Reviews for Warcraft Wizardry
sam chapter 10 . 9/25
Just found this and really like it. I do hope there will be more soon?
Ender the multiverse Detective chapter 10 . 9/18
Very good
Guest chapter 10 . 8/1
I love this story! Please update!
mackiechandler chapter 10 . 7/6
I hope you keep writing on this story. Its very fun
mackiechandler chapter 8 . 7/6
coolio!~ I wonder what else Harry can turn into besides a cat and a fox. I like him like the set back, quiet ways of the slytherin wanna-be's.
mackiechandler chapter 3 . 7/6
This is a great concept. I love Dudley helping Harry and I love the idea of them getting into WOW.

Thank you for a great read so far.
R. A Cross chapter 10 . 7/1
Ooh...I want more~. Update this please
loretta537 chapter 10 . 6/29
i miss this story and hope to read more soon
tamashiyuki chapter 10 . 6/27
Esta muy bueno!
Intentaré leer otra vez pronto, así que actualiza seguido :)
Alpha Shifter chapter 10 . 6/12
I love your work, and I had almost thought you were going to put him in slytherin during the sorting. Please update again.
trainreader chapter 10 . 6/5
your crossover is interesting. I like Dudley acting nice to Harry. I hope to see more of him. Are you going to use more WoW concepts?
Lady Kaiki chapter 10 . 6/2
Awesome ! Plz, update soon !
TekoloKuautli chapter 10 . 5/25
I love how the plot keeps getting more and more interesting! Say, are you going to put more of the warcraft races? like the dragons! not the animal-like ones from the harry potter books but the ones from the game, those that are smarter than most people. Or the ancient magics. Also, since Harry is only eleven his animal forms must be that of young animals right? I dont know why but the image of Harry as a bear cub trying to roar intimidatingly at some extremely amused unicorn is stuck in my head. I hope you come back soon ;)
Andhrimnir chapter 5 . 5/7
I liked your story up to this chapter but just no ...
While i don't dislike reading slash fics ( some are way too awesome to not read ) i can't suspend disbelief to this point .

A male becoming pregnant and/or giving birth ... yeah no i just can't, if the male used a potion/ritual/charm/etc to become pregnant and give birth i would'nt have a problem, a metamorph i could see it ( example : upon becoming pregnant being locked in female form until the birth ) but i can't juste can't.

Too bad, good idea and all, not much in the way of faults that i saw.

Good luck for the rest of your fic
sub0chick chapter 10 . 4/30
loving the story, have a feeling harry's going to unintentionally turn everything on its head with him being able to cast wandlessly and wordlessly lol. keep up the good work, i look forward to more :)
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