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ghostchicken chapter 12 . 7/24/2009
Did I call it or what? At least it was just Hermione this time. The trouble is that I don't think Hermione will keep it to herself. She's too caught up in rules and adult authority and her trust in them. Of course she'll think she's doing the right thing-and technically, she would be-but these things must be handled delicately. I expect she'll be consulting books very soon.

Harry fears what I thought he would-separation from Ginny. They'd send her away...and keep him from her because he knew and didn't tell anyone. He all but confessed to Hermione that that separation would be devastating for him and Ginny. And it would be. The rope is beginning to fray...
ghostchicken chapter 11 . 7/24/2009
Harry had to confront Ginny about this because it's breaking his heart. It's not in his nature to stand by and watch the woman he loves hurt herself any more than he could stand by and watch someone else hurt her. He won't push her or try to force her to do or not to do something. He loves her far too much for that, but something's going to have to give and very soon.

He's worried now that Hermione's catching on. She's not the brightest witch of her age for nothing. She's book-smart and damned perceptive. She's also a girl and she knows girl-problems and what they can lead to. Harry knows he can hold her off only so long before she goes to Ginny herself. He won't rat his lover out, but he knows Hermione suspects...something.

The trouble is that once this comes out, invariably it's also going to come out that Harry knew about it and didn't tell anyone. That could lead to some very nasty consequences too, which might lead to something awful-like their being separated. The consequences of that alone are frightening, to say the least. Ginny almost did herself in once; it could happen again.

Then there's Harry. If he is separated from Ginny, it'll break his heart and drive him to a very dark place. He's a vulnerable as she is, but his magic will take the brunt of it and that could be VERY messy. And if Ron opens his mouth to the brothers about Harry and Ginny being intimate and they react, Harry could seriously hurt them in self-defense.

They're walking a very fine line here, and if Ginny's going to get the help she needs, any intervention must be made with a lot of finesse and no angry words or deeds. The tension is building and Ginny's and Harry's ropes are about to snap.

ghostchicken chapter 10 . 7/24/2009
Pressure, perceived or otherwise, builds up to the boiling point and eventually something has to give. With me, it's a good cry and a healthy rant; for Ginny, she broke a mirror-not intentionally-and then took advantage of the opportunity that presented itself. And then felt shame. There's always the shame...and the guilt.

At least she went to Harry-her lifeline. Smart man, Harry. Took precautionary measures...just in case. He still isn't chastising her, which is a good thing. She doesn't need preaching; she needs his love. But the sex is becoming an addiction, I'm afraid. Kind of replacing one outlet with another. Even Harry recognizes that. I hope she gets her period.

Is this a happy ending? On the surface, yes; but I'll reserve judgment. GOOD JOB!
ghostchicken chapter 9 . 7/24/2009
Big brothers. I have-well, had-four of them. I have two now. But when I was a kid, they were quite protective, each in their own way. Like Ginny, I'm the baby and while it had its advantages, it could also be a pain. I also had three older sisters and they were just as fussy over me as the boys.

Ron's being a hypocrite and he knows it. He understands everything Hermione has said to him, but it's hard for a big brother to accept his baby sister isn't a baby anymore. Parents go through that too. They warp the oldest, blame the middle one(s), and mollycoddle the youngest. It's frustrating for the children.

There are lots of reasons Ron would be overprotective, but I'd say the top two are that he feels it's expected of him from his parents and his older brothers, and that he and she were all there was at home once the twins went off to Hogwarts. They also had to defend one another against the twins' pranks. It was a bonding time for them.

There are 17 years between me and the next sibling. He was very close to the next one up from him because the others were either in the service right out of school or had married right away and they were the only two home. William and Stephanie were-and still are-very close.

Anyway, Ron's attack on Harry was impulsive. He did it out of some warped sense of big-brother duty based the issues I mentioned before. He had to make a show of "doing his job," if you will. He'll feel like crap later on. As for Harry and Ginny-well, we saw about how much that impacted their love life. GOOD JOB!
ghostchicken chapter 8 . 7/24/2009
Ginny's ashamed of her nightmares because she thinks Harry doesn't have them anymore. Interesting. Perhaps she felt as though he was moving on without her. How wrong she was.

I think that just knowing that Harry still has his nightmares was a comfort to her. She still has a kindred spirit in her lover. He told her he doesn't let the nightmares get to him because he'd resolved that he would never allow Voldemort to hurt her or anyone else he loves. So there it is. Resolution.

Sleeping with Harry, with or without sex, is doing Ginny a world of good. She feels safe so she can sleep. Even though she still has nightmares, she can draw comfort in the arms of the man she loves rather than have to cut herself to release the pain. The nightmares should diminish once she becomes used to feeling safe and secure.

This also works for Harry. Should he have a bad one, he'll wake up in her arms and draw comfort from her. They sleep naked, which is comforting in and of itself. It's the skin-on-skin physical contact that frightened people need that gives them security and even peace. Besides, jammies and nighties are constricting and not conducive to a good night's sleep, if you ask me.

ghostchicken chapter 7 . 7/24/2009
I wanted to mention in the last review that I appreciated the quote from Cody Anderson. So many people misinterpret cutting and eating disorders as forms of madness rather than less-than-healthy stress relief brought on by poor self-image.

I suppose by now, you're wondering how I can be so spot-on about this, right? No, I'm not a cutter. No, I never had an eating disorder. Well, maybe you could say I did. Instead of starving myself, I ate in my misery-and got chewed for it a lot.

At this stage in my life, I'm a sufferer of CD-Clinical Depression, and I have my moments too. I sort of detach-not with multiple personalities, though. More like an armadillo, metaphorically speaking.

So..back to the story. First, the dependency issue. The last "person" Ginny allowed herself to become dependent on in her lonliness was Tom Riddle and he hurt her BIG TIME. He manipulated her and possessed her and caused her to do awful things that got people hurt. Guilt. Trust issues. Once burned, twice shy.

In her heart, Ginny knew/knows Harry would NEVER do something like that, but when the fatigued subconscious is left to run wild, it can convince the fatigued conscious of just about anything. Been there, done that. Not a nice place to be.

Cho. I never liked Cho, especially after OotP. I thought she was shallow cow and no good for Harry. She almost drowned him with all that boo-hooing. All she wanted from Harry was Cedric reports. I think you got the measure of her in Chapter 5.

I was just sorry Ginny had to see that. But then again, it helped put her relationship with Harry in perspective. One never knows what one has until one doesn't have it anymore. That was a terrible shock to Ginny's already-compromised psyche. To her credit, she had presence of mind right then to realize that Harry was her lifeline-her anchor to reality-and she'd all but thrown him away. That kind of pain is near-unbearable (sorry, I'm sniffling here).

Harry. Faithful Harry. Even though Ginny had dumped him, he still loved her and couldn't leave her side. He was willing to let her go if that's what she really wanted, but he wanted her to know he loved her no matter what. She needed to hear that because at some point, that might be a factor that'll save her life later on. Unspoken, it already had.

Another thing I saw coming was the sexual thing. People like Ginny and Harry, who are in so much mental and emotional turmoil, often turn to sex as an outlet. It's not so much the sex, but the closeness-the basic human need for a loving touch.

On the up-side, what happened between Harry and Ginny appears to have been an act of love, since there was some need for assurance that this was right and what each of them really wanted and not just a heat-of-the-moment thing. I just hope it doesn't have any serious repercussions and damage their still-blossoming love.

Yes, Harry has found his soul-mate and he knows it; but does Ginny know it? That, my dear, is the question. EXCELLENT!
ghostchicken chapter 6 . 7/24/2009
What are you apologizing for? And why would anyone hate you? This is a story describing a very real situation. I hesitate to call it a "problem," so I'll use "issue" or "situation." I was actually afraid of something like this. I was hoping for the best...but...

She's isolating herself. In the dreams, Tom's convinced her that Harry doesn't really love her, that he pities her instead. The guilt over the Chamber of Secrets and the four years of nightmares that have followed are tearing her apart and messing with her ability to reason.

When someone is so heartsick like Ginny is, they lose sleep. When the body doesn't get the sleep it needs, it fatigues and then the mind begins to convince itself of things that simply are not true. Add in the nightmares and it's chaos between the ears.

Eventually, the body gets fed up. It convinces the brain by making itself sick. This can manifest itself in a lot of ways, both physically and mentally. Usually, the brain complies. In Ginny's case, it's trying to, but the nightmares won't let it. The subconscious took over and...well, she got a little overzealous with the razor blade this time.

Caught in the middle of this is Harry James Potter, teenage hero and devoted boyfriend of our victim. He has a tendency toward self-recrimination. Ginny just dumped him for no apparent reason. But Harry being Harry, he'll start the second-guessing. He'll wrack his brain trying to find the thing he said or did that caused her to walk away from him. Since there's nothing, he'll brood himself sick.

His heart is broken and his friends aren't any help. They're too busy fighting over it. Meanwhile, the love of his life is lying in a bed in the hospital wing, having almost bled to death because she just wanted the pain to go away.

You made me cry. That's good writing. Don't apologize for it. CONGRATULATIONS! GREAT JOB!
ghostchicken chapter 5 . 7/24/2009
That was a very sweet chapter. They're realizing how much in love they are. But I was right about one thing: Harry knew Pig didn't leave those cuts on Ginny's wrists. I don't think he ever believed that. But I have to congratulate him for not haranguing her about it.

Will Harry keep his word to her? I think so. Harry's sense of nobility wouldn't allow him to betray her. After all, he knows what it's like to be lied to. But if she does it again, that's another story. He told her she had to stop-or at least try to and then gave her an alternative to it.

I didn't mention this last chapter, but I'm sorry about your boyfriend and your brother's girlfriend. It's a low-blow and it really hurts when someone who purports to love you does something like that. I'm sure your brother was hurt too. But congratulations on holding your own and not hurting yourself over it.

If that young man would do something like that, he's not worth it anyway. I'm sure you've heard that already. You've a beautiful soul and a kind heart. You're a strong young lady to be able to bare your soul to us readers out here through this story. WAY TO GO!

If you haven't read it already, I'd suggest a read of a story on this site called "Boys, Drama, and Eating Disorders" by FrednGeorgeFanGirl. I think you'll find a kindred spirit there. GOOD JOB!
ghostchicken chapter 4 . 7/24/2009
This is an important first step for Harry and Ginny, but it could go very wrong too. Mutual love and support are wonderful, but those two things can work for good or ill. I believe, though, that this is going to work for the good.

Harry and Ginny seriously need one another. They're both heartsick and lonely. They've had experiences no one else can begin to understand. They've both been manipulated and possessed by sheer evil and left to deal with the dire consequences the best they could.

They've both suffered the loss of innocence way too soon-and I'm not talking sexual innocence here. There's a point in the growing-up process that all the trappings and musings of childhood eventually fall away, but 11 and 12 years old isn't it. Realistically, Harry and Ginny had three strikes against them: their tender age, their magic, and puberty. Severe mental and emotional trauma and raging hormones don't mix.

The sad thing here is that Ginny had a support base if she'd have tapped into it; Harry, however, did not. He's having trust issues where Dumbledore is concerned, so he really had no one to turn to. Ginny did, but didn't. The guilt wouldn't allow her to. The crap built up and she deals with the pain by making it tangible; Harry releases it through his magic, like he did with those two boys in the village. Both means are deadly; therefore, I'm hoping for the best here.

ghostchicken chapter 3 . 7/24/2009
Harry let that go...for now. But even he can see that Pig didn't do that. Those cuts aren't ragged enough to have been inflicted by the talons of a Scops owl. A kitten's scratches aren't that fine.

Ginny's got it bad for Harry and he has it bad for her. He won't let THAT go. They need each other, they both know it, but one of them won't admit it to herself. She is not and never was over Harry; she was over The-Boy-Who-Lived. And now Harry's realized that Ginny's not Ron's-Little-Sister; she's Ginny Weasley, a vibrant and vivacious young woman. Fancy? It's more than that. They're crazy about each other.

I feel like this is going to get a lot uglier before it gets better. They both have a lot of issues to work through and it's going to take a lot of love and tears for both of them to come out of it whole and intact.

Yani7 chapter 15 . 7/24/2009
Hey, I found this story a while ago I love it! I'm really not used to seeing such a depressed Ginny, but you write it really well. I was worried about how the school and her parents would react to her situation, but I'm glad to say that you kept Dumbledore in character and made it work out perfectly :) I do feel bad for Ginny and Harry though. I hope Ginny stops cutting herself. Great story! Keep up the awesome work!
ghostchicken chapter 2 . 7/24/2009
It's funny what the mind does when it's surprised or shocked. In Ginny's case, it blew. That's no so odd, really. Oftentimes, the mind's first response to that kind of thing is to lash out because there's so much going on-heartache, previously unrequited love, terror, and guilt.

Guilt is the driving factor in self-destructive behaviors, and Harry and Ginny have heaped a bunch of it onto themselves and by extension (and without meaning to), one another. I'm sure this outburst hurt Harry, but at the same time, he saw the blood. Ginny's hurt and his first instinct is to try to fix it. Why? Because that's who Harry is and that's what Harry does.

ghostchicken chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
You've got a fine start here. You've presented the issue and the reasons for it-the need for a physical manifestation of the abstract feelings of mental anguish.

My only complaint here is that you say that Ginny is thousands of miles away from Harry. England isn't that big, honey; it's about the size of Minnesota and Rhode Island put together. They're probably a little more than 100 miles apart, Ottery St-Catchpole, Devon (Ginny) to Little Whinging, Surrey (Harry). I'd rephrase that to say "A little more than 100 miles away..."

Otherwise, you've managed to use your talent and throw in some technique to go with it. It doensn't come off as textbookish or sophomoric (childish). It's pure and simple language. EXCELLENT! It's in my favorites.
Jenny129 chapter 15 . 7/24/2009
Oh thank God Ginny's okay! I thought I was gonna die this week! How could you wait so long to update? At least I won't be worrying about Ginny this time! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!
ProfessorChris chapter 15 . 7/24/2009
I am glad that Ginny is getting more help and that everyone had been good about what has happened. At least Ginny didn't take it out on Harry for telling Madam Pomfrey.
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