Reviews for Naruto: The way it's likely to end
that one chicken chapter 1 . 2/18/2010
Totally Kawaii chapter 1 . 11/5/2009

The way Naruto just doesn't evolve in the second part of the manga just really pisses me off. I mean, last I heard, the series was called NARUTO. Now, this might just be about fanservicing the Uchihatards who adore their precious Sasuke-kun, but I was enjoying how Naruto and Sasuke had become, y'know... EQUALS by the Valley of the End and was looking forward to seeing the theme continue. Because I don't believe that Naruto or Sasuke should get the upper hand for very long... SASUKE SHOULD LEARN THAT THERE CAN BE PEOPLE HE THINKS ARE WEAKER THAT ARE ACTUALLY HIS EQUALS, DAMMIT!

Really, Sasuke-the-character with both an inferiority and superiority complex AND his singleminded obsession with revenge pisses me off. A lot. And I'd hate him if I didn't like him for being such a supremely hatable character and still get fangirls. -_-

But still... awesome, awesome fic.
Hyacinthe Cassiline chapter 1 . 5/31/2009
Thank you! Finally, someone who saw the same damn thing I did! It really pissed me off that Naruto hardly gets any development in Shippuuden while he, as you said, trains until he's Sasuke's equal in the first part of the show. It drives me mad to see that the Rasen Shuriken can only be used while Naruto is in Sage mode. I will say that the Naruto vs. Pain fight was absolutely epic. I'm not a Sasuke hater, and even so, I found his fights boring. The fight with Itachi was really the only interesting one. (And of course Itachi had to be a total sweeatheart under the asshole right? Of course he only wanted his brother to live in glory. Pfft. Kishimoto has LOST HIS MIND.)

I will, however say this about Naruto. He changed Pain afer their fight. Naruto seems to do that a lot, doesn't he?

Another thing that really pissed me off about Shippuuden was what happened to Hinata. She was awesome in the first part of the show. Although she lost to Neji, she gathered the courage to fight him in the first place. Later, there was the Bikochu beetle filler. She did most of the work during that filler after she was kidnapped and nearly killed. So if she was that good in the first half of the show, why did they make her useless in Shippuuden? In the current filler, she has her ass handed to her after trying to protect Kiba, who goes back to save her anyway. Soon after that, she's trapped in crystal. (Basically, she was made into another Sakura. COMPLETELY USELESS) That pissed me off too.
Blue chapter 1 . 4/15/2009
Lol Witcher,pretty good parody xD

But I really do hope that Narutoll come on top at the end of the manga :D
Ashley Uchiha chapter 1 . 4/11/2009
This is so true. So very true. Sasuke is SO overly favored in this show. I dont HATE him...but I dont like him at all. I felt sorry for him at the begining...but now I dont know WHAT to think about that stupid-slimy-discosting-out-of-his-mind-over-favored-jerk-ass-seems-to-me-to-be-not-even-half-human-any-more-creature. And, the first reviewer is very right, about the Jesuke thing and everything else about Naruto and Jiraiya and Kishimoto. Jiraiya is a pretty fucking awful godfather! I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHAT THE F* DID HE TEACH NARUTO ANYWAY? Naruto basically learned rasengan by himself and anything else Jiraiya taught him is pretty useless now. Sasuke basically IS truely Kishimotos little Jesus. Naruto is very unapriated in the series, and Kishimoto must really HATE him. I mean, your right, Naruto hasent learned ANYTHING new, and Kishimoto hasent let him do anything thats well...USEFULL! I seriouslly have stopped understanding the way Kishimoto has made Naruto and Sakura. I KNOW Naruto cares about saving his friend, but why those Kishimoto make it seem like thats ALL they care about, while the village is basically burning to flames now(I dont get why Sasuke feels a need to destroy it anymore, Suijetsu's right, it sure looks pretty destroyed to me!). So, to rap this review up, in summary, Kishimoto is a favoritist bastard who favors Sasuke as like a God, Sasuke is basically the shows Jesus, Naruto hasent done or learned ANYTHING important in part 2, the show should really be called 'Sasuke', and Jiraiyas the one of the worst godfathers/mentors in the history of forever.
A Little Dash of Anarchy chapter 1 . 4/11/2009
That was fucking genius!

I didn't like the script like format, but soon enough I found it so funny I didn't really care.

"Sasuke kills Sakura with a new Lightning jutsu he made up on the spot."

"Sasuke: Yees. From Part 2 onwards the Sasuke you mere mortals knew was gone forever. He was no longer a humble, beatable rival of Naruto. He became JESUKE, the son of Kishimoto, the God of the Narutoverse who loved ninjas so much that he sent his only begotten son to rule them! Now, I shall destroy you all! Then i shall rule!"

"Sai: Shame. Killed by the two-jutsu wonder. {dies}"

Your amazing...

You should have a shrine, seriously! But I think everyone whose got up to the latest chapter will have to agree. They should of just renamed the series Sasuke for fucks sake! Three years later all he gets is a foxed rasengan and basically the same things just give or take a few pretty bits. Jiraya gets the "couldn't be fucked to teach" crown let alone the fact he presented the guy who gets "couldn't give a fuck about his student's son" ring and all. Hinata gets nearly killed for no decent reason, Kohana is destroyed, Oh look just like the Kyuubi did, everybody's gonna love Naruto now!

I wouldn't be shocked if it ends like that. Sasuke meets Naruto who is dead from overuse of chakra, and like you said as Kishimoto spoon feeds the guy so the destroyed Kohana is done already.

Seriously, I don't really hate any characters from Naruto I just think that Kishimoto is failing at both the plot of his stories...

A Little Dash of Anarchy.