Reviews for You Know You've Been Playing To Much TWEWY When
Heather Kurta chapter 8 . 12/6/2016
-You've made a Mr. Mew
-You guess who Hype-chan is. (AN: I think she's linked to Joshua.)
-You draw the character in TWEWY brand. (An: I drew Hype-chan in DB and Natural Puppy)
-You wish you had an orange flip phone like Joshua's. (AN: I have a flip phone, but it's not orange. TT-TT)
-Your ringtone is Calling, or some other TWEWY song. (AN: I do, and when I get a text it plays Twister.)
-You do a Ask Box for any of the characters on DeviantArt. (AN: I wanted to for Joshua. But I don't think I'd get many questions.)
That's all I have now. Gotta bounce! XD
Heather Kurta chapter 2 . 11/17/2016
Someone should have mentioned The Ring in a abridged video. But no one has.
TWEWYXLOZXKH chapter 17 . 8/22/2014
Okay here's my list I guess.

You beg and plead all your friends to play TWEWY just so you can talk to someone about it (i'm the only one in my school who's played the game)

You adopt the various poses and attitudes about the characters into yourself ( me mainly Josh Neku and Sho)

You ware a fitted dress shirt to school with hopes someone will recognize you.

You say zetta so often you get hit by your non-TWEWY friends for even mentioning it.

You act like Joshua just to see people's reactions.

You can giggle like Joshua for one (i just need to get the right pitch which is hard cause i'm a guy)

You act like Joshua so much people think you're gay. (it really sucks)

You get really happy when one of your friends get's KHDDD so you can talk about the TWEWY people even if it is to a limited extent.

You can do halfway decent impressions on some of the characters. (I got Joshua, Neku, Sho, Beat, and Noise Sho. But my best impression would have to be Axel/Lea from Kingdom Hearts)

Wondering why Sho didn't get erased when everyone was thinking he was "dead" and then coming up with a huge plot line after the Games about Taboo Sho. (Did anyone else notice that Sho didn't get erased after he "died" I don't think he's dead)

You make a script for a movie staring you as the main character in your cities UG with a whole cast ready to film. (Comming soon to You-Tube maybe around 2016? I hope sooner. depends on how long the effects takes)

You spend all your time getting the Eden set then beating all 13 floors of Pork City with only the Top screen with Joshua.(so much fun I loved it)

You are currently trying to max everything out ( stupid sync gauge... otherwise i would feed you all Brave till you max out!)

You got a * on the Final Attack Time on your first try

That's it really reply if you want or read some of my stuff. thanks

and remember: Understanding people isn't hard it's impossible.
Guest chapter 7 . 5/17/2014
When you want to do ALL OF THESE.
If you try to enter TWEWY's Japanese name as you guest name.

Ah this is amazing.
Appearently TWEWY's Japanese name is to long to use as your name it's ur a guest...
Nerd of Camelot chapter 17 . 4/3/2014
I know for sure I USED to play it too much. I've actually done all of this.

1. You randomly yell, "What the factor!" in Math class when you get confused (I actually did it again for the first time in a while just before spring break)
2. You say, "It's edible." after eating something. (Usually when I'm eating anything my dad makes - his food is actually great)
3. You're tempted to make a bust of Joshua for an art assignment
4. You get bored and draw the Reaper Symbol on random stuff
5. You look through TWEWY pictures for hours on end to sate your boredom
6. You listen to Deja Vu, Transformation, or any of the other TWEWY songs full blast wearing a pair of big headphones
7. You eventually became Neku to your best friend, but she was Sho. (Here's lookin' at you, Ness.)
8. You refer to everything at your school by the name of something from the game. (The cafeteria is the WildKat, the gym is Scramble Crossing...)
9. You were told you had to sit next to someone you hate in a class for a week, and your immediate response was, "Urgh... Seven days with you? Kill me now."
10. A day was going horribly, and your friend (Ness!) tapped you on the shoulder before she left and whispered, "Must...fight...emo...urges..." and you just about died laughing
11. You were watching a steroid video in Health class and hesitantly said, "Is it true steroids can shrink your...nevermind." (The hilarious thing was, somebody in class went, 'yes, Neku, it's true.' while rolling her eyes at me. I had had no clue she even knew what TWEWY was, let alone that that was a quote!)
12. Somebody threw a paper wad at the trash can and missed by a landslide and you said, "Full of fail, as usual."

Heh, that's all I got for now. Later, players!
Senjuina chapter 17 . 2/19/2014
Alright, I'm too lazy to check through all these chapters to see whether something's doubly featured, but I know this feeling so well XD
- Everytime you hear someone say "Follow me!", "Screw that!" sits right at the tip of your tongue.
- You take the reaper symbol, sew its outline onto your bag and then paint it. And it looks so cool too OwO
- You actually recognized yourself in Neku and learned a whole bunch about yourself and about a better lifestyle trough the game.
- You make Joshua's and CAT's teachings your mantra.
- You bought large headphones (just regular black, I don't have anything to match the purple ones) although you disliked them before - just because.
- You draw up lists of which pins, Noise and items you still need for 100% and how and where the heck you can get them.
- You saw Neku showing up in the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D for the first time and almost had a heart attack/fangasm.
- You grin from ear to ear whenever characters in animes actually visit Shibuya.
- You not so secretly envy them for being able to do so 'cause you're living at the other end of the world.
- You seriously start considering buying a cosplay outfit and then can't decide whose it shall be...
Auraheart chapter 8 . 10/25/2013
Fallen Angel person might be Joshua, I recommend that you start running, NOW.
Omega Zekrom chapter 3 . 9/8/2013
Sup. I know this is o ly the third chapter, but hey - I'm relating to quite a few points, namely:
Yep, I've walked through the Scramble, but I didn't wonder if there were Players.
On my last day in Japan, I took photos of all the game places, and hell I didn't get lost.
I particularly like using "So zetta slooow...", "You factoring hectopascals" and "son of a digit"
I actually like tonkotsu...
YES! I HATE the inside of 109, and Pork City (or whatever it's really called)
I don't have blue phones, but I plan to get a pair.
I plan to cos as a Tenor Reaper soon. I wanted to buy TWEWY shirts, but SquareEnix no longer sold them.
What's up with 21 April though?
Ethania chapter 1 . 4/6/2013
Awesome, this made me laugh soooo hard! I'm gonna try to do everything in this!
Natalie chapter 5 . 3/11/2013
This is what I have done:
I say omj now for oh my joshua
I have weird habit of curling my hair around my finger after seeing josh do it
I talk like beat ALL THE TIME
I use math terms from sho in every day conversaation and have the first 30 digits of pi memorized and like the first 200 as my background for my computer
I know trigonometry and shit when im 11 because of Sho
I have written 3 fanfictions about twewy so far
I have all these weird habits and sayings developed from the characters and never stop talking about twewy
I celebrate pi day and pi is my fav number
today we talked about pi in math class and i went psycho
i wish i had pins so i could carry them around and try to attack people and fake noise with them
HiImACookie chapter 17 . 1/1/2013
RU4REAL! JOSHUA-KUN LITTLEFOOT?! THEY SOUND NOTHING ALIKE! ([Joshua: I am shocked and appalled.] We all are.)
I got some new ones!
Kingdom Hearts might have lead you to TWEWY, but is now obsolete ([Riku: *frown* Cookie-chan-] [Joshua: This is our scene, get lost shadow boy.])
No matter where you look, you see something relating to TWEWY. Even hotdogs. (Lol, one of my friends had a game where I could beat her if I related whatever she named to Kingdom Hearts, and I couldn't get sausage sizzle. TAKE THAT HONEY!)
HiImACookie chapter 17 . 12/30/2012
You know in what ways you relate to TWEWY characters (I wanna shut people out like Neku-kun, I'm really clever and beat my buddies in math like Minamimoto-san, I'm a control freak and tend to be really creepy/sly/menacing like Joshua-kun...)
You call your friends a total Joshua/Neku/Shiki/etc depending on how they act (my homegirlz are all Shiki-chan! They are fashionistas and so skinny and pretty! [Shiki: Aw, that's such a sweet compliment, to me and them!])
You realize people are staring at you because you've said a TWEWY quote people think are strange, but it's TOTALLY IN CONTEXT! ([Sho: So zetta slow!] I said zetta lame to my Okaachan once and she didn't hear me, LOL)
You call your friends 'partners'
One hour always freaks you out because that's the first time limit in every week (seriously! It's sixty minutes to get to Ten-Four! [Neku: *twitches* That number... My inner emo... Must... Fight... Emo... Urges!])
You check your phone for a signal from the Shibuya River. ([Joshua: Anything?] *shakes head* I think Hanakoma-san gave me a dud.)
You hate moderne guns because they look NOTHING LIKE TWEWY GUNS! (TOTALLY! [Joshua: *holds up his gun*] I WANT IT!*snatches gun and shoots Konishi*... No real loss.)
You come up with a nickname for yourself and freak out when anyone calls you by your real name. (Oh Daisuke- [Beat: Shut up, yo! Sa-] Okay, okay, I'm shutting up!)
You say 'Cmon, Rhyme-chan, le's bounce." whenever leaving a place with a friend/friends.
You refer to TWEWY characters with honourifics because they're Japanese and you think they would like that. (Have you been paying attention, readers? [Joshua: Yes, Cookie-chan, we've all noticed. Arigatō.])
You have a TWEWY OC. Who has a family. And a life. And a love interest. And a story that doesn't completely revolve around said love interest.
You own a guinea pig (two, cause they can't be alone), and called the black one Mr. Mew, and when your friends say it's a pig, you give them a big Shiki-chan-style talk about how it's Mr. Mew the cat! (Heh, gotta get a new piggie...)
You have a person/people at school you totally want to bash because they stole TWEWY character's names (Josh... Plus, he's major annoying...)
You try to home-make Cosplay outfits (Hmm... I already have a white button-up and dark jeans... Need the right colour shoes... [Neku: Joshua-san, she's working on your outfit!] [Joshua: Sharp as ever, Neku-kun])
You try to perform the actions mentioned in Scans cause they seem so funny (LOL, Otousan got me distressed jeans and I kinda wreaked them... But it's not the same as in the Scan!)
You're learning Japanese just in case when you die, you go into the Reaper's Game and they only speak Japanese (I would imagine Joshua-kun could speak any language... And maybe the Reapers...)
You want to die in Shibuya so you can be in the Reaper's Game and maaaaaybeeeee meet Joshua-kun if you win or get to Shibuya River. (YUPYUPYUP!)
You own the iPad/iPod/iPhone version of TWEWY (Lol, only one I have! XD, I'm so lame! [Shiki: Not really, you did beat the game in three days] yeah, except for the Another Day chapter... I got scared when I beat the first week, I thought it was over and I hadn't seen Joshua-kun, he was my favourite since I saw him in KH3D! [Joshua: Heehee, that's almost a blackmail-worthy obsession!])
You've screenshotted some of your favourite scenes from TWEWY on the Apple version.
You've edited some of them so you can send them to friends on iMessage/text and it will be relative to the conversation (Oh no, I do not have a clue what's going on! Hosnap, what do I do, what do I say? Um, um, um... THERE'S A RAMEN DOCTOR AT YOUR SECRET RAMEN BASE?... Great, reeeeeal smooth. I'm so dead. [Minamimoto: That's exactly what she said. Zetta lame!] YOU DIE FOR TRYING TO TAKE JOSHUA-KUN'S POSITION! *shoots Minamimoto*)
You cry when Nao, Sota, Rhyme, Joshua or any of your favourite Reapers dies even though it's not nearly as dramatized as in Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts
You fangirl when you see TWEWY chars. in KH3D because they're so awesome.
You almost screamed when Joshua-kun flipped out those awesome wings in KH3D (Yup, Joshua-kun plus wings equals TRIPLE AWESOME CAUSE JOSHUA-KUN'S ALREADY DOUBLE AWESOME! [Joshua: You're too kind.])
You make plushies of TWEWY characters so they can help you instead of just Mr. Mew (isn't that redundant with Shiki-chan...? [Rhyme: Heeheehee, yup!])
You think of your pre-TWEWY habits and compare them to TWEWY chars. (Shut people out with music like Neku-kun, lollipop obsession like Kariya-san, love stuffed animals like Shiki-chan, evil giggle like Joshua-kun it's not exact, but I'm pretty close!)
You have a friend who fangirls like Shiki-chan meeting the Prince (LOL OH MY COMPOSER, YES!)
You say Oh My Composer (Duh, look up. [Joshua: *superior smirk])
Bloo and Rainbow chapter 13 . 12/16/2012
All me.
-When you listen to "Game Over" "Detonation" or "Owari Hajimari" with your headphones on and walk like a gangster to the supermarket and have everyone stare at you.
-You can sing in Japanese
-Someone mentions rap and you start rapping the songs from above
-You remember the lyrics to Twister and can do it above tempo
-In band class you stand on the podium an say "I am the conductor and Shibuya will be my podium."
-You watch a little kids movie to do community service and your friend and you assign twewy characters to the main characters
-Band class is just a ton of twewy references
-You and your friend freak out when you hear "Composer" "Producer" or "Conductor"
-You love Christmas time because you "need more candy canes"
-America becomes "The nest; The west"
-You hear about a character in a book who is dark-skinned blonde and instantly think of Nao-Nao.
-"Pregresso" becomes "Pegaso"
-You think blue and pink go together, but your friend yells "they're not gay!" and ask people about colour combinations
-"Transformation" is your theme song
-You compare your clothes to the brands in twewy (I have a lot of Pegaso, Lapin Angelique, Tigre Punks, and Gatito)
-You compare Style Savvy brands to twewy
-You realized Neku ends with u.
-You giggle when you see people who are dressed like them. (I've seen many Joshuas, and my friend saw a guy in an ad who looked like Mr.H)
-You know what Emptiness And is saying and have applied the meaning as Neku saying it to Joshua
-Anyone who talks like a gangster is Beat.
-You think of "Give me all your love" when your friend obsesses over a boy
-You realized you are like Neku and your friend is like Joshua.
-You make your friends be the other characters and try to reanact scenes with their voices.
-You collect pins and say they help you fight noise (I did do that before, though)
-Math class would be so much more intresting if it was taught by Sho.
-You got better grades in math
-You asked your teacher what an inverse matrix was (and then they don't know)
-You also ask about SOHCAHTOA
-You laugh like Sho and your friend laughs like Joshua
-You hear "Twister" when you start running.
-You have to make a commercial for tech and make it for headphones and pretend to be Neku at the beginning, and make the background music be "Ooparts"
-You say "Don't be a Joshua" when you want someone to stop being annoying.
-You text missions to yourself making your number be "Unknown"
-Answer the phone either "Dead kid speaking" or "Yashiro here"
-You get a blister and think "Crystals, Blisters, it's all over now"

Whew! there are more, but I'm tired..
yoshiya.kiryu.71 chapter 11 . 12/9/2012
This is me..OwO
Regret chapter 17 . 10/11/2012
Hey, Players. Regret here. Saw this fanfic, thought I would contribute.
-You constantly make references at any possible point, to ANYONE.
-You have planned a fanmade sequel, featuring Joshua, Beat's son, the girl from the secret ending in the iOS remake, and yourself.
-You include a part where you become a Noise.
-You make it longer than TWEWY actually is.
-You make your character act in a similar way to Neku.
-You actually act like that.
-You once called your brother a factoring hectopascal, he told your mother, and she told you to take the MENSA test.
All true. I failed the MENSA test.
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