Reviews for Identity: A Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black Story
Marieke chapter 23 . 1/3
I really love your book! It would have been a perfect sequel to BD and I would believe you if you said you were Stephenie Meyer. Haha!
Also, I like it that there is no specific end or something, so you can fill up your own story.

Btw, I'm a Dutch girl who is fourteen years old and reads English books because she likes it!

Xxx Marieke

Ps: do you have a Wattpad-account? And if you do, can you give me your name?
Guest chapter 23 . 2/22/2016
i hate people who make false promises... this story is dead and it is ok. if you don't want to write you dont have to force yourself to, but at least be honest about that and dont make promises if you dont intend to follow up because some people actually believe you and shame in quitting on something. just be honest about it.
Guest chapter 15 . 2/6/2016
What happened to Nessie's parents?
TWILIGHT FAN 1 chapter 23 . 1/16/2016
TWILIGHT FAN 1 chapter 15 . 1/16/2016
TWILIGHT FAN 1 chapter 12 . 1/16/2016
Erin! come back! shes funny!
Guest chapter 23 . 1/8/2016
dude this was really awsm wish u wud write a new chapter. ...wud u ?
n write it fast pls
Kristen Gabriel chapter 7 . 1/5/2016
I love made me happy to read that Jacob got in the end of the chapter
KRISTEN GABRIEL chapter 4 . 1/4/2016
I love it.I can't wait for the next chapter
Guest chapter 23 . 11/11/2015
Please finish this story it just so good to not finish it!awesome writing!
BeyondWhatIsTold chapter 23 . 6/21/2015
I have been watching this story for a while.

Will it be resolved and finished or is it going to stay hanging here?
Joyce Aquino chapter 23 . 6/1/2015
Love it! Keep writing
chericherry chapter 1 . 3/29/2015
this is great the one thing I have to comment on it that according to breaking down she would appear fully matures about 25-30 ish by the age of 7 though you are not that far off.
Alessandra chapter 23 . 2/26/2015
I read all the way through before commenting but I have decided yo read Eternal Flame because I am hoping to get more on this I thought Renesmee and Jacob would see Bella and Edward and see if Jake will finally ask Edward for Renesmee's hand in marriage who knows maybe she was able to have children and we can see how they turn out being a third werewolf a third vampire and a third human
MonicaSawant chapter 1 . 1/25/2015
how it will take to upload new chapter... waiting for the new chapter
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