Reviews for Falling Beyond Redemption
Shazzeer chapter 29 . 8/13
Nope, not just a dream, Billy is dream walking and trying to make her see just how strong she is. How strong she is alone and together with Edward. She could ask her family to not hurt Jacob, but as long as she wants that, she can’t tell them not to.
Doesn’t matter it wasn’t his fault or that he can’t remember what he did, she still blames him for the agenda.
Shazzeer chapter 28 . 8/13
Their love and light drives the darkness away. They both needed to complete the mating bond, resisting it just tore them apart.
Shazzeer chapter 27 . 8/13
Just what she needed, for Edward to show her just how much he craves and need her ;). Low and slow with kisses and caresses was just the way to go.
Shazzeer chapter 26 . 8/12
A shower with Edward and getting scrubbed clean by him is an intimacy that she needs. She knows that he will take care of her.
Shazzeer chapter 25 . 8/11
Yeah, being back at the house wasn’t the best idea.
And Emmet just likes to think he is a bigger lout than he actually is ;)
Shazzeer chapter 24 . 8/11
We’ll see what Charlie get sup to when he gets back up. Right know all he needs is to rest and heal, just like Bella.
Now I do wonder if Edward has it in him to give Bella just what she needs to just get a little closer to closure.
Shazzeer chapter 23 . 8/11
Makes sense that if Bella can block, she might be able to project . So now Edward has gone to Rose for guidance, she’s been thru this and would know best how to proceed.
Shazzeer chapter 22 . 8/11
Finding out the supernatural is a thing, that werewolves and vampires exist… can’t be easy for Charlie to deal with.
Alice and Edward shouldn’t neglect hunting, but I do get them not wanting to leave Bella.
Shazzeer chapter 21 . 8/11
Her choice had already been made, she choose Edward over Jake. Jake is a loose canon waiting to go of, I believe he will take alpha and maybe go after Edward I’m thinking he can still save Bella.

And back to story time with Billy… the legends come true.
Shazzeer chapter 20 . 8/11
So now Charlie knows what they are… question is if he will realise what Jake is, a wolf.

When in doubt, seek medical help. Ice baths can be done recreationally, some athletes use them and some getting into a meditative state. But I hate the cold and would probably freeze to death just thinking about taking a dip XD.
Shazzeer chapter 19 . 8/10
Ha ha, Emmet would never shut up about the day he found Alice and Bella naked in the same bed, doesn’t matter the circumstance ;). So it was death Alice felt earlier with Bella.

And death has taken It’s price as Emily and Sam’s unborn child.
Emily will survive, she can not live without Sam, and he can’t without her.

Let’s hope Charlie is up and at em soon.
Shazzeer chapter 18 . 8/10
So, we will see if death takes Billy’s souls for Charlie’s and Bella’s healing. So maybe what Alice felt was deaths presence at Bella’s side.
Shazzeer chapter 17 . 8/10
So Bella is stuck in a nightmare, limbo would’ve been peaceful like it was for Charlie. Emily is brave but a fool, and Billy must’ve had something on his min if Emily was to be kept away from the ceremony.
Shazzeer chapter 16 . 8/10
Ummm, if a ribs pierced your lung, it needs to be repaired… Bella has had no surgery to repair the lung!
She is a dead woman walking if that is not rectified!.

So Billy is giving his life for Charlie. Serves him right by meddling and making this the catastrophe it is. Even if he wasn’t aware of everything, he was still part of it.
Shazzeer chapter 15 . 8/10
So Leah has a part in this to, hurt and cast aside.
Her whole life ruined because of the vampires returning.
And Jake can’t remember anything due to the drugs in his system… and he shouldn’t be far away.
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