Reviews for A Godfather in Gotham
Suzululu4moe chapter 9 . 7/21
its been a great story.

i wish it was updated.
Suzululu4moe chapter 8 . 7/21
well i think she is gonna loathe the evil old coot.
Suzululu4moe chapter 7 . 7/21
i find it impossible for him to not find any traces of hermione if they were so close for so many years…. doesn’t he keep a picture of her n him in his wallet or on his desk even… photo albums… and his library apparently has a whole section of books for hermione….. dumbledore only mind wiped him…. mind wipes own’t destroy all physical evidence of her existence in his life….
Suzululu4moe chapter 6 . 7/21
though i wonder how dumblewhore could hit the batman... the man who could dodge bullets... he could have flung a pen at the old man or used the things on the desk to shield himself...
Suzululu4moe chapter 5 . 7/20
cute dense harry.. ahhaah well if i were in his situation id probably be as dense as well not everyday a billionaire intervenes in one's life, add the fact that the best friend trolled the duresleys.

XD nice chapter
Suzululu4moe chapter 4 . 7/20
poor adults must be horrified by the news.

lol hermione to the rescue. nice way of smacking down the durslesys.

ahahah Alfred’s lil acting.

crazy but brilliant... too bad he hadn't kissed her.
Suzululu4moe chapter 3 . 7/20
lol hermione’s present. XD nice.

its amazing Vernon hadn't had a heart attack.
Suzululu4moe chapter 2 . 7/20
lol caught. ahahah

hmm well at least he wasn't naked. that would have been mortifying.
Suzululu4moe chapter 1 . 7/20
lol ladies man meets hermione .

i think hermione would strangle the monsterbookofmonster's publisher if she found out what happened to her books
Guest chapter 9 . 6/28
Please tell us if you are not going 2 write anymore I hope you do
mbell185 chapter 9 . 5/21
Please finish this story! It is really good. I know it's been a very long time, but please finish!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/12
Please continue this story. Out of all the stories I've read, this is one of the best. Please continue writing!
Guest chapter 2 . 5/2
live on
and continue this piece of art
yuki chapter 9 . 4/18
So... Is Ron or the Weasley is innocent? Or is this Weasley bashing?
And holyshit motherfucker asshole Dumb-ble-dork. That man make me piss off. And how can he still have Phoenix with that attitude?
Bambu chapter 1 . 4/7
There are thousands of incomplete stories languishing on FF, but of those thousands there are only a handful that I wish could be completed. This is at the top of my list. The concept behind this piece is compelling, and I loved the way you've blended the two universes. I doubt you'll finish this, but every so often I re-read it just because it's a longtime favorite.
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