Reviews for Fuzzy Logic
Reclusive Dork chapter 7 . 11/10
Rocky and Bullwinkle!
Guest chapter 25 . 11/5
I have a test tomorrow
But this fan fiction
But grade!

Stop it
jon reeve chapter 16 . 10/23
Um, Naruto's clones perform jutsu, including the shadow-clone jutsu, all the time.
jon reeve chapter 14 . 10/23
First, you made Kurama female. Which is not always horrible, but whatever.

Then, you gave her a fox-boner for blue-eyed blondes, while killing Kushina. The less said about that, the better.

In spite of those few facts, I still find myself enjoying this fic. Go figure.
Pom Rania chapter 40 . 9/22
I liked reading this~ There's... really not that much more to say.
Pom Rania chapter 38 . 9/22
...wait, so was the whole thing just a giant PRANK?!
Although that is a very kitsune thing to do.
Pom Rania chapter 31 . 9/22
Smart kid, asking for the fox VERY NICELY.

And smart Musume too! It's always good if you can get your enemies to do your work for you...
Pom Rania chapter 22 . 9/21
GAHAHAHAHAHA tricking someone into doing THAT jutsu? I love it!
Pom Rania chapter 10 . 9/21
Musume is awesome.

...I just noticed, stuff from her viewpoint calls her "Musume" now, and not "the kitsune". When did that happen? It's definitely symbolic; I didn't notice the change.
Pom Rania chapter 9 . 9/21
Non-evil Orochimaru? I like it!
Pom Rania chapter 5 . 9/21
Yep, I like the kitsune's mentioned pranks here! Getting a Hyuuga elder sealed... that should have been mentioned elsewhere, it's a hilarious idea for a crackfic.
Pom Rania chapter 3 . 9/21
I like that she's so ANCIENT she can just slip out on "thinking" for days on end; it makes a lot of sense, but it's not something one sees often.
Pom Rania chapter 1 . 9/21
There's a bunch of punctuation problems with the dialogue; I'm trying my best to ignore them, because so far this story is FUN!

I loved that Minato was vaguely disappointed he didn't get killed, because then all his mental state was a waste of time, and he had to do paperwork. It's just amusing.

I also loved the kitsune's opinion of human breasts, as they are pretty different from other mammalian mammaries. Although I've read somewhere it's not LACTATION that's the problem, it's that human babies have flat faces and otherwise would suffocate.
Spicy Toast chapter 40 . 9/20
Crack-jouchan chapter 18 . 9/17
I have a theory that Musume got out of the timeloop, because the seal only drags the one INSIDE to death. Since she is the container now, that won't happen, so when her human body dies, she herself will simply go on her own merry way.
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