Reviews for A Precious Child
Torcan chapter 49 . 5/15
I don't know which would serve Grissom better: A scaffold or a lion's den. Indeed, why now? Why only now to bring up the subject that should have been addressed sooner? Of course because Heather would be there, too. How did he know SHE would be at Al's? You see, this is exactly what I have problem with this Grissom and Heather act. He should have told Sara exactly what happened in Heather's bedroom that night; by not telling the whole truth he would be casting this uncertain/unpleasant cloud over Sara's head continuously. Also in a sense he would be bounded to Heather forever over this shared secret. Lordy, Lordy. Why must it come off as sordid as his dinner invitation in "Unbearable"? What was Sara supposed to react other than saying through the teeth that she believed in him? She had to trust him, she had no choice. She put her family's wellbeing first. Did Grissom ever think about Sara's needs?

But I am glad you didn't just give us a two-dimensioned Sara. You presented a normal, ordinary woman got caught in something she didn't ask for. She not only rose to the occasion but also showed us a complete Sara going through the whole gamut of emotions. I never took her for being perfect. Still I loved this Sara: She stayed loyal, resilient, strong, albeit hurting inside. (Poor girl never had a chance when she walked into that lecture hall in San Francisco all these years ago.)

I know how much you adore Heather. But I haven't changed my take on her. She simply dons a different mask when the situation calls for particular one. If we can say Sara is the Book Smart, Sidewalk Stupid kind of woman, then, Heather is a worldly one through and through. It could be the residue carried over from her previous profession-all the self-serving and self centeredness.

It's fitting the story ended with hope. But I'd love to see a Part III to this story line. I am sure all your readers would love to find out how the Grissoms were doing once they went back home. Was Alison doing okay? What kind of toddler Noah turned out to be? What happened to Valerie? How did McCormick die? I don't think it's suicide; but who did it? And how? Mrs. Robbins suggested Sara to think about moving back to LV, would Sara do it? Also we would want to know more about Brass and Heather, wouldn't we?
Torcan chapter 48 . 5/15
Grissom might be pigheaded but he's no dummy. Going through some self-reflection did him a world of good. What a turnaround in a short span of time. Good for him that he knew he could face the music with his family by his side. It was a very good thing he didn't lose his hope.

What happened in that hospital room was truly well written. You could feel how genuine and real they were. It did make me chuckle that Catherine was taken for Noah's grandmother when she took him to the mall. Grandma Catherine? Yikes!

I think McCormick died in suspicious circumstances; somebody definitely would want to dig deep into the situation. Did it sound like unfinished business for the Grissoms down the road?
Torcan chapter 47 . 5/15
Dr. Jimenez gave Grissom exactly what he needed to hear. The good doctor was full of compassion and understanding, but he didn't sugarcoat the situation. It's a daunting prospect for Grissom to face but with support and love of his loved ones, that is, if he allowed them, he could do it; Al Robbins was the godsend. He lived the life of an amputee and didn't allow his disability to hinder his sense of self worth. He might just be the one to make Grissom realize that if Doc made it, so could he. You gave us a great one-two punch in Jimenez and Robbins.

But Grissom being Grissom, his current mindset brought back memories to me from the time how he struggled to deal with his hearing loss. He shut everyone he knew out, and sought console in Lady Heather instead. Talking about actions and consequences. Life indeed is a b**ch.

Maybe left in solitude he would come to his senses that he, like it or not, had Sara and Noah in his life. Keeping himself away or keeping them away from him was no long an option. What do we do with a pigheaded man like him? Pouring a bucket of ice water over his head? Sorry, but at times I found it's hard to trust him. He might be a decent enough fellow, his behavior was always baffling if not down right troubling. Well, Heather was only couple of floors down... (See, it shows you how little faith I have in this man.)
Torcan chapter 46 . 5/14
Just when I thought we needn't reach another gave us the old Grissom back, in an absolutely authentic fashion. The old fool was damn lucky to have Sara as his wife. All the pulling and pushing aside, she did know him best. It was typical Sara to take a stand, but she was also mindful of Grissom's emotional predicament. It was a very good thing that Heather was not in the room with them.

As for the special bond between Grissom and Heather, I just don't get. I could see fascination, infatuation and hell, even lust that Grissom might have felt about this bigger than life woman. But how long was he going to subject himself to the guilt feeling he held over the way he handled himself after spending the night with the Dominatrix in LHB?

I do hope Sara would get Doc over to have a man-to-man chat with Grissom. If Doc couldn't get through to him, if Noah couldn't get through to him, Dear God, don't tell me it's up to Heather!
Torcan chapter 45 . 5/14
Who was there to pick up extension 318? Guess either McCormick had 'friends' behind the bars or he had "friends" there. Would someone there to knock him off or to make sure he could settle in comfortably?

Sara still couldn't have the talk with Grissom. Oh, boy.
Torcan chapter 44 . 5/14
Perhaps this was not what you had in mind when you wrote the story; but I found the way Heather kept on saying Grissom was his best friend just kind of made her a sad figure. Brass was great with Grissom and it was just so Brass that he had to unload his sentiment when Grissom was not all there to response. It's sad and yet very sweet.

Now we're back to Heather. Having her turfed out of Grissom's room didn't mean she wouldn't be in touch with Grissom again. How was Sara going to patch things up with her later? She might be bad news to Sara, but she wasn't going away anytime soon. The possibilities were endless.
Torcan chapter 43 . 5/14
I liked the going to the chapel part very much; what else was there for Sara to hang her hope on? It was also a nice reference to Grissom's backstory.
Torcan chapter 44 . 5/13
What an emotionally charged chapter. Did Sara overreact? To Brass and Heather? Definitely so but it's understandable. And the uncertainty over what action McCormick might take didn't help at all. Taking everything into consideration, her reaction came through just as what we could expect. Poor Brass found himself stuck in a no-win situation. (Let Sara and Heather duke it out; he shouldn't get caught in the crossfire. What did Grissom have to say about all of these?) Still, you balanced the whole thing with the genuine friendship Sara shared with Greg and Nick.
Torcan chapter 42 . 5/13
Holy! Another chapter or two like this we would have no choice but to start calling her St. Catherine! Seriously, it's nice to see this side of her, especially at trying times like such. Even I'm aware the story is a complete one, the chapter still got me worried...about Grissom's reaction and attitude towards Sara.
Guest chapter 41 . 5/13
I was saddened by not surprised to learn the doctor had to carry out the amputation procedure since there was no hope to save Grissom's leg. What a price to pay for his own stupidity. Not sure how he'd take the news and face the fact. I couldn't help but feeling sorry for Sara as well. The doctor managed to pull Grissom back from the brink of death. But a Grissom with physical disability would want to have Sara around him? Would he push Sara away? Would he ask for Heather instead?

You wrote Sara extremely well. She got caught in this unenviable situation and yet, in midst of the tragedy and heartaches, you also gave us humanity shown in the form of caring nurses and loyal friend in Catherine. Yes, destruction abounds, but there's still innocence to be found. Noah might well be what Grissom would need to save him from himself.
Torcan chapter 40 . 5/7
No, no, no. No bullet aimed at the privates. Jim was absolutely right about what should have been done to defuse the situation. But how I would love to see Heather land a kick or two right there instead. Let the pain linger; let him feel alive...with pain, lots of lots pain...

I think what disgusted me most was the things Stephen said about Alison. She liked her daddy. She was beautiful. Dear Lord. What did he do to that little girl? Once the innocence lost, it could never be returned. The evil ones do like nothing more than causing the destruction the love, trust and innocence. Was Alison too gar gone now? How about Grissom? Don't envy him at all. Physical injuries and the tape...
Torcan chapter 39 . 5/7
So much packed into this chapter; but all was handled well. Extremely well. Guess Sara, the private citizen, had no qualm about pocketing 'item of interest' she found in the cabin, and I agreed with what she did. (But how was she going to take it, though?)

How did Heather make her way to the Marina?
Torcan chapter 38 . 5/7
Now we've got all the whys; still it didn't change the fact what a sick and bad fellow that Stephen was. Taking people's life wasn't enough, he had to destroy their love and trust. Somehow I do feel sorry for this twist-minded creature. His existence was fueled by revenge and it was no life at all.

Of course Sara would take matters into her own hands. A risky and reckless move on Sara's part, but it's completely understandable. Wonder if she or anyone from the crime lab would get to listen to the recorded tape.

How Grissom and Heather could explain the tape to Sara if she could come out of this alive?
Torcan chapter 37 . 5/6
Too bad Heather didn't get to see the room where Grissom was kept captive on the second floor. How did Stephen manage to carry a critically injured Grissom out of the house? So now apparently Alison was greatly affected by her experience with Stephen and Valerie. Bet you Valerie would be using battered woman syndrome as her defense and receiving nothing more than a slap on the wrist for her part in all of these. Sara was the one left to deal with the unimaginable possibilities as Grissom was nowhere to be found in that place.

"What about Grissom?" That's all Heather asked. Thinking back all the biting words she threw at Sara's head previously, I sure don't know what to make of this Heather.
Torcan chapter 36 . 5/5
The bottom line was 'control' or 'in control' for this Stephen fellow?! Doesn't matter, either way he was a sicko. Lady Heather should really give him some good lashing to set him straight.

Alison was great; but Sara looked like every bit of being headstrong and rash, but that's understandable since Grissom's fate was yet to be known. I so much would like to see Valerie get away from Stephen.
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