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Anonymous chapter 33 . 6/20
In the moles message to the players the binary when translated to hex spell D. This may represent a character being executed or an answer in the challenge.
HT chapter 32 . 4/30
Lucas! Lucas! Lucas!
HT chapter 27 . 4/30
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Nana! She's my favorite
BlazeTorchicFire chapter 8 . 2/9
I am brilliant!
Chapter 8 gives it away. Sonic lies about his age. He's 16, not 15! He is the mole, I swear.
Love the story. I am doing my own version so check it out!
Please PM me!
art.cno chapter 33 . 12/27/2014
guys its hex for DEAD. you mean mole you.
Kirbyman23 chapter 27 . 12/23/2014
OK I'm kinda confused
Why does Captain F owe Snake money? Yes I was reading the last 26 chapters but sometimes, when I read things, it just doesn't get to me and I never wanna look back and take the time out to figure it out so...

My three suspects to being the mole:
3. Captain F.
2. Toon link
1. Samus

firepoisonsteel chapter 1 . 12/14/2014
The code is easily translated to binary.

From binary to text, it is . That will seem like a symbol to you, but the keyboard inputs for that are & # 2 2 2 ; & # 1 7 3 ;. I just wanted to speak up and provide my knowledge.
TheNextExorcist chapter 33 . 12/14/2014
The numbers look like binary. If it is, the the numbers should be 13, 14, 10, 13. The only two remaining contestants who I think might know binary are Lucas and Samus.
Mysterious Mr M chapter 32 . 10/25/2014
Nice work.
Shinigami Miroku chapter 32 . 8/5/2014
Now I'm even more convinced that Lucas is The Mole.
Yume Sekaii chapter 32 . 8/5/2014
Kya! No young children should read this review! Kya!



Honestly, you really know how to pull on the heart strings very well. Seeing Red leave... I... I'm just at a shock for words. Sure, he was in Toon Link's shadow but I kind of liked him. Especially when he was with Lucas touring the town, he seemed to show a bit of himself.

Toon Link better fucking repent for the shit he put Red and Nana through, as well as the other characters. His coalition is gone and now he has nobody to bitch at, fina- fucking- ly. He better realize what the hell he had. Yes I hate him for it, that personality of his of being so... ughhh... He's so annoying, especially when blaming Lucas and Sonic over what happened in Sink or Think. Sonic is god awful in water and remember, he's famous for his running. Why the hell would you think he'll last long in a pool of water with weights being added on his legs as time goes on, his only reliance being on people he had to suspicious of. I am so glad Lucas fucking told him to stop with his ego in the game. Now look. Red's gone because of it. That bastard better realize.

This chapter here. Toon Link. It's obvious it's him, it has to be. What dumbass is going to throw away 10000 smash coins on the get go?

Anybody realize that both Red and Nana, from his coalition, are out and he's still in. He started it, he pointed his finger toward Lucas. They're out now. He, as the leader, is still in. He planned that didn't he? He knew that he could easily kick Red out by forcing him to think for himself when this entire time he had been reling on Toon Link. It's like in Future Diary, that theory that Akise made. Yuno wanted Yuuki to stay just so she can eliminate him in the end.

Sure, the timing was bad. Captain Falcon had the Negative. What if Captain Falcon had something on Toon Link? No, I don't think so. What if Samus knew though? Makes sense. Toon Link is pulling the ballsy move out of his ass, Sonic too which is suspicious too. Possible she realized it. Who knows?

The best thing about this chapter was that Lucas finally told him to SHUT THE HELL UP WITH HIS GOD DAMN EGO. Multiple times he was warned, especially with Nana gone he should have learned. Nope! Idiot went and gave Red the boot due to his ego.

I'm a big fan of Lucas, especially here when he's the smart, calculating, and careful one who everybody constantly blames. He's the one they take out on when they got nobody else, as I see it. If Toon Link and Sonic listened they could have won money instead of lost. I don't blame Captain Falcon for refusing to answer, he did it because he knew he couldn't take that risk and lose the cards.

I love Captain Falcon. In the beginning I believe I expressed my distaste of him but you gave him so much development. Hopefully, Toon Link takes an example from Captain Falcon and learn.

I like Sonic and like Captain Falcon I didn't like him in the beginning and I believe I blamed him...? From what I remember, the whole auction ordeal and up really gave me a moreover sense of him. I like him but not as much as Falcon and never ever as much as Lucas.

Samus is meh. Not much goes on for her character you know? I have no grasp on her character, not even this far of the story. I can't say much for her, I don't hate her but I don't love her either. The joke she made to Sonic can hint that she's playful but then again... I believe she and Captain Falcon will possibly be lovers by the next episode but then this is only speculation. She shows a fondness of him here or possibly is trying to seduce him to working for her and puts up the innocence act to make the audience and the others believe that she's good.

Overall amazing chapter as usual, you're writing is amazingly beautiful and emotional.

I am SO sorry for the repeated cursing, I understand this story has little to no cussing and that when it does it is censored (this chapter). I know kids may be reading but this really needed to get off my chest. My blood pressure is going up because of him. Please forgive me, I will try to be much more decent and mindful of others. I am sorry for blowing up.
NintendoMLP chapter 32 . 8/5/2014
Okay. I've got a LOT to say. This chapter has gotten me to think a bit and I think I have a theory on why Red left. Here is what I think;

Okay first off, Lucas losing the first game was bad, but Sonic lost it too. Also Lucas kept wanting to bet less in that mission, which they ended up losing, but Lucas might of thought they were going to win and he was making them win a smaller amount. (I think Lucas is the Mole then Sonic) But here's the thing; I don't think Lucas purposely sabotaged that mission. At all. I think he went into that mission not knowing anything but told to play like a normal player and here's why; The final prediction. The question asked if the Mole sabotaged. The producers must of made that challenge luck based but make people think the mole sabotaged but really the Mole didn't. Also at one point Lucas is confused on why Toon Link has lasted so long in the game, and I think it is because Lucas is the Mole and Toon Link is right.

Anyways the fact that they have around 280,000 is kind of bad. There is only episode 8, 9, and 10 of actual regular episodes with missions, which means they are 7/10 into the game. But they have only a little more than 1/4 of a million smash 's a pretty bad ratio. "Hopefully they will do better next episode!" Why they have literally have been saying every episode. :P Also I think Samus knows Lucas is the said she thinks she knows who the Mole and she has made it onto the next round. From what I've gathered,Sonic, Toon Link,and Samus think Lucas is the Mole. This makes me think Captain Falcon is going to leave next episode.

And now finally, my theory!
I think Toon Link lied to and betrayed Red. I think he told Red to go after Sonic and here's why; First off, he said he would tell Red who to go after later.I think it was because he wasn't completely sure about his plan. Red said what Toon Link had sad was surprising. I think that Toon Link was having second thoughts between Sonic and Lucas. He wanted to split his answers but knew that would be dangerous, so he decided to betray Red. He told Red to go after Sonic with some compelling evidence and he went after Lucas. That way, if Red got out he would know Sonic wasn't the Mole. Again, both my theories this chapter I'm not sure are correct, but I'm just speculating on what might of happened. Also with the poll results towards Lucas it makes me even more sure the Mole is him!

my thery Toon Link
Shinigami Miroku chapter 31 . 7/14/2014
I think Lucas is The Mole, and I'll bet that Sonic gets booted this round.

Though TL is a bit suspicious, I always thought Nana moreso and she got the boot.
NintendoMLP chapter 31 . 7/13/2014
(I don't have to put this at the beginning anymore, but I'm doing it one more time. 31) I caught up on the day it is updated? YES! Anyways, this chapter has lots of stuff. Sonic encouraging people to go to sleep helped the rest of players focus, and I don't think it is sabotage. Also, about Lucas being good with numbers, at the beginning of the fic he said he wasn't and later he said he was, so it is interesting to see it brought up again. Anyways, again, I'll see you next time. ;)
NintendoMLP chapter 30 . 7/13/2014
(30) What's this? I actually caught up? There was a two year hiatus and I happened to start reading when it was updated again? YEY! :D Anyways, I have lots of things to talk about. For one thing, Lucas answer question doesn't make up for his sabotage. In fact, it actually makes me MORE suspicious. How did he know that answer? Only the Mole, who knew the question ahead of time would know that. Plus, he might of wanted to get rid of suspicion. About Sonic's conversation, I believe he knew Lucas was the Mole, and was confused on why Lucas was talking to him. I'm confused myself. Maybe so that he would once again get rid of suspicion? I don't know, but something about that seems like a Mole thing and a normal thing. And bout the letter at dinner, I have no idea what it means. Lastly, Lucas tried to sabotaged by hitting the ball hard. That's all I got. I'll see you next time. ;)
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