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Future Nekomata chapter 1 . 11/17/2012
If the OC roles are still open, here's one.

Name:Nekomata Hikari ( she's called Hikari)

Gender: Female

Age: 3 (human form looks 21)

Race: cat

Appearance:In cat form, she is a rather small white cat with baby blue eyes and two tails. In human form, she is a petite young woman with a very flat chest. She is wearing a long white dress, white high-heel sandals, and carries around a white parasol (in which a small katana is hidden). You can tell she is not human by her cat-like blue eyes, snow-white hair, white cat ears, and twin tails.

History: Her village was made up of animals who have eaten the Human-Human fruit, or the Yokai Yokai fruit (a relative of the Human Human fruit that gives the user slight control of demonic energies, a demon-like appearance, and the ability to change to a human form, still keeping some demon-like or animal like appendages). While Hikari and her sister, Yami ( serious black cat with orange eyes( also ate the Yokai Yokai fruit)) where out hunting, pirates attacked their village and killed everyone else. The two sisters had completely different reactions to this. Yami swore that she would have revenge on all humans and she would put animals at their rightful place as the rulers of the world and she would enslave all humans using forbidden Yokai techniques. (Yami is a villain OC.) Hikari, on the other hand, wants to make peace with humans. She is also searching for legendary artifacts known as the five impossible requests, which are rumored to be able to increase one's ability by tenfold.

DevilFruit/Weapons/Abilities: Yokai Yokai fruit
Weapon: Katana
Special Attack: NEKO YOKAI RYU! ( cat's demon dragon( a beam attack of demonic energy from the katana)

Personality: Bipolar, Kleptomaniac, ADHD, usually happy-go-lucky, but can be serious, has a large milk, fish, and catnip obsession, has random moments of incredible intelligence

Likes: cats, fish, milk, catnip, shiny stuff, and toys

Dislikes: dogs, water, mean people

Dreams:To find the 5 impossible requests and to create peace between humans and animals.

Other: expert mouser, falls in love with most boys she sees, and can understand animals
Shadow40000 chapter 3 . 8/2/2012

Crescent dagger chrisanthia joinsa pirate crew :P

aww man.. i thought they'd be rivals :/
oh well xD
they'll do great together... -shrug

great chapter man..!
Shadow40000 chapter 2 . 8/2/2012
'Cresent Dagger; Chris Hopkins!
Woah! He beat Crescent Dagger Chris Hopkins...! :o
Now thats a great mix in .
Great chapter man! :D
Shadow40000 chapter 1 . 8/2/2012
hey hey hey...
thats a pretty zooty start there :D
A unique one too! . Loved it totally :D
Please please start updating this story again :3
Blitz huh?
So what might be his real name? O.o
outcast247 chapter 26 . 3/14/2012
i want to know if your going to continue this story
congo77 chapter 26 . 5/17/2011
when are you gonna write your chapter?
77congo chapter 26 . 5/16/2011
to jin what do you think about being one of the weakest in the crew?

to cris how was it kissing a girl?
Wolffox17 chapter 26 . 3/7/2011
I'm glad that you updated! :) Poor Chris hopefully she will get her revenge on Jin and Gonzo for putting her in that position. I kind of hope that Chris and Alia get to fight in the future and that Alia sees that Chris is in fact a girl. Can't wait for your next chapter.
Draco Oblivion chapter 26 . 3/7/2011
Lol that was funny, the complete over reaction from Chris was hilarious and I didn't suspect that Alia would be the lieutenant at all. I'm guessin that the subplot will involve them fighting...

Btw well done for updating :)
Dthehalfdragon chapter 26 . 3/6/2011
Nice chapter. I cant wait to see the next one.
LaZy-RaIn-DaNcEr chapter 26 . 3/6/2011
Yay a new chapter! That Bane sure is a tough guy you definitely don't wanna mess with him lol Aw poor Chris that has to be hands down the most horrific experience she's ever had haha Loved how she was easily able to find Gonzo and Jin and how they ran away X D Oh so Aila is a marine looks like things are about to get really interesting. I can't wait to see what happens next! X D

Keep up the good work! Update Soon Please! _
SelfcreatedCharacter chapter 26 . 3/6/2011
Oh wow. She got hit on. XD Mistaken for a man, how sad for a woman's pride. Well, at least she can get her frustrations out on them.
SeeNoEvil121 chapter 26 . 3/6/2011
Oh. My. god. I have been WAITING for this! I was so excited to see an update and I stopped evverything I was doing to read it and let me say I'm glad I did! That whole thing with ALia - ohmigod, poor Chris! I couldn't stop laughing! No complaints there, so don't worry :D It's bound to happen when you dress and act like a guiy and insist on keeping your freakin cover! ANd Napolean's kinda scary... I wouldn't want to get on that guy's bad side...

I can't wait to see what's going to happen next :D
Redcap55 chapter 25 . 11/28/2010
Well, i apologize for not seeing this sooner, but simply put ive been getting on her less as of late. Anyhow...

It's cool to see the story continued, and even cooler seeing someone making use of Kiyoshi! I do wonder how he is going to get Blitz and the others to agree to taking him, but i am sure i'll find out soon enough.

If you need any info on Kiyoshi, feel free to PM me or something. XD

Oh yeah, and the scene with Chris and Alia was awesome. Touches like that really bring a story to life. Keep up the awesome job and i hope to see your next chapter soon!
Yuuki no Yuki chapter 25 . 11/22/2010
Aloha! you got yourself a new reader who downright loves your story! I hope you're still accepting characters cuz, well...I have one!

Name: Kimi Leiko

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Race: Human


Small for her age and bit underdeveloped giving her the appearance of a little girl. She has pitch-black waist length hair that she wears in a tight bun with two braids hanging on either side of her face, she is 'pale as moonlight' and has eyes as 'blue as the sky.' She wears a too-big-for-her trench coat to hide her weaponry and the rest of her body from view only allowing her sandeled feet and face to show. If she is in large crowds she opts to wear a mask that cover all but her eyes.


Kimi was born on a small winter island in the middle of the Grandline, this island has a mountain in the middle seperating the two clans which inhabit it. She was the daughter of the Shinobi clan leader and best friends with Ringo Yasuo the son of the opposing Samuraii clan leader. Despite opposing views the clans lived in relative peace until Kimi's tenth birthday. When a shinobi turns ten they're to take all the training they've been given and accept and carryout a mission by the Marines (the shinobi being the marines way to unlawfully back the law.)Kimi had the unfourtunate luck of being given an assasination as her mission, due to her growing up with Ringo she had slowly come to accept their way of life and felt cold-blood murder immoral therefore refused. The results were catostrophic as the Marines lost faith in the Shinobi and asked the Samuraii to carry out the mission. Ringo, claiming it was for justice, carried out the murder. The Shinobi attacked the Samuraii claiming they'd 'brainwashed' Kimi, the Samuraii of course retaliated. The resulting War lasted two years...for Kimi, the battle between the clans still rages but Kimi fled the island after killing Ringo when he tried to kill her father.


Kimi is trained in simple Shinobi skills meaning she can create simple dopplegangers and is adept at hiding in the shadows both of these combined with her speed make her a deadly swordeswomen. She's been training with swords since she was 4 first under Ringo then under his father eventually surpassing both with her hidden skill. She uses one sword that she named Rin after Ringo it's a pure black claymor that is straped to her back, all but the handle hidden by her trench-coat. Kimi also has small kunai, shuriken and such straped to her hidden underneath her trench coat, but rarely uses them thinking it "a cowardly way to fight"


Due to her complex history Kimi has a complex personality. She grew up being taught by her family that law-breaking is unavoidable and rather encouraged, but her 'hero' Ringo believed justice was the only path one should take. So Kimi was always torn giving her multiple personalities that first appeared when she killed Ringo and her father scolded her for crying over her enemy's death.

1. Her first personality "Shurui-kimi" (kind-kimi) is her true personality, an altruistic little girl who believes that good exists in all and that bad stems from missunderstandings or missinterpretations. This Persona only appears amoung people she holds close...therefore hasn't appeared since the War broke out.

is "Utagai-Kimi" (doubt-kimi). This is her most commonly shown personality, where she is skeptical of everyone and everything to a fault. It more often than not distances her from people and casues one two many missundersttanding of her as judgemental.

3. Her final person is "Kami-kimi" (God Kimi) this appears when Kimi is put in an exceedingly embarassing or stressful situation. This persona has her acting Arragont aa a measn of protection, if it appears while she is in battle it will mess with her fighting style often causing her too lise against easy opponents.


She likes anyone unjudgemental, and makes it a point to seek them out and befriend them. Growing up on a Winter island she also likes Warmth...hence the Trench-coat.


Obvioulsy she dislikes judgemental people and the cold, but also people who thinks she's younger than she is, and ESPECIALLY! people who think she's weak because of her size/age/gender.


She wants to be someone who desn't bring shame to the 'way of the sword' her Dream is to someday meet the legendary Zoro and face him in battle, she wants him to accept her as a worthy opponent. She also wants to return to her village and end the "pointless" war once and for all.

Other:Unknown to many she has a beautiful voice however she only sings when either

a. she needs money and is in a SMALL DISCREET location. or

b. she feels extreamly close to those around her. Other than Ringo, her late mother was the only person to hear her sing (well only non-stranger that is).

There you go! If you don't want to use it that's fine, if anyone else would like to that's cool to just give me credit please!
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