from 2012, and I can't believe I wrote such short reviews.

"It felt like being a bully, which was a breed he detested in any dimension."

Gin and Uryu are polar opposites, but I think their hate of bullies would be the only thing the two have in common.

And I never even noticied it before, but SS should be grateful that Uryu's grandfather was the one raised him "Do not let your anger, however justified, blind you to your compassion."

Had his grandfather not raised him, perhaps SS would have not only had Aizen to deal with but Uryu as well.

I do wonder how Tomas would have written Ryuuken's background and why he is the way he is with his son.

And I am sure that Uryu is very grateful that Rukia was insistent about the Kuchiki bodyguard following Ishida.

And Mayuri's creations are always interesting, yet terrifying. I really feel for the Kuchiki retainer that was blinded.

And I do love the small moments when Kiyone pops up.

And I know that the Kuchiki retainers are minor, minor characters, but the fact that they are willing to give up their lives for "Our lady Kuchiki commanded us to to protect you from any assault. We will do so unto death." I am really curious about these men, where Byakuya found them, and why they are so loyal to the Kuchiki clan.

They are quite the example for shinigami, which makes me wonder why they chose to be loyal to the Kuchiki, instead of becoming shinigami.

The comment one retainer made "and all unconcerned", and the chuckle from his partner, makes me think that even though they take their duties quite seriously, the Kuchiki retainers have a bit of a sense of humor.

I wonder if any of the information that Kiyone gave Ishida, whether Ishida ever made the connection that Aizen might have been behind the extinction of the Quincy.

Officially, Aizen was the liaison for SS when dealing with the Quincy.

I wonder who from the fourth company made the request for an autopsy. Knowing what I know about Unohana, I know she very well knew what took place there, which makes me think it was Isane who made the request, since she and Nemu are quite close.

Something of the scene must have reminded Isane about the vice captain trials.

"We should have never let him come this far. We should have killed Gin the first time we ever saw him touching Rukia."

I'm a bit confused, when exactly did Renji witness Gin touching Rukia? I skimmed over something again didn't I.

"And did no one ever tell you it is rude to answer a question with a question." If I am not mistaken I have heard someone say that before, but I don't remember who. I guess I will just have to continue rereading until I get to where I had seen that statement before.

I wonder if Unohana felt a sort of kinship with Renji, with regards to Renji's concerns of being part hollow.

Renji claims that the smell of her skin is intoxicating. I had only thought that it was only Rukia who noticed the smells of Captains (Aizen and Gin), that I completely did not notice that Renji also smelled Unohana.

"The potential for an inner hollow exists within every soul who has never known the blessing of a konso."

Who else in SS has an inner Hollow? The way Unohana speaks, it is not that rare.

"Our souls hold the potential for absolute forgiveness, Renji Abarai. It is our greatest strength, a gift to be cherished and used without fail."

Again about forgiveness. Which again makes me think that Renji is indeed the mysterious shinigami who spoke to Ichigo's hollow about forgiveness. Of course I could be wrong, there are many people in SS who have suffered and have had injustices done to them. So those who can't move past and forgive, have the potential of having a hollow.

Her parting words to him about not hating himself, i almost feel as though she is not only saying this words for how he feels about himself, but also for how he should feel about her once the truth about her comes to light. Unohana didn't hate Renji, nor was she disgusted by the Hollow he had. Which of course would cause Renji to look favorably on Unohana and maybe even sympathize with her when thee truth came out.

"This is highly irregular. No precedents exist that would justify such an endeavor on the part of our house. With your brother still indisposed, I cannot permit..."

I wonder if the major domo said something similar to Ginrei, when Ginrei went about saving lesser clans during the Manor Wars. Something tells me he wouldn't have.

I do wonder what was going through Yoruichi's head as she sat and listened to the conversation
between Rukia and the major domo.

"it might be looked upon as a prelude to seizing power, establishing ourselves as a force of law within Soul Society."

But isn't that what Ginrei himself do when he sought to protect the lesser clans?

Though the two aren't blood, I do see a similarity between Ginrei and Rukia.

"She scratched behind the dozing kitty's ears, feeling it shiver with pleasure as she did so."
I wonder what Byakuya thought about his lover being petted by his sister.

I do wish to know who exactly in the fourth, second and the Kido corps Rukia talked to.

As she was looking through the things from disgraced houses or cast out clans, I wonder if she came across something from Aizen's clan without even knowing it.

I will always love Rukia's and human!Yoruichi's first meeting. Especially the kiss on Rukia's cheek,and it losing its "innocence when it proceeded to last longer than a mere peck on the cheek should."

And also when Yoruichi calls to Rukia's attention that Rukia was staring (unintentionally) at Yoruichi's behind.

I again have to wonder what Byakuya would have thought about Rukia carrying around Yoruichi and sleeping in the same bed as her. It is a good thing Kiyone never caught wind of that.

I wonder if Rukia ever found out what was in the white robe, or if she just put it out of her mind.

I sort of feel bad for Isane, and her crush on Byakuya, though I doubt she is the only one in SS to have an unrequited crush on the noble.

She really deserves to find someone, especially after everything she has gone through.

Isane is older than Byakuya isn't she? I find it interesting how this man can seem to unnerve her with his handsomeness.

I love rereading the lecture that Yoruichi gave Byakuya as well as Byakuya's response to her- "Did you think I would take his word over yours?"

As well as his response of how he would have killed Urahara, not because of Central 46 or Yamamato's orders but because Urahara took Yoruichi away from him.

Byakuya unburdening his heart to Yoruichi was magnificently done. Too bad he forgot about the dagger and what he had planned to do once Rukia was executed.

I wonder if as she was talking to Byakuya about what he was planning to, if she was thinking about Noboru, and how the two would have never had the chance to meet, had Byakuya committed seppuku.
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