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Elemental Queen chapter 1 . 7/13/2012
5 Stars
aimiera chapter 1 . 4/1/2010
that's so sweet of seth. and they will die together, right. good story you have
Setoross chapter 1 . 7/24/2009
superbly written
ToKissTheRoses chapter 1 . 7/13/2009
Aw! :D That's just like Seth, isn't it... I feel all warm and fuzzy now. I really like this idea, very very nicely written, too. :) Favorite story !
manycolouredeyes chapter 1 . 6/12/2009
Nicely done. Really like the way you write the fighting scenes. Keep up the good work!
Mark of the Asphodel chapter 1 . 6/10/2009
I read this some time ago, before ever playing FE8, and rather liked it. After becoming acquainted with the "real" Eirika and Seth, I decided to revisit your story, and *really* liked it. The visual imagery is vivid without being overdone, and you take a scenario that could be too, well, video-gamey (some knight and the Grim Reaper dueling in a bedroom?) and gave it ethical and philosophical heft- and then you defused the drama with humor. The matched hourglasses give the ending a mythical feel. Very nice.
L.M. Frick chapter 1 . 6/7/2009
Beautifully written. Good imagery and the fight scene was well done. I enjoyed this very much... and giggled that the horses name was Binky.
Princess Priscilla chapter 1 . 4/18/2009

That was wonderful Baba~ Especially Seth fighting Death. Honestly, I never see those anymore, haha.

ily. :D
Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 1 . 4/15/2009
Hooray for a SethxEirika! And this was a great one, too. Let's see, what to comment upon first...

Okay, here's what's first: Death. When you said Death, you meant it! I didn't know it would be actually be PERSONIFIED...I suppose I'm just thick...still, it was cool. I like how his horse is white-it provides a great contrast. (Perhaps the peace or salvation within death?) I also like all the details you added in there-who and what could see him, how the door wasn't real to him, how royalty got the sword. The description of what his voice sounded like to Seth was great, too. Oh, and the line about never knowing how the knights move in chess...that was a cool allusion...(haha, I'm just rambling on as I read. I keep finding things that I like!)

[Out came the hourglass again, as he grinned at the last remains of the sand dripped down to the bottom section.] This sentence was a bit confusing-did you mean "and he grinned as the last remains of sand dripped down to the bottom section", or something?

[its edge was so sharp that sharpness did not define it, the blade defined what sharpness was.] Although the use of "sharpness" in this bit gets a tad redundant, I still think that's a really cool line.

[COME, BINKY, LET US GO HOME. The rider mounted his steed, and bided farewell to Magvel.] It might just be me, but I found the Reaper's words there hilarious. They don't actually fit in the story, because of said hilarity, but I have an odd sense of humour, so perhaps it's only me that feels this way. (Also, it's "bid", not "bided" :).)

Anyways, that was...really cool. You could have read this fic as it is, with Death as a real character, or you could just read it as a huge figurative...I like that a LOT. And...really, what could be more epic than Seth fighting Death? It RHYMES, for Pete's sake! I also liked how you didn't need to go overboard on imagery or anything, but you still got the images across. Good stuff!

Kitsilver chapter 1 . 4/13/2009
Marvelous use of color in the beginning with the vivid white against the black, grays, and dull whites to establish an otherworldly setting. The sand pouring down the hourglass brings to mind the three Greek Fates spinning and cutting the thread of a mortal’s life.

Good bedside scene. Simple and direct, we get a clear glimpse of Seth’s thoughts and know how serious the situation is without it being overdone.

Ooh chilling, but I can somehow see Death’s grin behind it. “Scythe was for everyone else. Royalty had the privilege of the sword.” He almost sounds amused.

Oh nice, I like the juxtaposition of the Silver Knight with the Grim Reaper. The way you describe Death’s voice, like “granite blocks on soft sand,” is also well done.

“ Fear, the deep-seated fear from before was still present, but at least he could now channel it in order to combat something” I tripped a little on the last clause. Can cut “in order to combat something” to just “to combat something.”

“Edge was so sharp that sharpness did not define it, the blade defined what sharpness was.” I can see the play on words, but it comes off overdone and sounds redundant.

“And yet he spoke of duty with such conviction…When they believed, when they willed it enough, it…[could] stand against his own.” Duty, conviction, belief, will are such strong words and leave quite an impact in this passage.

Hehe, and “Death had the added benefit of being able to swing really, really quickly.” That’s so not fair, but so funny.

“The air was the very definition of stillness” is kinda overdone. Not sure tidal waves are the best metaphor for Death’s swings either. I imagine scythes swinging in long, wide arcs, except in close combat and where Death is swinging really, really fast. Tidal waves would be more like those long arcs, full and powerful, but not as similar to the shorter, faster swipes I imagine Death doing at the moment.

“The Silver Knight was not one to give up…for this was so much more than simple duty.” You never even have to say the word “love,” we know perfectly well what Seth is fighting for and that duty does not come close to encompassing it.

Lol? “Exemplified by the numerous and repetitive fictional tragedies where couples tried incompetently to kill themselves, before finally succeeding.” Poking fun at the melodramatic end of many fictional couples? Is amused bemusement the particular emotion he speaks of?

Binky. * Love* How the hell does Death have such a cute sounding horse?

Wow, lol. Eirika just barely out of death’s door – err, Death’s grasp? – and already pulling Seth down for a “kiss that was far from chaste.” You go girl.

Haha, “you were punctual when it mattered”? Oh my, what a funny love scene. Seth’s proposal, and Eirika’s acceptance, are perfect. Funny, sweet, and underplayed.

I love it! It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a fic on so many levels. Seth battling Death itself for Eirika can’t get any more epic. There’s a grim reaper with a sense of humor and a few interesting things to say about the human condition. The ending’s adorable. And the writing as a whole is specific, telling, and sparse. A great read.
wolfraven80 chapter 1 . 4/13/2009
You did an amazing job with this story. I really don't know what more to say. Death's p.o.v. was fascinating and Seth was just awesome and it even ended happily. Wonderful!
Xirysa chapter 1 . 4/13/2009
Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Dude, this was like... The epitome of hilariousness! It was serious and bittersweet and sad and funny all rolled into one, which is a lethally epic combination indeed.

[to protect her from death as long as he lives bounded] I think "lives" should be "lived" and "bounded" should be "bonded", perhaps, but that was the only mistake I noticed.


Well, yes. Now I really want to write a Grim Reaper 'fic, but I'll hold that off for a while. A good, long while actually. But this was epic and gah. I'm not coherent enough to think of anything good to say.

So I'll leave it at nice job, and keep writing!

jordan114725 chapter 1 . 4/12/2009
I liked the concept that you wrote this fic around. When you have a disease, you can fight it, which is basically fighting death. I found it interesting to have the idea used literally. Great idea

The fic was well written and easy to read.

Overall, great fic.
Saber Wing chapter 1 . 4/12/2009
That was absolutely brilliant, I loved every second of it! Unique, heartwarming, edge of your seat action, and great writing to go along with it. Ii saw a couple of instances with minor mistakes, but that doesn't even matter, this is breathtaking.

I really like your writing style, I have to say. Great fanfic! This is going in my favorites :D
Ethereally chapter 1 . 4/12/2009

Aww. This was so cute. While I really can't see Pratchett's Death doing what he did for Seth, the fact that you included him made me smile just that little bit more. However, my knowledge of him- and the all-caps- made this story funny in places where it shouldn't have been.

Nevertheless, great fight scene, lovely, adorable ending.
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