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Dreamer1985 chapter 5 . 7/26/2010
I liked the ending.
Dreamer1985 chapter 4 . 7/26/2010
through the mouths of Babes.
Dreamer1985 chapter 3 . 7/26/2010
this is just as good as the last chapter.
Dreamer1985 chapter 2 . 7/26/2010
I am enjoyin this story.
Dreamer1985 chapter 1 . 7/26/2010
I like this so far.
PDXWiz chapter 5 . 5/7/2009
Hannah is so precious... The heartfelt thanks she wants to express is really touching Roarke's heart, as well as Leslie and Christian.

Nathan must have made Cindy feel a lot better, apologizing for his mother's attitude.

Cool, glad the Everest fantasy worked so well. Interesting how that would have worked...a special dimensional gateway to Nepal, perhaps?

Yay! She's seen the light! I am sure Mr. Auclaire knows, and is very happy, too! And...I do hope she can tell Brad off!

Yes! Write his biography! Ooh! Yes!

Her conscience would feel better, that's for certain. And she's going to make some money, but interestingly...I think she is going to become good friends with Cindy (if not before they go to Hollywood, at least soon thereafter). And who better to co-author a book with than a teacher of literature?

That would be fabulous... Cindy would tell Melody where she is getting some of her information, but certainly, Melody wouldn't tell anyone. In a way, this whole experience will give Mr. Auclaire a daughter, in essence, in the person of Cindy, and she will wind up being a sister to Melody (if not an aunt) and aunt to the kids.

And then Mr. Auclaire will be in an interesting afterlife with his two wives and his son...and hopefully, Lydia and her son will have already made peace with each other...

At least until the next one...what do you have up your sleeve, Roarke? And you too, dear author...LOL

Nice tease-what goes around, comes around, more than once...?

Can't wait to see it when you get it going!

Thanks again for another great and very heartwarming story!

PDXWiz chapter 4 . 5/7/2009
Poor Melody...she's been through so much, it's easy to see how cynical she has become, enough to sell Mr. Auclaire's story to the tabloids... Well, except for the bit about the talking picture, of course. However, that might all change if she actually talks to him via the picture. Now, in that case, she might write a book about how hard everything has been and send it to a publisher. In fact, maybe she could write a (tasteful) biography of his life (with Cindy's help) and then her own autobiography... That would be exciting, and doubtless both books would do well for her. Then maybe she could become a full-time writer and keep the income coming in...

Heheheh... Yes, Mr. Auclaire has developed a friendship and fondness for Cindy, hasn't he? Oh goody, he and Leslie have met as well...

That's right! The ex-scumbag could come sniffing around for the inheritance...

Ah, the great alright debate! Hey, very funny stuff...and ALWRONG is a great way to try and remember...

Oh, cool, the trips are so-o-o-o cute! Asleep on their little fold out chair like the one my boys have...

Hm, I don't get the Who reference. Did they have a song called Alright something?

I agree, though. You should tell Cindy your 'alright' story, Christian!

YES! He's talking to Melody! Woohoo!

Yes, he is supposed to be...well, dead...LOL

Uh oh, this conversation isn't turning out well... least they are talking...

Oh no, he went he gone? Melody, you great twit!

At least the kids have the right attitude about accepting the stuff that they need when things are at their worst...

Good! Nathan has the right viewpoint! Betcha HE could convince Melody...

Maybe...maybe he just did change her mind...

Great chapter!

Mishee chapter 5 . 5/3/2009
Well, another well written story! :o)

You needn't worry about another story centered around a picture. Nor do you need to worry about plagarism. I can think of a long list of stories written/filmed long before the Harry Potter series (with which I am just beginning to get familiarized). Either Twilight Zone or Out Limits (may another "out there" show?) had a story line based where a guy kept looking to a painting of a serene scene in a museum... Think of all the horror movies where people always felt that portraits were staring at them. Fantasy Island even had that episode (that scared the Be-jesus out of me as a kid) where this little girl had appeared in a bunch of pictures that a lady took. The lady's fantasy was to find out why...No, there will continue to be stories written around pictures/photos long after this one...

Ok...Good segue at the beginning to set up Cindy's fantasy. It was good to see the continuing fatherly relationship that Roarke had with Cindy. After all, he did help raise her and mold her as well into a productive and well adjusted adult. So it was nice to see him accept her request on face value. Also, later when he is able to remind her about when she was grieving the death of her parents...This fleshes out some of their relationship.

Haruko's response in seeing Cindy talking to Roarke was cute. Kids often forget that their teachers are people too who do people things outside of school. Nice touch...

It was also cool to see Roarke perplexed as well. He may be Mr. Roarke, but even HE doesn't know ALL of the mysteries of life etc. I like how you kept him puzzled throughout Cindy's explanation, but also well balanced as far as his reaction to her, witholding an opinion before hearing the full story. I like how you keep him still "in charge" as he goes through problem solving with Cindy in how to get Auclaire to "talk". Cindy loses patience but Roarke is the one to encourage her to wait and see.

The character of Auclaire reminds me of real-life Ricardo Montalban in the similarities of their acting resumes. Great actor, popular in the late 40s and 50s. It was said that Montalban was friendly to everyone and great to work with. He too had nothing bad to say about anyone, and everyone only had nice things to say about him. Nice tribute/memorial even if it was done subconsciously.

I love when you write about Christian and his reactions to fantasies. Just enough shock value to shake up his confidence! Another possible storyline? Christian meeting or speaking with his deceased father or mother. Could be interesting.

I like what you did with the Ireland family. Hannah's reaction was very realistic to what every little girl's would be to royalty. Nathan was described like a typical 12 year old: always hungry, taking in more than he lets on. And just when you think they're truly not listening, they have the best wisdom. As others have said, Out of the mouths of babes. You did good with that one! Melody reminds me of some people I've met who have gotten a raw deal throughout most of their lives. They become distrustful, pessimistic, and only think about how others are trying to take advantage of them. It takes a lot to "crack" them. I liked that you showed how Melody really struggled with her hurts and in a sense, her struggle to forgive. Very realistic...

I thought you creatively tied the loose ends up nicely. The resolution of the situation with Cindy and Melody Ireland was done well. For Melody writing a book would be very theraputic and for Cindy it would allow her to help Melody in the healing process.

Looking forward to the next story...
Bishop T chapter 5 . 4/29/2009
What a great ending to a very interesting and unusual story.
jtbwriter chapter 5 . 4/29/2009
Wonderful! Melody's reactions and decision were better then I imagined! She really grew up a lot, and the fact that Mr. Auclaire can continue to speak with Cindy? Priceless! Thanks for a very satisfying "trip to the island"! More please?")
Harry2 chapter 4 . 4/25/2009
Sometimes, it takes words out of the mouth of babes to get the point across. I think that Nathan FINALLY got it into his mothers head!
jtbwriter chapter 4 . 4/25/2009

Out of the mouths of babes...great change of pace and an indication that Melody must be a good mother to have two children willing to forgive...

Thanks too, for showing how Cindy is different then she was as a young person-stubborn but willing to have an open heart. Thanks for a great update-more please?:)
Bishop T chapter 4 . 4/25/2009
This is great! Melody's children are being great examples to her of forgiveness and being grateful for such a wonderful gift. Perhaps their lesson will take hold of her and she will come around and forgive him.
PDXWiz chapter 3 . 4/24/2009
Yay! A new chapter of one of the most interesting fantasies ever!

Well, cool! She's scored with little Hannah!

Mrs. Ireland will be a very hard sell. Nathan...well, ya might get him going with some food :)

Wow, Hannah likes the triplets, and Christian has scored with her just being there!

Oh, here comes the personal horror story... I am not sure how Mr. Roarke wants to handle telling the whole thing to her. Frankly, it might be very, very hard to explain Mr. Auclaire's contact from beyond the grave. I don't envy his work on this fantasy, for it will be difficult to pull off... Still, if anyone can, he can!

Ah, Nathan is amenable to the food, and to the upcoming gettin' down to bizness...

Yeah, it is fishy-sounding. From her persective, life is hell and this is all crazy...

Good, kids are distracted... Cindy brought the photo, so I suspect that everything is going to come out in the wash now...

maybe even direct communication betweetn Mr. Auclaire and Melody.

Oh boy...moment of truth...Cindy tells her the story...

And now, I suspect Mr. Auclaire is about to make his presence MELODY!

Oh, crud, she wandered off...

Yup, going for broke... Mr. Auclaire will have to talk to her...personally...

Can't wait to see the next chapter! Great one here!

And belated happy birthday to M. Villechaize!

Harry2 chapter 3 . 4/23/2009
I think it IS going to take some serious work to get this taken care of. And if there is any place that can help a spirit out, its Fantasy Island. *Raises a glass is salute: To Mousier Villecheze. May your spirit find peace and may you see that your memory lives on*
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