Reviews for Hard to Forgive
BorderLand chapter 13 . 3/13
So from what I understand they even have Kaguya there if the lady older then Kyuubi is her, how the hell is someone supposed to destroy the villager with that woman there even with 5% of her power? They can't and I love this story very much.
troutman30 chapter 13 . 2/18
Pretty darn good story, except for that painless throat cutting bit.
troutman30 chapter 1 . 2/18
Just once I wish someone would tell me how getting you're throat cut can be swift and painless when just a paper cut hurts like hell.
demonavenger888 chapter 13 . 1/22
This book is awesome I really like it!
Guest chapter 13 . 12/17/2017
I absolutely LOVED this story. I love how he didn’t forgive Konoha as a whole but he still loved his precious people. You did really good on the fight scenes like I could actually feel how intense the moments were.
tenshiakuma14 chapter 13 . 9/26/2017
This is the second time I'm reading this. And I still love it my only regret is that it isn't longer.
Silence42 chapter 13 . 8/15/2017
I have only one thing to say, you earned this *favorites story*
Kingkong101 chapter 13 . 8/12/2017
I am so fuck confuse
Sha-min chapter 13 . 7/20/2017
Thank you for writing this art and finishing it
Akamehime456 chapter 13 . 5/28/2017
Wow this was a great book. You are a amazing. And you've gain extra points in my book for finishing the story. I hope you continue ro write. I look forward to reading your future books.
streetfihhtersabrina chapter 13 . 3/20/2017
Cute and amazing
JuttaV chapter 13 . 3/11/2017
Oh, I really liked this one! It was both heartbreaking and incredibly cute. Definitely one of my favourites!
Demon fox kyuubi chapter 13 . 3/9/2017
This is soooooo goooddddddd I wuv dis shooooiooo muchhhhhhhh️.
HadoFoxGodAsashi chapter 1 . 3/3/2017
Fuck off.
SeveralRainyDays chapter 13 . 1/19/2017
Can we please just admire how amazing this was? I can never seem to find amazing stories like this. Naruto doesn't need a pairing when he is "banished" or "kicked out" and I strongly dislike when authors do that. You did it perfectly.

I don't think I'll ever find another story of this quality, and it's sad and amazing at the same time.
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