Reviews for Algy
Moonypiez chapter 8 . 7/4/2013
Saw the name Algy and knew exactly who it was :) I love Doctor Who and Torchwood! And this story was awesome :)
workingsomecoffeemagic chapter 8 . 12/6/2010
Great story! I didn't discover it until you had posted the last chapter, but I'm so glad I did!
hotflower901 chapter 8 . 12/5/2010
Jack loves Ianto and that's a fact. yeah...
Stormreaver01 chapter 7 . 11/15/2010
Good tight storyline, tense, dramatic with an unknown outcome. Impressive. Look forward to more ...
bbmcowgirl chapter 7 . 10/12/2010
Thrilled to see this update. You may not think so but it's a great story and I really hope you can update it more regularly.
hotflower901 chapter 7 . 10/11/2010
I will forgive you if you save Ianto
SexySiri chapter 6 . 11/16/2009
Oh my god, I just found this story and it's amazing. Such a great idea.

Any chance you'll update?

Hope Ianto's okay.
hotflower901 chapter 6 . 10/25/2009
making me sadder
SLNS chapter 6 . 10/24/2009
I'm afraid this chapter really didn't make sense to me. Algy isn't in any danger so Owen not willing to leave him in order to save Ianto seemed really unrealistic. Why couldn't Gwen stay at the Hub with him? She wasn't necessary at Ianto's. Also why are Tosh and Owen pushing Jack at Algy? I feel sorry for him being out of his time but Jack owes him nothing. It's been 40-50 years. Jack isn't obligated to get back with him. They don't seem too concerned about Jack/Ianto.
JonesIantoJones chapter 5 . 9/22/2009
Just found this but I am really enjoying it.

Please write more soon... and be nice to Ianto :)
0lizzybennet0 chapter 5 . 9/21/2009
no no no nono Ianto...

don't do an RTD on us

toobeauty chapter 5 . 9/20/2009
no, please, don't let Ianto hurt himself! tell me it was just a silly accident, pliz?
fi3fi3 chapter 5 . 9/20/2009
Please let Ianto be OK and please update soon...
hotflower901 chapter 5 . 9/19/2009
Hard when you don't want to hurt someone.

I have missed this story
nopenopenope3 chapter 5 . 9/19/2009
continue! love this story, please update soon :)
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