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Her Pretty Smile chapter 10 . 11/30/2016
I know that this story is more than a year old now, but if you can update it, it would be nice.I've been rereading this for almost three or four times already. I'm really excited to see if you can add more development to the other characters, especially because their backstories weren't explored much in the game due to their massive numbers (uh huh, 108 all in all XD). Your writing is good, and it's always great to read stories as well-written and lengthy as this in the Suikoden V fandom since there's a severe lack of them here in fanfiction. I'm glad I found this story, and please come back! Haha
Deliberatee chapter 10 . 3/23/2016
No~ The words 'crazy' and 'Prince' or 'Frey' in the same sentence is making me nervous lol. Hoping for more chances of sunshine
Nick chapter 10 . 10/28/2015
Hi! Great fic. I see you haven't updated for a few months, but I hope you fee up to doing so again! I'm really enjoying your work and look forward to more to come. I don't mind at all revisiting SV :)
Deliberatee chapter 9 . 7/28/2015
I know I've already posted a review for this chapter but it's worth mentioning to give you a reminder that this work of yours IS worth continuing even if the amount of feedback is somewhat lacking compared to the quality of this fic. It might be due to the age of the Suikoden universe..
Anyway hope to 'read' from you soon~! Keep the faith!
Kerriss-Singer-of-Light chapter 9 . 6/13/2014
Please do continue this story! It's wonderful!
Deliberatee chapter 9 . 12/28/2013
Please, please, please finish this story :) I don't know where you're going with this but I hope it's towards a happy ending. I still hope in my heart of hearts that Lyon will have a miraculous resurrection (even if the story IS a post-Lyon fic). I miss her and the prince misses her much more. *crosses-fingers*
Crystal Lilac chapter 9 . 12/8/2013
continueeeeee :)
Deliberatee chapter 3 . 5/8/2012
That was a rollercoaster, couldn't predcist what will happen, though where's the fun in that if the readers can, right?:) And Luserina definitely deserved that little off-hand gift from the prince.
Deliberatee chapter 2 . 5/8/2012
It's amazing how I can easily imagine the scenes actually happening. I think you've done a great job in keeping the characters "in character".
Deliberatee chapter 1 . 4/26/2012
Sugoi!:) Great story, like the way the prince is portrayed here (even though he's all gloomy and hurting at the present lol) and definitely needs more reviews if it's up to me hehe. So I'll try to review every chap. Hope you update soon!
Knight of Saphire chapter 7 . 4/22/2012
Ooooh, this story is super interesting! I hope you update soon! And by soon I mean really, really soon:-) I truly enjoyed reading this fic.
fan of wordsworthy chapter 5 . 2/5/2011
please do continue this fanfiction! it's one of the few ones worth reading! :D this chapter's a real treat with luserina and lym wanting to learn how to fight. hmmm with both miakis and luserina staying in falena, who's going to be paired with the prince? i can't wait to find out. :D keep up the good work! hope u'll update soon. thank you!
nami nami chapter 4 . 1/25/2011
i totally love your fanfiction! :D i hope you'll update soon. i wanna know what happens next.

it's well-written, in character and very smooth flowing. kudos t you!
Procyon chapter 4 . 1/22/2011
I've just now read this work of yours and am quite please to have discovered you. A budding author you are, I can tell. Though I have no inclination in reading your other works as they fall on title unfamiliar to me, I am satisfied in following this fic alone.

You have a very compelling approach to your writing. Well timed and subtly executed, this is the mode of humour which I find most appealing given the overall atmosphere you have drafted in this reality. Commendable, truly.

Plot wise, seeing that the story has barely just begun, the lack of any true dilemma, albeit discomfiting, is expected. I must say, however, with the way you're laying the foundations of your plot, some seriously disquieting problem and an equally spectacular climax.

Character development wise, the prince seem to be getting all the attention. Is this your style or perhaps you are missing something. I'm sure you know quite well that this being a fic, you have the advantage of already having characters with a well developed history; however, this does not mean you can't fiddle with them the same way with original characters (If you plan on introducing some more). Don't be afraid to add some more facts. You've laid down quite a few for the prince, why not do the same for some of the other characters, especially the major ones. The way you deal with Luserina warrants this all the more. Even if you're leaving them for a while or for good, out of the picture, it doesn't hurt to give them additional depth. What's important is that you've given them some of your colors. This will give the reader a more surreal image of your characters, makes them belong to you and your new world in a sense, thus painting a more consistent picture. If you're troubled by execution, try a different perspective. Apart from the prince, many other good vantage points could be interesting. This leads me to point of view.

Point of view wise, I've detected you shifting from 3rd person subjective to objective every now and then. If this inconsistency is deliberate, why not go for alternating view altogether? Makes things so much easier to convey. You could start with 3rd person omniscient for forewords and such and then proceed to the more intimate manners of stroy-tellingor

About structure: A few confusing exchanges here and there could get some thinking over; position's the problem really, a few possessive conjunctions would amply fix it.

I may have said too much seeing as this story is technically still in its infancy but I suppose it wouldn't hurt. A warning you may deem this, to be disregarded if unnecessary, but well meant mind you.

Very well then, I shall look forward to how things proceed. I'm not much an impatient man, and I do understand inspiration is hard to get so I shouldn't rush you but I learned from personal experience that some of the brightest ideas occur to us when our backs are pushed against the wall so... please try and make updates more frequent. A deadline, a personal one may be helpful. Thank you.
Moonlight m3lody chapter 4 . 1/7/2011
Hey,it’s me. remember?

i’m glad you finally continue this. and judging from the chapter,it’ll begin something new.

hmm,hazel? now to think about it,it does suit him.

this is an emotional chapter,and as always,i envy your writing style. just as a professional writer.

the way you incorporate both happy and angsty situations does a big amount of impression.

this is a surprise. i can’t guess to which direction will you take this story to.

waiting for the next
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