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Nyght elf chapter 23 . 10/5/2018
Please don't get me wrong, but I would so much like to see an open discussion dialogue which would open their eyes. In general in inuyasha fanfiction not exactly yours. It's always Kagome and Sesshomaru that get interrupted while a important talk is started. It's human nature to be insecure and think the worst but I so want to read a scene without this cat and mouse play where they discuss the issue and talk! All cards on deck so yo say! I think you inspired me to write something like this.

In rest, I am amazed at your talent with words. It flows like fresh river water. It's really a masterpiece in the fandom.
Kagome actually did great and realised/admitted to herself that she likes him. Now her insecurities and sadness knowing that she is dying is something that is impairing her. It's in her nature to want to protect the one she loves from heartache.
It's beautiful... The way you portray every character is amazing and I applaud you again.
And ah... I can't believe we're nearing the end aren't we? It's been such an amazing ride and experience. Thx for not giving up on this! I only hope that you will continue writing. I love your every work.
I would love to see an episode with Kagome as actual lady governing the castle and see their perspective on their new lady that this tone is their rightful misstres! Or with her solving an issue with some Lords that came to bring their daughters for the harem. Lol I don't like this usually but the way you write a bossy manipulative and clever Kagome is phenomenal. Put them in their places so they don't get it that they were overplayed lol!

Thx again for this beautiful tale. I am happy to be able to read it!
Good luck with everything in your life.
Have a nice weekend!
KeeperOfTheTrueStars chapter 23 . 10/5/2018
I swear that I just want to shake Kagome and Sesshomaru and lock them in the dungeon together until they work this out! Gah.

As always, you’re just amazing! Loving the story and so excited to see where it’s going.

And I love love love Malik. I think I love his character more and more with each new chapter. Keep it up!
Inuluver125 chapter 23 . 10/5/2018
I truly love this story and thank you so much for the amazing read! :)
lady sesshomaru sama 949 chapter 23 . 10/5/2018
OMG so love this thank you love love to funny love the girl talk
diaza chapter 23 . 10/5/2018
cant wait for the next capter... i think that i may not be able to sleep happily before the next chapters release... please do continue on this great story..
MissDoeProngsRose chapter 22 . 10/1/2018
I love how kagome is in this dtory !
Guest chapter 22 . 9/30/2018
More! TuT . Love chapter
fairyninjaM4 chapter 22 . 9/24/2018
This is a fantasicly written story, I really liked the underworld chapters especially. They really made your story a bit diffrent and I loved the history and connection she had to it! Anyways, I have yet to check to see if your still updating this story but I hope you are. Either way I wanted to tell you this story is amazing and to Thank you for the story, Me
Bluerose2424 chapter 22 . 9/23/2018
Can't wait for next chapter. Love the story!
DantesDarkAngel chapter 22 . 9/18/2018
This. So much This. I go through phases of fandoms and I’m back on Inuyasha right now and I love this pairing.
Thank you for keeping it alive. 3
Watermelonsmellinfellon chapter 22 . 9/5/2018
I loved this! I'm so excited to see where everything goes! I cried a few times in this chapter, and laughed at others. I have so many feels and don't know what to do with any of them. This is your fault. I hope you're happy. XD
CrackOnSpeed chapter 22 . 9/4/2018
michell.garber chapter 20 . 9/4/2018
Hi Firevixen73,

Thank you, for the wonderful story. It's becoming one of my favorite fiction. Please, keep writing Kagone's Trial. Question, when is Kagome becoming Sesshomaru mate? Anytime soon? ;)

Thanks 4 Writing,
iLoveMyMV chapter 22 . 9/1/2018
Oh dear! I love reading this chapter, it was so sweet. thans for the update.
wiccawoman chapter 22 . 9/1/2018
Great update! Keep them coming. :)
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