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Peabodythecat chapter 1 . 12/27/2014
Wow. This was very, very intense. Probably the best background to Danny's arrest I've read. Actually no probably about it. Definitely the best.
Stina Whatever chapter 1 . 3/19/2010
ZairaAlbereo chapter 1 . 7/20/2009
That was a painful read. A very well written, true to character, as-it-could-have-been read. The end was almost unbearable. Flying solo. Danny without Rusty. Danny locking Rusty with him and Tess in the life of suburbia, robbing them of the 'us' and the 'together' that was meant to be. The thrill and the joy and bliss of it.

“We’ll still want to see you, Rusty.” Ow. Wrong, so wrong.

Poor, poor, poor, poor, Rusty. I can't get over it. You managed to make that so horrible - amazing!
deadaccount022617 chapter 1 . 6/8/2009
I loved it! I don't know what to say, it was RustyandDanny at rock bottom. Incredibly sad(my gut has twisted itself in knots)and I loved both point of views from Danny and Rusty and even the little bit of Tess's. My favorite lines are "You've been cheating on me." "How did you find out?" It made me smile. I loved the ending even though it led to Danny being arrested and driving a gap between Danny and Rusty.
Let's pretend this isn't me chapter 1 . 4/28/2009
Ah, that's better. Feel like I'm stretching. What is with the character limit anyway?

Anyway. Roman. And such a simple way for the lie to end and so inevitable. Because they know so many people and people talk, and how could anyone imagine that Danny wasn't working with Rusty? Let alone that Rusty didn't even know. Unthinkable, surely unthinkable to anyone who knows them. And hate the little drop in about the people Danny's talking to being unreliable. Which they are, and we already know that, but for Roman who, I think likes not to be involved, however much he likes them, for Roman to take the step of actually talking to Rusty about it, I think they must be very unreliable.

Sigh for the anger and hiding it all in front of Tess and her kissing Rusty's cheek and Danny's lips. Just something about that that I'm having difficulty explaining. Indirect affection when it's the last thing they're feeling.

And I hate the argument. Hate every word of the argument and you do it brilliantly. Want to yell at them, I really do. And can hear Rusty's voice at the unbelievable “It is necessary for you to work without me” and Danny just agreeing and not saying why, not saying why he's making this choice, not discussing the people who know he has a partner. Hate it. (And have to fight really, really hard to remind myself that Carson is not one of them.) And of course the given reason does make sense, by Dannylogic, because its not the choice that he can't make.

“So what am I from here on in? A friend?”

Arrgh. That line gets me every time. Because yes, that doesn't even begin to cover what they are, should be to each other.

And the ending and Rusty walking out, and neither of them backing down. Sigh. Of course not. They don't and can't. And I still hate it. And at least they don't say goodbye. Don't think I could bear that.

Sigh. This story really is all kinds of amazing. And I want to thank you for writing. Really do. Just magnificent. Thank you.
otherhawk chapter 1 . 4/28/2009
So, this story really is brilliant. Sure you know that, but let me just say that I do so love the way that it really can fit into any verse. Because ADP for obvious, but equally the conversation between Turk and Rusty in 'Justice' reflects back here, and really, that just remains incredibly impressive. (And if you want a reason to mock me - not that you normally need a reason - I initially started to type Virgil there before going "Wait, wrong Malloy". And then I got confused, started panicking and had to go look it up. My problem with names is on an *epic* level.)

And its painful. Of course it's painful, because, unlike with most of the arrgh it's not AU or pretend-it-didn't-happenable. This lies behind or ahead of nearly all your stories. Seem to remember someone once upon a time defending herself by saying "Hey, I just kill Danny. I don't split them up." You're getting a look. I just split them up; I don't make it canon.

Opening. Rusty waiting for Danny, and Danny being late. And just because there's nothing to worry about is never going to mean that there isn't worry. And really patience is a skill that he might have acquired professionally, but think that it has very little place in his personal life. And it's never one that he's going to enjoy.

In some ways I love the note. The fact that Danny thought, the fact that he's never going to get so caught up, even in Tess, that he forgets Rusty entirely. And love Rusty's immediate understanding that he shouldn't offer greetings. Oh, you do that so well, so naturally. Simple and instant understanding that makes the later miscommunications so painful.

And of course Rusty is going to be able to see the difference that Tess is making to Danny. And I love the simplicity of Danny's "I like her, Rusty. I like her a lot." Not trying to explain the whys, not trying to defend. It's just a fact and little more has to be said.

Rusty watching Tess. Of course he would. Would have to go and see for himself the unprecedented, the threat to them that he understands so much sooner than Danny. And love the way you describe what he sees. That he thinks of her charisma as a shadow of what he himself sees in Danny and of course he knows what that feels like.

"Beauty alone will not hold Danny." No, no it never would. And I'm smiling because I loved that line the first time you shared and I still love it now.

Danny's thoughts on Tess, and what I love most here is the image of their eyes forming entirely different communication. Yes, because its like that, meeting someone special. When even the most mundane conversations become about something else. And of course, for Danny the echo of the unspoken. And incidentally, love the "he has been almost certain it was an accident."

Danny smiling inside and out. And sigh for the memory of how Rusty says Danny makes him feel. Wonderful.

And I love the depth of Danny's astonishment to realise that he hasn't thought about Rusty. That there's been no burning need to share. That Tess has, for this evening, been enough. And that's enough to tell anyone that this is going to be important.

Sigh for Danny not wanting to hurt, never wanting to hurt, and not being able to avoid it.

Love the mix of spoken and unspoken in Danny talking to Rusty. Things that can and can't be said out loud. It's perfect, the way you do that, it really is.

And of course Rusty's been trying to play it through, trying to make it work. And that he hasn't been able to is enough to worry both of them.

Hate the moment when the telepathy fails. The italics are such a fact of them in your stories, and when you play with it . . . like with Bryn. It's wrong and it hurts. And I can vividly picture the shock in both of them when it fails, and can't imagine that either of them would be able to bear it if Rusty had needed to elaborate, if Danny hadn't eventually got it.

Sigh. Hate the resentment and the irrational and the anger. Understand it, and it makes sense, but I hate it. And even more I hate the anger at Danny "For daring to imagine" as if Danny ever stops. And of course I hate his solution. And the fact that he doesn't let Danny speak, doesn't let any notgoodbyes be offered, and doesn't look back. Sigh. And ow. And sometimes you're not a very nice person.

The three months. Such agony. Such terrible, terrible agony, and Rusty nowhere coherent. And written so magnificently. "Identities run through his fingers like sand" "The loneliness, the separation burns him from the inside out and every now and then he wonders if it is killing Danny as much as it is killing him." Sigh. Beautiful, painful words, and I can taste the unthinkable loneliness. And hate even the idea that he could even imagine Danny happy and not thinking of him. So wrong.

And can't decide whether I want to say "I love" or "ow" for the call within hours of turning his phone back on. Probably both. Certainly both. And can hear the relief, the grief, the three months in Danny's voice.

"Introductions over, they all sit down at the restaurant table like good, little civilised adults." Sigh for this line. Oh, you're such a wonderfully clever writer.

Rusty not looking at Danny. No. Couldn't, not then. Far, far, far too much to deal with.

And sigh for the unison and the laugh and Rusty feeling the pain of recognising it.

And you know, Tess seeing that tattoo before Danny is an ow moment. Not only does Danny not know, he isn't even the first to see, and that would hurt him. And arrgh for the "Agony" and Rusty looking at Danny then and Danny looking down. Hurting each other. Not what should be.

Sigh for Rusty seeing the pain in Danny's eyes that he put there. Not something he could continue in the face of. Not ever.

Sigh even more for the moment of reconnection. "He feels Danny’s fingers lock around his left hand tightly. So tight. Like Danny never, ever wants to let him go again. Oh, he has been missed. As if he could ever think otherwise. He lays his right hand on top of Danny’s as if they are playing some children’s game." I know, I know, I know, but sometimes I just need to quote you at you and scream and burble about how incredible and perfect it all is. And this is. Incredible. Perfect.

Danny's three months. Oh, agony. Agony in the idea that he might end up blaming Rusty, if he hadn't tried. And he can't simply turn on the phone or go back home. None of it's in his control and just the idea of him lying awake and thinking about everything Rusty is that's lost . . . awful. And love the repetition of "He tries" Love the every day. Of course.

And the fact that when Danny reached out he was afraid, even a little afraid, of rejection. Ow, ow, ow.

Sigh for Tess' thoughts on Danny. Love the image of him dancing. Love everything she sees in him, everything he makes her feel. Wonderful description of the relationship. And the fact that she noticed, even if she never had a chance of understanding, the way that Danny was missing Rusty. Sigh. And smile for the GP of "Everything is going to be alright."

Danny telling the truth. And she thinks its a joke first. Just not something that she could ever imagine in her world. And hate the fact that she can think that the three months she spent with Danny, the way he made her feel, that all that could have been just another lie.

Of course Danny would need to see the tattoo as soon as possible. It's not only something that he wasn't there for, it's something that he doesn't know. Some part of Rusty that he's not intimately familiar with. And love the anger and Rusty's joy in it, that he called it right, that Danny still cares that he is an idiot. And I like that Danny likes it. And slight amusement for the fact that it's unfinished until after Isabel balanced against the "Just never do anything so fucking stupid again,"

Sigh. Of course Rusty can't leave Danny miserable. Not without trying. And I love that in him, because its not just that Danny would never have dreamed of asking, Danny would never imagine that the intervention would, could, should happen. That it was in any way possible. And still Rusty makes it work. Gets her back from him with the truth. "He loves you." Yes. He does. And I love the way he lays the alternatives out in front of her, in a way they both understand. How they affect the man they love. And I love that she gets that, love the "He's got you." Of course. Always. Trouble is, now Danny needs both of them.

Danny's promise to go straight. And the "You better know what you're doing" that we know she said from the movie, and I love it in this context. Perfectly done. Perfect echo.

Rusty and Tess. Almost and not quite understanding. And smile and giggle for the singing in the rain of the shower.

And arrgh for the "We'll still want to see you" and the implication of choice and the not understanding that there are all sorts of 'we's and TessandDanny is only ever going to be one of them.

Smile for the wedding and the bliss and the happiness and the birds apparently singing and the stars falling from the sky. Oh, so clever. And, yes, ow for Rusty thinking that Tess won't really want to see him. Because of course he's not going to stop. Why would he?

Love the addition of Saul. Because Rusty would never be the only one to doubt that Danny can go straight. And Saul would be worried about Rusty on his own.

Sigh for the "Tess surprises" "Danny loves" "Rusty waits" section. Such, such brilliant writing. And I love that Tess welcomes and then wonders at everything she sees that she doesn't quite understand. And Danny so happy with them and not with the rest. Because normalacy just isn't who he is and it's a way of dousing the brilliance and it hurts and you describe it perfectly. "The straitjacket of living a life abnormal." Sigh. And talentenvy.

Huh. Out of words. One moment. *mutters darkly*
Jusmine chapter 1 . 4/28/2009
Aw - poor Rusty. :(

But I have to admit that I love him thinking of Tess as a threat because she reminds him of Danny.

That... was so sad! I don't like seeing our poor boys separated! *pouts*

I don't want the story to be complete, because I love angst. But it is done, and I guess that's okay, because it was absolutely perfect!
ParisAmy chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
Oh so sad, Danny missing out on the tattoo especially.

But still i loved it :)
zxully chapter 1 . 4/9/2009
No, it can't be complete... I need more. It was so sad... But so perfect, I loved it.

Sigh. I'm not able to make a longer comment now, but I just needed to say it was really, really good and I liked it very much. Great job.
kenzimone chapter 1 . 4/9/2009
I hate that this is so *painful*, even though I know that in the end things work out and they all come to a kind of truce (stalemate?). Still, painful. Especially when the lines of silent is broken, and you realize how terrifying it is to have one of them *explain* to the other - it's supposed to be unspoken and crystal clear. And the tattoo! I'm so sad for Rusty, who found himself without Danny there to stop him or shake his head in amusement. And, of course, Danny who missed it all. And the fact that it's there, an unfading physical reminder (though I love how you have Rusty carry his experiences on himself in plain sight - the ring, the tattoo...). In short; ouch.