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Never mind chapter 1 . 9/2/2012
You never fail to stun me with your pure and beautiful writing. Even after all these years, i should be used to it, but this is excellent. Keep it up! I really hope you achieve something with your creative skills, you deserve it. I hope all is well KitKat (:
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 48 . 12/7/2011
To me, this chapter was all about imagery. Your imagery is always detailed and beautiful to imagine. And when it comes to Xenosaga, the Encephalon is the perfect place to experiment with various, whimsical styles of imagery (as seen in this episode). I appreciated the allusion to Alice, because this chapter did feel like a “wonderland” within Faith’s mind. And much like Alice’s wonderland, the world is as beautiful as it is disturbing.

The “ocean” and various “stars” and “sunsets” were gorgeous to read, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but worry about poor Faith. At first, she’s all alone in this world, and it’s anyone’s guess whether or not she’s truly safe. And can she even escape this world? So this chapter’s setting was interestingly misleading – it’s very easy to get lost in all its beauty, but one shouldn’t ignore the realities that this beautiful world may be very dangerous. You balanced the two elements of imagery and mystery nicely.

Espérer has piqued most of my curiosity for this chapter. She’s obviously a critical piece of Faith’s past, yet this chapter still maintains a level of mystery. What exactly does Espérer seek with Faith, and will it have good/bad effects on Faith’s life outside the Encephalon? And then there’s Wilhelm, who’s obviously after Espérer/Faith since he sent the Mauvais. But why, and could it have something to do with Yeshua’s connection to Faith? Lots of new plot-twisters to make me wonder how future chapters will turn out.

Safe to say, I’m curious to see how the next chapter(s) will dig deeper into Faith/Espérer’s connection, and how this wild Encephalon dive will ultimately change Faith’s destiny. Keep up the good work, dear, and take all the time you need on the future chapters. You know I’m patient. _~

Season’s greetings! _
DoesntMatter chapter 48 . 11/10/2011
You should've quit while you were ahead. This fiction has turned into the most appalling thing on this website. Your characters are now poor and the imagery. Delete the last few chapters and call it quits already Sedaytion
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 47 . 9/29/2011
I didn’t think this chapter was “pointless.” It feels like a sidestory, a separate yet supplemental extra to illustrate Faith’s daily life, and a prologue to the inevitable dinner party. This chapter doesn’t necessarily tie into the story’s main timeline, but it nevertheless offers extra insight into Faith.

Considering this story’s overall dark and dramatic ambiance, I appreciate lighter chapters to break up the heavy mood. This episode's beginning was just plain fun, and I think Faith and Gaignun deserve to have fun once in a while. _ Very cute images abound of Faith playing in the rain with the U.R.T.V. brothers.

Particularly, it was great to read Gaignun’s emotions in this chapter, more so than Faith’s. Unlike Faith who is outwardly emotional, Gaignun is her opposite. He rarely shows how he feels. Yet, this chapter brought about a rare opportunity for Gaignun to enjoy himself and his company with Faith and Jr. Furthermore, Faith and Jr. are special enough for Gaignun to feel comfortable enough to actually be himself and drop his serious exterior.

My favorite part in this chapter – imagining Faith walking in between Gaignun and Jr. They’ve really become quite a family. Gaignun loves Faith as his wife, while Jr. loves Faith as more of a sister he can protect (much like he watched over Sakura and MOMO). You just know that either Kukai would do anything for Faith, and she obviously loves and trusts them equally. Considering Faith’s original, unhappy family, it’s wonderful to see that Faith is finally getting the loving family she needs and deserves.

Ah, poor chaos – he’s just the perfect character for the girly jokes. This isn’t the first fanwork I’ve found where chaos gets the brunt of effeminate gags, either. It’s a little mean for Faith to tease chaos behind his back, but at least she felt bad about it (though not bad enough to quit teasing altogether, hehe).

How ironic that this chapter began so happy-go-lucky, only for it to end so darkly. Love the irony! All in all, this was a nice side-story chapter, but I’m still eager to get back to the present and find out what will become of Faith and Dmitri. _
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 46 . 9/29/2011
Look who decided to finally review! My dear, I’m so sorry for being ridiculously tardy on my reviews. (I’m always behind on all of my reviews ;_;). I say that in almost every review. T_T *apologies*

As you know, I’ve enjoyed Damion in this story. He’s definitely an enigma, and Faith’s feelings towards him are equally ambiguous. By now, Faith has come to realize that, despite Damion’s deception, she does love him. It’s not the same love she feels for Gaignun, but nevertheless, she does love Damion in a special way. Does that undo Damion’s wrong? No. But it does prove that Damion will always be an imperative person in Faith’s life. And despite Faith’s questionable sanity, her mind is able to distinguish the differences between her romantic love for people like Gaignun, and her familial love for people like Damion. Slowly but surely, Faith does seem to be coming to terms with her unstable emotions.

I’ve also enjoyed the relationship between Damion and Gaignun. Regardless of Damion’s underhandedness, I do believe he cares for Faith. She is important to both him and Gaignun. Scenes between Damion and Gaignun help bring out the men’s similarities and differences towards the young woman they love. Gaignun loves Faith as his wife, and Damion seems to consider Faith like his daughter.

But in this chapter’s flashback between Gaignun and Damion, I was glad that Damion acknowledged the pain Gaignun underwent, too. No doubt, Faith has suffered the most throughout this story, but she’s not the *only* sufferer. Gaignun can maintain a rock-solid composure, but he’s still human. Plus, he doesn’t like to see Faith hurt, either – her suffering is his suffering.

I melted when Faith called chaos for help. . It’s so sweet to know that after everything that’s happened, deep down, Faith still considers chaos to be a person she can turn to in a time of need.

The Encephalon dive has gotten me intrigued, especially if Dmitri is involved. He’s so rarely seen in fanfics, so I like it whenever Dmitri is incorporated into a story. Plus, he’s a great antagonist for this story, considering he’s inhabiting the body of Faith’s husband (love that irony!). Even more interesting is how Dmitri’s feelings towards Faith have changed due to his sharing Gaignun’s subconscious. I’m not expecting Dmitri to become “best friends” with Faith, mind you, but the longer Dmitri inhabits Gaignun’s body, it’s inevitable that the line between Gaignun/Dmitri’s minds would blur. It makes sense (and it thickens the plot, too).

Faith’s suicidal sex/coming idea was a little disturbing (especially for a T-rated fanfic). Considering Faith’s unstable mind, it doesn't surprise me that she would consider masochism. Good thing Gaignun knows better – thank God, he’s the person capable of eradicating such deadly thoughts from Faith’s mind. (BTW: while I don’t consider this fanfic explicit, if you are planning on incorporating any “actual” suicidal sex in this story, I strong suggest elevating this fanfic’s rating to M, just for safety’s sake. I don’t want you to get in any trouble, after all _~).

“Worst chapter”? No. If anything you’ve got me excited to find out what will happen now that Faith and Dmitri are stuck with each other in the Encephalon. It should be a fun father/daughter-in-law bonding experience, yes?
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 45 . 7/15/2011
I’m so sorry for the extended wait on this review. I was sick last week and had ridiculously low ambition for this website. T_T But I’m back and ready to send you my latest feedback. _

(To reply to your A/N) First of all, “Faith's a little too…"not there"” is a little too vague of criticism for my taste. In a way, Faith’s mind is wavering, particularly when she assumes the alias of Jaime Lee to escape reality. Somewhat, it reminds me of a split personality. So I suppose Faith “is not there” in some respect, especially if she’s creating alternate personalities. Plus, there’s the demon/monster inside her, which is obviously manipulating her thoughts and personality. Clearly, the Faith we know isn’t always in perfect control of her body. I think much (if not most) of Faith’s behavior is somehow rotted in the monster inside of her. That’s my theory.

I found Damion’s flashbacks to be bittersweet. Even though he became a deceiver, part of me believes (deep down) that Damion does care for Faith in some respect. The recollection of him reading a bedtime story to young Faith was particularly adorable: “When he finished the story, he ran his fingers through her messy, wavy, locks and smiled softly at the child he treated like his own; the child he knew he couldn't live without if anything were to happen to her.”

And indeed, little Faith called him “daddy,” too. It’s a strong example of the bond Damion and Faith once shared, and it’s sad to imagine what eventually happened with Damion years later. He definitely cares more for Faith than her parents did, and it seems to me that if given the chance Damion would go back in time and give Faith a better life. He may have been pulling some strings, but (so far) I really don’t consider Damion to be a cliche, black-and-white, evil villain. His personality is gray, torn between emotions for Faith. Yet another complex character of yours.

I’m also glad that Lock’s background was finally explained, and I liked the connection between her roommate Luis and Gabriel. Even more, I commended Lock for being responsible enough not to introduce her rowdy lifestyle to Faith. Right now, I think Faith’s mental state is a little too unstable for her to be getting drunk and/or high every night. Many teens Lock’s age tend to egg their friends into such activities, but Lock seems to be a tad more mature towards Faith.

True, this chapter featured little emphasis on the Xenosaga canon. But for an OC-dominant story, OCs obviously need their share of spotlight, too.

Concluding my review, I must ask (again): is this story really being discontinued? Don’t worry; I’ll understand and completely respect whatever choice you make. Still, I will miss this fanfic. It’s one of the exceptionally few OC-dominant fanfics I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and I’ve appreciated how psychologically complex you’ve made Faith. I know I mentioned this before, but it deserves to be repeated – This fanfic evolved from an average Kirschwasser story into something far more complicated than I ever expected when I read the premise. Even if this story goes unfinished, these 45 chapters surprised me more than enough to leave me satisfied. It’s been a pleasure, my dear friend! _
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 44 . 6/16/2011
Indeed, this chapter’s segments about Faith and her baby were exceptionally bittersweet. But it goes to prove how deeply Faith cares about her unborn child, too. No matter how deeply Faith is hurting, she doesn’t want such a life for her baby. To me, it seems like Faith wants to end this matter not only for herself, but also to ensure a better future for her child. Already, Faith has matured into a loving mother, and her baby hasn’t even been born yet!

My favorite line of Ch.44: “He opened her arms, like the petals of a flower opened; revealing its true beauty.” Gorgeous imagery, and a great example of how Gaignun can see (and admires) Faith’s true beauty. He sees beauty in her that Faith isn’t even aware of (yet).

I especially enjoyed the bath scene between Faith and Gaignun. It was quite sweet reading about Gaignun tending to Faith, almost like a father. . He was so incredibly gentle with her, and though Faith remained silent, you can tell that she’s comfortable with him. The scene was a superb example of Gaignun upholding his marriage vows of comforting Faith during mental sickness. (Gaignun is such an incredible husband! I’m jealous of Faith, hehe _~).

The irony between Faith and Gaignun was interesting, too. Both spouses seem to believe they failed the other: Faith believing she wasn’t a good enough woman for Gaignun, and Gaignun believing he failed to protect his wife. Sadly, none of this madness is their faults! I hope that once all is said and done with Faith’s demon, the Kukais will absolve themselves.

The four-leaf clover was a bittersweet symbol, but it worked perfectly as a parting gift from Faith. I just hope that Faith will keep her word about returning to Gaignun. He doesn’t want to lose her forever, and I don’t want that to happen to Gaignun, either! ;_; But I am glad that Gaignun plans to commission chaos to go find Faith (knowing chaos’ kind personality, he’d go look for Faith, regardless of Gaignun or Faith’s wishes). Let’s hope the inevitable climax will end happily, because God, I don’t know how much more pain poor Faith and Gaignun can take. You’ve really put them through one hell of an emotional rollercoaster, my friend!
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 43 . 6/16/2011
"I'll be a better person for you." . - Beautiful scene for Faith.

Her feelings in this chapter were so emotional that it was effortless for me to pity her. Part of me feels torn between Faith and Gaignun – Faith doesn’t think she’s worthy of Gaignun, but you just know that Gaignun loves Faith no matter what. In some ways, it feels like Faith is ignorant of Gaignun’s feelings, but above all, I think Faith will never be happy with anyone (especially herself) until she settles her affairs once and for all. This is definitely a case where Faith will never fully accept another person’s love until she learns to accept herself. It goes to prove how mentally distraught Faith is, and hands-down, she’s one of the most emotionally complex OCs I’ve ever encountered.

As far as Gaignun’s reaction, I can’t blame him for being upset, particularly if chaos “let” Faith go. It’s a shame that Gaignun wants chaos out of his life, considering chaos once saved Nigredo’s life in the past. But of course, Gaignun has become a protective husband/father, so it’s only natural for him to defend his family and resent people who may endanger them. Still, I do hope chaos will get a chance to redeem himself, because he’s one of Gaignun’s oldest friends, and I’d hate to see this story divide them indefinitely. ;_;

Lastly, I really enjoyed this concluding paragraph: “Trains crash. People crash. Love fcking crashes but numbers always stay where they are. That's all she cared about; those numbers. So she spent the rest of her lonely evening gulping down the vodka and wondering what number she should be. She couldn't wait to get rid of all those crashes though because everything would soon be fine, fine, fine.” It was such a great way to finish this chapter, particularly focusing on Faith’s sorrow. I felt so bad for her afterwards! This story is really starting to toy with my heartstrings…and I’m loving it.
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 42 . 6/1/2011
Although this was a short chapter, I enjoyed it very much. The letter-like style of this chapter was a unique change-up from the rest of the story. More importantly, the angst was so pure, and I’d say this is one of “Bitter Sweet’s” most heart-wrenching chapters.

Honestly, I liked your letter-like approach to this chapter, because it was a great opportunity for readers to understand the turmoil inside Faith’s mind. Generally, I am proud of Faith for plucking up the courage to even write that letter so honestly, and she’s brave for going after Gabriel on her own. She understands/believes that she’s making Gaignun suffer, so she selflessly wants to solve her own problem.

Sadly, I think it’s obvious that Gaignun doesn’t hate Faith whatsoever, and it’s a shame that after all this time, Faith still believes Gaignun is unhappy with her. But really, it’s obvious that Faith hates herself right now, so it’s doubtful she’ll believe in Gaignun’s love until Faith can learn to care about herself a little more. That’s no small feat, either.

Like I said before, the pure honesty in Faith’s letter was sweet. I like how her thoughts wandered, and how some sentences had to be scribbled out. It makes the letter less formal, unpolished, and more genuine. Raw emotion was the best element in this chapter. You’d make a fine angst writer.

I also enjoyed reading Faith’s thoughts on her and Gaignun’s previous lives on Earth. Since Xenosaga is all about reincarnation, I’ve often wondered what the casts’ lives were like thousands of years prior to the game’s timeline. (It’s ironic that you mentioned Jr. being grown up, too. I’ve considered that, myself ). Faith seems to prefer the simpler life, opposed to the Kukais’ current lives in the limelight. She takes pleasure in simplicity to offset the madness that’s overtaken her current life, and I can’t say I blame her.

So even though this episode wasn’t exceptionally long, its angst was quite powerful. There was a lot of unspoken character development here, maturing Faith’s resolve to end her struggles once and for all. I do fear/pity how Gaignun might react to Faith’s letter and departure (especially since she’s still carrying child), but this will definitely be a true test of their love.
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 41 . 6/1/2011
During my time reading “Bitter Sweet,” I know I’ve sent some reviews that regard Gabriel in a very negative light. I used to think Gabriel was a total jerk, but to my astonishment, my opinions of him have begun to change. This chapter’s flashback about Gabriel and Faith doing math homework was quite sweet.

More and more, Gabriel’s emotions are becoming complex. His true feelings for Faith are much more ambiguous, which gives a new level of depth to Gabriel’s character. In earlier chapters, he behaved rather cruelly, jealously, and even bratty towards Faith. Now, Gabriel’s animosity is less black-and-white. He doesn’t seem to hate Faith as strongly as he once believed, and I do sense that (in some way) Gabriel wants to help his sister from the demon. So kudos on Gabriel’s character development! He’s become a much more complicated, and even more intriguing, character by now.

I felt so bad for Faith’s anxieties over chaos’ kiss. Rightfully, she worries if Gaignun will leave her and the baby. But really, Gaignun is such a wonderful man, so I can’t ever envision him abandoning his wife and child…especially when it was chaos who kissed Faith, not the other way around. I’m so glad that Gaignun settled Faith’s worries as soon as possible, because there’s no way Gaignun Kukai would abandon the people he loves.

Interesting idea: “Locks show you're hiding something; you're doing something secretively.” How ironic that Faith’s family dislikes locks, and yet, the family is full of secrets.

Gaignun and Faith’s debate about her powers was intriguing. Faith remains stubborn, claiming she understands everything, when in actuality she doesn’t realize the dangers. On the other hand, Gaignun has had full experience with the U.R.T.V.s’ powers, so he’s wise enough to know Faith is playing with fire.

It’s interesting that you mentioned Jr.’s Red Dragon power. (I, too, hope Faith doesn’t possess ability like that O_O). However, I noticed an ironic similarity between Faith and Jr. – they both murdered their families. Of course, since “Bitter Sweet” is an AU, Jr. didn’t kill *all* of his siblings (since Gaignun is still alive). Nevertheless, both Faith and Rubedo have a history of fratricide. Perhaps Jr. and Faith can relate to each other, better than anyone else.

So Damion and Gabriel set up Faith and Gaignun’s first encounter? Indeed, matters seem to be shifting. Instead of Faith and Gaignun being bonded by fate, it appears they might have been bonded by manipulation. Xenosaga is full of fate and manipulation. But it seems like there’s another missing puzzle piece: the “something” Gaignun lacks, but Gabriel has. Hmm. Now you’ve got me curious about Ch.42! .

P.S. Thanks for favoriting “Out of the Question”! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!
gigglymexicans chapter 40 . 5/8/2011
I LOVE this story! You expressed Albedo perfectly, and Nigredo, although I think that he would be more hesitant to fall in love with a complete stranger than this.

But I love it! I didn't even realize when I got to the last chapter. I was ready to go to the next one and I couldn't. I was like "WHAT THE SHIT THAT CAN'T BE IT"

I'm looking forward to more :3 Oh, and your other story about the Kirshwasser! Also love.
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 40 . 5/3/2011
You know, even if Damion turned out to be a deceiver, I still must admit that I generally enjoyed his character. To me, he was a tad misunderstood, and though I don’t defend his deception, I do think (deep down) that Faith and Damion had a small connection. That’s just my interpretation, though. All in all, I still believe Damion is one of this story’s best OCs.

Faith’s character was quite commendable in this episode, too. I marveled at how mature Faith handled herself, in spite of her tears and anxieties. This quote was great: “She was going to be a mother; she had to face this to save her babies life, along with his father's sanity.” This is such a great example of a woman’s evolution – gone from being a frightened girl to a protective mother. Also, the scene where she tells Damion, “Fair enough to hurt me for whatever plans you may have but to harm these people too…?” further proves how Faith really is a selfless person, putting others before herself after all.

Unfortunately, Damion doesn’t seem to agree that Faith is as selfless as I claim. "Your selfishness so many, many years ago had planned out the future for these people; in this life as well as every one after that." I wonder what happened to Faith in her previous life that would make Damion think that way? (Plot-thickener!).

Gaignun’s role was smaller in this episode, but it didn’t go unnoticed. I actually liked how he tended to Damion’s wound, even if Gaignun didn’t go it entirely for Damion’s sake. It proves that Gaignun isn’t the type of man to hold grudges, much unlike his brothers.

Also, I liked this quote regarding Gaignun’s feelings towards Faith’s violence: “He loved her, oh yes he loved her more then anything and little, very little, annoyed him but this… This was one of those things that did.” – For the majority of this story, Faith and Gaignun have been portrayed as a lovey-dovey, near-perfect couple. But now we’re starting to see signs of slight annoyances and issues between the couple. These issues aren’t enough to break them apart, but enough to prove that Faith/Gaignun are like any other couple; they have their problems, but they love each other all the same. It makes them more realistic.

Faith and Damion’s relationship turned out to be quite complex. Unlike her relationships with Gaignun and chaos, Faith’s connection to Damion isn’t romantic, but rather, their connection is more familial. Faith really hasn’t had a strong blood-family in this story, after all. And despite Damion’s deception, Faith is undoubtedly torn between her emotions towards him. This following quote perfectly summed up Faith’s feelings towards Damion:

“Guilt pondered her heart uncontrollably; she had hurt the man that had cared for her so. The man that had been like a father to her. Though she knew he had done something to her, he was still the person that had brought her up. He had been so kind and a part of her mind still blanked out what he had done; the part of her mind where the guilt was growing from like an unwanted weed.”

All in all, I think Faith & Damion was one of the most intriguing relationships in “Bitter Sweet,” alongside Faith & Gaignun and Faith & chaos.

And then there’s Faith/chaos. chaos’ faithfulness is unparalleled in this story! It’s good that chaos has come to the point of respecting Gaignun’s role in Faith’s life, but chaos also seems to take full responsibility for Faith’s protection. Indeed, Gaignun has become Faith’s lover, while chaos is her guardian angel. “Nothing would prevent him from protecting her. Even if she was married, pregnant and had her own life he would be at her side.”

Nonetheless, Faith/chaos’ hug was adorable! . (Faith, you lucky girl you!)

Still, chaos’ romantic feelings for Faith don’t seem to have changed. I feel so bad for chaos that his love will remain unrequited, but I am happy that Faith finally set the record straight once and for all. “We have a special kind of love…A love unlike relationships. So you need not kiss me because that's not what we're about. You're my best friend. We don't kiss; our love doesn't involve that. Mine and Gaignun's does." See, I love stories that note the various types of love people undergo: friendship, romantic, protective…there are so many variations of love, and for Faith to understand the differences once again proves her maturity. But just because she doesn’t have romantic interest in chaos doesn’t mean she cares about him any less.

Alrighty. Forgive me for this lengthy/rambly review. Ch.40 was great, and I look forward to more. _
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 39 . 4/30/2011
I can never give a truly unbiased opinion for flashbacks, because I love them so. But I’ll try to keep my review coherent.

First and foremost: Gabriel. Even now, he’s still an ambiguous character chock full of mystery. Although, this chapter’s flashback did provide a few new developments for Gabriel’s character. His flashback was somewhat suggestive: revealing Gabriel’s orientation, not to mention the semi-lewd ways he ogled and handled Faith in bed (had this chapter not claimed Gabriel was gay, I might have suspected a little incest there. O_O Hehe, kidding! _~ No thanks to Albedo, Faith’s already suffered more than enough abuse/rape for one lifetime. She doesn’t deserve anymore desecration!).

But as vicious/cruel as Gabriel acts towards Faith, he *does* seem reluctant in outright killing his sister. Thinking back on previous chapters, Gabriel’s behavior towards Faith has been cruel, but not necessarily deadly. So now I’m starting to wonder if Gabriel really is Faith’s number-one antagonist, or if he’s just grossly misunderstood.

The concept of reincarnation is perfectly in-tune with Xenosaga’s canon. Furthermore, it helps explain why Faith and Gaignun were so attracted to each other when they first met. It makes me wonder what their lives were like in the past life. They were probably/obviously lovers in a previous life, but I wonder if that previous life was any easier/worse than what Faith and Gaignun are currently undergoing. Hmm.

Either way, I like the irony of Faith immediately denying her belief in reincarnation, while Damion, chaos, and even Gaignun seem not to think twice about the idea. Indeed, it does feel like Faith has been living in one long, maddening nightmare. Poor girl. And now Gaignun admits to having “felt” something “different” about Faith when they first met. No doubt, Faith/Gaignun’s trust will be tested all over again. It always seems like Faith is left in the dark, while everybody else knows these secrets. I reiterate: poor girl.

And so the plot thickens, and it appears this plot will continue thickening right to the bitter end!
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 38 . 4/23/2011
This chapter was quite a surprise. O_O Huge plot-twist! But before I babble about this chapter’s surprise ending, I’ll answer this chapter’s opening A/N.

Regarding your Microsoft Word issue: First of all, I rarely rely on Word, because its dictionary is very limited. Secondly, Xenosaga’s names (ie. chaos) are fictional and don’t technically apply to grammar rules. Because chaos is technically a name in Xenosaga’s canon, it makes sense to write possession as chaos’, instead of chaoses. But no worries. Word constantly tries to capitalize chaos’ name, too. chaos’ name is just one of those grammatical exceptions.

As far as any “coincidence” issue goes, I prefer not to make overall assumptions of stories until they are 100% complete. Canon-wise, I suppose a stickler could claim that Xenosaga’s storyline has its share of coincidences, too, yet everything eventually comes together as destiny or manipulation. And Ch.38 was a fine example of this story’s events being manipulated by an antagonist pulling strings within the shadows.

Continuing Faith and chaos’ conversation from Ch.37, I was so glad that Faith formally apologized to chaos once and for all. Naturally, chaos is too sweet of a person to hold a grudge against her. His forgiveness is obvious. _ However, it’s more important that Faith realizes/admits her faults and repents to chaos. Being able to understand and confess one’s mistakes is a huge step in becoming a mature adult. And now that Faith will become a mother, characterization such as this is vital.

And now we come to Damion. Jeez! I really liked that guy throughout this fanfic, and it’s disappointing realize his gentle personality was a total fraud. T_T Then again, it’s a great plot-twist, and I can honestly say I never suspected Damion to be pulling all the strings. In retrospect, it makes sense that Damion would be the puppet master, considering he’s been closest to Faith. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” For the majority of this story, it was Gabriel who acted like a jacka$$, but now that Gabriel is proven dead…I almost feel sorry for the guy. Of course, therein lies the question of “what” Gabriel truly was – a “pawn.” But it makes me nervous to think Damion possesses the abilities to make “pawns” out of dead people. O_O Just when I figured Dmitri or Albedo would be Faith and Gaignun’s biggest adversaries, Damion steps onto the stage!

So, now that this story has thrown an unexpected curveball, you can be sure to know I’m eager to find out what happens next. This story’s ending is bound to be epic!

P.S. I'm afraid I've spammed your inbox enough for today. I'll be sure to read Ch.39 in the near future. _~
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 37 . 4/23/2011
Shorter chapters are just fine, as long as you’re happy with the way the chapters end. Don’t worry so much about the length of a chapter. This chapter was fine, and I too enjoyed the scene between Faith and chaos. It’s about time those two had a heart-to-heart. _

I can’t blame Faith for worrying about her baby. Considering the events that occurred throughout this story, Faith has every right to fear the worst. Plus, it’s commendable that she is willing to consider the complications of her pregnancy, too. As jovial it is to have a baby, for a person like Faith, she should not ignore the downsides of the situation: Dmitri, Albedo, and the demon in Faith. But it is a shame that she’s unable to fully enjoy this beautiful milestone in her life. *sniff*

This chapter also answered questions regarding Faith’s disastrous twenty-first birthday, when she massacred everyone. Now it makes sense why Faith lost control, and in a way, I can understand why she did it.

And so we come to Faith and chaos’ much-needed talk. First of all, even though chaos loves Faith, he doesn’t claim he follows Faith just out of the sake of infatuation. Above all (even above love), chaos wants to protect Faith. And honestly, that seems perfectly in-character for chaos, because I’ve always considered chaos to be a protective guardian (such as how he’s always looking out for Jr. throughout the Xenosaga games). By now, I’m sure chaos realizes that Faith loves Gaignun, but that doesn’t stop chaos from caring, and that’s what makes chaos such an admirable protector.

As for Faith, like you said, it’s imperative that she finally realizes her mistakes. No matter how sweetly chaos has treated Faith, she has been quite cruel to him throughout this story. No longer does Faith consider herself to be the “only” victim in this story. Even if she has gone through hell and back, she’s not the only person who’s suffered. By realizing she’s hurt chaos, Faith also seems to acknowledge that other people have suffered for and alongside her. Indeed, Faith’s character has matured significantly.

Lastly, to reply to your ending A/N: “why am I getting so attached to this silly little fanfic that at the beginning was supposed to be nothing but a typical kirschwasser story?” – Ah, but you see, my dear, Bitter Sweet is not a “typical” Kirschwasser story. That’s the reason why I adore it. I’ve always had a soft spot for Albedo’s Kirschwassers, and by far, this story is the most intricately-woven Kirschwasser fanfic I’ve ever read.
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