Reviews for In other words
MagicalHalliwell chapter 1 . 11/7/2011
Haha this is very good :)

However, I don't agree that if you love someone you are willing to fight for them, in fact if you love someone you want them to be happy even if that happiness isn't with you. To love someone requires a bit of a sacrifice of your own happiness sometimes which is what you showed with Davis. I am a huge Daikari fan but still, I disagree with that fact that Kari said.

But still all in all a good fanfic.

Davis being concerned about T.K. is something I can imagine happening.
crestoflight3 chapter 1 . 8/20/2010
Yay! Sorato and Daikari!

I don't mind Takari, but they're better as close friends than a romantic relationship. At the same time, Davis is too cheesy (that may just be the dub though), but he obviously likes Kari...thanks for a good fic!
Bananas chapter 1 . 3/5/2010
All I am going to say is: Your Characters are ridiculously OC, Kari does not break up with a person that she's known for x amount of years, just because a close friend that she knows that he likes her, albeit it was a sweet poem. Davis does not get depressed just because the girl he like is going out with a close friend of hers, if Davis was truly Davis, he wouldn't try a back-handed move to try and steal the girl, he would wait and do some Davis-like action. To really get the characters, I would suggest watching the ENTIRE season over again. Your writing style kind of needs it. And I would really like you. not to bash characters on forums, your comments ruin the forum for me.
RabbitArchangel chapter 1 . 2/7/2010
Aww, that's so writing!
icehizzari chapter 1 . 12/7/2009
One interesting thing about this is that I had thought (and still think) that most Daikari fans also like Taiora better than Sorato... but that's not on topic.

After seeing some of your earlier 'battles' with LordPatamon, I knew if you wrote something it'd probably be pretty good. This story cracked me up a lot, and I think that they were in character, which is often more than you can expect... Anyways, nice job and hope you can do more of these (this is fairly recent for a Digimon fic). And I can see where Davis is coming from, but I agree a little more with Kari. 'Fighting' for someone doesn't mean forcing your will on them, but it does mean at least showing that you're willing to sacrifice of yourself for them. And who was the 'human punching bag' of Adventure 02? Even LordPata must admit it was Davis, and not T K! LOL, the way I see it, Kari was testing their true feelings, as she wasn't necessarily sure of her own... anyways, keep it up!
MustLoveTakuya chapter 1 . 11/1/2009
I loved this so much! I don't even like Sorato, but I thought that relationship was funny. I loved the joke about the Statue of Liberty, and the Daikari relationship was done very well. Great job.
The Archsage chapter 1 . 6/21/2009
Wow. Simply wow. This was... expertly done. Perhaps more people should do what you did to get the characters to actually stay in character. I seriously could imagine everything that was SAID to be said by the character saying it. Simply incredible. I've never read anything so well done in my life.

And that part about about V-Mon digivolving in his sleep, I don't know why but that really cracked me up. Although I do feel I recognize it from somewhere, probably just my imagination.

That note with Daisuke's feelings for Hikari on it, well, I feel that it kept in with his character really well but still managed to make him seem different, almost what I think he would write if given the option to do so.

Anyway, this is just a request but, do you think you could make a full scale story centered around what happened in this one shot. I feel it has potential and that you could really go far with it.
moonray9 chapter 1 . 5/13/2009
This was really good! Great work!
ARCtheElite chapter 1 . 5/9/2009
You write sappy love stories really well. It's definitely a new take on how Davis' "crush" from 02 ends up, and opens up a whole new world of his character.

I was a bit disappointed to see Sora and Yolei do little, except give the note to Kari. If you ever edit this, it might have been nice to feature a scene where the two sit down and perhaps realize that no one can replace Kari in Davis' mind.

Great story.
Glory Nizenea chapter 1 . 5/2/2009
This is absolutely awesome! lol, it honestly reminds me of a story I wrote up a few years ago where Kari finds out how Davis feels about her and says, "Do you really feel that way?". Though Davis has a different reaction, but it's more or less along the same line (actually, I think I rewrote that scene for the next chapter in my most recent story). But ANYWAY... back to YOUR awesome story (sorry, I was just giggling at the irony)...

I really adored it. Yolei, Sora, Ken, and Matt were absolutely adorable (funny) dears. I also thought it was kind of a unique take on love - I've noticed that there's usually two different takes on love. "If you love someone, you'll let them go" and "if you love someone, you'll fight for them". Personally, I like either and I think it differs from person-to-person; it just depends on who is writing the story, and most importantly -how- they tell a story about what real love is. I like it when a story breaks away from the typical "If you love someone, you'll let them go" stuff. It's nice. :)

If TK had fought first BEFORE letting go (not necessarily violently or verbally, but seen with some sort of internal struggle), then Kari could possibly believe he loved her and there might be hope that they could work it out. However, your story tells it from the perspective that TK instantly let Kari go without a fight or any sign of hurt, which would seem to me that he didn't really "love her" per se, but felt something similar to Kari's own feelings of their relationship. At least, I think that was what you were trying to get across, and I thought it was pretty splendid. :D

So, I like it a lot! I'll keep an eye out for your stories from now on! ;)
Lord Pata chapter 1 . 4/14/2009
Excuse me but Kari actually was dead wrong, real love is want the want you love to be happy not matter if is not with you, TK I'm sure had pretty strong feelings for Kari but he knew she wasn't happy anymore with the relation, that's why he let her go and try dating other guys and be happy.

Davis was quite right on what he said about that TK must really love her if he let her go.

other than that it was pretty fine