Reviews for No Love Without Forgiveness
Lily Rose-Petals chapter 1 . 8/29/2010
Wow, good story on the Five's background. I loved the reasonings at the end, made everything clearer and more believable. No RTD-style writing for you!
WhoGeek chapter 1 . 6/8/2010
Love this. Recently rewatched the last four episodes of season one and just SAW these two together. And this so perfectly expresses the kind of people each of them were, and is just brilliant in so many ways. Absolutely beautiful. I love how you weave the events of the show into the actual events of the time. Brilliantly written. I'm in love with this story.
Di-Bee chapter 1 . 2/13/2010

I've started reading this fiction yesterday night (nearly on the morning since I quitted at 2am, but now I'm taking it from the beginning and going to review it 'entirely'. Just before I begin, I wanted to quote, again Shykeiro, (and virtually thank her so much for urging me to read that fanfiction (not that I was not eager to, but she really insisted) And I'm grateful for that.

I loved that story, really, the way it's written, and documented (some point of the story reminded me of some of my research on the topic, though mine were far far lighter than yours) (just one thing I'm extra grateful for : the fact that you kept Nikola an ass (he is the one everyone enjoy to want to slapI suppose that's why we love him)

Now, I'll begin with a detailed review, then go back to a more global one at the end.

' “Everything will be better for us both, my dear Watson, when you understand what is really happening here. The Ripper will have been stopped and all will be right with the Five again. Good luck, James. Stop the monster soon, for both of our sakes.”

An injunction that would haunt him for more than a century to come. '

Those lines are powerful, and revealing, to me. It makes us truly see what is in both John and James' minds and that, from the very beginning if that story, is really well done.

Then, the irruption. At first, thinking it was John made sense, to anyone. But, Helen? Of course it is. There beings what I would call the master manipulation, since one cannot but read what's next to know what will go on, even though you write in exactly (to me at least )the character's characters' (redundant here, but necessary) Then, we ask ourselves : was she aware of the two men's relationship at this point, what will her reaction be?. Then we get it : right after that pivotal scene of the shot. To me, your way of writing it itself made the images come to mind, and that's really enjoyable for a reader.

To carry on with this, I LOVE the way you made James faint. No one could see it coming but you( since you're the writer, I at least hope you've seen it coming)

Then the time ellipsis you master can also be called great. The relationship you draw between James and Helen is also very well done. All those sanctuary episodes where those two appear are sort of mysterious around their relationship, and the link you make here is really, really fitting.

Then, the explanations as to how Magnus had come to realize who John really was. There one can truly feel the research you have made. The way Magnus' revelations fits with James theory and all, and the sort of intimacy between the two is also great (I'm running out of vocabulary already, and that's only the beginning of the story)

' “The perfect cover. A shy, ineffectual regular seemingly without a violent bone in his body. A man who just wanted to be loved and reassured.”

“Almost reminds me of the man I agreed to marry,” she sighed, fresh tears trailing down her cheeks. '

Those line two, and the realization that is coming progressively to Watson's mind is well done.

Then, the, what I think everyone could suspect would come up, but still surprising the way you write it : Helen's pregnancy. Really well integrated to the plot line

' “‘Father, I’m pregnant out of wedlock with the bastard child of a monster.’ You honestly expect me to say those words to him?”

“Well, I imagine there are more tactful variations on the same theme.” '

Loved, loved, loved the phrasing of those!

Then, the development of how both James and Helen feel toward each other, and their connection to John. Don't have a clue for how you came out with this, but the way you write it is brilliant. I also like the three/five thing. And the logic of Helen when explaining she is the last whose life is endangered.

The next scene I liked so much. Nigel being frightened of what might happen to them all is not so the point that Nikola's behaviour and Helen's immediate response. I personally wanted to grin and say 'it serves you well, uh!'. Plus the 'as if she was teleporting' thing is really great great! I also really liked the way you introduced the hiding of the source blood.

' “There’s one thing no one’s mentioned,” Nikola pointed out cheerfully. “And that’s the police.”

James closed his eyes. It had taken the arrogant bastard long enough to get there. '

That line feels like it had been taken out of an episode!

Then I love Helen's reaction again, restrained from physically acting on Nikola by both James and her father, then James outburst! That, is an amazing scene. And the « Of course, the Detective from the Yard would pick that moment to enter the sitting room.“

Is really well placed/thought. Then Helen getting Nikola out, and her father supporting her. Great again!

' She could sometimes sooth people with just a touch or a look, comforting them out of all proportion to her actual behavior. Her gift from the Source Blood, perhaps? Pacifism to offset homicidal rage? '

And that, is to me a great analysis of Helen.

Ow, and I hate Aberlline, but his role in there is great. And so his James speech. Then, the whole 'Helen' part, the fact that you made the detective think Helen's with James is great, and so relevant, and the lie he does to protect her from the scandal is also well done.

The way the five is then dissolved somehow, is also greatly made, that sad feeling remaining in the words. The next think I'd like to underline was my surprise, though it totally made sense in the context, of ,James 'proposal' to Helen. Their discussing it like this is so the way they would have, somehow.

And I loved that sentence :

“That sound you just heard was the rest of my heart breaking.

The description of the formation of the Five sounds so real, too.

' John screamed and begged for death before vanishing into thin air and reappearing in Helen’s bedroom, presumably the one place in the world he felt truly safe. '

That made me laugh, somehow, but this line is good.

Then, the James/John scene, I found it truly breathtaking, from the way you put those words together, it really, really is amazing. (And I'm not that much of a slash reader)

then comes the Gregory discussing John and Helen with James, and that is really.. somewhat awkward, but good. I've got to admit that imagining Helen and James married at the point of the sanctuary we know is... interesting.

The fact that you use so often the word haunted to speak about John also amuse me, I've got to admit. Here comes my detailed review to end, then let's go for the global one.

So, for the whole story, I wanted to praise you in particular for your use of unsaid that says everything. This ability you have to make so many go through the words you use is very powerful, and I think in the context well used. I truly enjoyed reading this story. This is the reason why my review is so long (though messy, I admit)

I really enjoyed the reading, and wanted to express that )


Ivy3 chapter 1 . 12/30/2009
Well, Nikola might disagree with your proclamation that it's always been about John-Helen-Watson as the core three, and Tesla and Nigel are merely additions. *g* I can imagine him pouting and sulking.

I loved your Five. I think Nigel got the short end of the stick- the only member to not make it to present day (even Gregory made it somehow!) and we didn't even get to meet him in flashbacks. Poor guy, the show just tossed him aside to reproduce and give Will a love interest, lol.

I loved the dynamic between John-Helen-Watson and how much love for one another they have there. I'm kinda upset that your John needs 'arrangements' to be with Helen (and what, pray tell, may those arrangements be? I'm very curious) cause I think she deserves someone who can be with her 100%, but Helen/John is probably my favorite OTP from the show, so as long as they truly love each other, it's all good.

Poor Watson- his lover is a killer and the woman he loves doesn't love him that way. I loved your Gregory and how he's always there, always a sounding board and a great friend for Watson. Plus he seems like a cool dad that's ok with Helen's crazy love life.

One thing-

“I forgive you, John, I do. And I should think it goes without saying that I love you as well.”

Goes without saying? James told him a few lines back that he loves him. And why 'as well' if he's the one who professed his love? ("He caught his breath. “I love you, John.”).

This is quite a long review already, but I'm just curious about your opinion on something- how is John Druitt around today? The webisodes seemed to imply John was looking for Magnus and his unborn child and when he realized he couldn't find them, for some reason decided to jump in time and look. I don't get that vibe from the actual show- and him needing Helen's blood because he's dying, makes me wonder if he found some way to prolong his life temporarily at least. So I'm a bit confused. We haven't seen him 'time jumping' on the show, so I'm not sure if he can.
Shykeiro chapter 1 . 12/6/2009
Hello, hello. I've so much to say, but the barrier of my first langage not allow me to do that. So sorry first for my mistakes, I apologize. Hum, you're my second english story and...oh my god, my brain is burning. But I really liked it. I just find "awesome". And it makes me upset, because your sorry should have more than that. First, the painful relationship between the Three, like you named them, it was a good idea to developp. The "how" they discovered that John was Jack the Ripper was original. This story is just great! Seriously, i'm out of words, my vocabulary is weak, but you just have to understand that: i like this story. (I sound crazy...) I know that a lot of authors don't like this (and I can understand) but if a day you think to let your story to be translate, I would enjoy it. I stop here and hope you will have toher great time. Bonne continuation.
Ori1 chapter 1 . 10/24/2009
This is a truly excellent story. I normally do not read slash due to a lack of interest in the pairings offered but this was incredible.

I like that you showed that John loved both Helen and James. I liked that Gregory was a wise teacher.

Would it be possible to get a fic in this verse that occurs after Ashley's birth? I think that would be fascinating.

Thanks for the fic.
Jen Rock chapter 1 . 4/19/2009
This is very sad and the characterizations were so perfect. I can easily see Helen being accepting of James and John having a relationship. That last line was so heartbreaking.

Amazing fic.