Reviews for Everlasting Infinity
Guest chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
He's gone psyco!
gungnirburst chapter 1 . 8/30/2010
Weeeeee, crazy Axel! XD You know what's weird? Before I started reading this - didn't really read the summary - I had thought about Axel eating Roxas. And then here it is! I'm not sure if that's creepy or not. To be honest, the lack of details, in my opinion, made it a bit more disturbing. Whenever I can stomach a horror movie, I think it's creeper when everything isn't shown. Leaves more to the imagination, I think. Though, this did make me feel a little...ick. And really tense for some reason. Odd reaction, much? XD

With big hearts and exploding bits of love,

AllSheNeedsIsLove chapter 1 . 1/28/2010
Schizophrenic.Artlessness.13 chapter 1 . 4/14/2009
Well DAMN! That's the best I can say. This is so original, so out of the ordinary! I love it! The twisted sickness of it!

Yes, okay, my inner fan can calm down a bit since I got that little bit out of me. It's funny, things like cannibalism always occur to me-and interest me deeply-but to see them put into action with some of our favorite characters and pairings, now that's writing! That's the art we're all looking for. Heck with the people who say this is twisted, it's beautiful in its own since.

Everything almost seems symbolic in a way, especially the butterfly, the bringer of death to Axel and the life-line that reconnects them back together. Very entertaining. You have a wonderful writing style, this is not the first story I've enjoyed by you, but the first (I believe) that I have taken the time to comment, blame my homework, not me. I also agree, I do think you chickened out a bit on the actual eating part, since it would have been more "wise" to go into those details to really get that full feeling of what Axel experiences when he starts to cry, which shows there is a human side to him, though, Riku's side of the story is left a little blank and uncertain. This fanfiction also really gives a vague line between real and fictional. Whether that butterfly was all in Axel's head or not is up to the reader entirely. It could've been Roxas or could have been a delusion/allusion from his grief over truly understanding that Roxas wanted to keep on loving him and yet he did such a twisted deed to him and Riku.

It shows the true love in the relationship, the true bond. Not that mushy crap that's always being posted. Screw that stuff. xD

I'm rambling now, but this story makes me happy truly and deeply, since I rarely find such good gore within fanfictions anymore and being a Stephen King type of reader, I'm all for it.

My last remarks are that there are a couple of grammar errors here and there, but let's not dwindle on those too long. I hope to see a lot more of this kind of writing, whether it be gorey or not, from you in the future. This really made my night.

~. .13
Voodoo0970 chapter 1 . 4/11/2009
*squeal* I LOVED IT! WONDERFUL! *CLAP CLAP CLAP* snap crackle white girl I'm hungry again...
SeyoukaiStar chapter 1 . 4/7/2009
This is so emotional! I have tears in my eyes and the cannibal scene didn't even distrub me O_o

Anyways, amazing story :)
xXFlutterbyXx chapter 1 . 4/6/2009
WOOT YES CANNIBALISM! YEAH... lol XD sorry, I have this weird obsession with cannibalism...not the practicing kind, just the drawing kind... XD lol oh god XD bah and I was totally going to do this fanart of the last chapter XD And I probably still will haha and NO I'm not gonna tell you what it is! XD
123456goodbye chapter 1 . 4/6/2009
Shit shit shit! i didn't notice this in my inbox till like... late. hope i still get first review! D:

ahem okay, first off i totally hate your writer's block because it makes you kill Roxas too often and a lot. i mean it, yes IT that what your writer's block is and IT, made Axel turn into a cannibal! I was like "wtf? damn how did i know? oh yeah i read the summary but that's not the point!" is that bad talking to yourself? i think it is. anyway there's that plot twist that no one expects at least that IT doesn't mess that up. i think Sora's a dope doesn't ask Axel where Roxas and Riku are till day 4, just wow. at least Axel and Roxas will be together in the end sorta if Axel doesn't go to hell for killing people while Roxas goes to heaven... cause he does. uh... i think that's it? i have no clue i haven't rambled that much. oh wait! i saw a TON of birds outside today! my friends thought i had ADD because i kept interrupting the conversation to say "BIRD!" i mean there were lots of birds and i got distracted and stuff. OMG! you should make a fanfic related to birds! you did one about a cow/ox and i wanted to punch it but that wasn't the point. and um... i think that's it this is getting long again happy reading! C:

-Twister Atma
LifesLover chapter 1 . 4/6/2009
Terra, sweetie, there are better ways of getting rid of writer's block than writing something so... gory.

I mean... I really think I'm sick to my stomach. I sometimes really worry about you.

I mean, it was nicely written and all, but... oh, so nasty.

I really think you need to find other ways of getting rid of your writer's block than by writing gore.
wassar chapter 1 . 4/6/2009
okay...this seriously creeped me out to the point of where i think i need to /beat/ you out of your writer's block...

but on the other hand you've satisfied that sick gore-y part of me i didn't even know existed...

and thirdly i find the ending kinda cute...and i think i need help for finding it cute *ponders*...meh *shrugs*

huggles for you~