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Luiz4200 chapter 31 . 11/4/2009
Good ending.
rookie802 chapter 31 . 11/3/2009
I loved the story and cannot wait for the sequel to be posted:)

I am sorry to hear that you are still battling with this condition, but am happy to know that with all you are going through that you have not relapsed. That says a lot about you and your are a fighter!

You say you don't have many friends, but you have some people who you have touoched by your story and I believe most of them would consider you an inspiration and friend.

Good luck with everything and I await your next story:)
konii chapter 31 . 11/3/2009
THE END! i cant believe this, I really love this and its over. actually i think of this like one of the best history i've ever read. and thanks for writing this amazing fanfic.

Goodbye! :)
k80cue chapter 31 . 11/3/2009

Liked this story especially the way you covered self harming - it let everyone know how it can affect the person doing it and gave people who are in a smiliar situation hope.

I hope writing this has gone some way to helping you on the road to recovery.

Sorry to hear about your friend deciding she couldnt be there for you.

Hope you write the sequel soon - I for one will be waiting to read it

Update soon
ghostchicken chapter 31 . 11/3/2009

Congratulations, Rhiannon! I'm very proud of you for several reasons:

1. You haven't allowed this let-down from a so-called "friend" walking away to drag you down. Hang in there, baby. You've got more friends that you could possibly imagine.

2. You pulled this story off without it sounding pathetic and childish. "Summer of Secrets" is a comprehensive glimpse into what really goes on in the heart and mind of a cutter. I've learned so much from this and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

3. Your courage amazes me. I imagine that writing this was not easy for you, but that it was also therapeutic. I expect this has done wonders for your self-image, as it should. You're a talented writer and your skill has developed by leaps and bounds just in 31 chapters of this story.

Rhiannon, congratulations! "Summer of Secrets" is a masterpiece, and I mean that. If it isn't there already, I wouldn't be surprised if it finds its way onto The Best of Harry Potter community list. It belongs there.


ghostchicken chapter 30 . 11/3/2009
The only reason I can imagine that this would have been hard to write is that it's a battle scene. I can't write fights to save my life, so I know what that's like.

I love how you disposed of Voldemort. It wasn't Harry alone-it never had to be, really. He had more love behind his wand than ever before. And I think that's the key to it all.

Harry had love that generated loyalty from his companions; Voldemort used fear to keep his minions loyal. Harry loved his friends and they loved him; Voldemort didn't love anyone, including his "friends," and they couldn't love him because they feared him. They didn't even love themselves.

I'm so glad we didn't lose the Lupins or Fred. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. In canon, I thought we'd lose Remus for sure, but I never expected Hedwig, Dobby, Tonks, Colin, or Fred. Moody...well, I half-expected that. There was a lot of boo-hooing on my part during DH.

I like your ending better, but I wish it had been Neville who had done Bellatrix in (especially in canon) because it would have truly been justice, but Ginny having done it wasn't such a bad thing either. One well-placed Reducto and physics did the rest.

I'd always hoped Draco would come to a crossroads and make the right choice in canon, and in a way, he did, but not like I'd hoped. He still sort of took a coward's way out in the end, even though he'd denounced Voldemort. I like how you handled him and made him SHOW that he'd denounced Voldemort openly and that he had a true warrior's heart under all that poncey Pureblood veneer.

Voldemort got a taste of his own medicine when he tried Legilimency on Harry, only to have himself burned by the love in Harry's life. He sought to destroy the kid using the hell in his past, but Harry's will to live burst forth and really put "the power the Dark Lord knows not" to good use.

Just as Ginny draws her strength from Harry, Harry draws his strength from Ginny. Afterward, with Harry's magical core drained and his body exhausted, he clung to her for the strength to heal. She was only too glad to oblige; he had sustained her through some of the darkest times in her life and let her lean on him so she could heal and move on. That's love.

Excellent job, Rhiannon! I'm going to move on to the Epilogue now, so I'll see you there.


nat3738 chapter 31 . 11/3/2009
Very unusual for Harry to not blaming himself. I can only think of one reason, he hates Pansy Parkinson, Travis Harper and Malcolm Baddock )
nat3738 chapter 30 . 11/3/2009
They beat Voldemort, that's Good News.

But bad news is that in the top of this chapter, you wrote: Chapter Twenty-Eight ) Please fix. It made me confused at first.
ProfessorChris chapter 31 . 11/2/2009
Great finish to the story well done...
ProfessorChris chapter 30 . 11/2/2009
Another great chapter, I am so glad that Harry was able to soundly defeat Voldemort with the help of his closest friends. Great job
Luiz4200 chapter 29 . 10/21/2009
Please update. This fic is great.
UpUpHereWeGo chapter 29 . 10/20/2009
It was amazing,as ASAP.
ghostchicken chapter 29 . 10/20/2009
Yay, Anneliese! Who's Cornelia? Is that Ginny's Healer? Please forgive an old lady's dimensia... I would have expected Nena to be at the burning, too.

Congratulations to Ginny! She's going to face this thing head-on. She appears to have finally discovered her refuge lies with Harry first and then her friends. I thought it was really cool how they all joined her in destroying her cache of WMDs. The next few weeks are going to be tough, but she'll get through all right.

As for how many chapters you wind up with: Let it write itself until it's all out. Literature is funny that way. It wants to come out when it wants to come out and will do so in its own time as well. Let it come until it's finished. You're doing fine!
radiantrue chapter 29 . 10/19/2009
Sorry I still haven't reviewed. I've had a busy week. Thanks for so many updates. I love how you surrounded Ginny with so many people who loved her and wanted to help. I'm happy she's going to quit too. I can't wait to see what happens next!
outofmymind.bebackinfive chapter 29 . 10/19/2009

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