Reviews for Hackamore 01 : Benedictus
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18/2016
When we first meet Johnny, in the pilot, he is wearing white cotton Mexican working clothes, and he is about to face a firing squad. No explanation. When next we see, Johnny, he is all decked out as a pistolero. He is carrying his saddle. No horse. Again, no explanation.
Without fan fiction, there would still be, no explanation. Lucky for us, to acquire some answers, all we need do, is take this journey, back to, "South Of The Border" .
This back story, emotionally, draws one into the life of kindly, but aging, Padre Gervasio. He is at once, caretaker of his religion, and the over seer, of his flock. With in him resides, the history, political knowledge, and culture of the region. It is also through, him, that one learns of the recent revolution to " own the fields ", that tragically, failed. He is a priest that has maintained his faith in God. And has resigned himself, that God must have agenda, his does not comprehend. But of his fellow man, that faith has been broken.

Surprisingly, the ending is both up lifting and gracious. The pistolero and the priest, both experience a life renewal. But, It will be the pistolero that will confirm to the devout Priest, the mysterious ways of God.
August 18, 2016.
aloha94 chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
I love this so much. You've built such a perfect back story for the Lancer series and Johnny specifically. I love his reaction to facing down the firing squad. It makes sense that facing death with no control, no chance, would have shaken him. You give the villagers names and stories, and make me care for them far more than I did when I first watched the Lancer pilot episode. Whenever I watch it now, I'm thinking of the villagers, the Padre and the shirt he gave Johnny, and the reason for Johnny supporting the revolution in the first place. It has become canon for me. You write so beautifully and I feel privileged to be able to read your stories.
SerenaDeb chapter 1 . 4/19/2010
Fantastic story.

I liked the idea that this was Johnny's rebirth. It makes sense after such a close call with death (one that he wasn't in control of) and explains why he was willing and able to make a new life at Lancer. Probably without that experience it would have been just too difficult to adjust to his new life.
Cadillac Red chapter 1 . 4/12/2009
Another great story that fills in the blanks of the show! I always thought there was a "good stepfather" somewhere in the past, someone who really did love and provide a good example for young Johnny Madrid. Your version is very much what I imagined. The details added to the situation o the pilot flesh it out beautifully, and I especially like the padre - very well developed and perfect for the situation. Great writing, once again!