Reviews for Broken Threads
Thazienne chapter 2 . 4/15/2009
Psions, thieves guilds, uncontrolled undead armies, a restless necromancer that probably is pissed off about being imprisoned... impressive chapter. For some reason I like Isieron (probably my unnatural magnetism toward tieflings, fey'ri, and basically and creature bred with any amount of demonic blood). And aside from my slight and quite trivial disdain toward Helm, I find what little I know of this tielfing very engaging.
Thazienne chapter 1 . 4/14/2009
The way you describe a scene is impressive and inspiring. The concept of a character shunning magic in a world filled and brimming with magical energy... very different. Dev seems somewhere between hopelessly depressed and romantically deranged. Which I like. Aside from some of your dialogue being a little awkward, I'd have to say it was a pretty good prologue.
Jasaiya Hawkins chapter 1 . 4/14/2009
This looks like an interesting story. Though it did me curious. Now, if you're not a gamer or even much of one, which you probably are since you're writing Forgotten Realms fanfics, ignore this and know I'll still read the story.

But your tiefling character does intrigue me. Did he start out as a good character? Or did he used to be evil and is now a reformed character? (According to my stepdad's D&D books, good tieflings are few and far between. They usually tend towards evil alignments.)

This is your story, so what you say goes, this I know. But you have captured my attention. I can't wait to read more though. :)